FTISLAND Discusses Being A Band In South Korea And Their Aspirations

FTISLAND Discusses Being A Band In South Korea And Their Aspirations

FTISLAND Discusses Being A Band In South Korea And Their Aspirationskminjungee July 19, 2016 0 FTISLAND Discusses Being A Band In South Korea And Their Aspirations Already on their 10 year since their debut, FTISLAND reflects on their music, talks about the band culture in South Korea, and finds their long run aspirations as musicians in a up to date interview on July 19.

They speak about the diminishing marketplace for band music, and how it has develop into a genre that handiest exists on account of its fans, or maniacs, relating to how the genre isn'tpopularamongthe overall public.

The participants explain, Any such inclination seems to be the most severe in our country. Internationally, bands make up the groundwork of music. Our country ceaselesslyhas a tendency to lean againstsomethingby way of diversity in music. However, FTISLAND continues to make song every bit a band regardless of knowing all this purely because they prefer to. Lee Hong Ki also comments, Someday, the technology for bands will come in South Korea.

While theyve been active in the industry for a little over nine years, FTISLAND claims that they feel like they just released their 2nd album, because their newest album, Wheres the Truth?, is their moment album this is entirely self-produced, following I WILL.

The members elaborate that they feel like the largestalternate over the years is being ready to after all sing the kind of music they would like to. They provide an explanation for how in this latest album, they zealously portrayed what they see and feel in the process the lyrics and melodies. Lee Hong Ki says, In the past, there were songs that we didnt like, to the point Identity think, Why am I making a song this?'

As for disagreements, the lead singer replies, Despite the reality that nosotros argue, we solve things on our own privately amongst ourselves, and clarifies, The entire members take part in the production procedure from the very beginning.

FTISLAND then talk about how they glancetoward the future, and would like to age along music, much like the bands they admire and admire.

During the interview, the members also discussed beginning as an indie band in Japan, and how their corresponding storiesformed them into who they are as a band today.

What do you consider their commentary?

FTIsland Vol. 6 - Where's the Truth? yesasia albumjacketFortify the artist by purchasing FTISLAND - Where's the Truth? from YesAsia Source (1)

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Netizens Have Nicknamed This Mysterious NCT Boy-Band Member “1 Minute 2 Seconds”

Netizens Have Nicknamed This Mysterious NCT Boy-Band Member “1 Minute 2 Seconds”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSM Entertainment has debuted their Seoul-based unit NCT 127 these days alongside their tune video Hearth Truck, and one member in specific is gaining attention from new fans.

Gaining the nickname of one Minute 2 Seconds, fanatics take flocked the music video with questions of Whos the individual at 1 minute 2 seconds?

Image: Captures of netizens asking who the man at 1 minute 2 seconds is in an NCT 127 music video (Fire Truck) Image: Captures of netizens asking who the consumer at 1 minute 2 seconds is in an NCT 127 music video (Fire Truck)

Image: The NCT member at 1 minute 2 seconds who have many netizens wondering about

The NCT member has been recognized equally member WinWin via fans, who whilst did now not debut as a phase ofthe major unit of measurement NCT U, was oncenoticedcollaborating with member Kun right through a are livingfunctionality at a Chinese display awards previous this year.

Fire Truck is described as a beat-heavy track that fuses hip-hop and trap while the lyrics unearths their hopes in relieving other people from their rigiditythru their music.

Meanwhile, an EXO member and labelmate recently spoke of his own equivalent nickname 3 minute 1 2d after revealing he also brought attention with their debut music video. Read more about it here.

Watch NCT 127s Fire Truck debut music video!

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EXO presented  through DAZED as the “K-Pop Band Who Are Larger Than One Direction”

EXO presented through DAZED as the “K-Pop Band Who Are Larger Than One Direction”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOne of K-Pops maximum popular boy workforce EXO used to belately interviewed by DAZED where the magsaid they were the most important boy neighborhood in the world.

In the item and interview published on June 12th (PST), it highlights EXOs dramatic front into the Korean pop tune industry back in 2011. At the time, 23 teasers were released on behalf of the group, introducing every member as an alien from the planet EXO, every one having their own large powers. Even now, enthusiasts continue to decipher the complex narrative in the back of the teasers.

