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Park Bo Ram unearths she had a boyfriend ahead of debut

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Park Bo Ram unearths she had a boyfriend ahead of debut

Solo artist Park Bo Ram, who these days made a mature comeback with "Sorry," gave the impression on SBS powerFM"s "Cultwo Show" on October 15 and mentioned an ex-boyfriend.

"I also had a boyfriend before debut," she acknowledged after introducing her new song.  "Still, I had to debut, so I broke up with my boyfriend.  We don"t touch each and every other anymore; he went to the military."

The DJs of the radio show stated, "He will have to be having a difficult time.  Because Park Bo Ram comes out on TV," making all and sundry laugh.

She also talked about cutting her hair for her comeback, earning the compliment that she looked pretty.  When asked, "How does it feel when your face is that small?" and she replied, "How is it when your face is large?" and the DJs hilariously responded, "We wish to die."

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Park Hae Jin Left Onlookers Musing On His "Boyfriend Look" For Calvin Klein

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Park Hae Jin Left Onlookers Musing On His

Actor Park Hae Jin once again left onlookers musing on his charm displayed through a photo shoot for GQ Magazine. The actor also showcases Calvin Klein’s simple and modernly styled look for Valentine’s Day 2015.

The actor’s Calvin Klein photo shoot appeared in GQ’s March edition, dominating the entire issue with its chic and sensual imagery. Park Hae Jin’s poses and expressions in the shoot give him a modern yet masculine look, sure to capture female readers’ attention, as he models Calvin Klein’s newest line. In this photo, he wears a white tee with minimalist black denim and a chic black leather jacket.

In another image, the actor sports a modernly designed backpack and a pair of dark-wash Calvin Klein denim with a simple navy tee. With his hand in his pocket and his sidelong glance at the camera, Park Hae Jin portrays the ideal “boyfriend look” for Valentine’s Day.

Look for Park Hae Jin’s Calvin Klein photo shoot in the March edition of GQ, on Calvin Klein’s Korea Facebook page, or Calvin Klein’s Kakao Plus Friend page.

Boyfriend twins Kwangmin and Youngmin reported to be joining "Real Men" + Park Gun Hyung and K.Will to leave

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Boyfriend twins Kwangmin and Youngmin reported to be joining

Boyfriend"s Kwangmin and Youngminare reported to have joined the cast of MBC"s "Real Men".

According to a broadcast insider on January 27, the twins have already had talks with "Real Men", and they"ll be joining the all-new cast. Kwangmin and Youngmin will be joiningSam Ochiriand Jung Gyu Wonas new members to replaceKim Soo Ro, Seo Kyung Suk, Sam Hammington, andChun Jung Myung. Park Gun Hyungand K.Willhave also been confirmed to be leaving, while Henry, Lim Hyung Joon, BTOB"sSungjae, and Kim Dong Hyun"s appearances are still in talks.

Viewers can tune into the second installment of "Real Men"s female soldier special on Sunday, while they wait for "Real Men"s premiere mid-February.

Park Han Byung's Boyfriend Jung Eun Woo Enlists To Mandatory Armed Service in Third Quarter 2015

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Park Han Byung's Boyfriend Jung Eun Woo Enlists To Mandatory Armed Service in Third Quarter 2015

Actress Park Han Byul’s boyfriend Jung Eun Woo will reportedly report for his military service in the second half of next year, according to a representative of his agency. He had originally planned to begin his service in 2014. But due to an injury sustained to a nerve in his leg during filming, he was told he would need to retake the physical exam at a later date.

“Jung Eun Woo received treatment after sustaining the injury, making a full recovery. He is scheduled to retake the physical exam next September and is will be healthy enough for service after that,” Jung Eun Woo’s representative said.

Jung Eun Woo has been casted on SBS’s new weekend drama “My Heart Shines” (working title) and is currently attending filming. The drama is slated to run from January to July of next year, making it the last drama that he could realistically participate in before joining the military.

Jung Eun Woo’s other big news of the day was his admission to his relationship with Actress Park Han Byul. The two worked together on the SBS drama “A Well Grown Daughter.”

Park Han Byul"s new boyfriend, Jung Eun Woo, reported to be planning to enlist in military next year

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Park Han Byul

After the news that Park Han Byul had confirmed to be dating fellow actor, Jung Eun Woo, media outlet Star News reported that Jung Eun Woo is planning to enlist in the military in the coming year.

According to the report, the actor had initial plans to enlist this past fall, but because of a leg injury that he suffered during filming, those plans had to be put on hold. Now, he has to receive another physical checkup exam which is scheduled to take place in September 2015. His SBS Drama, "My Heart Shines" is scheduled to wrap up production in July 2015, so he hopes to have two full months of rest before retaking the physical checkup exam. Star News also added that the actor plans on enlisting within 2015 as well.

Meanwhile, both Park Han Byul and Jung Eun Woo have confirmed their relationship to the media while also revealing that Park Han Byul had broken up with her long term boyfriend, Se7en. Se7en is scheduled to be discharged from the military on December 28.

Park Shin Hye shares plans with her future boyfriend

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Park Shin Hye shares plans with her future boyfriend

Actress Park Shin Hye in an interview last week shared what she would like to do when she gets a boyfriend.

On the press released of the upcoming film "The Royal Tailor" she said, "When I get a boyfriend, I will take him to my parents" restaurant and introduce him to them." Actress Park Shin Hye currently stars in the popular SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Pinocchio" and the upcoming film "The Royal Tailor." In the upcoming historical film "The Royal Tailor" actress Park Shin Hye plays a lonely queen. The historical film "The Royal Tailor" premieres on December 24 in Korea. It tells a story of the tailors who designed clothes for the royal families in the Cho Sun dynasty of Korea. Star actors and actresses, such asactress Park Shin Hye, actor Han Suk Kyoo, actor Ko Soo, actor Yoo Yeon Suk and actor Ma Dong Suk, are to star in the film. Actress Park Shin Hye is to play the sad queen, and actor Yoo Yeon Suk will play the lonely king who longs for the perfect love in "The Royal Tailor."

