Block B Zico And His Manager's Drunk Driving Scandal

Block B Zico And His Manager's Drunk Driving Scandal

 Block B (Photo : ) Block B"s Zico is embroiled in controversy, following a minor drunk driving accident with his manager.

On July 10, the Korean outlet Newsen released an exclusive report which alleged that Block B"s Zico was involved in a drunk driving accident on July 8. According to the report, Zico was involved in a traffic accident while trying to return home from a birthday party. His manager was allegedly behind the steering wheel during the time of the incident.

Representatives for Zico"s agency, Seven Seas, issued a press release addressing the incident. "On July 8, Zico attended a birthday party to celebrate the birthday of Kyung Park, with other members of Block B," said a representative for Seven Seas, in a statement published by XSports News. "Block B recorded in the studio, that day, and his manager was driving. After checking with Zico and his manager, they both were drinking, and the manager drove to take them home. His manager deeply regrets driving drunk."

The agency went on to state that Zico"s blood alcohol count was measured at 0.000 percent. "Zico is apologetic and regrets that he failed to realize that his manager was driving while drunk," said the agency, through a press statement.

Seven Seas assumed responsibility for the actions of their employees and the incident.

A subsequent report published by Star News announced the initial results of the police investigation. The Gangnam Police investigated the incident through the black box of the vehicle and security camera footage. The investigation confirmed that Zico and his manager did not switch seats, confirming that his manager was the driver.

According to Star News, the blood alcohol count for Zico"s manager measured 0.163 percent. "After the accident, the airbags deployed and the manager came out from the driver seatwhile Zico was a passenger," said the Gangnam Chief of Traffic Police, after examining CCTV footage. "Zico was not drunk at the time of the accident."

The accident could have further consequences on Zico. Zico is currently appearing as judge on the popular Mnet hip-hop competition program, "Show Me the Money."

A subsequent article published by TV Report provided a statement from representatives for "Show Me the Money." "We will decide Zico"s future on the show, according to the accident investigation," said representatives for the competition.


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Happy birthday to Block B

Happy birthday to Block B"s Ukwon

Stage Name: U-Kwon Real name: Kim Yu Kwon Birthday: April 9, 1992 Label: Seven Seasons Group: Block B Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer Height: 176 cm Weight: 63 kg Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music, reading Specialties: Dance, Playing electric guitar

- He once tried out for JYP Entertainment READ MORE


Hong Sang-soo's scandal, Kim Min-hee returns on my own  at the 17th

Hong Sang-soo's scandal, Kim Min-hee returns on my own at the 17th

Actress Kim Min-hee who is in a scandal with film director Hong Sang-soo, it sounds as if retruend to Korea at the 17th through herself.

According to a report, Kim Min-hee was once in The us since correctahead of the scandal broke out and turned into unheard of for almost a month. On the 16th of July, she boarded a aircraft from Frankfurt, Germany and arrived in Korea on the 17th morning. She left the airport in a hurry with a tenderguy who got here to greet her. Director Hong is in France for a film festival that was hung on the 12th of 18th yet he wasn't with her.

It is speculated that Kim Min-hee was with Hong Sang-soo in France because she boarded her flight from Frankfurt, Germany which is close.

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Director Hong Sang-soo Resurfaces After Scandal

Director Hong Sang-soo Resurfaces After Scandal

Director Hong Sang-soo speaks at the Marseille GlobalMovie Festival on Tuesday in this image from the festival's Facebook page.

Director Hong Sang-soo resurfaced for the primary time since his grand hobby for actress Kim Min-hee was public. Hong (56) attended the Marseille Foreign Film Festival in France on Tuesday where he won an honorary grand prize. The festival is keeping a retrospective of 17 of Hong's moviestill next Monday.

The director's whereabouts had been a mystery since his extramarital affair with the actress, who is over two decades his junior, was oncepublishedfinal month. It isn't known whether Kim accompanied him to the festival. The couple met whilst filming "Right Now, Wrong Then" last year and Hong left his wife and youngsters nine months ago. They are it appears staying in the U.S. and featurenow not commented at the reports.

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Park Yoo-chun's rape scandal isn't an identical as Lee Min-ki's

Park Yoo-chun's rape scandal isn't an identical as Lee Min-ki's

The showbiz is set to hit a storm. News after news has been pouring out and a few eventide say that society is attemptingto hide up anythinglarger alongside scandals like these. It ischallenging to considersituationswerearisingevery day which is causing the public's sentiment to turn into dark.

Comedian Yoo Sang-moo, Lee Juno and Park Yoo-chun have all been accused for sexual offense. In addition, the unforeseen Lee Min-ki used to be also charged with rape.

