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Lets find out all the greatest K-Pop Boyband songs in the first half of the decade

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The 10 Best K-Pop Boyband Hits From the First Half of the Decade Never mind being halfway through the year, we are now 50 percent done with this decade! Shouldn’t we all be flying around in anti-gravity cars and jetpacks by now?

Regardless, this decade in music has been anything but slow when it comes to K-Pop matters. Legions of new acts have debuted, thousands of albums have been released and G-Dragon has changed his hair color so many times, we’ve lost count!

But now that we have hit the halfway point in the 2010s, what better time than now to take stock of some of the best songs to have hit the charts in the decade so far?

Beginning with the boys, join us now on a two-part musical odyssey through the last five years in K-Pop.

Check out my pick of the best boyband tracks of the 2010s, vote in the poll, tell us your favorites and look out for the girl group edition – coming soon, only on Soompi!

INFINITE is a boyband to introduce to people who claim not like boybands. Even the most red-blooded girl group-loving fanboys out there cannot deny the raw musical quality of this act, and a few listens is all it takes to become hooked to this group’s audio output. From the outstanding “Come Back Again,” a firm statement of musical intent, Infinite has been knocking the hits out of the park.

Even non-title tracks just crackle with pure pop brilliance – perfectly produced and impeccably performed – it is hard to pick just one Infinite track for this list. “Last Romeo” has a driving rock beat and a soaring vocals, the guitar on “Come Back Again” is infectious, and even lesser-known tracks like “Inception” have been exceptional.

But my inner music nerd instincts guide me towards “The Chaser,” if only for the track’s infectious keyboard sounds, the funk guitar, and nods to 1980s’ synthpop classics like New Order’s “Regret.” Possibly the most complete pop song to have hit the charts for years.

If you are fan of moody bass synths, dark 130bpm beats and nonsensical song names, “Smoky Girl” has it all for you. Not really the kind of thing most people would expected MBLAQ, this song has a weirdly captivating atmosphere that leaves you unsure of what you have just listened to.

The design for the artwork was among the best MBLAQ has come up with, a festival of neon colors that fits quite well with the late 2000’s dance scene vibe that the music draws so heavily from.

Combining deep and future house elements with a bassline that sounds like it is being played backwards is quite an inventive step in K-Pop. But those who follow MBLAQ know this is a group that likes to push the envelope, as last year’s outstanding “Be a Man” evinced quite decisively.

I will admit to being completely lost when it comes to attempting to define VIXX’s “sound”, if such a thing exists. One day they are making creepy stuff that would not be out of place in a vampire slasher movie.

The next they are doing midtempo numbers like “Girls, Why. And the next they are doing cover versions of bubblegum pop classics like R.ef’s “Love Equation” (sorry Starlights, call me old school, but nobody can ever do this track justice but R.ef in my book)

But “G.R.8.U” was a rare venture into dance territory for VIXX, and ended up being a lovely mess of synths and distorted guitars. Coupled with a strong beat, this was one of the outstanding releases of 2013, and went to musical territory that many would like to see VIXX revisit sooner rather than later.

When Jackie Chan’s talent agency launches a boy band, you are surely expecting said act to debut with some high-octane material as a debut song (maybe with a few moves like this thrown in for good measure).

Oh, and an army of robot clones or whatnot.

(Robot clones that can dance, mind.)

Musically, you are expecting something that is infused with the K-Pop boyband sound, but has a slightly harder edge and a higher tempo. Something like this, in fact.

In fact, it would represent a very brave or foolhardy move to do anything otherwise. But that is exactly how JJCC came into being – with a track that is more atmospheric RnB than straightforward pop. Its running time, a good few seconds shy of three minutes is also quite riskily short for your first ever song.

In fact, rather than taking its cues from established boyband artists like BIGBANG and Super Junior, the act took the bold step of enlisting the help of veteran hitmaker Choi Jun Young, writer-producer of hits for the likes of ALi, Son Dam Bi and Shinhwa, to pen “At First.”

Choi Jun Young is best-known for his work on Lee Jung Hyun’s groundbreaking proto-K-Pop hit, “Come,” and there is certainly a very 90s Korean RnB feel to “At First,” with much of the instrumentation (the keyboards and the beat, in particular) reminiscent of Uhm Jung Hwa’s timeless “Invitation.”