The film will premiere on Christmas Eve.

Kim Dong Ryul wins #1 on SBS" Inkigayo" + performances from Bernard Park, Raina, BOYFRIEND, & more

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Kim Dong Ryul wins #1 on SBS

SBSInkigayo has dropped another great hour of fantastic stages, eclectic sounds, and excitement! Joining us will be hosts Lee Yu Bi, ZE:A"s Kwanghee.

On this episode, Raina made her solo debut with "You End, And Me" featuring KantoBoyfriend came back with "Witch", Red Velvet made a comeback with "Be Natural", Jung Dong Ha made his solo debut with "If I", Mad Town debuted with "Yolo".

As for the winner, the first place nominees were the same as last week -- AIiee, Soyu X Urban Zakapa, and Kim Dong Ryul. In the end Kim Dong Ryul took home his first "Inkigayo" win!

There were also plenty of other great stages. Other performers of the night included 2PM, TEEN TOP, TaeTiSeo, WINNER, T-ara, Juniel, and more!

Check out the performances below! ==========~~~~~==========

[Public Safety Song -- TEEN TOP]

[DEBUT: Bernard Park -- Before The Rain]

[SOLO DEBUT: Raina -- You End, Me]

[COMEBACK: Soyu & Urban Zakapa -- The Space Between]

[COMEBACK: Red Velvet -- Be Natural] 

[COMEBACK: Boyfriend - Witch] 


[FIRST-PLACE NOMINEE: Kim Dong Ryul - How Am I]

[FIRST PLACE NOMINEE: Soyu X Urban Zakapa] 

[Nam Young Joo -- Fragile and Kind]

[MINX - Why Did You Come to My House]

[Juniel - I Think I"m in Love]

Ex-boyfriend stole from Lena Park

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Ex-boyfriend stole from Lena Park

Singer Lena Park said that her former boyfriend used to take money out of her wallet without telling her.

On the MBC entertainment program "Radio Star" on Wednesday, she shared the story when Kyuhyun of boy group Super Junior, one of the hosts of the program, asked her about it.

She said it did not happen every time they met but that it happened more than once.

"I usually carry cash for emergency as I worry too much about not having any money when I'm out", she said. "So I adapted a habit of checking before I left, and I found out I had nothing in my wallet - not even coins".

She said she would have not known if he had tried to take just some of the money from her wallet, but he used to take everything.

T-ara Singer Soyeon Park Says She And Boyfriend Oh Jong Hyuk 'Haven't Really Talked Marriage'

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Oh Jong Hyuk, T-ARA, Soyeon

T-ara Singer Soyeon Park Says She And Boyfriend Oh Jong Hyuk 'Haven't Really Talked Marriage' Soyeon Park of the K-pop girl group T-ara claims she and boyfriend, singer Oh Jong Hyuk, havent really discussed getting married, but that doesnt mean shes shy about discussing the matter with reporters. Soyeon Park of the K-pop girl group T-ara claims she and boyfriend, singer Oh Jong Hyuk, haven't really discussed getting married, but that doesn't mean she's shy about discussing the matter with reporters.

At a press conference on Monday in a caf in Seoul's Gangnam District, Soyeon opened up about her and Oh's past present and potential future.

"We dated for a while, but because I was waiting for him while he was in the army, we couldn't talk about marriage a lot," the singer said, according to the publication eNEWS.

"We both have very important things in each other's lives, so we haven't really talked marriage in detail."

Soyeon, who has reportedly been dating Oh since 2010, also had some feisty words for any of Oh's fans that have questioned what he was doing with her.

"I hear that my boyfriend is too good for me," she quipped before adding, "I'm glad that there are many people who like my boyfriend."

The T-ara singer said Oh serving out his mandatory service in the South Korean army caused her to seriously consider the depth of their relationship.

"Because [Oh] went to the army a little after we started dating, I had to think very carefully about it," Soyeon said.

"But because I really liked him, waiting was the easiest. I think we grew a lot of faith and trust in each other during that time."

When asked why she was being so candid in a South Korean entertainment industry where many top stars protect the details of their social like matters of national intelligence, the singer's answer was simple.

"I didn't want to lie or hide our relationship to the people who like us," Soyeon said. "We believe it's right to reveal it after dating for a certain period of time."

The two stars revealed the news last month, through their respective record label reps.

"They're a couple that's dated a long time," said a rep from Oh's label, DSP Media. "Please encourage them since they are [getting along] beautifully."

T-ara released their fifth EP, "Again" on Thursday.

'Double Park' Dara-Bom, Parody of Yang Hyun Suk "Bring Me Your Boyfriend"

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double park tv, dara, bom, 2ne1, yang hyun suk, kang seung yoon

double park tv imitates yang hyun suk Group 2NE1's Dara and Bom released the first episode of their 'Double Park TV,' revealing their weird sides.

Today, the two members released 'Double Park TV' for the first time through YG's blog, revealing their talking skills. They caught much attention with the weird ways they speak.

The two had been released from the dating restrictions but they revealed that there are still unspoken pressure from CEO Yang Hyun Suk. They imitated Yang Hyun Suk saying, "If you have a boyfriend, bring him to me so I can XX him," arousing laughter.

As the first guest into their taxi, they invited Kang Seung Yoon and said, "Our role model is Kim Goo Ra. We will be as blunt as possible."

The first episode of 'Double Park TV' is divided into 3 parts, and the 3rd part will be uploaded later today.

Photo Credit: Double Park TV