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Happy birthday to Block B"s Ukwon

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Happy birthday to Block B

Stage Name: U-Kwon Real name: Kim Yu Kwon Birthday: April 9, 1992 Label: Seven Seasons Group: Block B Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer Height: 176 cm Weight: 63 kg Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music, reading Specialties: Dance, Playing electric guitar

- He once tried out for JYP Entertainment READ MORE

Block B Wrap Up Ambitious Blockbuster Excursion With Riveting Functionality In Los Angeles

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Block B Excite Fans At Club Nokia In Los Angeles - Nov. 15, 2015 PHOTOS Block B Excite Fans At Club Nokia In Los Angeles - Nov. 15, 2015 PHOTOS Block B Excite Fans At Club Nokia In Los Angeles - Nov. 15, 2015 PHOTOS Block B Excite Fans At Club Nokia In Los Angeles - Nov. 15, 2015 PHOTOS Block B Excite Fans At Club Nokia In Los Angeles - Nov. 15, 2015 PHOTOS Block B graced American fans with their first complete solo concert in the states, hitting San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Fans dressed in yellow and black, carrying bumblebee antenna headbands and clutching honeycomb lightsticks streamed into Club Nokia, the Los Angeles venue, in a positionfor an evening of musical misbehavior at theultimateevening of Block B's Blockbuster Tour.

Following the "blockbuster" theme, Block B combinedmore than a few cinematic visuals into their video opening, with Zico roaring as the MGM lion and Taeil posing as the Columbia Photographs torch lady. A gorgeously shot creation video of the participants dressed in tuxedos and operating every bit a degree production crew, clapping slates, positioning boom mics, hinted that they paintingsnot easy on stage or evenmore difficultin the back of the scenes.

The onstage video screens, formed to appear to bea big mouth grinning, began to laugh maniacally, splitting in part horizontally to expose the members dressed in black and white-striped ensembles, equivalent tofelony jumpsuits and mime costumes. They barreled directly into a primepower gear up of "Very Good," "Freeze," and "Halo," with one too many of us on stage. A masked dancer had seamlessly taken Jaehyo's position in the choreography, whilstthe genuine Jaehyo, nursing an injury, was once seated off to one facet of the stage.

All too quickly, the crowd ran off stage. At this point in the performance, an interlude video played, right through which the stage became reset and the neighborhoodreplaced costumes.

Interlude videos all through the displayattempted to stay the calories going during breaks and were steadily fiddling featurettes which publishedin the back of the scenes band moments.

Block B's first interlude video was lit like a horror film in red, with excessive close ups of the members' faces, having a look crazed and decidedly uncute. "You guys need the villains with skills, right? We are not monsters. We areonly one step additional out from this generation."

Red mild flooded the stage and illumined a torch-lit castle on screen, yet the romantic intro tune segued into the theme from The Phantom of the Opera, adding a moderately ominous undertone to the following set. Bearing red roses, the men sang "Romantically" and "Extraordinary Girl." The pace of the songs was a little bitsped up and tweaked with a duwop feel, into which primary vocalist Taeil inserted some scatting and additional vocal riffs. It was unlucky that his mic wasn't became up ample to pay attentionsmartly over the incredibly loud backing track, and that a lot of the backing vocals were pre-recorded. Multiple times, it gave the impressionobvious that the boys were lip syncing the non-rap quantitiesin their songs. They did start tohave interaction amongst the target market in the pit, making eye contact, waving, and throwing their roses into the crowd.

"Hello, do you wanna be, Block B!" Block B greeted the screaming fans. Zico bravely attempted the maximum English, regardless thatall the members contributed snippets that were glaringlyready in advance. P.O., in his hilariously un-suave self-introduction, haltingly squeezed out, "Hello...Los Angeles...I love you...P.O."

Continuing in the romantic vein, but temporarilywasting momentum, they carried out "11:30" and "Did You Or Did not You?" Dancer U-Kwon stole the highlight with his consistent dougies, subsidizedby way of B-Bomb, who was looking out a little like Great Junior's Siwon, with his dapper suspenders and pomaded hairstyle. This a section of the set was the nadir of the concert, as the choreography was a little lackluster and the songs low energy. It looked like a overlooked opportunity to ditch the dancing and bask in around audience connection and fan service.