Just like “Invitation,” “At First” is a surprisingly sexy tune, with moody yet ethereal vocals, lyrics that go deeper than the average pop song, as well as a few pretty sublime rap breakdowns. Perfectly arranged, instantly memorable.

You cannot just casually name a group BEAST and be done with it – it is probably the most aggressive-sounding moniker in K-Pop (maybe until MONSTA X, that is). But to get the best out of the BEAST boys, you need to team them up with a tiger – Shinsadong Tiger, that is. Perhaps no boy band is quite as well-suited to the Shinsadong Tiger sound as this six-piece. In this decade alone, the pairing has produced some of male K-Pop’s most essential tracks, the likes of “Shock” and “Midnight.”

But to truly appreciate this song, you need to listen to it in the context of the entire “Fiction and Fact,” album, where sister track “The Fact” leads into this, making for just over six minutes of audio brilliance.

And if the original mix of “Fiction” isn’t doing it for you, this version should be enough to sway you:

The challenge for a multinational group with member numbers in the double figures is to go beyond being a mere novelty group – even if you have been assembled by the juggernaut that is SM Entertainment.

However, say what you like about EXO, the group’s musical output has been almost faultless so far. “MAMA” was a powerful debut with all that faux-Gregorian monk chanting business. “Growl” was memorable and the amazing “Wolf” concept is almost as good as the song itself.

(Have you ever noticed it says “Raised by Wolves” on Kai’s chest in this video? Grr!)

Even some of the group’s less-promoted tracks are keepers, like “Black Pearl

and the lushly orchestrated “Playboy.”

The recent “Love Me Right” is arguably more musically complex than all of the above. But the track that really defines EXO is probably “Overdose,” the closest the boys have come so far to crafting a flagship song.

Quite a tune, and a music video that is better than many movies I have seen. Self-composed and self-written, with a little assistance from accomplished singer-songwriter Kye Bum Ju, this song catapulted Block B to superstardom, and sounds just as fresh in 2015 as it did three years ago. Plus there was this Zico hairdo and odd contact lens combo.

As well as his air-trombone dance move.

Trying to choose between this and “1004 (Angel)” is almost impossible, but listening to both of them will get you gritting your teeth and just wishing that B.A.P and agency TS Entertainment would get out of the courtroom and back into the recording studio.

While “1004” is heavy with the breathless rock-dance element that B.A.P is so good at turning into hits, “One Shot” is something of a modern epic, with choral backing vocals, that beat, and tons of violins. The whole thing goes by at a furious pace, ending much faster than you want it to.

ove ‘em or hate ‘em, the TS crew make use of some phenomenal production and songwriting talent. Contributors to the “One Shot” album included Marco (the mastermind behind Sonamoo’s outstanding debut track “Déjà Vu”), Kang Ji Won (writer of Secret’s “Magic”) and frequent Secret and 2AM collaborator Kim Ki Beum, with rap sections penned by the group’s own Bang Yong Guk.

Another group that could sway all the boyband haters out there, BTS can sing, rap, and dance probably as well as any other act out there. And if you are a fan of dancier tracks with big beats and fat basslines, a BTS release rarely disappoints.

The boys set the bar pretty high for themselves with 2013’s “No More Dream,” but it did not take long for them to top that with the following year’s “Danger,” a carnival of crunching, distorted guitars, high-speed rapping, inspired sampling, and some well-placed random traffic noises.

But this year’s effort has eclipsed even that. “I Need U” has shown the world a hitherto completely unknown side to BTS, who penned not only the lyrics but also the music of this quite incredible post-dubstep pop masterpiece.

The runaway leader on the song-of-the-year poll over at this page, this is the track of this summer, and – almost certainly – 2015. An essential on any boyband playlist, no matter what timescale you are talking about.

Songs like this are the reason why some people have been disappointed by recent BIGBANG releases. As good as “BAE BAE,” “Loser” and “We Like 2 Party” are, music fans instinctively judge acts on the basis of their previous works. And when you are talking about BIGBANG, you have to remember you are talking about an act that has put out songs as good as “Lies,” “Haru Haru,” and of course this:

Drawing some of the best elements from house music of the past decade or so, “Tonight” manages to be at once a banging club tune and a deeply introspective number, making quite haunting use of autotune in the chorus, despite the fact that it is essentially a love song.

Effortlessly sophisticated and still a go-to tune after all these years, you have to hope the “D” and “E” parts of the “MADE” album will have a song of this caliber included somewhere.

