BONUSBaby under fire for performing with ‘lolita’ concept on ‘Music Bank’

BONUSBaby under fire for performing with ‘lolita’ concept on ‘Music Bank’

Rookie girl group BONUSBaby is under fire for performing with a controversial concept. 

On the May 12 broadcast of KBS ‘Music Bank’, BONUSBaby performed their new track ”If I Become an Adult”. For the stage, the girls took on a school girl look in pink and white uniforms, and also wore a baby bib around their necks. 

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Many viewers are displeased with BONUSBaby’s stage outfit as it seems to follow the ‘lolita’ theme. 

‘Lolita’ defined as “a sexually precocious, young looking girl” has received harsh criticism when used as the concept in photo shoots and other productions. 

Netizens commented, “If this is ‘lolita’ then they better take off those bibs right away”, “They didn’t wear that last week. They’re going too far”, “This is too much”, “Why do girl groups wear school uniforms as stage outfits so much? The bib is too much and their group name is weird too”, “It seems like they’re aiming for noise marketing”, “It seems like they’ll be dancing wearing diapers and sucking on bottles next time.”

Do you find BONUSBaby’s outfits problematic?

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