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Happy birthday to Brave girls’s Hyeran

Birth Name: Noh Hye Ran
Stage Name: Hyeran
Birthday: April 9, 1993 Label: Brave entertainment Group: Brave girls
Position: Rapper, Maknae
Height: 168 cm
Blood Type: A
Hobby & Specialty: Cello, Piano

Hitmaker Brave Brothers Still Has What It Takes

(Photo : Brave Sound)

There"s no doubt that Brave Brothers is a hitmaker. This producer/composer"s songs are taking the top spots on various music charts.

Brave Brothers had his first collaboration with 3 groups of singers. He worked with girl group AOA for "Miniskirt," with solo singer Sunmi for "Full Moon," and with boy group BTOB for "Beep Beep." AOA, Sunmi, and BTOB are all seeing the effects of great synergy after their first ever collaboration with Brave Brothers.

AOA"s "Miniskirt" was released first, and the group came back with a song that brought out their sensuality. The hip hop base song has 120BPM, and has an exciting rhythm. AOA added a performance to show off their miniskirts, and took their first ever win on SBS "Inkigayo."

Sunmi"s "Full Moon" and BTOB"s "Beep Beep," both of which are Brave Brothers" works, were both released on the 17th

Brave Brothers Dominates Charts with First Time Collaborations with Sunmi, BTOB, and AOA

Composer and producer Brave Brothers, is proving his staying force in the music industry once again with hits from his first time collaborations with artists Sunmi, BTOB, and AOA.

Girl group AOA from FNC Entertainment worked with Brave Brothers for the first time with their latest single, “Miniskirt.” Elevating the sexy charm of the group, “Miniskirt” stands out with its addictive hip-hop based sound. With ‘Miniskirt,” AOA won its first music show win ever on “Inkigayo” (watch it here).

Brave Brothers also worked with Sunmi of JYP Entertainment on her latest single, “Full Moon.” Intended to highlight the “high end” sexiness of Sunmi, the song shot to the top of multiple music charts upon its release

Happy birthday to Brave girls’ Seoa

Birth Name: Park Seo A Stage Name: Seoa Label: Brave entertainment Group: Brave girls Birthday: February 9, 1988 Position: Vocalist Height: 170 cm Blood Type: A Hobby & Specialty: Acting, Exercising

Brave Brothers to Collaborate for 10 Year Anniversary Album?

(Photo : Brave Entertainment)

Main producer Brave Brothers of Brave Entertainment is releasing a new album in commemoration of his 10 year debut anniversary in 2014.

On December 27th Brave Entertainment stated, "Producer Brave Brothers will be collaborating with other artists in 2014 in honor of his 10 year debut anniversary. He will collaborate with other artists and release a new song every month."

Every song Brave Brothers has released hit the number 1 spot on music charts, and he was dubbed having 'the hand of Midas that can raise every new artist.' He set up Brave Entertainment in 2008. Since then, he's discovered other talents such as Electro Boyz, Brave Girls, Big Star, and Park Soo Jin, to name a few

Brave entertainment’s artists release a special year-end single

Brave Family consisting of Electroboyz, Brave Girls, Big Star and Park Soo Jin, has reunited for a special single named "Passing of the Year".
It is the 1st time Brave entertainment's artists have gathered together to compose and release a song officially, especially after a long hiatus of them in the past year, which drew much attention.
"Passing of the year" was produced by the cooperation of Star Wars and Maboss, directed by Brave Brothers. The song is about how this year is coming to a close with so many things that happened in 2013. Let's welcome 2014 and look forward to what the future has in stored for us!
Take a listen below!

Electroboyz, Brave Girls, Big Star & Park Soo Jin release ‘This Year I Wanna Go’

Brave Family's members Electroboyz, Brave Girls, Big Star and Park Soo Jin collaborate for a special winter single project.

Listen to their new song here:

Roundtable: Best of B-Sides

Roundtable: Best of B-Sides

With December rapidly approaching, and with year-end award shows and gayos already underway as we move closer and closer to year’s end, it’s time to prepare ourselves and reflect on the year that was 2013.

Oftentimes, an artist’s promoted single may not live up to one of the less promoted songs on the album, and this is the very reason why our writers bring some of these songs to the surface via our Side-B segment. Whether it was buried between filler tracks on a full album or overshadowed by a heavily promoted track on a single or mini, a good side-B is a song that makes us feel like it didn’t get the promotional justice it deserved and thus it never had the chance to be in the spotlight. What are some of your favorite non-promoted or under-promoted tracks of this past year?

Shweta: B-Sides are really the bane of my K-pop existence

New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 September Week 1

G-Dragon Vol. 2 – Coup D’etat (released)

01 Coup D’Etat (feat. Diplo, Baauer)
02 Niliria (Missy Elliot Version)
03 R.O.D (feat. Lydia Paek)
04 Black (feat. Jennie Kim)
05 Who You?
06 Shake the World
07 Michi GO
08 Crooked
09 Niliria (G-Dragon Ver.)
10 Runaway
11 I Love It (feat. Zion.T, Boys Noize)
12 You Do (Outro)

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G-Dragon releases his sophomore full-length album, “Coup D’etat”, four years since his solo debut with “Heartbreaker.” This time around, G-Dragon has worked with a variety of styles as well as with top musicians along the likes of Missy Elliot and Diplo. There are a  total of twelve tracks including “Coup D’etat,” “Niliria,” “Shake the World,” and “Crooked

Brave Girls’ “For You“ audio unleashed!

Brave Girls finally released their new single “For You“! “For You” is an R&B-style song with lyrics that expresses having a hard time to forget the one who left. Electroboyz’ Chakun is said to have lent a helping hand for his labelmates. Listen below:
written by: [email protected]

SOURCE: BubbleFeetBeatCH6