Honorary Mentions Best Random Peter Pan Reference: U-KISS’ “Neverland”

Best Random Roman Mythology Reference:

Best Wait-Aren’t-They-A-Rock-Group Track:

Royal Pirates’ “Love Toxic”

Best Sappy Love Song: WINNER’s “Color Ring”

And in the arbitrary “Should Have Been Title Tracks” section:

So now you have read our list, it’s over to you, Soompiers! Vote in the poll, tell us your thoughts and talk about your top 10 boyband tracks of the 2010s so far.

timmydee is a music geek with a penchant for pop, an enthusiasm for electronica and a hankering for hip-hop. When he isn’t writing for Soompi, he is remixing your favorite K-Pop tracks – with sometimes astounding (but often catastrophic) results.

*The views expressed in this article solely reflect those of the author and do not represent Soompi as a whole.

The 10 Most Memorable K-Pop Dance Moves: Boyband Edition

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The 10 Most Memorable K-Pop Dance Moves: Boyband Edition

Let’s face it, if you aren’t a good dancer, you are not going to make it very far as a K-pop boyband member. And with new music coming out almost every day of the year, the challenge for acts is to perform a dance move that is so impressive that it lives on in the public memory, even after the song has fallen out of the charts.

Fortunately, though, more than a few artists have managed to do just that.

Join us now on part one of our journey through some of the most memorable male dance moves in K-pop history. So, without any further ado, let’s hear it for the boys!

The “Scorpion Dance” As featured in “BTS” by Infinite

Let’s start this off with a classic. The video below is basically two-plus solid minutes of Infinite’s semi-legendary scorpion dance, a two-or-so second section of the track “BTD.” You may want to listen with the sound off, because no matter how much of an Infinite fan you are, the same two seconds of just about any song for two minutes is guaranteed to grind your gears.

Amazingly, though, no matter how many times you watch this dance, you never get tired of it, mainly because it seems to completely disregard the laws of physics.

I watched this helpful tutorial video…

…which was very nice, but when I tried this at home, I knocked the kitchen table over, broke a mug, and got a death-stare from Mrs timmydee. Probably best left to the professionals.

The “Shoulder Shuffle” As featured in “You Know Me” by Tasty

A boyband with only two members is going to have to do something pretty special to attract attention, which is probably why there are so few of them about. TVXQ have been making a pretty good job of being a twosome, especially with the dance routines for “Something” and the excellent “Spellbound.”

But my own personal favorite two-piece in the game is Tasty. With dance routines that boil over in the energy stakes, you know you are in for a visual treat whenever this group drops new material. However, I am not sure if any Tasty release has ever scaled the heady heights it attained with the debut track “You Know Me,” both in terms of music and choreography.

The dance practice video for this is a treat from start to finish, but the highlight is the unexpected shoulder shuffle at 1:56, a moment of glorious surrealism in a sea of otherwise-finely synched rhythmic movement – and somehow reminiscent of Popeye right after a dose of spinach.

The “Rolling Pushup” As featured in “One Way” by JJCC

This is one for all the exercise freaks out there. For those of us who are not quite able to bench-press five times our body weight, these funky workout moves look very impressive.

In fact, I couldn’t find the stunt on this exhaustive-looking list of totally exhausting-looking pushups, which either means that either:

a) JJCC’s rolling pushups are not that good for you

b) JJCC has created a new pushup that even health experts don’t know about

Seeing as the group was created by action star Jackie Chan’s talent agency, you have to wonder if it isn’t the latter. At any rate, I have added it into my morning exercise routine, but after taking careful advice from some horrified-looking Soompi editors, I have decided not to upload a video of me attempting rolling pushups, and will instead show you this nifty death-defying “One Way” dance stunt.

Count yourselves lucky.

The “Watch-Me-Kick Over-All-My-Friends” As featured in “No More Dream” by BTS

This is a move as worthy of a circus crew as of a boyband, and the first time you see it, you get to wondering what is going on. The golden rule of acting is never turn your back on the audience, and that goes double for dancers. So when most of the BTS crew lines up with its back to the crowd, you know something is going to happen. What you are not expecting, though, if for someone to get swept up by a bandmate, step onto another’s back and then go for a sideways sprint along the spines of the other members, who all drop like dominos after they have been run on.

