BOYS24’s Unit Black have a sporty photoshoot with ‘Singles’

BOYS24’s Unit Black have a sporty photoshoot with ‘Singles’

BOYS24’s first promoting unit, Unit Black, posed for ‘Singles’ magazine!

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The unit talked about the advantages of having a fanbase thanks to ‘Boys24′. “We memorize the names of those who write us fan letters or come to our performances often. We’ve memorized about 100 of them?” They also said that they are able to take fans’ advice received during high touch events, and implement them during the next week’s performances right away.

Hwang In Ho talked about dealing with stage mishaps, sharing, “One time our mics malfunctioned. We’ve had so many performances as if the stage were our home, so we were able to overcome the malfunction with no problem.” The unit also expressed their wishes for the continuing ‘BOYS24’ concert series to never end.

Check out Unit Black’s sporty photoshoot below!

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