The next interlude video was a celebrity Wars-styled text message, contrasting heroes and villains: "Villain makes efforts to prevail in dreams. Hero gets discouraged easily. Villain believes in arranged action. Hero acts alone. Villain laughs well. Hero gets disappointed easily. I am YOUR VILLAIN."

Dressed in club outfits in black and dressed in natty ties, quite so much of members looked as though IT wouldcarry out some sub-unit and solo work, adding "No Joke," "Conduct Zero," and "Okey Dokey." Eliciting by a ways the loudest audience reaction and audience engagement, Zico's solo and Bastarz's functionalityafter all looked in reality authentic, feeling less like they showed up to work and more like they got here to party. They amped up the bad boy vibe, which was eventually more in keeping with the "I'M YOUR VILLAIN" trope they have been trumpeting, reinforcing it with choreo that had them prowling up to the threshold of the stage in a flirtatious and slightly predatory way. Zico was especially animated, resembling a lunatic circus maestro, in his red sweater, bouncing wildly round the phase as he spat verses with speed and fluency.

The jackpot animation video and quick Block B interview clip from the "Her" music video, along with their gowndevelop into red, black, and white outfits that were very identical to the outfits they wore to KCON Los angeles 2015, felt oddly dated after just hearing the more fresh tracks in their repertoire, but "Her" and "Jackpot" are the most efficient encapsulations of their oddball musical style. The audience, unsurprisingly, spoke back by dancing in addition to their signature bow-legged choreo with fantastic vigor.

The high didn't last very long, with every other strange downturn in their performance of "Mental Breaker" and "Action." It felt like being served a palate cleanser of roughage, instead ofanything refreshing. The temper started to lighten when the confetti cannons went off, at which the boys started dancing with every other and spraying water on the fans, typically having a fair time.

"Shall we remain up night?" Zico asked the crowd, looking to introduce the finale song. "Yeah, yeah, up all night!" P.O. interrupted. "This is our last song," Zico continued, the audience giggling as P.O. dramatically yelled, "Nooooooo!" then turned around to begin tickling Taeil, who giggled as he tried to evade P.O.'s attentions. Making an attempt to preserve some gravitas, Zico thanked the audience for coming to "the first Blockbuster concert in LA," sooner than the organizationintroduced into their Big Bang-esque pop track, "Be The Light."

The finishing video was a montage of iconic cinematic villains, their catchphrases and picture scores: Terminator, the Stay-puff Marshmallow Man, Davy Jones, Jigsaw, Darth Vader, Phantom of the Opera, Edward Scissorhands, Heath Ledger's the Joker to the general screen:

"Throw the moderate mind away, stupid." - Block B

They burst back on stage, starting off their jackets and getting comfortable, to accomplish "Nalina," "Nice Day," and "Very Excellent (Rough version)," with a beautiful screen animation of dancing King Kongs. Regrettably lacking was "Nillili Mambo" from this differently rousing encore set. Taeil it sounds as if had at a loss for words the order of events, remaining on stage and announcing into his mic, "No picture?" before dashing off stage.

After a credits video that revealed the immense quantity of work and team of workers that were had to produce the Blockbuster tour, Block B sang yet another song, "Movie's Over," throwing more confetti on one another before posing for a setimage with the audience in the background.

With several members being active participants in the underground hip-hop scene, Block B's higher onstage moments were their club bangers, in which they take a more leisurely, swaggering method to their choreo, instead of the tight, intricate synchronicity this is more the norm for K-pop male groups.

In the inevitable comparison to BTS, the last hip hop-tinged idol group to operate at Club Nokia, Block B drew a noticeably older crowd, which will haveresulted in their resolution to dial down the cutesy fan service. The misstep was in no longer leveraging more of their mature acting charisma, highly visual in their solo and sub-unit tracks, but now not in their older songs.

The whole concert was also suffering from technical difficulties, from the split monitors getting stuck in place, causing the start of the concert to be delayed, to particular person mic degrees mismatching the overall volume. Taeil, an completed vocalist, missed too many of his star moments because his mic just wasn't loud enough.