Looks like great fun – as long as you are the one doing the running/kicking, that is.

The “Spooky Tree” As featured in “Wolf” by EXO

The best thing about having lots of members is when you pull off a memorable dance stunt, it really looks the part. Super Junior has also been responsible for a wide range of great dance routines, the likes of “Sorry Sorry” and more. But EXO dance numbers are always something special (case in point: the current effort “Call Me Baby,” as well as “MAMA” and “Growl”).

But the haunting “Wolf” move is possibly the best K-pop usage to date of such a huge mass of members. The eerie intro of the song pipes up and the only thing on the stage is what looks like a dimly lit, leafless tree.

In the music video, the camera eventually swings around to one side, with the lights up, allowing you to see how the trick is done – with two of the boys actually leaning backwards and holding onto each other’s arms for support.

All in all, a very neat move, and one that gets even scarier when the creepy tree roots spring out and scrape across the ground thus.

The “Jello-Legs” As featured in “Rocking” by Teen Top

The “Rocking” dance routine is a thing of rare brilliance from start to finish, and this practice video is so well executed that just watching it can make you dizzy.

At times, you think there is a mirror in the middle of the room, so in-sync are the moves. But this inexplicably spaghetti-legs turn is quite unexpected.

Somehow it reminds me of the goalkeeper in this classic moment from sporting history:

And it is probably the only part of the entire “Rocking” dance that mere mortals like myself could ever hope to emulate.

The “We All Play Dead” As featured “Go Crazy” by in 2PM

This is a dance geared at your inner kid, and if you are a male and you remember your childhood, you will understand the glee with which 2PM appears to perform this routine. There are tons of I’m-riding-my-invisible-motorbike moments, and even this and-now-I’m-riding-a-giant-human-motorbike episode.

The end of the song is where the real fun happens, though. One by one, the group members drop down and play dead until only a bemused-looking Jun.K is left standing. Jun.K pulled off several variations on his own ending move in performances of “Go Crazy,” the best of all being to take off his jacket and use it as a blanket like so:

The “Wake up a Friend” As featured in “Everybody” by SHINee

This SHINee stunt is the antithesis to 2PM’s lie-down-and-play-dead move. There are several boy band dance numbers that begin with the members lying down on the floor, but this one really pops. Each one “wakes” one, but when they get around to waking Taemin, the acrobatics really gets going. The SHINee boys are great dancers, but this is their Rolls Royce move (from 1:48).

The “Epic Chest Thrust” As featured in “No Mercy” by B.A.P

For many fans, chiseled male bodies are the whole point of boybands, so there can be little surprise when groups make the most of their awesome abs and perfect pecs. The list of ab-flashing groups is too long to name, and the chest thrust is a move incorporated into many a dance routine, but this move is the ultimate power thrust – so thrusty that no waist-up nudity is needed to achieve the desired effect.

And if this doesn’t have enough impact for you, try listening with the sound on (at 0:15). Boom-clap indeed.

The “Hair Primp” As featured in “Too Very So Much” by MYNAME

There are arguably better dancers out there than MYNAME, but this has been my favorite dance hit of the year to date, mainly because it seems so tongue-in-cheek. There are echoes here and there of the BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” dance, and like that track, the “Too Very So Much” dance is a perfect fit with the relentlessly upbeat feel of the song.

Easily the most memorable part of it is this, however.

Are they primping their hair? Do they all have splitting headaches? Nobody knows. Add crazy legs and a down-tuned mantra of: “Brain-head! Brain-head! [gol-moeri]” and you are in for bags and bags of silly, hard-to-forget fun.

So now you’ve read our list, what do you think, Soompiers? Which other K-pop boyband dance moves have caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below.

And for all you fans of female acts, fret ye not, and look out for the “10 Most Memorable Dance Moves: Girl Group Edition” – coming soon to Soompi!

timmydee is a music geek with a penchant for pop, an enthusiasm for electronica and a hankering for hip-hop. When he isn’t writing for Soompi, he is remixing your favorite K-pop tracks – with sometimes astounding (but often catastrophic) results.

*The views expressed in this article solely reflect those of the author and do not represent Soompi as a whole.

South Korean Boyband HOTSHOT Was In A Car Accident After Attending ‘Show! Music Core'

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South Korean Boyband HOTSHOT Was In A Car Accident After Attending ‘Show! Music Core'

It has been reported that six-member rookie boy group HOTSHOT was taken to the hospital for treatment after being involved in a car accident on the night of December 6, on their way to another schedule following “Music Core.”