The interviewer from DAZED touches at theparticipantsdating to one another, as they've spent time in combination even prior to their authentic debut. They said, There isn’t in reality any awkwardness between us since we’ve been together for a minimum of six to seven years, ranging from training. We’re like a circle of relatives where one can seek convenience and support. We spend increasingly fourth dimension together, we realizeone another better, and that is helpingtoughen our bond, which creates wonderful synergy on stage. As you said, were all around our mid-20s and we think we’ve develop into manlier in comparison to our debut. What do you think? No?

During the interview, Suho published that his everyday jobs every bit leader of the crowd is a quality he has brought into his acting, saying,  This truly helped me so much when acting as I becameliable forthe nature from the very starting to the end, and I also need to pay close attention to the opposite characters so as to create balance.

He also adds that as actors shouldgrasp their expressions and movements for their characters for a longer length of time, the parts he has learned as an actor has helped him enhance on stage. Through acting, I’ve learned to specific myself more freely, diversely, and also to keep in touch amongst the fans better, which supports me experience the degree more, he said.

One of the more busy members of the organizationbecause of his activities in either China and South Korea, Lay reveals, I don’t attempt to residual between paintingsand private time. If I check out to, I can’t to do either one properly. So I have a tendencynow not to make things confusing and just center of attention on one or the other. As you said, I lived a hectic year so didn’t have a huge number of time to rest, yet was thankful that I had the riskto test outquite much of experiences. Since it’s what I choice to do I enjoy each moment, even supposing ITmay smartly be physically tiring sometimes! 

The EXO member continues to mention that his concept of relaxing is operating on songs for his fans as their enjoyment in their tracks is what energizes him.

When asked Sehun whether hes replaced at all since his debut days, Sehun notes that he have become more mature and accountabledue to the his activities with EXO. He adds, Although it’s fairly embarrassing to place this in words, how I believe for the members fortuitously hasn’t changed and wont sooner or later either!

In regards to his famous personand personal life, Xiumin admits that their non-publicexistence naturally gets exposed due to their statuses as celebrities. And so, he adds, So as an alternative of being touchy about it and locatingsome wayto split one from the other, I are attempting not to get stressed out about it. But as a celebrity, where many, especially young people, are watching, I you ought to be more guilty in my words and actions.

To read the total interview with DAZED, click here.

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K-Pop Boy-Band Idol, SEVENTEEN’s Vernon, Is Going Viral For Equivalent to Leonardo DiCaprio

K-Pop Boy-Band Idol, SEVENTEEN’s Vernon, Is Going Viral For Equivalent to Leonardo DiCaprio

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterRookie idol group SEVENTEEN member Vernon has gained a lot of attention for his resemblance to Oscar-winning American actor Leonardo DiCaprio

Since his debut remaining year many fanatics have pointed out that Vernon, whos part Korean and half of American, bears a robust resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio. In fact, even the media and tvpublicizes have pointed this out, with the resemblance being especially spotlighted all over Vernons appearance on fourth season of popular hiphop show Show Me The Money.

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Wonder Women  Stocks Plans For Either Band And Dance Performances Of New Music Why So Lonely

Wonder Women Stocks Plans For Either Band And Dance Performances Of New Music Why So Lonely

Wonder LadiesStocks Plans For Either ring And Dance Performances Of New Music “Why So Lonely”ilmare42 July 4, 2016 0 Wonder Girls Shares Plans For Both Band And Dance Performances Of New Track “Why So Lonely” Wonder Girls has revealed how they plan to test outto fulfill all their fanaticsthroughacting both as a band and as a dance staff for their comeback promotions.

On July 5, Wonder Girls made a long-awaited comeback with their new track “Why So Lonely,” and the music video for the song features the individuals equally a band in position of a dance group. Their new unmarried album of the similarcall is their 2ndfree up since they remodeled from a dance community into a four-member band for their 2015 album “Reboot,” with every member gambling an instrument.

In a contemporary interview with Superstar News about their comeback, the members are asked about their go back as a band. Yeeun says, “Last year we did disco music. As a disco band, we used electronic instruments. We used an electronic drum pad to mix both dancing and playing the instruments.”

“We’re seeking toopt fora unconditionally ‘real band’ idea this year,” she is goingdirectly to say. “But there also arethose thatneed us to dance, so we’ve ready a dance edition as well. We’ve attemptedto fulfilleverybody by making both a band and dance version.”

Her fellow member Sunmi adds, “We’re making plansto accomplishare living as a band in the primary week, and then display our dance in the moment one week.”

