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Fantasy K-Pop Collab: Jung In + Adele

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Jung In + Adele

Celebrated for their soulful voices and blues-inspired songs, Jung In and Adele have found musical success the world over, and fans of both would agree, a duet between the jazzy singers has the potential for greatness.

Let's take the following songs into consideration: Jung In's "I Hate You" and "Take It All" by Adele.

"I Hate You" was the breakout single from Jung In's first solo EP From Andromeda.It was released in 2010.

Jung In, despite being deaf in one ear, has been praised among Korean music industry professionals for her unique vocal style and ability to control her voice, moving from sultry low tones to the occasional high note in the midst of a verse. When "I Hate You" was released, it was ranked in the top 10 on several Korean music charts

[Outside Seoul] K-Drama Kisses: A Field Guide

Korean dramas have turned me into a connoisseur of kisses.

Before my obsession began, I had probably seen tens of thousands of kisses on television and in movies. But those were mostly casual, American-style kisses, ones that fit into the plot but didn’t mean much of anything in the relationship being presented. They were usually understood to be the first step toward a more physical relationship, not the culmination of a love story.

K-Drama kisses are something else entirely: They’re serious, soul-stirring events that have real meaning and profound significance to the characters involved. They’re the main attraction, not a relationship stage to move beyond. They’re at the heart of every K-Drama romance, the scene you eagerly anticipate for five, ten, or even twenty episodes. K-Drama kisses are never blasé or offhand

Rivals sneer in advance of Samsung’s new phone

Korean rivals Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have advertisements to promote their flagship smartphones - the Galaxy S4 and Optimus G, respectively - on a corner of Broadway in New York's Time Square. Provided by LG Electronics

A day before Samsung Electronics unveiled its highly anticipated Galaxy S4 smartphone, its rivals - LG Electronics and Apple - just couldn't stand to see Samsung steal all the thunder.

LG said yesterday it changed an outdoor display ad for its flagship smartphone, the Optimus G, on a giant electronic display on Broadway in New York's Time Square - which is located directly above a teaser billboard for the Galaxy S4, which Samsung put up a week earlier.

LG's ad mimics the white-letters-on-black-background motif of the Samsung teaser.

Samsung's ad reads: "Be ready 4 the next Galaxy"

Korea and the Winter that Was

An ice tricycle built for three

If you peruse this blog long enough, you'll know that Koreans they're very proud of their four distinct seasons. We're moving into spring now, and while some of us enjoyed winter, some of use simply made due. Either way, it's time to say good-bye to that most contentious of seasons. Let's look back at the winter that was.

Korean winters are cold and this one was no exception. When I think of winter in Korea, I picture snow-capped mountains, and nowhere is there more snow than in the northern province of Gangwon-do. The image of Gangwon-do and its winter paradise will be known worldwide when the city of Pyeongchang hosts the Olympic Winter Games in 2018 and this season saw all eyes on Pyeongchang thanks to its successful stint hosting the 2013 Winter Special Olympics

Kangta Gives BoA Advice Regarding SBS "K-Pop Star"

On the most recent episode of YTN “News 12,” Kangta appeared and talked about his experience of being a coach on Mnet “Voice of Korea.” Kangta stated, “I decided to join the show as a coach because I was really drawn to its special charm, which is to help contestants refine themselves.” 

When asked, “Your agency-mate BoA is currently a judge on SBS ‘K-Pop Star 2.’ Do you guys talk about your different judging experiences at all?” Kangta responded that he and BoA often discuss matters that they find difficult to deal with or need special attention together. 

He added, “I understand that judging contestants on the behalf of the whole SM Entertainment could be a huge pressure for BoA

Giant Bibimbap Billboard Greets Passersby in Shanghai

A giant billboard featuring actress Lee Young-ae and bibimbap has been posted in downtown Shanghai, China, Prof. Seo Kyoung-duk of Sungshin Women's University said on Monday.

He previously ran a similar full-page advertisement in the New York Times to promote the Korean dish of rice with an assortment of seasonal vegetables.

The billboard has been installed on the side of a mall in Qipu Lu, one of Shanghai's busiest shopping districts, and will remain there for six months.

"As reruns of Lee's hit drama 'Jewel in the Palace' are still being aired on several channels in China and Chinese people are becoming more interested in Korean food, I came to post the ad", Seo said.

BoA watches dramas too much?

BoA is still keeping up with all the latest dramas. The star revealed she’s been watching the current #1 Wed-Thurs drama ‘Wind Blows in Winter‘.

BoA tweeted to her brother, “Oppa~~ Oppa, you’re also my oppa, so why are you different than Oh Soo? Is it because you’re my real oppa?” Her brother Kwon Soon Wook tweeted back, “My younger sister is watching dramas too much… I’m worried ^^ ㅜㅜ kekekeke,” jokingly expressing his concern for BoA who seems to be watching a lot of dramas in the middle of her busy schedule.

Netizens commented, “BoA has also fallen for Oh Soo,” and “They are lovely siblings like Oh Soo and Oh Young [from the drama].”

BoA also complimented Yunho on his acting on ‘Queen of Ambition‘, making it obvious that ‘Wind Blows in Winter’ isn’t the only drama she’s been making sure to tune in to

Swell Entertainment explains the Navi from ‘Voice Korea 2′ preview is not the ballad soloist of the same name

As mentioned just earlier, netizens couldn’t help but be completely surprised as singer Navi made an appearance as a contestant on ‘Voice Korea 2‘ during the preview shown in their latest episode.

With the airing of the preview, questions have been flooding with viewers flocking to the viewer boards to leave their comments and thoughts about the preview, questioning what had happened to soloist Navi, whom they saw return with an album last year.

Well, it turns out, the Navi in question is not the Navi that the show’s PR team had led many to believe. It turns out this singer is actually another Navi or Nabi (spelled the same way in Korean), who also shares the same debut year as the soloist.

The Navi in the preview, whose real name is Nah Ah Ram, is actually a former member of Holladong, a group that debuted in 2008

Aziatix Talks about Its Success and Its Friendships with SNSD, JYJ and More

Aziatix boasted a great line of shining friends.

Aziatix, which recently signed a giant contract with Cash Money Records, recently appeared on the March 12 broadcast of tvN′s Baek Ji Yeon′s People Inside with its producer Jung Jae Yoon.

Aziatix is a three-member group which holds the members Nicky Lee, Flowsik and Eddie Shin, and has been active in America, Korea, Japan and Taiwan since it made its debut in 2011. Most recently it made issues for signing a giant, 11.3 million dollar contract with Cash Money Records.

Jung Jae Yoon revealed about the contract, "The reason Cash Money decided to sign with Aziatix is because of its unique sounds. The company liked the melody line, which they had never heard the likes of before. That was the group′s strength."

Over the course of their time with the show, the members opened up about how they had come to join together, what happened during their America tour and the members′ lives

Lee Hi album tops Billboard chart

Lee Hi, a former contestant of SBS survival-audition program "K-pop Star", ranked third on Billboard's world album chart with her new album released last week.

Although the album did not make it on the main chart Billboard 200, her name on the world album chart only one week after the release is still significant given that she only made her debut after appearing on the audition program last year.

The title track "It's Over" swept the top spots on major music Web sites in Korea including Melon,, Olleh Music and Bugs Music the day after the release.

Lee's album also became one of the top 10 most popular on iTunes in the United States and Japan in the category for R&B and soul music.

The music in "First Love" combines styles such as jazz, rhythm and blues, which are seldom used in Korean pop music