Victoria’s Drama “Beautiful Secret” Records Best Ratings

Victoria’s Drama “Beautiful Secret” Records Best Ratings

Victorias Drama Stunning underground Records Most sensible RatingsJiwonYu July 26, 2016 0 Victorias Drama Gorgeous Secret Records Top Ratings f(x) member Victorias Chinese drama Exquisite Secret has recorded the best viewership ratings for the first-half of 2016 in all of China!

According to viewership ratings studiescorporate CSM, Beautiful Secret has won a 3.98 % for the primarypart of the year with the reasonablescore of 2.8 percent. This suggests that the drama is no 1 in ratings national in China.

Beautiful Secret aired from December 21, 2015, although January 12, 2016 with a general of 39 episodes.

The drama is readya lady who grows up to grow to be a singer with a secretive past, and f(x)s Victoria plays the key character Jiang Mei Li.

Victorias persona doesnt consider much about her youthyet has an excessivelysure personality and talented track skills.

Beautiful Secret may berecently airing in Korea at 2 a.m. on Fridays on MBC.

You can catch the entire series here!

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'Beautiful Mind' actress Park So-dam flashes slender legs

'Beautiful Mind' actress Park So-dam flashes slender legs

"Beautiful Mind" actress Park So-dam showed off her slender gorgeous legs.

Park So-dam lately posted a photo of herself on her private Instagram.

In the printed photo, Park So-dam is straightening the collars of her blouse in front of a caf. Park So-dam in mini shorts presentations off her gorgeous legs.

Meanwhile, Park So-dam is handing over her enthusiastic acting performances for her role as a police officer, Gye Jin-seong in KBS 2TV's "Beautiful Mind" also starring Jang Hyeok. Audience can watch the drama thru desktop on KBS authentic website.

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok begs Yoon Hyeon-min so as to save his patient

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok begs Yoon Hyeon-min so as to save his patient

On the episode 12 of KBS 2TV's Monday Tuesday drama, "Beautiful Mind", Lee Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok) dropped his head in front of Hyeon Seok-joo (Yoon Hyeon-min)'s head.

Hyeon Seok-joo carried out clinical tests to center failure patients for his experiments to commercialize his stem mobile medications. He told Yang Seong-eun (Dongha), "Have ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) in a position in case of emergency. The good fortune of the experiment is up to the security of those patients".

However, Lee Yeong-oh wanted the ECMO for his own patient. When Lee Yeong-oh stated he necessary ECMO, Hyeon Seok-joo told him, "The lives of these patients here aren'tnon-public matters. All the media are keeping eyes on these patients. If anything else would take place to any of these patients, then our efforts will turn to ashes".

Lee Yeong-oh told Hyeon Seok-joo, "I'm asking you this for the primary and ultimate time" and he dropped his head. He said, "I should save this patient". But, Hyeon Seok-joo said, "The patient does not have a chance. ECMO will handiestdelay his life. I will not yield ECMO to you on account of a patient whose likelihoodis purely 10%".

Lee Yeong-oh palpitated Hyeon Seok-joo's pulse and lifted his head having a look at his face. Lee Yeong-oh asked Hyeon Seok-joo, "Acting like this, are you certainyou are ajust right doctor?"

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“Beautiful Mind” PD Ji Byung Hyun Stocks Message To Viewers

“Beautiful Mind” PD Ji Byung Hyun Stocks Message To Viewers

Beautiful Brain PD Ji Byung Hyun Stocks Message To Audience ehk38 July 26, 2016 0 Beautiful Mind PD Ji Byung Hyun Shares Message To Viewers Since the scoop confirming the episode relief of KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama Stunning Mind, enthusiasts of the drama have expressed their sadnessor evenbegan a petition opposing the abridgment.

On July 26, PD (producing director) Ji Byung Hun shared a message to fans in mild of the episode reduction. The staff members all know that there are rather a lot of viewers who treasure this drama. A minimum of for their sake, we could beready toremain strong.

Ji Byung Hun continues, For the explanation that viewers response has been so warm, the body of workers and actors are filming earnestly.

The episode count isn't whats important. We are able topaintingsto correctlyexplicit the message that our drama is attempting convey, so we ask for your love till the end.

Beautiful Mind premiered on June 20 and may exist wrapping up with its 14th episode on August 2. You'll watch the newest episode of the drama on Viki below.

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“Beautiful Mind” Ratings Change into Dismal With Episode Reduction

“Beautiful Mind” Ratings Change into Dismal With Episode Reduction

Beautiful Brain Ratings Develop into Dismal With Episode Relief kokoberry July 26, 2016 0 Beautiful Mind Ratings Turned into Dismal With Episode Reduction KBS2s Stunning heed just cant appear to catch a break.

Following news of the dramas episode reduction, the ratings are proceeding to fall.

The July 25 episode of Pretty Mind gained 3.4 % ratings in step with ratings studiescorporate Nielsen Korea. Here'snot up to the ratings for the former episode.

Although the plot and romance is developing, the dramas finishing volitionmust be condensed into fewer episodes.

Meanwhile, SBSs Doctors got here in first with 19.2 percent ratings whilst MBCs Monster were given 10.7 percent ratings.

Beautiful Mind tells the tale of a genius neurosurgeon and how he deals with the unexpected deaths of his patients in addition his recovery thru love. The drama will finish next week with its 14th episode.

Check out the primary episode below!

