Black Pink is aiming for a comeback next month

Black Pink is aiming for a comeback next month

A hot year for YG might be getting even hotter as Black Pink might be in your area very soon.

According to OSEN, an official from YG Entertainment revealed that Black Pink is working on their comeback and they’re aiming for the release to be next month in June. There have been numerous comebacks from YG in 2017 already including Big Bang, Akdong Musician, Sechskies, WINNER, and Psy so Black Pink returning will continue this hot streak of comebacks.

Since this will be a summer comeback in June, many people are anticipating Black Pink’s concept and if they will show something new with the summer theme.

Black Pink made a hot debut in August of 2016 and in less than a year they already have three music videos that surpassed 100 million views on YouTube. The anticipation is hot for Black Pink’s potential comeback.

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