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BOB4 releases debut single "Mystery Girl" ft. former Dal Shabet member, Viki + MV ft. Kim Minsu and Lee Taesung

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BOB4 releases debut single Mystery Girl ft. former Dal Shabet member, Viki + MV ft. Kim Minsu and Lee TaesungA new male band has emerged! BOB4 (Band of Boys 4) released their debut single and music video, "Mystery Girl," on June 15th. The band was accompanied by former Dal Shabet leader, Viki, who recently exited the group to pursue a solo career.

Viki featured in the track, "Mystery Girl," as the rapper.

BOB4 offers a unique and distinctive music, and are ready to show the world their skills.

The leader, Sung Yoobin (24), is well known for his talents as a songwriter and is also the group's lead vocalist. Additionally, the band consists of drummer Hwang Inhwae (24), guitarist Choi Minsoo (23), and bass player Kim Myungkyu (21).

The music video for "Mystery Girl" featured actors Kim Minsu and Lee Taesung, which was shot in the streets of Itaewon and Hongdae.

In addition, BOB4 is set to take on their first "Sound Holic: Super Rookie Concert," which will take place on June 21st at 8PM KST at Hongik University.

You can purchase their debut single at Bugs and Olleh Music.

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April Speaks Out About Wasting a Member

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April Speaks Out About Wasting a Memberkiddy_days November 26, 2015 0 LINE it!April Speaks Out About Losing a Member It isnt simple to get over your leader leaving for such young girls. On account of that, all and sundry asks them, How do you do it? and Isnt it hard?

On November 9, womanworkforce Aprils control company, DSP Media, relayed the within track that the leader of April, Somin, can be leaving the group. The individuals were stunned that their leader left the gang just five months after their debut. Since they were having a lookahead to their comeback, they had to rework all of the choreography, and redivide the portions in their new song.

Recently in an interview, the April members were asked how they are going through the situation. At this, the ladies said, We knew that Somin used to besuffering with opting for her trail for a long time. Even so, we still were a little bitsurprised because she made up our minds to leave so suddenly. They added, Yet nosotrosmade a decision to admire her opinion. Neatly withal be cheering each and every other on, even in the future.

April has had to change their six-member choreography for their debut song Dream Sweet and their new song Muah! into a five-member choreography. Commenting at the choreography the members said, Since we had to do a six-member choreography as a five-member group, we felt even more obligation on our shoulders. So we practiced even harder.

April is currently starring in their own truth show, Here Is going April, and are selling their new album Boing Boing.

April Unmarried Album Vol. 1 - Boing BoingGive a spice up to the artist by way ofpurchasing April - Boing Boing from YesAsia Related Tags aprilPost NavigationOutdatedTaleYoo Ah In Is an AOA Fanboy?

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SPOILER Which AOA member is this week's morning angel on '1 evening 2 Days'

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SPOILER Which AOA member is this week's morning angel on '1 evening 2 Days'

Guess who guested in this week"s episode of "1 Night 2 Days" as morning angel? AOA"s Seolhyun!

As an exemplary Ace of Angels member, Seolhyun guested at the form display as morning angel to cook ramen breakfast for the 3 participants who won. Before getting began with cooking, Seolhyun shyly revealed, "I don"t in point of fact cook ramen much."

As the members watched Seolhyun cook the ramen, Cha Tae Hyun jokingly commented, "It"s going to be salty," according to how much water Seolhyun installed the pot in ratio to the baggage of ramen she opened.

When the 3 members were after all ready to take a bite of Seolhyun"s ramen, their expressions changed, hinting that the ramen was once subpar. Kim Jun Ho said, "I can feel the sincereness, yet I guess you"ve never cooked ramen before," drawing out laughter from the viewers.

Meanwhile, Seolhyun also gave a solo functionality of "Heart Attack" throughout the episode as well. take a glance at angel on earth Seolhyun on "1 Night 2 Days" above!

SPOILER Which B.A.P member was once these days on 'Masked King'?

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SPOILER Which B.A.P member was once these days on 'Masked King'?

Babyz have a good time as individuals of B.A.P are actively promoting, acting on quite so much of kind presentations and interviews for their newest comeback with "Matrix." This week, primary vocalist Daehyun was noticed on "Masked King" giving his first ever solo functionality on air. The usage of the pseudonym "Fresh Man," Daehyun gave a lovely and touching rendition of Nam Jin"s "Empty Glass." Regardless that he ignored the timing in the beginning, Daehyun endured flippantly and professionally. Once his identity was revealed, Daehyun told the viewers, "Since it"s been a year and a part since I"ve been on a level like this, the butterflies in my abdomen did no longer stop." When asked why he chose the song "Empty Glass," Daehyun choked up as he said, "During my long hiatus, my father would cheer me on whilst i used to be at home. My father and I went to Karaoke in combination and it"s the song that he sung for me." Once Daehyun left the stage after his ultimate interview at the show, he was visible looking to hide away his tears with his hood, revealing that he was crushed with happiness now that he was ready to accomplish on stage again. take a glance at his performance on "Masked King" and interview above and below!

B.A.P make a selection Member Who Has replaced the maximum Since Debut

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B.A.P settle on Member Who Has Changed the Most Since Debut The boys of B.A.P have printed which member they think has passed through the most important transformation since their debut in 2012.

On the November 22 broadcast of “Section TV,” the gang sat down with the reporter to discuss about their long-awaited comeback.

When asked to call the member who has changed the most over the years, all and sundry chose Youngjae.

