BLACKPINK Reveals The Original Song Title Yang Hyun Suk Wanted For BOOMBAYAH

BLACKPINK Reveals The Original Song Title Yang Hyun Suk Wanted For BOOMBAYAH

The members of BLACKPINK revealed an interesting story behind one of their debut tracks, BOOMBAYAH.

While appearing on SBSs Party People with CNBLUEs Jung Yong Hwa, the members of BLACKPINK opened up about what kind of music they want to pursue, and interesting behind-the-scenes stories of their activities.

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When MC Park Jin Young asked, You recently celebrated your first anniversary. What kind of music do you want to pursue in the future? Jennie replied, I want us to do more performances that are closer to Black [than Pink in BLACKPINK]. We have yet to perform a fierce hip-hop song.

Rosé added, I think As If Its Your Last is closer to Pink and I struggled with our performances. When we were trainees, we focused a lot on being fierce, so I felt awkward [performing As If Its Your Last].

Park Jin Young also asked BLACKPINK if they have any interesting stories behind their songs and Jisoo revealed, BOOMBAYAH is actually not the original title for the song. It was changed to that.

Jennie went on to further explain, The original title was Oppa-yah. Yang Hyun Suk asked us what we thought about that instead of BOOMBAYAH, and Jisoo added, The phrase Oppa is scattered throughout the song and we felt like if the title was Oppa-yah as well, it would feel like the whole song was about finding an Oppa.

Park Jin Young had everyone laughing when he added on, Ive realized that Yang Hyun Suk actually likes really girly concepts.

Do you think BLACKPINK made the right decision to go with BOOMBAYAH rather than Oppa-yah?