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Seeing Double: The Twins Of K-Pop

What is better than one good-looking K-Pop idol?Two, of course!

You might be surprised to hear that some of K-Pop"s brightest young stars are actually twins - meaning two times the eye candy, two times the talent, and two times the fun for their fans.

Perhaps two of the most recognizable twins in K-Pop make up Woollim Entertainment"s delicious duo, Tasty.

Despite having been born and raised in China, twin brothers Daeryong and Soryong always aspired to be K-Pop idols.After years of training with JYP Entertainment, including a three-year stint in the US where they had the chance to work with American stars like Beyonce and Ne-yo, the pair eventually left the agency to pursue their dream elsewhere.

In 2012 Tasty debuted as a duo with the single album Spectrum and fans have been going wild for the handsome brothers ever since

Park Jin Young Ranks No.1 For Revenues Earned from Music Copyright for Three Years Straight

Singer and producer, Park Jin Young was named the composer with the most revenue from music copyright for three consecutive years.

On April 8, the Korean Music Copyright Association released a report, “2013 Composer Revenue Aggregate,” Park Jin Young was reported to have received the most revenues from his music copyright. He has received this title for three years straight since 2011.

2013 was not only a successful year for Park Jin Young, but it was also a year where K-Pop made a global hit spreading not only throughout Asia but also all over the world. Countless composers and producers took on the challenge to take Park Jin Young’s spot on the list, but he reigned on top of the list once again.

As an active singer, producer, composer and actor, Park Jin Young produced many frontrunners in the K-Pop industry including Rain, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, miss A, and GOT7

Chanyeol Thanks Fans for EXO’s Second Anniversary

EXO’s Chanyeol expressed his thanks to his fans in celebration of EXO’s second anniversary since its debut.

On April 9, Chanyeol made a post on EXO’s official homepage with the title, “Hello! This is EXO’s voice, Chanyeol.”

In his post, Chanyeol wrote, “It’s already been two year since EXO debuted. It seems like yesterday I met with all of you fans through the fan board for our first anniversary, but time has really flown by.”

He continued, “We received so much love from all of you last year through ‘Wolf,’ ‘Growl,’ and ‘Miracles in December.’ 2013 was a very happy year for me. Thank you so so very very much,” expressing his thanks to his fans.

Chanyeol added, “It’s been about four months since we stopped promoting with ‘Miracles in December

Clara To Join ‘Infinite Challenge’ As They Travel To Brazil For World Cup

(Photo : Clara Twitter)

Actress Clara may join the cast of "Infinite Challenge" for a trip to Brazil.

Clara revealed that she is currently in discussions with the producers of MBC"s "Infinite Challenge" to travel with "Infinite Challenge" members and cheer on Team Korea for the World Cup. They are in discussions because of her schedule is still not set in stone.

If Clara joins the "Infinite Challenge" team, the problem of communication vanishes immediately, as Clara is a fluent English speaker from England. She is expected to translate for the entire event.

"Infinite Challenge" producers confirmed that B1A4"s Baro is on-board, but they still want to add at least one more female member. Park Shin Hye and Clara are the two that is currently on their short list of hopefuls

Eddy Kim Releases “The Manual” MV

Mnet "Superstar K4" participant Eddy Kim released the music video for his debut album track "The Manual".

On April 7, MYSTIC89 posted the music video on their official Youtube account and Eddy Kim"s official Facebook account. The music video reveals Eddy Kim in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

In the music video, Eddy Kim plays the guitar on a boat, sings on a tram, and concentrates on his songwriting. The scribbles added to the video add to the antique-style view of the European setting.

Eddy Kim selected "The Manual" as the sweetest song in his album. The song only contains Eddy Kim"s voice and a single guitar sound; the minimal sounds give light to Eddy Kim"s sweet voice. The lyrics are listed like a manual of the love relationship with a girlfriend.