Block B has had a contentious history as a group, emerging from beyond scandals and legal battles bruised, but no less prepared to throw down. A band of "4D personalities" who do not quite have compatibility the idol mold, they wear a prove themed around iconic movies, quite apropos especially in Los Angeles, the house of Hollywood.

The tour was "Blockbuster," but with a normal Block B twist: as an alternative of highlighting heroes, they in particular spotlighted notorious movie villains. However, whether it was because of their whirlwind U.S. tour schedule, or a waning of pastime in their older subject matterblended with not having promoted as a group for a while, they never completely succeeded at infusing their whole testify with the bizarre, off-putting, infectious energy their music videos are infamous for possessing. The bad boys would show up with a scrumptious WDGAF attitude in flashes, but not enough to satisfy. Frankly, there just had to be more villainy in those self-proclaimed villains.

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Block B Hits San Francisco and Los Angeles in Blockbuster Tour

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20151118_seoulbeats_blockb_7-1 Block B Hits San Francisco and Los Angeles in Blockbuster Tour Written by Mark On November 19, 2015 As the boys of Block B made their way through the California leg of their Blockbuster tour, members of the Seoulbeats team received the opportunity to attend their concert in San Francisco on November 11 and in Los Angeles on November 15. Mark and Nabeela caught the Wednesday night show at The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco while Willis and Lindsay attended Sunday night at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. Looking for the scoop on the latest Block B action? Look no further as the writers who attended attempt to put into words the performances and spectacles they witnessed during the two shows!

Lindsay: Ill say to you all exactly what I said to Willis at the concert about the man in the mask, Im not even mad. Of course, it was unfortunate that Jaehyo was injured, but the man in the mask (Jaehyos stand-in), who I assume is a backup dancer or trainee, was honestly killing it on stage. He fit right in and seemed like he belonged in a boy group. At least Jaehyo still got to sing!

Unfortunately, LA did experience some minor technical difficulties which delayed the show, but not for very long so it ended up hardly being an issue and the show started with a bang. What can I say? Block B is a super high-energy group, which makes their concerts fun to attendwhether youre a fan or not. One of the side-effects of that energy level, though, is that youre exhausted by the end because youve been going hard right along with the guys the entire time.

Also, I was totally into the Blockbuster theme. There were lots of movie references and interesting video interludes that broke up the concertin a good wayand engaged the fans while the group went through costume and set changes. Ive never seen a group get the entire audience dancing to a routine before, but thats exactly what Block Bs interlude videos did.

Mark: Being that this was my first ever K-pop concert, I came in with not too many expectations and probably benefited from not having such. First of all, the man in the mask completely caught me off guard. I thought Block B had a new member all of a sudden. But after coming to my senses, I realized that this was actually quite a creative way to compensate for Jaehyos injury. Ive never seen anything like it and, yes, he did blend in very nicely with the rest of the members during the choreography. Anyone want to start a petition for Block B to incorporate an eighth member?

As for the performances, my favorites were the high energy ones such as Very Good, Nanlina, and Conduct Zero. I was basically there for Zico and I was crossing my fingers for him to perform more of his solo hits but I was quite pleasantly surprised when the one solo stage he performed turned out to be Okey Dokey. I think that was my highest point of the night as the call and response aspect of the song resonated very well in such a compact crowd.

The low points for me were the b-sides and the ballads. Surprisingly, they had choreography for some of their b-sides and it was quite interesting to see these unique performances which arent readily accessible anywhere else. The ballads, on the other hand, were just not my cup of tea and I dont think anyone went to the concert anxious to see Block B stand still on stage to sing slow, melancholic tunes. The good thing was that the slower songs were sandwiched between the high energy ones making them slightly more digestible.

Lastly, I must comment about the much notable omission of Nillilli Mambo from the set list. One of their most well-known and arguably best songs, and they chose to perform Very Good twice (granted that the second time was the Rough Version) instead of Nillilli Mambo? Needless to say, I felt a bit let down when the final curtain dropped. But, overall, it was still a very enjoyable concert that was filled with a ton of fun and energy.

