Block Bs P.O Shyly Confesses He Would Date This Idol

Block Bs P.O Shyly Confesses He Would Date This Idol

In spite of being a popular idol, Block Bs P.O reveals that he is actually quite lonely, which led to him confessing which celebrity he would date.

Block BP.O recently guest starred on MBCs Secret Traning Variety Show, where he made a few surprising and candid confessions.

While he ate a hamburger meal with Han Dong Geun, P.O confessed that he is lonely and has surprisingly few friends.

Out of all the celebrities out there, Im only close friends with WinnerSong Min Ho. If it werent for the programs that I feature in, I wouldnt have the chance to meet with people.

P.O went on to admit that not only does he have few friends, he hasnt dated in a long time either. Its been four and a half years, now, he said. He confessed that his habits are partially to blame for his loneliness as he enjoys drinking alcohol, but not going to clubs, and therefore ends up hanging out with ahjusshis (older men) instead of meeting women.

When asked who he would date if he had to choose a celebrity, he deliberated for awhile before sheepishly mumbling, Bomi.

She eats a lot, and I like someone who eats well. She also uses her chopsticks well, and I like that. Shes bright, and the way she laughs is pretty to see.

Watch P.O.s cute admission below: