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Ice princess-turned-queen Jessica for 'Past, Present, Future'

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Ice princess-turned-queen Jessica for 'Past, Present, Future'

Jessica is in the canopy of a Singaporean style mag "L"Officiel" and she is beneficiant ample to proportion the preview of her pictorial.

On her instagram account, Jessica, who is referred to as ice princess right through her SNSD days now offers off a queen air of mystery whole with a golden crown. She looks sublime and  sophisticated in army blue get dressed accentuated with white collar and a few ruffles. Moreover, words "Jessica Jung Past, Present, Future" could also be intriguing making enthusiasts wait for her interview.

""Taking a ruin is helping you reflect on either your past and your future. It clears your brain and will let you to refocus what you need to prevail in in life. each person must do it from time to time." - @jessica.syj" (from @jackwangg)

She also presents a fierce gaze whilst sitting conveniently in a majestic chair while dressed in sumptuous fashion logo and jewellery from Gucci and Bulgari . Hail Queen Jessica!

Jessica is an ice princess for 'L'OFFICIEL'

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Jessica is an ice princess for 'L'OFFICIEL'

Jessica took it back to her roots via remodeling into an ice princess for the canopy of "L"OFFICIEL" magazine.

On November 20, Jessica shared the above preview of her photo shoot for the Singaporean magazine. The theme turns out to be "Past, present, future," which is also the explanation why the former Girls" Generation member is channeling her inside ice princess. 

Fans would possibly understand that all through the sooner days of her debut with the lady group, Jessica was once dubbed the resident ice princess for her supposedly cold disposition.

What do you call to mind the duvet above!

Kim So Hyun Takes The Role Of A Tragic Princess

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Kim So Hyun Takes The Role Of A Tragic Princess

Kim So Hyun will play the younger version of the tragic Princess Deok Hye in the film "The Last Princess." Princess Deok Hye was the last princess of the Joseon Dynasty, the youngest daughter of Emperor Gwangmu and his concubine Lady Bongnyeong.

The film will be based on a 2009 novel "Princess Deok Hye" about the princess. Actress Son Ye Jin playing the older version of the role.

The princess was born in 1912, two years after Japan formally annexed Korea. Her father died when she was seven and there is some speculation that he was poisoned. Although her early life was sheltered, she was sent to Japan in 1925 supposedly to further her studies. At the time she was secretly engaged to a court chamberlain"s son, Jang Han, played in the film by Park Hae Il.

In the novel he is also portrayed as a Korean liberation fighter.

The princess suffered from mental health problems that were described as early onset dementia but could have been compounded by post traumatic stress as she lost her parents, her country and her first love at an esrly age. In 1931 Japanese Empress Temei arranged a marriage for her with a Japanese nobleman Count So Takeyu. She had one daughter Masae but spent much of her unhappy marriage in mental health clinics. She eventually divorced and had to endure her only daughter"s suicide before returning to Korea. She died in 1989 at Chungeok Palace.

Kim So Hyun, 16, has not had a role in a historical project since she played the tragic young princess in "The Moon Embraces The Sun." Since then Kim appeared in the drama "Suspicious Housekeeper" with Choi Ji Woo, "Reset" with Chun Jung Myung and "Who Are You - School 2015?" with Yook Sung Jae and Nam Tae Hyun. This year she also has a role in the film "Pure Love."

Huh Jin Ho, who previously worked with Son Ye Jin in the film "April Snow" will direct "The Last Princess."

Filming begins in November and the film has a 2016 release date.

Kim So-hyeon-I to big name in film 'The Remaining Princess'

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Kim So-hyeon-I to big name in film 'The Remaining Princess'

Actress Kim So-hyeon-I is starring in the film "The Ultimate Princess" as the more youthful Deok-hye.

Based at the novel "Princess Deok-hye", this motion picture is set the those who did the entirety they might to give coverage to the lifestyles of Princess Deok-hye, daughter of Emperor Gojong and the last princess of the Josun times.

Park Hae-il, Son Ye-jin and Yoon Je-moon were solid previous to play the ancient characters that existed in genuine life.

Kim So-hyeon-I plays the more youthful length of Princess Deok-hye who was once born the most effective real daughter of many sons to Gojong and sacrificed herself to combat to reclaim the rustic that changed into taken from her.

The young Deok-hae was the apple of Gojong"s eye till one day when she witnessed her father being killed. She then adjustments utterly to reclaim the country along side the folk that she loves. She doesn"t lose hope and live to inform the tale until the end.

Kim So-hyeon-I is going to specific the decision Princess Deok-hye had when she made up our minds she was going to get her country back and stay to the desire of her father.

Kim So-hyeon-I is making an attempt at her first historical because the MBC drama "The Sun and the Moon". she will turn out herself irreplaceable.

"The Last Princess" will crank in this November.

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Actor Ji Sung calls his wife Lee Bo Young a 'princess'?

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Actor Ji Sung calls his wife Lee Bo Young a 'princess'?

It"s adorable when couples call every other adorable nicknames to turn affection for one another, isn"t it? Actor Ji Sung is one a section of an entire who doesn"t hide his love for his meaningful other half, Lee Bo Young. 

On the October thirteen airing of ChosunTV"s "Pumpkin Seed," the panel used to be discussing doting husbands in the entertainment world.

That"s when any individual commented, "Following Jinusean"s Sean, there's a new doting husband. It"s Ji Sung. The nickname that Ji Sung uses to to name Lee Bo Young is "princess." From the primary day that they met, he doesn"t omit anniversaries and at all times asks how long they've been together."

Sounds like Ji Sung is fairly the idiot for his wife!

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Uhm Ji On Transforms into Dancing Disco Princess on “Superman Returns”

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Uhm Ji On Transforms into Dancing Disco Princess on “Superman Returns” On the approaching episode of “Superman Returns,” Uhm Ji On dresses up as a disco princess to imitate her aunt Uhm Jung Hwa.

She looks awesome in her hot-pink disco outfit with her hair in two lovely pigtails. Every time Uhm Jung Hwa’s songs come on, she breaks out dancing and presentations off her adorable moves.

She even masters the correct dance moves to Uhm Jung Hwa’s popular songs. Looks as if Uhm Ji On has inherited her aunt’s dance abilities which leave her father Uhm Tae Woong speechless.

To see how wonderful her dance moves are, watch the following episode of “Superman Returns” airing on September 20 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Moon Geun Young Plays A Terrified Princess In 'The Throne'

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Moon Geun Young Plays A Terrified Princess In 'The Throne'

Before Moon Geun Young stars in her October comeback drama "The Village: Acharia"s Secret," fans can see her on the big screen in the upcoming historical film "The Throne." It is Moon"s first film in over eight years. The 28-year-old actress has not appeared in a film since "Love Me Not."

Her role in "The Throne" is not an easy one. She plays the ill-fated real-life princess Lady Hyegyeong. Although Lady Hyegyeong lived in Changyeong Palace and was married to a prince, her was not a fate anyone would wish for.

She was married to Prince Sado at the tender age of 10 and went to live in the palace under her mother-in-law"s supervision. There she watched her husband, played in the film by Yoo Ah In, slowly descend into madness. Most historians of this period in history say that Prince Sado probably suffered from mental illness as he was accused of randomly killing and raping people. Lady Hyegyeong lived in fear of what the prince might do to her or their child, who survived to later become King Jeongjo of Joseon.

To protect her child, she was forced to make alliances against her husband.

Eventually the prince"s father King Yeongjo, played by Song Kang Ho, decided his son was not only unfit to rule but deserved execution. Since the king could not lawfully execute him, he locked the prince in a rice chest on a hot day. After eight days the prince died.

A few historians later said that the story of the prince being mad was just a cover-up. These historicans belive that there was a conspiracy against the prince and his father did not approve of his revolutionary ideas. So they made up a story of madness.

But Lady Hyegyeong recorded the terrifying story of the Prince"s madness in a series of journals titled "The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyeong."

It"s not the first time that Moon Geun Young has played a character that was based on a real-life historical figure. In her last drama, "Goddess of Fire: Jeonji," she played a character modeled on the real life ceramic artist Baek Pa Sun.