What do you bring to mind Wonder Girlss plans to carry out as both a band and a dance organization alongside Why So Lonely?

Wonder Girls - Why So LonelyMake stronger the artist by purchasing “Why from YesAsia Related Tags Wonder GirlsPost NavigationOutdatedTaleWatch: Juniel Shares Teaser Video For Comeback With “Pisces” MV

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"Band, the toilet and habit"... Park Yoo-chun's nature

There had beenfourgirls so far. A pressed fees then cancelled them. B called 112 closing year and is going forward amongst suing him. C and D also claim they were raped.

She worked at Ten Cafe ahead of and she's met Park Yoo-chun as a customer. Then she was oncepractically raped. However, she did not press charges.

"Who is going to agree with a waitress who works at a bar?"

We took a glance at the text messages between E and her friend.

E told her friend what happened.

"I became nearly raped via Park Yoo-chun".

E and her friend don't have any secrets. E told her friend Park Yoo-chun got here to the bar and anything almost came about to her in the bathroom.

"There was a band that came in to play music. Then Park Yoo-chun called me to the toilet and attempted to force me to have sex".

There was a squabble. E didn't wish this and she refused to do it. A couple ofmins later she were given out of the bathroom.

What E felt at the moment, was fear. The rest room is a secret position for anyone. Yet at the similar time, it is somewhere nobody volitionlend a hand you.

E texted her friend when she got out. She was angry but she had to stay IT in. She knew it was just shaming herself if she didn't.

"Will it be over if I just sue him? Each person would point palms at me. No one will have confidence me. Who would believe that a waitress at a bar would get raped?"

E still may not press charges.

Dispatch did furtherstudiesin this case. We met with 4 or more space caf waitresses. They all met Park Yoo-chun before.

They remembered him clearly. He likes hip hop, suppliesjust rightpointers and can pay the invoice without a hassle.

Another thing they remembered was 'band' and 'bathroom'.

"When the band starts playing, he is going to the lavatory and he is taking his spouse with him. But no one knows what goes on in there".

"When Park Yoo-chun went into the bathroom, his buddies laughed. They know what is going on inside. We just assume".

F and G asked about sex scandal and their solution was simple. Park Yoo-chun was a visitor and the ladies claiming to be sufferersalso are waitresses who paintings at a bar.

They didn't say much about the case being rape of not. He didn't hit them. Then, were all of the intercourses consensual? They shook their heads.

"Some could make it because they adore it simply some might no longer acceptbeloved it. Still, or not it'snot easy to push him off you and run out. That is her job, operating at the bar. That's why".

H discussed 'fear'. She stated there was force and the concern was no longer roughly being raped but about not being protected.

What if the women controlled to push him off and got out? The terrorwill be the same.

"The chums would mock her. Suing would make her a con artist. They would tease her and say she's a bar waitress and that is the reason what she's meant to do".

This is more or less why A cancelled her charges.

Dispatch was ready to get knowledge about A and the verbal exchange she had with her friend.

"There are simplest about 10 witnesses to the case. Battling would only get my identity leaked and not anythingsensible can come from it".

Park Yoo-chun's case is still in progress. A, B, C and D claim they were raped in the bathroom. Just a claims there was no 'force' involved.

These women are being called con artists. They might be.

However, the processof the waythey is also able to brand their statements is extremely limited. They work at night, at a bar and other folks take them for 'easy women'.

The prisonsame old of this example is whether the sex was forced or not. However, there is somethingin the back of it and that is Park Yoo-chun's dependancy and attitude.

Finally, there might be I. I is an reliable at a room salon caf. He said habit. He mentioned that Park might not stimulateidentified the wrongness of it.

"Ten cafes have no 2d rounds. Sex trafficking is illegal. But there are those who come to the bar in hopes of having some game".

E almost got raped in the bathroom. F and G witnessed Park's toilet fetish.

"Park Yoo-chun might've been unfortunate and got concerned with a con artist but it mightactually precisely be his habit".

There's 'con artists', 'mobs' and 'half one billion won'. At the other hand, the victims mentioned repayment first and the accused put 'someone' (member of the Yangeun Gang) ahead but are denying it.

Park Yoo-chun's scandal is now a game. He is instantly the victim and claiming he's been framed.

However, there are some women who have not pressed ratesopposed to him yet.

In the end, he's given the pretext himself. He went along doing his customary matter in the bar and here's where it got him.