A media reported that Lee Min-ki turned into charged with rape then discoverednow not guilty. Netizens were appalled with any other male celebrity's shameless behavior.

However, Lee Min-ki isn't an identical as Yoo Sang-moo, Lee Juno or Park Yoo-chun. Whether they were found to blame or not, those 3 were direct other peopleconcerned with the accusers yet Lee Min-ki was an accidental case.

To clarify, it seems like Lee Min-ki was sued for rape after having sex with a girl he met in a club, but actually, he has not anything to do with the case entirely.

Lee Min-ki did cross to a club in Busan but the girl who accused him of rape acknowledged his callby way of mistake and cancelled the feescorrect away. She even apologized to him.

Later, Lee Min-ki was just found 'not guilty'.

The control released a public announcement explaining what came aboutor even so, was careful about pronouncing too much in case it caused any misunderstanding.

They added that they was hopingnot more meaningless injurygot herethru this.

The scandal turns out bad as it looks like Lee Min-ki was found not guilty after having sex with a lady he met in a club.

In addition, he's on Public Accountabilitypresently and is being criticized for illiberal behavior. As a Public Duty worker, he has to head through this to a undeniable point especially at a time like this when sexual scandals are being treated so sensitively.

However, Park Yoo-chun's case is other by nature. If he wasn't immediatelyin contact with the case and his name was put at the list of rapists by accident, it can exist very unfortunate. Even if he would not be so unfastened by ethical compass.

Meanwhile, Yoo Sang-moo, who was charged with attempted rape in a motel, is about to be forwarded to the prosecutors. Lee Juno has been forwarded to the prosecutors already. He was charged with sexually harassing girls in a club.

Park Yoo-chun who has been charged with rape on four accounts, was found not guilty but is still involved with prostitution, risk and false accusation charges.

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DAY6’s Jae Gets Teased For His Body On “Cool Kiz At the Block”

DAY6’s Jae Gets Teased For His Body On “Cool Kiz At the Block”

DAY6s Jae Gets Teased For His Body On Cool Kiz At the BlockJiwonYu July 12, 2016 0 DAY6s Jae Gets Teased For His Physique On Cool Kiz On The Block On the hot episode of Cool Kiz on the Block on July 12, DAY6s Jae seemed on the display and was teased by skill ofthe oppositeparticipants for his physique!

This episode is inquisitive about badminton. For the outlet of the show, the normal members greet each and every other happily, running into Kang Ho Dongs palms for hugs. Then they understand that a new guest, DAY6s Jae, has come on the show.

When asked to introduce himself, Jae says, Hello, Im Jae from JYPs rookie band DAY6.

Since Jae is the skinniest out of everybody on the show, Lee Soo Geun jokes, You dont seem likethe sort to exercise.

Kang Ho Dong plays along, saying, Youre slightlystatus up, and laughs.

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Stock Trading Scandal: Jung Yong Hwa Blameless  Yet Lee Jong Hyun Fined

Stock Trading Scandal: Jung Yong Hwa Blameless Yet Lee Jong Hyun Fined

AT LEAST This situation ENDED In short AND ALL'S WELL.

CNBLUEleaderJung Yong Hwa, who was oncelatelybelow investigation for unlawful insider trading, has been discharged of all charges. His bandmate,Lee Jong Hyun, becamealternatively slapped with a fine of 20 million won ($17,300) for a similar offence.

On June 29, prosecutorssaid thatJung Yong Hwa was being investigated for allegedly profiteering two hundred million won ($171,600) from insider trading. He was stated to have bought 21,000 FNC stocks after he learnt that the corporate was seeking tosignal contract with most sensible comedianYoo Jae-sukon July 2015. After signing the deal on 16 July 2015, the inventoryworthinstantly surged from 20,800 won to 27,000 won.

AdvertisementThe investigation concluded that the stocks were no longerpurchased afterward the discussion to sign Yoo Jae-suk began. Furthermore, Jung Yong Hwa was now notconscious about the deal as it was kept under wrapped. It was also disclosed that Jung Yong Hwa has entrusted his price range to his mother, and the stocks were in realitysoldvia her. He had no wisdom close to the purchase. He handiest sold one of the crucial stocks, when Yoo Jae-suk was effectively signed with FNC Entertainment.

However, CNBLUE's Lee Jong Hyungot wind ofthe knowledge from an acquaintance that his firm would be signing a height celebrity. Without verifying the facts, he went forwardto buy the FNC stocks. Later, when he learned his action would motiveattainablefelony issues, he held directly to the stocks as an alternativeof promoting them. The prosecution determined that he has deeply regretted his actions, and penalized him with a fine only.