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Spoiler "Beautiful Mind" Jang Hyeok and Park So-dam's kiss scene

Park So-dam and Jang Hyeok kissed.

"Beautiful Mind" Lee Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok) confessed his love to Hye Jin-seong (Park So-dam).

He told her, "I think I'm in love with you" and Gye Jin-seong said, "I do now not know about this".

The two spent time in combinationgambling basketball and Lee Yeong-oh was once worried she may reject him.

Gye Jin-seong however, kissed him and said, "This is my answer. It's not that i amin a position as well, yet I would loveinitially you".

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Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok confesses his love to Park So-dam, she answers with a kiss

Spoiler 'Beautiful Mind' Jang Hyeok confesses his love to Park So-dam, she answers with a kiss

On the episode 11 of KBS 2TV's Monday Tuesday drama, "Beautiful Mind", Yeong-oh began feeling feelings that were no longer known to him previously.

On this day, Yeong-oh (Jang Hyeok) confessed his love to Jin-seong (Park So-dam). He said, "I wish to dearest someone. If I would do, I need it to be with you".

Jin-seong hesitated and Yeong-oh did notwish tolistenthe solution because he used to be afraid what she turned into going to say. He attemptednot easy to steer transparent of hearing the answer.

Since Yeong-oh started being ready to feel emotions, he helped his fellow workers. When the nurse, Moon-gyeong (Ha Jae-sook) was about to be laid off, he helped her.

As she was accused of the majorreason for the incorrectdrugs accident, he helped her clean her name. He also raised his voice saying, "Our health centerwishes an experienced nurse like Moon-gyeong".

Moon-gyeong expressed her appreciation saying, "You mustreside long to witness anything like this. I were givenassist from anyoneI might have never idea of. It is a miracle".

In the meanwhile, Jin-seong permitted his center and marvel kissed him whilst he was being scared of hearing any solution from her. She whispered, "This is my answer. I need to be with you". However, Yeong-oh all of surprising announced breakup to Jin-seong at the finish of this episode.

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Fans compare idol commencement  footage  to peer who is the maximum beautiful

Fans compare idol commencement footage to peer who is the maximum beautiful

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter A up to date postal service on Pann comparing the commencementfootage of the industrys most sensiblefeminine idols has been receiving a huge number of attention. 

With many taking into account graduation pictures as the maximum productive measure of an idols herbalgood looksbecause ofthe same old profile orientation of the photos and the loss ofdegree makeup, the post was once filled with fans leaving their reviews on who will have to be named the industrys peakorganic beauty.

Gugudan/I.O.IKim Sejeong

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Fans Create Petition To Stay  Fashioned  Duration Of Beautiful Mind

Fans Create Petition To Stay Fashioned Duration Of Beautiful Mind

Fans Create Petition To StayCustomaryDuration Of “Beautiful Mind”notclaira July 22, 2016 0 Fans Create Petition To Keep Original Length Of “Beautiful Mind” After KBS showed that the drama “Beautiful Mind” would be finishing after 14 episodes as a substitute of 16, fans created a petition opposing the decision.

The petition is circulating basically among worldaudience and at the time of writing has 500 supporters. The petition asks that “Beautiful Mind” proclaims xvi episodes as at the start planned and respects the paintings of its actors and production crew.

A source from the drama has reported that ratings for the drama had been low yet it has so some distance been well-reviewed. The drama tells the tale of a genius neurosurgeon (Jang Hyuk) who lacks the power to sympathize with his patients, and a rookie cop (Park So Dam) who is helping him open his middle again.

You can get access to the petition here and watch the newest episode below!

Thanks to Camille for the tip!

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“Beautiful Mind” Source Confirms Episode Relief And Unearths Backstory

“Beautiful Mind” Source Confirms Episode Relief And Unearths Backstory

Beautiful Brain origin Confirms Episode Aid And Finds Backstoryehk38 July 22, 2016 0 Beautiful Mind Source Confirms Episode Reduction And Exhibits Backstory KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama Stunning listen has showed that it'll exist wrapping up previous than at the start planned. A source from Lovely Mind has also shared the backstory at the back of the abridgment.

After it used to bepublished that the drama is thinking about an episode reduction, the actors and group of workers of Attractive Mind fell into despair. Most effectivethe better ups within KBS and starring actor Jang Hyuk knew about the abridgment, the source reveals.

The source continues, The alternative actors and staff were now not in the know and were taken aback and unsatisfied to be all of suddenfaced alongside such news.  Although the viewership ratings so far were low, it became being significantly praised as a well-made scientific drama, so they felt confident, yet even that confidence dissolved after they heard that KBS was making an allowance for an episode reduction.

KBS sought after to finishExquisite Mind as temporarily equally possible. It was to the point of them contemplatinga discount as steep as 16 to twelve episodes. From the start KBS needed the abridgment to 12 episodes, but author Kim Tae Hee insisted that this would have an effect onthe tale too much, so it was never realized, the source says.

The complete time, KBS wanted Beautiful Mind to end early, and after a couple of rounds of discussion with the manufacturers finally, they agreed on abbreviating the drama to fourteen episodes from 16 episodes, the source adds.

The source continues, We plan on informing the actors and workersby potential of the end of the morning these days (July 22). Numerous love was poured into this drama by actors and staff, and the experiences were not bad, so its a disgrace that the drama turns out to were evaluated onlyin reaction to ratings.

What are you mindin this situation?

Meanwhile, you can watch the most recent episode of Beautiful Mind on Viki below.

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