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Red Velvet’s Joy has reportedly asked Yook Sungjae to have a laser Armpit Hair operation on the show called "We got married"

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Red Velvets Joy Asks Yook Sungjae to Remove Armpit Hair on We Got Married The June 27 episode of MBCs We Got Married showed viewers part of Red Velvets Joy and BTOB Yook Sungjaes second date.

The pair meet at a dermatology clinic in Seoul. While the show had teased viewers earlier with information concerning Joys straightforward comments to her husband and Yook Sungjae nervously rubbing his legs in anticipation of laser hair removal, the episode revealed more.

Seeing her husbands reaction, Joy asks if another area would be better. Yook Sungjae becomes even more flustered as he thinks about other possible areas like his armpits. Proving to be a doting husband, he says, I did think that I would have to do it someday. But he is not completely thrilled as he asks, Who does laser hair removal when they first meet someone?

The pair laugh at his comments and Joy confesses, It was a joke. I didnt know you would fall so easily for it.

11 Idols Who Let Their Armpit Hair Grow Wild

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11 Idols Who Let Their Armpit Hair Grow Wild

7k shares Share on Facebook Share on TwitterSometimes, the best thing we can do for ourselves is get a healthy dose of reality! Some idols are known the keep their armpits cleanly shaved, while others dont mind letting their pit hairs blow in the wind! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Heres a few male idols who showed off their wild manly side a little bit:

11 Hilarious Photos of K-Pop Idol Armpits By Koreaboo

Sometimes, the best thing we can do for ourselves is get a healthy dose of reality! What better way than to take a look at photos of idols who.. well, don’t really show their best! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Wow, beautiful towel, I like it very much By Koreaboo

The presidential wave By Koreaboo

I believe I can fly By Koreaboo

wingardium leviosa!!!! By Koreaboo

Giddy Chanyeol and herpa-derp Sehun By Koreaboo

Showin off the muscles again~ By Koreaboo

Nice scarf, looks great By Koreaboo

Freeeedoooommmm By Koreaboo

Lovin the biceps By Koreaboo

Nice confetti! What a party! By Koreaboo

Turn down for what By Koreaboo

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Stinky Celebs! 11 Korean Stars With Sweaty Armpit

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Stinky Celebs! 11 Korean Stars With Sweaty Armpit

Not all of these idols are as famous for sweaty armpits as the king of wetness Psy! But nevertheless, they’ve demonstrated acts of dampness in the pics all the same. ㅋㅋㅋ Antiperspirant anyone?

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BTOB"s Eunkwang likes his sour armpit smell + Minhyuk says he got asked out a lot

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The hilarious boys of BTOB had the crowd in stitches on the KBS 2TV"s episode of "Hello" on January 12.

The MCs asked, "Is there someone here who"s sensitive about his or her smell?" to which Minhyuk admitted he was sensitive about the smell of the skin between his nose and lips, showing the audience how he would smell the area by pouting out his lips. He made everybody laugh by saying that he would particularly smell after eating pizza.

On the other hand, Eunkwang said he was fine with smelling his armpits; as a matter of fact, he liked the sourness of it, making everyone laugh. You can check this out at 2:53 in the video below.

In addition, one person relayed her concerns on the show about her father, who only went around in his underwear, making her too embarrassed to go near him when she wanted to talk to him about a guy she liked.

Minhyuk said, "I think it will work out well. Also, men like it when women confess to them first."

When asked if he had such an experience, he said, "I had multiple ones. I like it, too, but there was a time I turned her down on purpose, then confessed to her later again."

Kyuhyun explains Eunhyuk"s nickname "Armpit Hyuk" + "Stargazing" reveal Super Junior"s graduation photos

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Kyuhyun explains Eunhyuk

Super Junior leader Leeteuk made his first variety show appearance since he was discharged from the military through MBC"s "Stargazing" on September 18. He had prepared a special quiz for the fans on the show, and one of the questions asked was about Eunhyuk"s nickname, which was revealed to be "Armpit Hyuk."

Regarding this, Kyuhyun said, "I went to the bathroom during a music show where Eunhyuk was washing up. It was fine that he was washing up, but he was wearing a sleeveless top, he foamed up soap, and then cleaned his armpits," making everyone laugh.

"I was so traumatized by it," he continued, "to the point I only thought of armpits whenever I saw Eunhyuk."

Eunhyuk said, "Even more, I went to a bathroom far away in the corner where no one would go, but he came there." You can see that humorous exchange at the 2:35 mark above!