This article is contributed by HelloKpop and would notconstitute the perspectives or critiques of KpopStarz.

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Kim Min Hee And Hong Sang Soo Allegedly Married In United States In Superstar Cheating Scandal

Kim Min Hee And Hong Sang Soo Allegedly Married In United States In Superstar Cheating Scandal

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Finally the scandalous speculations, a file has claimed that actress Kim Min Hee married director Hong Sang Soo in the United States. 

On July 4th, it used to be reported that Kim Min Hee secretly wed the director in Utah, United States in spite of yet being married to his existing wife. In line with an insider, the reported couple are still staying in the U.S.and should remain their till his domestic dispute in South Korea is settled.

The couple continues to bein the midst of a controversy after alleged reports in their thing were reported to the public. Speculations of their affair started to spread hastilyvia the finish of 2015, yetturned into never picked up recently.

Reports first of all claimed that the director let his circle of relatives for Kim Min Hee, even cutting off monetarystrengthen for his daughter. Kim Min Hee, at the other hand, has been struggling with the outrage brought by the scandal and is related to have stayed out of the limelight ever since.

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Another Girl Steps Forward, Filing Fees  Opposed to Yoochun In Large K-Pop Rape Scandal

Another Girl Steps Forward, Filing Fees Opposed to Yoochun In Large K-Pop Rape Scandal

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterYet any othergirl has come forth to accuse JYJYoochun for sexual assault, bringing the full to no less than six girls who have filed fees with authorities. 

According to reports, the latest accusers description of her come upon with Yoochun matched that of the alternative women, adding that Yoochun also attacked her in the bathroom. Reports added that the maximum recent accuser was once an worker at the adult entertainment facility that Yoochun frequented, and that she had performed a framedisplay for him as well.

While police start to investigate this newest case, it become besidespublished that the primarygirl to accuse Yoochun of sexual attack has re-filed ratesopposed to him in spite ofshedding them remaining month.

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New Kid Arrives on Budget Carrier Block

New Kid Arrives on Budget Carrier Block

Korea's latest no-frills carrier Air Seoul conducted a tribulation flight between Seoul's Gimpo and Jeju on Tuesday forward of its legitrelease next month. Air Seoul is the budget arm of Asiana Airlines and plans to fly steadily between Gimpo and Jeju from around July 11.The launch raises the choice of budget carriers in Korea to six. Low cost carriers startedrunning here in 2006 specializing in short-haul routes. Yet now many are expanding to mid and long-haul routes. Their burgeoning trade is bad news for overpriced flag carriers Korean Air and Asiana, which posted web losses in the primary quarter because ofpageant from budget carriers and foreign-exchange losses. "As low-cost carriers amplify their flights into mid- and long-range routes, the prestige quo is collapsing", says Huh Hee-young at Korea Aerospace University said. "We will see intensifying contention between budget and flag carriers over routes, services and products and prices".Jin Air, began flights to Honolulu, Hawaii in December closing year and shouldget started flying to Cairns, Australia this December. And Jeju Air is beginning flights to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia on July 20. Eastar Jet already flies to mid-haul destinations in Southeast Asia akin to Siem Reap, Cambodia and Kota Kinabalu.Some budget carriers have even joined world alliances to protected long-range fliers. Last month, Jeju Air shaped the "Value Alliance" with seven other low-cost carriers based totally in Australia and Singapore.

This vogue has given budget airlines carriers a larger slice of overseas routes. In keeping with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Korean Air's and Asiana's stocks of international routes in Might declined 2.9 % on-year, whilst low-cost carriers' percentage rose 40.4 percent. Korean Air's share of international flights fell from 51.1 percent to 45.7 percent but budget carriers' soared from 11.1 percent to 17.5 percent. Low-cost carriers have accounted for more than 50 percent of domestic flights since 2014 and their share is still growing.Their costs are irresistible. The lowest round-trip fare to Guam on budget carriers all through the August top season is W105,000, while tickets fee just W591,400 to Honolulu (US$1=W1,174). But on giant carriers round-trip tickets to Guam and Hawaii charge W470,000 and W1.3 million. That suggests budget carriers want more airplanes, and they these days accept 89, 18 more than overdue terminal year.Korean Air and Asiana have in its placestrengthened their long-haul flights. Asiana started flights to Rome in July last year, while Korean Air deployed A380 superjumbo jets to San Francisco, Long island and London.But industry watchers say the flag carriers will need tosettle for their dwindling business. "The intensifying competition between airlines will receive advantages passengers", Huh said. "But over the long term, airlines' competitiveness will weaken if their expenses are forced down and they reduce on investments in new planes or maintenance".