Willis: Yes to the clever Blockbuster theme! I was trying my best to pick up that tidbit of choreography, but since I didnt have a decent view of the screen, it was a challenge. Ive been to Club Nokia in LA a few times now and I found that if your seats arent near the center, your view of the stage may be obstructed. But even with an obstructed view, the fans around us were in itdancing, singing, and rapping along to every word.

I remember f(x) incorporating a couple of masked dancers a while back, and I think it helps alleviate the burden of altering the original formations and blocking. The man in the mask was good. He had a relaxed swagger to his dancing that allowed him to flow seamlessly with their choreography.

My favorite performances of the night were the rough version of Very Good, Her, and Nanlina. I will applaud Zico for his charisma on stage; he gets so completely immersed in his performance, to the point where his facials and dancing all become super animatedits great! I also thought B-Bomb, P.O, and U-Kwon had good stage presence. I was most surprised by how well their personalities were able to come across on stage. I probably wouldnt have minded the ballads if the venues acoustics were better. Taeils mic was spotty throughout the night, but in the moments when I could hear him clearly, he sounded fantastic.

Nabeela: Personally I was both ecstatic and concerned as a fan. Ecstatic becaues Ive been waiting to see Block B up close and personal for most of my young life as a fangirl, but concerned because stateside concert tour legs are not always the bearer of good news when the artists hail from Hallyu. I got the feeling that the Blockbuster tour was sort of thrown together to keep a pulse on the general Block B buzz because theyve been off circuit as a group in Korea for some time now.

The Blockbuster album (which is still one of my favorite albums of all time) also came out in 2012. So it was a bit offbeat to be doing the Blockbuster US tour leg now. But given the past tumultuous year the group endured between the drama of switching companies, and cancelled comeback promotion after the unfortunate Sewol ferry disaster, it is understandable that their timetable is still a bit skewed. However, as the fangirl that I loyally am, I must say it is commendable that they came all the way stateside to keep the dream alive overseas. Overall, of course, I absolutely adored having the boys open the second part of their US tour in my city!

Youll notice at a Block B concert that the group is not choreography intensive across their discography, but that is not to say their choreographed pieces are not near heart-stopping. The skills of the dance line anchor the fiery and unleashed charisma of the rapper line, which 10/10 times makes for an exciting show. Also, what I know and what any concert-goer will notice is that Block B members love their fans. Ive been to other concerts where it seems like some groups still orbit a different type of decorum with their international fans because of a language and culture barrier, but all the Block B members found ways to do their best that night to engage with the crowd and make them feel seen just as much as we were making them feel heard. This is a group that has been through some serious ups and downs, and they earnestly appreciate their fans contributions to their continued success.

In terms of the venue, Ive been to the Warfield in San Francisco before, but Im not crazy about it. Its an old school vaudeville concert hall that is curved in such a way that some vantage points are obstructed by equipment necessary for high-energy musical performances. It is, however, a smaller venue (its seats 2300) so youll always have a good view of your faves.

I was not surprised to see an older crowd at the concert that night, and there were also a considerable amount of fanboys and manfans at the concert. In the eight years Ive been going to K-pop concerts, the crowds have gotten increasingly more diverse, and Ive also noticed more male groups appealing to more male fans, so that was a nice change of pace than a field of rabid fangirls like myself.

I really felt for Jaehyo because hes sat out for injuries before and you can tell he absolutely hates it. Hes not known for being the most musically renowned, but he really does love performing and has great chemistry with the other group members. His stand-in did a great job with the choreographyI didnt notice it wasnt Jaehyo for a couple of songs to be honestbut you can tell the group choreography is lacking that final component to their complete chemistry. But they were doing what they could!

My favorite moment was obviously my staple jam, Nalina, (the best K-pop song youve still never heard) because that stage just turns the venue into a huge party. I also loved Zicos solo stage because Im a die hard Zico stan. Hes the king of K-pop, and I have no apologies for saying that.

Mark: Im not sure if I would agree with the crowd being labelled as diverse. It felt at times like I was the only male left on the planet (which might not be such a bad thing). What I was surprised by is the fan variance in age. Yes, there were your prototypical high school age fangirls, but you also had some folks who you can readily describe as middle-aged screaming and jamming just as hard as the next teen on a sugar and adrenaline high. That is something you dont see every day.