"The Throne" also stars Jin Ji Hee as Princess Hwawan. Seo Ye Hi plays Queen Jeongsun and Kim Hae Sook plays Queen Inwon. The film also stars Park Won Sang and Jeon Hye Jin, with a cameo from So Ji Sub as Lady Hyegyeong"s grown son, King Jeongjo.

The film began shooting in July 2014 and premieres in Korea on September 8.

BoA Overcomes Heartache and plays “Atlantis Princess” in 12 Years

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BoA Overcomes Heartache and Performs “Atlantis Princess” in 12 Years To fans’ delight, BoA after all carried out “Atlantis Princess” back for the primary time in 12 years.

From August 22 to 23, BoA held her solo concert “2015 BoA Special Reside NOWNESS” at the Sejong middle for Performing Arts.

During the concert, fanatics had the infrequent opportunity to observe the feminine singer carry out “Atlantis Princess,” a song she had now now not sung in 12 years.

It’s well known that BoA stopped making a song “Atlantis Princess” after her manager, who used to be very pricey to her, died in a automobile twist of fate whilst she used to be still performing the song in 2003.

“It used to be a song I couldn’t without problems bring to the public as a result of the heartache it carries,” she said. “I concept it is going to after all be time to sing it back for my 15th anniversary concert. Now I could also be ready to sing it with composure.”

Watch a section of her functionality in the video below:

Meanwhile, BoA debuted in 2000 and is now celebrating her 15th anniversary with her 8th complete album, appearing all and sundry who’s the queen of the industry.

Son Ye-jin, Park Hae-il had been showed to lead the romance in 'Princess Deokhye'

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Son Ye-jin, Park Hae-il had been showed to lead the romance in 'Princess Deokhye'

Director Heo Jin-ho"s new assignment "Princess Deokhye" has been drawing much attention from the early degree of its planning.

The film is in accordance with the bestseller with the similar identify published in 2009. it's a tale of the closing feminine royal circle of relatives member of Joseon, "Princess Deokhye", who used to be a daughter of King Gojong, and the those who trustworthy their lifestyles to offer protection to her.

Son Ye-jin takes at the identify role, "Princess Deokhye", who joins director Heo Jin-ho in ten years since "April Snow".

Son Ye-jin, one of the vital most sensible actresses in Korea as it should be will specific the harsh lifestyles of "Princess Deokhye" thru her detailed and profound acting performances to perfection. The closing feminine royal circle of relatives member of the Korean Empire, Princess Deokhye used to be taken to Japan as a hostage. She attempted to be a hope for Korean other folks at the time depite her tricky cases she had to face.

Actor Park Hae-il, who has been broadening his acting spectrum thru "Whistle Blower", "Arrow, The ultimate Weapon", and "The Host" and lots of other motion pictures every time, will play Jang Han and display the more than a few aspects of the nature from an independence activist to an blameless hearted man, who trustworthy his lifestyles for a woman.

As director Heo Jin-ho, Son Ye-jin and Park Hae-il have joined, "Princess Deokhye" is expected to be the freshest and maximum touching movie for 2016. The filming will start in September.

[Spoiler] 'Splendid Politics' Princess scolds king

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[Spoiler] 'Splendid Politics' Princess scolds king

On the 38th episode of MBC"s Monday & Tuesday drama, "Splendid Politics", Injo (Kim Jae-won) returned to the capital town after Lee Gwal"s coup turned into once over.

Injo rejected Princess Jeongmyeong"s suggestion that they will have to focal point on guarding borders. He as an alternative allied with Kim Ja-jeom (Jo Min-ki).

Princess Jeongmyeong turned into once livid with his decision. She told the king, "You lost the final probability today. A crisis will happen to this country for sure. You threw away the opportunity to prevent it all today".

As he excused himself, "This is for the country and its people", she scolded the king, "False, It"s just your excuse to offer protection to the throne for yourself".

Injo turned into once silent. Princess Jeongmyeong continued, "You"re now no longer the landlord of this nation. The owner of this country is its people".