In addition, "Stargazing" revealed pictures of the Super Junior members when they were younger! Each picture was put up next to a fan"s graduation photo starting with the most handsome member.

First was Shindong, who said he was much better looking back then. Afterwards was Kyuhyun, who stated that only one part (hinting at his eyes) had changed, making everyone laugh. Next was Leeteuk. The very appearance of his picture caused everyone to laugh loudly. Eunhyuk came in fourth while Ryeowook came in last place, explaining that his face was very swollen that day to which MC Key expressed disbelief.

IU talks about woman"s armpit hair and bangs on "I"m A Man"

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IU talks about woman

IU revealed some of the interesting things about woman on KBS" talk show "I"m A Man".

During the broadcast of the show on August 8th, an audience asked,"I"m a student major in dance. I was surprised when I saw so many girls of my juniors having hairy armpit while wearing ballet costumes. What should I do in this situation?".

IU responded to this problem,"Just pretend like you didn"t see them","Girls also know it themselves, but there are too much[armpit hair] for them to care about".

Then Jang Dong Min said,"Even so should you need to tell them about it?","Since saying it directly to them must be embarrassing, and also Tang Wei exposed her armpit hair in a movie before so we can say something like "Wow~ Tang Wei" to them, so they won"t be shy about it", which made IU praise,"This solution is good".

IU also surprised everyone on the set by saying women only wash their bangs when they suddenly have to go outside. Jang Dong Min then said,"Then women don"t know that since the bangs are only above their noses so I don"t think they can"t smell them", caused everyone laughed with his statement.

IU Talks about Girls’ Armpit Hair on “I Am a Man”

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IU Talks about Girls’ Armpit Hair on “I Am a Man”

IU advised a male audience member on a rather funny topic of armpit hair during her appearance on the very first episode of Yoo Jae Suks talk show I Am a Man.

On the August 2 episode of the program, a male audience member brought forth a problem he had. He introduced himself as a dance student, and went onto say that he was really surprised to see that his ballet partner had a lot of hair on her armpits. He said that he didnt know what to do, and asked IU what he should do in these situations from now on.

IU advised him to not say anything, adding, she probably knows as well. Women have too much to be concerned about.

In another instance on the show, she raised a lot of laughter by revealing, when women are busy, some would just wash their bangs. When they wash their bangs and put their hair up, people think they actually showered.

Lee Hyori flaunts her mustache and armpit hair on a past variety show

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Lee Hyori flaunts her mustache and armpit hair on a past variety show

Past clips of Lee Hyori have caught the attention of netizens.

On the January 10th episode of MBCs Good Day, past clips of Lee Hyori were played.

In the clip, Lee Hyori was featured on a variety show program where she brought laughter around her by flaunting her fake armpit hair and mustache that were created with black tape.

Netizens commented, Thats Lee Hyori. She was born for entertainment, I dont see Hyori on TV anymore, but I hope that I get to see her on TV more often, I was always happy that Lee Hyori existed, showing various reactions.

In related news, Lee Hyori has recently released a smartphone application for her 2012 charity calendar featuring her pet, ‘Sunshim’.

IU, Armpit Hair Humiliation On 'Three Wheels'?

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IU, Armpit Hair Humiliation On 'Three Wheels'? iu armpit hair IU was humiliated by her armpit hair.

In MBC "Three Wheels" aired today, IU came out as a special MC.

The MCs started talking about shaving in the bathroom, and somehow brought up that IU shaves too.

At this, IU said, "That's why I don't wear sleeveless shirts that often," and the MCs said, "So you don't shave...," arousing laughter.

Photo of Won Bin with sweaty armpit surfaced online

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Photo of Won Bin with sweaty armpit surfaced online

A photo of actor Won Bin having a distinct sweaty armpit recently shared online under title, “Won Bin’s armpit sweat stain.” , drawing a lot of attention.

The photo was actually a promotional poster for Hite beer. In the photo, Won Bin posed with his stylishly swept hair, heart-dropping smile and suave raise of the beer bottle, catching the eyes of viewers with his handsome look. His sweaty armpit was noticed, however, it only brought smile to his fans.

Netizens left many comments on the photo, writing, “I guess Won Bin is a human after all”, “Won Bin hasn’t had an embarrassing photo until now. It’s the shirt’s fault”, “The shirt is crying. That is not Won Bin’s sweat stain” and “They must have photoshopped that sweat stain on there so he would seem more human.” and more.