Lindsay: All in all, it was a good show. Its hard to go wrong with Block B because they always bring a ton of energy to their performances. My only request for their next American tour is that they book a venue with a bigger stage. They looked cramped on the tiny Club Nokia stage. If theyd had more room, they could have jumped around and played with the crowd even more. Basically, everything would have been just that much more spectacular if they had more room.

Readers, were any of you able to catch the Blockbuster tour? Please share your thoughts!

Block B Bring Down The House At Chicago's Rosemont Theater With Electric Blockbuster Tour Performance

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(Photo : Leah Westbrook) Fans of K-pop idol group Block B (known as BBCs) from around the world flocked to the Rosemont Theater this past Friday, to spend two glorious hours with the incredibly charismatic members of the group.

Lining up outside the theater hours before the doors opened at 7PM, fans spent their time huddled together to stave off the cold as the hours to showtime dwindled to minutes. Ignoring the chilly Chicago weather, enthusiastic fans spent their time as most fans at a show do, talking about the band, squealing over their favorite members and generally having a good time.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook) As the skies darkened, the energy in the air became more electric, an excited energy surrounding the ever-growing line of fans. When the doors opened, the energy followed the fans, filling the theater with a palpable electricity that found its way backstage. Encouraged by this energy, Block B took the stage by storm, opening the evening with a hyped three-song set that included "Very Good," "Wanna B" and "Halo."

Taking a quick break, the audience was kept entertained by a short video and before long the boys were back, ready to steal the hearts of all the ladies with their many charms. To help with the wooing, each member of the group returned to the stage toting a long-stemmed red rose which they handed to seven lucky fans over the course of the next song set.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook) It"s hard to resist falling for a group as dynamic as Block B, especially when they"ve made up their mind to steal your heart. With a set of songs that included "Romantically," "Unordinary Girl," "11:30," "Did You or Did You Not," there wasn"t a single heart in the audience that went untouched. If the sweetness of the songs wasn"t enough to melt every heart in the room, one of Kyung"s killer smiles was sure to do the trick.

With every heart now putty in their hands, Block B kicked things up with a stellar performance of "No Joke" that had the crowd hyped up. From there it was time for the group"s only sub-unit, BASTARZ to take the stage, much to the delight of the crowd. Performing both "Conduct Zero" and "Charlie Chaplin" BASTARZ had the audience in tizzy, proving this sub-unit has definitely found a home in the hearts of their fans.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook) Following up BASTARZ, Zico took to the stage performing a solo version of "Okey Dokey" that kicked the energy in the room up another notch. With the entire house singing along during the chorus, it was impossible for Zico and the rest of the boys backstage to go unaffected by the crowd"s enthusiasm and affection.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook) When the group returned to the stage as a whole, the energy in the room seemed to be harnessed by Block B, inspiring a performance of "HER," "Jackpot," "Mental Breaker," "Action" and "Tell Them" that will long be remembered. Pouring their heart and soul into their performance, Block B held nothing back and their fans followed suit. Feeding off the energy of each other, Block B and BBCs gave their all for each other, propelling both into a state of euphoria that can only be reached in a moment of sheer joy.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook) By the time Zico announced our time together had come to an end, the groans of sadness shook the hall. No one was ready for this night to end but the boys did their best to lighten the mood by thanking Chicago for being so loving and making the customary promise to someday return. With their last words said, it was time to end the evening with an unbelievably moving performance of "Be The Light."

Waving their farewells, Block B disappeared into the darkness but no one in the building was willing to let things end there. With chants of "Block B" ringing throughout the hall, it wasn"t long until the boys were back for an encore that brought the house down.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook) Giving their all, Block B closed out the night with heart-stopping performances of "Nalina," "Nice Day" and the rock remix of "Very Good." Once again the energy of the crowd fueled the performance of the boys, leaving everyone breathless when the stage lights dimmed and Block B once again disappeared into the darkness.