“Compared to what he's now, he used to be two times larger when we debuted,” Daehyun explained about the reason of opting for Youngjae. “He lost numerous weight.”

Youngjae commented on his slimmer look, “I’m satisfied with my current appearance.”

Member of Atomic Kiz Booked For Assaulting Taxi Driving force whilst Drunk

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Member of Atomic Kiz Booked For Assaulting Taxi Driver While Drunk A member of the rookie idol staff Atomic Kiz, known handiest by ability of his surname Lee, has been arrested by police for assaulting a taxi driver.

According to Seoul’s Nowon Police, Lee was booked for assault on November 22 at 4:30 a.m. Lee used to be drinking close to Shinsa Station in Seoul with his pals and became in a taxi to Nowon when he stopped the taxi midway, saying, “I think I’m going to throw up.” He ended up throwing up in the taxi and the taxi driver, surname Ko, demanded fee for the ride. Lee have become angry and threatened the driver by pushing him and swearing at him. Ko called police, and Lee was charged when the police arrived. It was discovered that Lee didn’t have money on hand at the time, having left his wallet at home.

Ko said, “Even when we were being investigated at the patrol station, Lee threatened me by saying, ‘I’m going to endure in mind your face and kill you.’” He added, “I’m dissatisfied and humiliated that i used to be assaulted by a tender guy who might be my son.”

Meanwhile, Lee said, “Even regardless that I admitted to my mistake, the police kept me remoted and wouldn’t concentrate to me. I changed into so frustrated that my words became harsh.”

A patrol station partner said, “Lee was drunk to the point where he didn’t know the way much he drank, or if he had his wallet. It was challenging to even verify his identity, so we passed him over to Nowon police.” It was relayed that Lee was released at around 8:30 a.m. after attaining an agreement with Ko at at 8:00 a.m.

Atomic Kiz debuted in November of 2014 with “Lovers,” and Lee is understood to be in command of rapping in that group. Netizens are speculating that the member in query is the youngest member, J.Per.

Tiffany stocks a shot of every Girls' Generation member in the back of the scenes at 'Phantasia' concert

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Tiffany stocks a shot of every Girls' Generation member in the back of the scenes at 'Phantasia' concert

Tiffany gave SONE a large treat by way of sharing snippets of each one Girls" Generation member.

Tiffany posted the underneath clip of the girls behind the scenes at their "Phantasia" concert to Instagram on November 21 with the message, "#phantasia backstage." All of the 8 Girls" Generation contributors added in their own flair to the video, which Tiffany captured well.

Fans commented, "It"s so just right to peer the Girls" Generation members get along," "I would like to move to a Girls" Generation concert too," "Fighting on today"s concert," and more.

Girls" Generation"s "Phantasia" concert is being held at Seoul"s Olympic Stadium on November 21-22. 

Son Heung-min Dating Ex-Girl Workforce Member

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Son Heung-min Dating Ex-Girl Workforce Member

Son Heung-min (left) and Yoo So-yeong

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Son Heung-min has been papped on a date with Yoo So-yeong, an ex-member of lady crew After College who has became her hand to acting.The candid shots were published via online gossip rag the Fact.The site stated Son and Yoo went on an evening out in combination somewhere close to Paju on Nov. 14, when Son was once in Korea getting ready for a fit opposed to Laos 3 days later.Yoo, who is six years Son"s senior, admitted their courting in a press unencumber once the within track broke, yet Son has thus far declined to remark on that matter.In July ultimate year, rumors circulated of a romance between Son and singer Minah of K-pop community Girls" Day.

Ulala consultation Announces a Member Change

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Ulala Session Announces a Member Change Ulala Session will consist of five individuals for the time being, as one of the crucial members, Park Kwang Sun, could be on a hiatus on account of fitness issues. This was once announced through Ulala Company, the control firm of Ulala Session, on November 18, which said, “We are embarking on a new get started in the process the member changes, for the albums to be released next year, and the resultant promotional activities.”

Previously, the past due leader Lim Yoon Taek had also acknowledged that he was hoping to turn many facets of Ulala Session via the member changes.

The new Ulala Session will have Koonzo, Park Seung Il, and Kim Myung Hoon continue in the band, in addition the additions of Choi Do Won and Ha Jun Seok, who were in Ulala Phrase. The latter two have been making a song in musicals, so it's far expected that they're going to be ready to actually upload to performances.

Park Kwang Sun has gone through a kidney transplant surgical operation for his mother, and he has no longer taken any breaks since then. He hopes to deal with his health all over this hiatus, as smartly as specializing in his musical and get ready for solo album.

Former After faculty Member You So Young Confirms She′s Dating Son Heung Min

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Former After faculty Member You So Young Confirms She′s Dating Son Heung Min

--> Actress and previous After faculty member You So Young (29), showed she′s dating Tottenham Hotspur football player Son Heung Min (23).

A rep from You So Young′s agency, Megastar Iyagi Entertainment, said in a telephone communique with a reporter on November 19, "We spoke to You So Young. It′s true that You So Young is dating Son Heung Min."

Earlier today, one media outlet reported that You So Young and Son Heung Min were dating. In keeping with the report, You So Young and Son Heung Min were spotted on a date at Paju National Football middle and were photographed in combination on Pepero Day, November 11.

The firm rep stated, "We don′t know precisely when they started dating. yet she did say that they're a couple. It′s true that they went on a date on Pepero Day."

Meanwhile, 29-year-old You So Young and 23-year-old Son Heung Min proportion a six-year age difference. the 2 people controlled to blossom into a couple depsite their busy schedules and the long distance between England and Korea.