Breaking News: Lee Dong Gun & Jo Yoon Hee Shocks Fans With Marriage, Pregnancy Announcement

Breaking News: Lee Dong Gun & Jo Yoon Hee Shocks Fans With Marriage, Pregnancy Announcement

Lee Dong Gun has announced that he and his girlfriend Jo Yoon Hee have gotten married and are expecting a child soon. The news came as a shock to many of the actor’s fans since it was only recently that the “The Gentlemen of WolgyesuTailor Shop” opened up about their relationship to the public.

According to a report by Soompi, Lee Dong Gun made the announcement addressed to both his and Jo Yoon Hee’s fans. The actor said that he and Joon Hee have gotten married and have registered their marriage legally.

Lee Dong Gun further surprised his fans with the announcement that they are in a family way and are expecting the birth of their child in a few months’ time. He added that he and his wife Jee Yoon Hee will have another ceremony after he concludes filming for “Seven Day Queen”, his current drama.

The veteran actor said that he made the announcement personally because he wanted their fans to know about the good news. Lee Dong Gun also promised to work harder at becoming a better actor, and a good husband to Jo Yoon Hee in order to repay all of the blessings they have received from their supporters.

For her part, Jo Yoon Hee expressed in an interview that her marriage and pregnancy with Lee Dong Gun all came at the best time. She said that while the news may have come as a shock to their supporters, she and her new husband believe that everything just fell into place so easily, All Kpop reported.

“It wasn’t like wewere trying to fit the pieces together by force,” Jo Yoon Hee said about Lee Dong Gun and the baby.”The timing was just right. We vow to live a radiant and positive life.”

It can be recalled that Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee only recently confirmed that they were dating and asked for the fans’ warm blessings when they announced their relationship. The pair fell in love on the set of KBS’ “The Gentlemen of WolgyesuTailor Shop” and have since continued their romance off screen.