As if unwilling to say goodbye, one final video began to play. As credit to all those responsible for thismagnificent evening scrolled across the screen alongside video of Block B being Block B, tears were shed. Unable to let the magic of the moment fade, everyone in the house stayed glued to their seats, watching the credits roll until, finally, the screen went black.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook) But the night wasn"t quite over yet. Returning to the stage one last time, Block B ended the evening with a fan service-filled performance of "Movie"s Over." Stopping the hearts of fans throughout the house, the boys of Block B made sure every heart in the building went home with them that night. With smiles, waves and bows, Block B said goodbye to their beloved BBC one last time as the set around them slowly hid them from the world.

(Photo : Leah Westbrook) Fading into land of happy memories and dreams come true, Block B left their Chicago fans with full hearts and memories that will last a lifetime. One can only hope that Block B will carry the memories of this night with them and look back on them with as much fondness as the BBCs who were lucky enough to spend this one amazing evening with the seven incredible members of Block B.

Block B’s Zico Grabs 1st Win for “Boys and Girls” on “Inkigayo,” Performances by way of VIXX, Rania, and More

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Block B’s Zico Grabs 1st Win for “Boys and Girls” on “Inkigayo,” Performances by VIXX, Rania, and More Block B’s Zico scored No. 1 on SBS’s “Inkigayo” this week with “Boys and Girls” featuring Babylon, regardless of now not having conducted at the show.

In 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, were IU with “Twenty-Three” and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon with “I.”

Meanwhile, this week’s performers on “Inkigayo” come with f(x), VIXX, Brown Eyed Girls, BTOB, Seo In Young, Lovelyz, December, TWICE, MAP6, N.Flying, Romeo, Dia, Madtown, Rania, etc.

Brown Eyed women — “Brave New World”

The Perfect of Block B in San Francisco

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The Best of Block B in San Francisco Block B is one of the ones teams that puts on a show. They've a plethora of full of life songs and when they carry out them, they bring 100% of their energy.

When they were in San Francisco this beyond Wednesday, we were fortunate sufficient to be in attendance! whilst it was once tough to make a choice only 5, we put in combination our height moments from the show. While you're in the States, you'll be ready to still attend their display in Los Angeles on Sunday – don’t leave out out! Here’s what you’ll be capable of see if you attend:

1. The Show’s Theme A video posted by way of Soompi (@soompikpop) on Nov 11, 2015 at 10:17pm PST

Block B is most often gambling the bad guys in their song videos – from pirates to bank robbers to creepy carnival staff – so it made perfect sense that the theme of the 2015 Block B US excursion became large villains! The contributors started the prove dressed in the black and white stripes which are iconic of old-school felony inmates. U-kwon, dressed as Jigsaw, taught fanatics to dance while simultaneously guffawing extremely in persona and extremely creepily. the remainder of the video montages incorporated villain quotables (“I am your father,” “why so serious?”, “ who you gonna call?”) and one hilariously Superstar Wars themed video necessarily explaining why villains are some distance awesome to heroes.

2. Jaehyo A video posted by Soompi (@soompikpop) on Nov 11, 2015 at 10:22pm PST

Yes, Jaehyo himself was a top a phase of the tour! While it’s a gigantic bummer that he’s injured for Block B’s U.S. tour, he does make the top of it. Instead of sitting sullenly, he danced in his chair and showed off the moves of his upper body. P.O. and B-Bomb kept fiddling with him – with B-Bomb even going as far as to snatch his hands and make him dance – it was super cute! Also – Jaehyo fans, you'll need to stand at the left aspect of the stage!

From the rappers acting “No Joke,” Bastarz performing “Zero for Conduct,” and Zico’s solo degree of “Okey Dokey” – the crowd went utterly wild for all of those songs. When i used to be on the balcony, other people were jumping around so intensely that, no lie, I was mildly involved for the steadiness of the balcony. yet I still jumped along.

During one of the vital talking parts, a specifically impressive BBC yelled “you’re sexy!” at Zico and in true Zico model he now not only repeated it, he also stated it, and then conducted some kind of tacky dance that was very not sexy.

After going hard for so long, the men in spite of everything accomplished their encore stage with “Very just right (Rough Version)” and the last credits started to play. With at the back of the scenes clips appearing the boys rehearsing for the BLOCKBUSTER tour, fans were glued to their seats looking ahead to glimpses in their fave practicing in commonplace clothes. great thing they stayed to glance at the credits because there has been a marvel 2d encore after the video! The boys sauntered back onto the stage and ended all the evening perfectly, with a rendition of “Movie’s Over.” After this form of stellar and theatrical concert, the song was really the way in which to mention goodbye!

