BJ chases after an unlicensed teen driver who rammed into 5 parked vehicles

BJ chases after an unlicensed teen driver who rammed into 5 parked vehicles

An unlicensed teenager was caught by a BJ (Broadcast Jockey) after ramming into five parked vehicles. 

According to Busan Nambu Police Station, 17-year-old known as ‘A’ was driving a Hyundai Avante sedan with 4 passengers including high schooler ‘B’ (17) when he rammed into 5 parked vehicles at a parking lot in Busan at 7:30 pm on August 31 KST. 

Nearby pedestrians Mr. Kim (43) along with three others were injured after stumbling from the surprise collisions. Fortunately, there weren’t any major injuries including ‘A’ and the passengers.

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Immediately after the accident, ‘A’ and felloe passengers quickly flung the door open and ran out in an attempted to flee the scene. 

Afreeca TV BJ Ki Hyun Joong (38) was live streaming nearby when he witnessed the entire accident. He also captured the moment on video camera.

With the cameras still rolling, the BJ acted fast as he got on his motorbike and sped after the boys. “Call 112 (emergency services) you guys, it’s a hit and run!”, said the BJ with a thick Busan dialect.

Later, BJ Ki finally caught the group of teens loitering around a bus storage lot as police officials came and arrested them.

During an interview with Yonhap News, Ki described, “I was live-streaming a fishing scene at night when I heard the sound of a car suddenly slamming on the brakes and colliding with five other vehicles. Hearing this, I turned around only to find out an accident had occurred and decided to follow the driver who was running away.”

It was revealed by police that ‘A’ had in fact rented the small vehicle at a rent-a-car center after showing them a driver’s license belonging to someone else. ‘A’ is claiming that he had found the license in the streets by chance, however, further investigation will determine if the provided information is true or not, police stated.