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FTISLAND Sasaeng Fan Incorrect For Band’s Manager, Trolls Jealous Netizens

FTISLAND Sasaeng Fan Incorrect For Band’s Manager, Trolls Jealous Netizens

3kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Enthusiasts takeexposed a unusual news article and footage of FTISLAND taken via reporters, catching the male band getting back from their Paris go back and forthprevious this June.

Upon closer look, a tendergirlknown every bit a sasaeng fan by netizens is noticed walking side-by-side of the gang as they walk from the airport which would make any onlookers think that she used to be the bands manager as fans don't appear to bein maximum cases given such close get access to to idols especially in mid-schedule.

However, fans are sharing their complaints of how close she is getting to the idol band, causing the sasaeng to respond to her haters on Twitter, saying, I betthe folks bitching have never visible the individuals up close like that duringnine years I believe sorry for them, and I guess none of you have got nearample to them to speak to them. Dont whinge out the managers. They know our faces so they let us through. Thank you for proving my close dating with the members.

Meanwhile, FTISLAND participated in the primary KCON in France this month which changed intohung on June 2nd, functioning at the AccorHotels Arena.

Image: S PhotoFTISLAND, 'Fan Regarded as Staff' / Caption from StarDailyNews Image: S PhotoFTISLAND, Fan Concept To Be Body of workers / Caption from StarDailyNews

Source: Instiz and MegastarDay by day News

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K-Pop Boy-Band VIXX Makes Fanatics Cry With Authentic Fan-Service All the manner through  Newest Solo Concert

K-Pop Boy-Band VIXX Makes Fanatics Cry With Authentic Fan-Service All the manner through Newest Solo Concert

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAside with their dancing and singing, many loversbelieve fanservice as their favourite act via idols. 

From showing aegyo to sharing skinship with fellow members, fanservice covers a widediversityof items that idols can do to excite fans. And at their fresh solo concert VIXXCHOOL, male group VIXX pulled off what many are calling without equal fan service. To thank fans for all their support, the gangaccumulated the names of all their fans and displayed them at the screen at the back of the stage. After seeing the sort act by the group, fans were moved to tears as they felt VIXXs gratitude for their undying love.

Check out the song video for VIXXs newest song Dynamite below:

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Hookah Living room  Beneath  Fireplace For Immediately Copying K-Pop Boy-Band INFINITE’s Logo

Hookah Living room Beneath Fireplace For Immediately Copying K-Pop Boy-Band INFINITE’s Logo

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterMale group INFINITE has been praised for their customaryideas and inventive logo in addition their onstage talents. 

And whilst their logo has replacedsomewhata sectionall the manner through the years dependent on their present promotions, enthusiasts were outraged when theyfound out a living roomthe use ofprobably the mostteamsbeyond logos. The establishment, a club and hookah bar named Fate Lounge, has been accused of stealing INFINITEs logo from their Destiny promotions.

With their logo taking a looksimilar to INFINITEs logo throughout their 2ndunmarried album, or even sharing the similar name, fans claimed it was oncetransparent that the living roombecame blatantly ripping off the male idol group.

Check out the track video for INFINITEs Destiny below:

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Watch: Drug Restaurant, Formerly Jung Joon Young Band, Releases New Album And Tune Video

Watch: Drug Restaurant, Formerly Jung Joon Young Band, Releases New Album And Tune Video

Watch: Drug Restaurant, Formerly Jung Joon Young Band, Releases New Album And Song Videocrystalcove June 7, 2016 0 Watch: Drug Restaurant, Formerly Jung Joon Young Band, Releases New Album And Music Video The four-member band Drug Eating place drops the music video for their new track Mistake.

Drug Restaurant is the hotcall of what was onceprior to nowreferred to as the Jung Joon Young Band. The name Drug Restaurant is related to constitute the group’s choiceto present listeners with higher relief than any drug in the drugstore and to provide a gateway out from the pressures of the society.

Drug Restaurant released their new album, titled Drug Restaurant, at the hours of darkness June 8 KST. Mistake is the identify track of the album. The song is composed by potential of Jung Joon Young and Jo Dae Min (Dammit), with lyrics by Jung Joon Young.

Rookie actor Park Hyun Soo stars in the music video which portrays the hardships a tender waiter studies at his task and his refreshing revenge.

Drug Restaurant will advertise their new album thru concerts and festivals.

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