[Breaking] SME confirms Sulli and Kim Min Jun are dating

[Breaking] SME confirms Sulli and Kim Min Jun are dating

SM Entertainmenthas confirmed Sulli is indeed in a relationship with brand directorKim Min Junas previously reported.

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On May 10, SME stated, “Sulli and Kim Min Jun recently became interested in each other. We’re being careful as he is not a celebrity. We ask that you consider that.” Kim Min Jun’s side also commented, “Director Kim Min Jun and Sulli recently began dating. We think he liked her carefree side. They didn’t try to hide the relationship. The two are the type to not care about other people’s opinions. Like any other couple, they have dates on the street and at restaurants.”

According to reports, the two began dating about two months ago shortly after Sulli was confirmed to have broken up with Dynamic Duo’s Choiza.

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