Eddy Kim"s album The Manual, which releases on April 11, consists on six songs composed and written by Eddy Kim himself

PSY, BIG BANG, and Others Become Shareholders of YG Entertainment’s Stocks

It was announced that PSY, BIG BANG, and other YG Entertainment celebrities had recently become shareholders of YG’s stocks. On April 8, the agency announced, “Yang Hyun Suk, who holds the major rights of YG’s stock, along with the second stockholder, YG’s president CEO Yang Min Suk, have distributed 81,400 stocks to PSY, BIG BANG, and in total, 18 of YG Entertainment’s artists and actors.”

Practicing the increase of capital through the issuing of new stocks, YG Entertainment hoped to increase the profit and benefit of the agency’s stocks within the stock market. Back in February 14, the agency held a meeting between the board of directors, concluding to distribute 51.2 billion won (48,640,000 USD) in stocks. As the official payment will take place on May 2, participants of the stock distribution will further receive 0

MEET&GREET Eric Nam and Buy Signed ‘Ooh Ooh‘ Albums!

Get ready to snap your fingers with Eric Nam, because he’s coming to Mwave’s MEET&GREET!

Eric Nam will be at our Mwave studio to participate in Mwave Shop’s MEET&GREET online live fan signing on April 28 at 2PM (KST).

To participate, just head on over to Eric Nam’s Page at the Mwave Shop, where autographed copies of Eric Nam’s new album Ooh Ooh will be sold for $12.99!

During the live fan singing, Eric Nam will be selecting 15 out of 49 tiles per mosaic board and those lucky fans will be getting special Eric Nam photo cards.

Not only that, during Happy Hour, autographed posters will be given out! The Top 2 to Top 5 Supporters will receive Polaroid photos of Eric Nam and autographed posters, while the Top 1 Supporter will receive a Polaroid photo and a USB with a special thank you video made personally by Eric Nam

Korean Classics: Lee Moon Sae’s ‘I Am A Happy Man’ Is One For The Ages

(Photo : hancinema)

With legendary South Korean singer Lee Moon Sae back in the charts (his new single "When Sadness Passes" debuted at number 22 on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 this week) the time is ripe to revisit one of Lee"s earlier classic hits, the 1983 track "I Am A Happy Man," also sometimes translated as "I Am A Happy Person."

Like the theme for the ending credits song in the most badass film ever made, "I Am A Happy Man," is so evocative, it is surprising that Tarantino or one of his disciples hasn"t used it yet. It sets a mood.

Fusing elements of classic 1960s American crooners like Johnny Mathis and the 1970s pop icons of his homeland like Cho Young Pil, "I Am A Happy Man," seems to come from another time, almost another world.

And although you can hear aspects of other genres and artist in the sound, it is also something quite unlike anything else

2NE1 Takes First on Album and Artist Chart for 6 Weeks

2NE1 has ranked number one on MelOn’s ‘Album Top 20’ and ‘Artist Top 20’ charts for six weeks straight.

2NE1’s second full-length album, which was released on February 26, first ranked number one on ‘Album Top 20’ chart for the week of March 2 and continued to keep its spot for six weeks, until the week of April 6. It also took the top spot on ‘Artist Top 20’ chart during the same time period.

2NE1’s second full length album also ranked number 61 on Billboard’s album chart ‘Billboard 200,’ setting the highest record for a Korean album on the chart.

After successfully promoting Come Back Home, 2NE1 is carrying out promotions with Gotta Be You.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 is launching a world tour concert in Shanghai on April 11.

Photo credit: Newsen

Full OST for BoA’s new movie “Make Your Move” released in Korea

The full OST for BoA‘s first Hollywood movie “Make Your Move” has been revealed in Korea prior to the official premiere of the movie in April 17.

The OST album is now available with a total of 15 songs featuring TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, f(x), and EXO‘s Kris.

TVXQ showed their voice in a pop R&B song titled “Runnin’ on Empty“. Girls’ Generation sang “Cheap Creeper“, an urban style dance song. Meanwhile, “Say Yes” is a collaboration of the Jung sisters, Jessica and Krystal, featuring EXO’s Kris. f(x)’s “NU ABO” is also included in the OST album