BLACKPINK Members Dish On Diets And Exercising

BLACKPINK Members Dish On Diets And Exercising

On July 6, BLACKPINK and Heize appeared as guests on radio program 2 OClock Escape Cultwo Show.

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One listener sent in a message to BLACKPINK that said, It looks like paper dolls are singing. Are you eating well?

DJ Kim Tae Kyun followed up to the listeners question by asking if the group diets. Jennie responded that they tend to eat well, and Jisoo added that they just control their portions a bit if they gain weight.

When asked about exercising, Jisoo drew laughter as she nonchalantly replied, It has been awhile since I gave up. Working out is hard, while Jennie shared that she still works out.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK topped various charts with the release of As If Its Your Last on June 22 and has been promoting actively on music shows and variety programs.