Thank you to Subkulture Entertainment for inviting us to hide the show! Are you seeing Block B while they’re here? Related

Block B effectively Kicks Off second U.S. excursion in San Francisco

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Block B effectively Kicks Off second U.S. excursion in San Francisco

--> Block B′s 2d U.S. excursion 2015 Block B US TOUR is off to a roaring start.

Fans crowded the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco on November 11 to catch Block B at the primary prevent at the group′s moment U.S. tour.

The fans filled the theatre with passionate screams when the concert started at 7 p.m. (local time) and kept the power going, making a song and dancing at the facet of Block B right through the show.

Park Kyung said, "We were bolstered through the calories from the audience. The display used to be full of such a lot passion, we forgot about the bloodless weather."

Block B′s agency, Seven Seasons, said, "We′re satisfied because we kicked off the second one U.S. tour with fantastic success. Please stay up for the concerts in Chicago and LA."

Meanwhile, Block B will take the tour to Chicago on November thirteen and los angeles on November 15.

Photo credit: Seven Seasons

Block B Kick Off 2015 U.S. Blockbuster Tour And Here's How You Can Win A Pair Of Free Tickets [GIVEAWAY]

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Block B Kick Off 2015 U.S. Blockbuster Tour And Here's How You Can Win A Pair Of Free Tickets [GIVEAWAY]

(Photo : SubKulture Entertainment) KpopStarz is teaming up with SubKulture Entertainment to give you a chance to see the 2015 Block B U.S. Tour Blockbuster!

We will be choosing two lucky winners, ONE for #Chicago and ONE for #LosAngeles, to win a pair of 2nd Block $165 tickets to see the energetic boys of Block B​ during their first full-length concert tour in the USA.

To enter, all you have to do is follow these two simple instructions:

1. Like both our Facebook page at SubKulture Entertainment"s Facebook page at

2. LIKE, COMMENT andSHARE our giveaway post. Be sure to tell us which concert you"d like to attend by using the official hashtags, #BLOCKBinChicago OR #BLOCKBinLA, in the comments.

For example: Avi Smith: #BlockB is my favorite K-pop group! #BLOCKBinChicago

All winners will be responsible for travel expenses and must have a valid ID to enter. Winners will be chosen randomly when the contest ends on Friday, November 13th at 12:00AM ESTfor Chicago andSaturday, November 14th at 12:00AM ESTFor LA. We will announce the winners on our Facebook page on Friday, November 13th at 12:30AM ESTfor Chicago andSaturday12:30AM ESTFor LA so be sure to check back soon to see if you"ve won!

(Photo : SubKulture Entertainment) Block B took the stage at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco last night, but there are still two shows to go.

The group is headed to Chicago, performing at the Rosemont Theater on Friday, November 13 and then they"re off to LA to perform at Club Nokia on Sunday, November 15. Tickets for tonight"s San Francisco show are available here.

Tickets for Chicago are available here and tickets for Los Angeles are available here.

(Photo : SubKulture Entertainment) Merchandise for this tour is available for purchase for both domestic and international fans. Just click here for domestic orders and here for international orders.

For more information about the 2015 Block B US Tour be sure to check out SubKulture Entertainment"s websiteand be sure tofollow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat (subkultureent) .

BTS and Block B display their reinforce for scholars in a position to take the CSATs this year!

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BTS and Block B display their reinforce for scholars in a position to take the CSATs this year!

Since the CSATs in Korea are arising very, very soon - on November 12th, actually - BTS and Block B made certain to turn their support for each top college student that"s going to be taking their exams!

BTS had a massive number of suggestion for their fans, adding ensuring to stick in best health. Suga suggested they pick out "3" if they didn"t know, whilst Jungkook suggested "2", and Jin suggested "4". 

Block B also uploaded a video for their fans, where they, being their standard quirky selves, stood in some bizarre formation that had B-Bomb groping holding up Taeil to stay him from falling. There"s so much going on in every one video above and below, so you gotta watch it more than one times to peer every member!

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