Block B’s P.O. confesses he is lonely these days

Block B’s P.O. confesses he is lonely these days

The May 5 broadcast of MBC’s ‘Secret Variety Institute’ featured Block B member P.O. where he confessed he felt lonely these days.

Singer Han Dong Geun commented, “It’s hard to become friends with celebrities.”  Hearing this, P.O. mentioned, “Once the recording is over, we all say our farewells and that’s the end of it.”

When Han Dong Geun asked how long it had been since he dated, P.O. responded, “It’s been about 4 and a half years or so. It’s been quite a while, I feel lonely these days.”

The idol star then added, “I don’t have the opportunity to meet with people. I like drinking but I don’t like going to clubs.  I’m more comfortable around hyungs in the neighborhood.”

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