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“Empress Ki”: Ha Ji Won exposes Im Joo Won’s secrets


MBC Monday Tuesday drama “Empress Ki” Ki Seung Nyang, played by Ha Ji Won, found out the person who tried to kill Ma Ha was Ba Yan, played by Im Joo Eun. On the 46th episode of the MBC Monday Tuesday drama “Empress Ki,” which aired on April 14, 2014, Ki Seung Nyang found out that Ma Ha was her own child. When Ki Seung Nyang ran to save Ma Ha, however, it was too late. Later on, Ki Seung Nyang, determined to find who had killed her child, asked Ta Hwan, played by Ji Chang Wook, to gather everybody together in the same spot. When everybody got together, Ki Seung Nyang announced that Ba Yan was the murderer, showing people his ring which was found on the scene.



“Golden Cross” reveals BTS photos of Han Eun Jung

(Photo : KBS)

A picture of actress Han Eun Jung in the waiting room of KBS Wednesday/Thursday drama “Golden Cross” was released.

On April 7th, Han Eun Jung”s management company released a picture of the waiting room. In the picture, she is relaxing in sweatpants and sneakers and showing off her body without fat.

In addition, even when getting her hair done, Han Eun Jung didn”t let go of the script as you could see the passion she has for the drama.

On the production presentation of “Golden Cross” held on April 7th, Han Eun Jung said, “To perfect the role of Sarah Hong, a mysterious femme fatale, I tried to change my life patterns and wanted to live similar to the character.” Because of this, many looked forward to her acting transformation.

Meanwhile, in addition to Han Eun Jung, “Golden Cross” features Kim Kang Woo, Lee Shi Young, Jung Bo Suk, Um Ki Joon and shows how people went under the wings of the destroyers of their family and was enwrapped in a tsunami as it shows the conflicts of a man between humanly conscience and greed in a revenge story

Imagine you have a role in an idol group!

Which role would you play in an idol group? 


You”ve proven yourself to be the rightful leader of the group for your responsible and hardworking nature, making sure that things get done promptly and accepting punishment for when you fail.You are the oil that makes the group work smoothly like a machine, watching over everything with a keen hawk”s eye and also being there for your group when they need comfort and advice.You are the mother hen who protects the members, but also likes to tease them and maybe abuse your power just a little bit.Mak POP QUIZ: Which role would you play in an idol group? RapperPossibly the most artistic member of the group, you have multiple creative outlets, whether you express yourself through writing lyrics, composing songs, or rapping.On the quiet side, you don”t really have to speak as you have a unique charisma that does all the talking for you

Zo In Sung Brings Cupcakes, Roses and More to Fans in Taiwan

Zo In Sung met with his fans in Taiwan through 2014 Zo In Sung Fan Meeting.

Departing for Taiwan on April 11 for the first solo fan meeting, Zo In Sung spent a special day with the fans on April 12 in TICC (Taipei International Convention Center).

After greeting the fans in Chinese, Zo In Sung shared about his recent activities after filming That Winter, The Wind Blows and which project he is currently working on. He then held a Q&A session, answering the fans’ questions.

He also presented numerous fan services, including parodying scenes from That Winter, The Wind Blows, taking pictures, making cup cakes for a randomly selected fan on the stage and even kneeling down and giving roses to the three winners from ‘talk with your body’ corner

“Three Days”: Success without Shortcuts, Scandal and PPL

(Photo : SBS)

“Three Days” is jumping the formula for success of Korean dramas.

SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama “Three Days” is opening a new horizon for Korean dramas. Existing Korean dramas have been centered around a scandal such as a secret surrounding birth, family relations, or trying too many things to raise the ratings in a limited span of time and working in too many PPLs for the drama budget. However, “Three Days” doesn”t have this.

▲ No Shortcuts

Korean dramas have been using the shortcut to try to extend the length of the broadcasts for higher ratings. However, “Three Days” is keeping to the 60 minutes that it has been assigned. Thanks to this, “Three Days” is starting later than other dramas and ending earlier. Moreover, unlike other weekend drams, It is mixing in a new way without ads in between and it is edited like a 120 minute movie, as it Is attracting new interest

Sung Si Kyung talks about a woman who’s beautiful from the back on “Witch Hunt”

Sung Si Kyung brought up women who are beautiful from the back on the April 11 installment of JTBC“s “Witch Hunt“.

He said, “I often jog by the Han River and while I”m jogging, there are times I see a woman in front of me who looks lovely from the back and get curious about how she looks from the front. However, when I do see her face, I”m disappointed 90% of the time.”

Heo Ji Woong asked, “Do you look back at them?” Sung Si Kyung explained, “I look from the corner of my eyes.”

Shin Dong Yup added, “That”s why his eyes are always bloodshot,” making everybody laugh.


Lee Min Ho says farewell to fans in China + comes back Korea for ‘Gangnam Blues’

Sad news for fans in China! Actor Lee Min Ho will be leaving the country very soon, but this leaves good news for fans in Korea! He will be returning in order to engage in filming for upcoming movie “Gangnam Blues.”

He said farewell to his fans in China on April 11 via Weibo: “Everybody, I”m returning to Korea soon. I”m going to go to Korea and diligently take part in the movie filming. As quickly as possible, I will come back to see everybody. I will miss you. Take care of your health.”

He included a picture of him looking sad to depart as he gives a small pout and a sullen look at the camera.

The movie “Gangnam Blues” will start filming in the middle of this month!

“Three Days” tops the rating chart in its time slot


With the departure of front runner “Inspiring Generation,” Park Yoochun”s political thriller “Three Days” came out ahead.

The competition between those dramas has been intense and they”ve alternated taking first place. But now that “Inspiring Generation” has ended, nothing can stop “Three Days.” Not only is the show a hit in Korea but it”s the next big Hallyu hit in China.

The drama reached 12 percent in the ratings by its second day, up from 11.3 percent on Wednesday. The drama previously recorded ratings of 12.9 percent but it hasn”t reached 12 percent in a while.

There are only four episodes left and Park Yoochun, playing presidential bodyguard Han Tae Kyung, is still not completely sure who to trust. He trusted the president, played by Son Hyun Joo, and then he learned that he was involved in an incident that cost innocent civilian lives

“Three Days”: Park Yoo Chun asks Son Hyun Joo to explain

(Photo : SBS)

“Three Days” Park Yoo Chun required an explanation from Son Hyun Joo.

On the 11th episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama “Three Days” broadcast on April 9th, president Lee Dong Whee (played by Son Hyun Joo) came to Lee Cha Young (played by So Yi Hyun)”s hospital room.

On this day, Lee Dong Whee asked about the wellbeing of bodyguard Lee Cha Young to Han Tae Kyung (played by Park Yoo Chun) and Han Tae Kyung replied, “it”s getting better but you have to look for improvements.”

At this, Lee Dong Whee asked a favor, “I hope that you come to the meeting at the congress building tomorrow and testify to the dynamite that bodyguard Lee Cha Young found.”

Then, he asked whether Han Tae Kyung knew about the dynamite and said, “If you knew, you should”ve protected Cha Young more

B2ST’s Dongwoon, “When Junhyung and I were drunk, Junhyung kissed me on the lips then left.”

Maybe it”s because it”s been four years since their last reality program, but B2ST did not shy away in the slightest for their entertaining “Showtime – Burning the BEAST” show on April 10! On this episode, Dongwoon revealed a story with Junhyung that shocked even the other members.

He said, “Once, when Junhyung and I were drunk, Junhyung kissed me on the lips then left.” The other members said, “On the lips,” and were unable to hide their shocked expressions.

Junhyung asked nonchalantly, “Is that a bad thing?




Kikwang asked, “Did he do it like this,” turning his head to pretend he was kissing. Doojoon said to him, “Why do you turn your head?” Dongwoon showed with his hand that Junhyung just did a peck and left