Black Pink’s Rose performs on ‘Fantastic Duo 2’ in front of Gummy

Black Pink’s Rose performs on ‘Fantastic Duo 2’ in front of Gummy

Black Pink’sRoseperformed on this week’s episode of ‘Fantastic Duo 2’.

Gummyappeared as the singer to choose which partner she will be singing with this week. She was presented with many talented singers in which included Rose. Rose sang beautifully in front of her idol but also the audience with her unique voice.

Also, during the episode, Rose expressed she is a huge fan of Gummy and that she wished to receive vocal lessons from Gummy. When she was asked if this was true, she answered, “Yes, that’s true. When I was a trainee, I used to see Gummy sunbaenimsometimes in the hallway but at those times, all I could do was just shyly greet her. I heard from other trainees that Gummy sunbaenim used to give them vocal lessons but when I debuted, she wasn’t with the company anymore. So I stepped on this stage with a hope to receive some lessons from her today.”

Afterward, Rose sang “Irreplaceable” in front of her idol and the audience to wow everyone in the studio. Despite her nervousness, she sang very well that resulted in a flood of compliments.

Check out the performances below!

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