On December 6, a representative of the group’s agency, KO Sound, shared, “HOTSHOT was involved in a car collision today at around 6:20 p.m. near Gayang Bridge on North Riverside Highway, after their appearance on MBC’s music program ‘Show! Music Core,’ while on their way to Ilsan for a fan signing.”

The agency rep also revealed, “The Carnival (KIA vehicle name) suffered major damage to its rear-end as a result of this accident. Currently, the members are receiving examinations and treatment at a hospital in Ilsan after completing the fan signing. They are at the emergency room right now. We will have to continue to watch over the situation a bit more.”

According to the agency, one of the members, Ho Jung, received a CT scan to examine his jaw after experiencing pain in his jaw joints. The other members have sustained relatively minor injuries to their knees and other areas.

Meanwhile, HOTSHOT debuted in October of this year with their very first album “Take a Shot.”

YG Entertainment new boyband to be called “iKON”; 2 members will be eliminated on “Mix&Match”

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YG Entertainments Yang Hyun Suk revealed more about the upcoming elimination show titled, MixMatch as well as the name of the group that will debut. During a press release for the upcoming show, Yang Hyun Suk revealed the name of the group. I was thinking about the name of the group, and iKON came to mind. He continued on to say, Instead of iCON, I placed the C with K to represent K-Pop. As a citizen living in Korea, I hope iKON will become a group that represents [the country]. I hope that the juniors will be just like BIGBANG. Ive been watching Team B for several years now, and I think they have original YG colors. Theyre kids who enjoy hip-hop. Team Bs leader, B.I., Bobby, and Kim Jin Hwan are already fixed members. It will be a system in which the other six compete with two being eliminated. I dont know about the two members who dont make it into the team. When Big Bang debuted, two members had to sign with another agency. I think it will be difficult for the two eliminated members to debut in YG. I think they will have to debut with another agency, as I dont have plans to debut the eliminated members. He continued on to say that the group will be debuting in 2015, with a two month preparation period after MixMatch. He revealed that he wishes for Team B to debut next year and receive the rookie award. The nine participating members in the show are: Team B′s B.I, Bobby, Kim Jin Hwan, Song Yoon Hyung, Kim Dong Hyuk, Goo Joon Hee, and three new trainees, Jung Jin Hyung, Jung Chan Woo, and Yang Hong Seok. MixMatch will broadcast on September 11 through Mnet and Naver. 

Boyband Member to Open Jeju Luxury Hotel

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Boyband Member to Open Jeju Luxury Hotel

Kim Jun-su of K-pop group JYJ will open a luxury hotel in Jeju Island next months. The Toscana Hotel in Jeju will take bookings from Sept. 1 for the grand opening on Sept. 25 and beyond.The five-story hotel has 61 guest rooms and four luxury pool villas over a total area of 21,026 sq.m. Guests will be able to enjoy sea views from the hotel"s restaurant, cafe, bar, and outdoor pool. Kim plans to build another 200 guest rooms on an adjacent plot.

"I"ve been travelling and working abroad since I was a teenager and I"ve loved the beautiful natural landscape", Kim says. "I was impressed by the beautiful scenery of Jeju when I first went there, so I wanted to build a place to rest there".Kim especially worked hard on the landscaping because of his love for palm trees and the sea. With the profits, he hopes to help marginalized people by providing subsidies for living expenses and supporting others in need."I feel like my dream has come true", he says. "I think of this as a new challenge and would like to thank our 50 staff for making it possible".

U-KISS takes a photo with a Japanese boyband WAZZ UP

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U-KISS takes a photo with a Japanese boyband WAZZ UP

U-KISS captured a moment with a Japanese boy band WAZZ UP.

On the Twitter of WAZZ UP, they uploaded the photo above showing their friendly smiles and poses.

WAZZ UP is composed of June and Kyo Hey. To know more about them, visit their official website.

written by: [email protected] SOURCE: @wazzupofficial

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Boyband Showdown

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20140703_seoulbeats_infinite_thestar For Your Viewing Pleasure: Boyband Showdown Written by Joyce On July 7, 2014 Welcome back to For Your Viewing Pleasure, where we take the time out of the week to share some of the most recent fashion-forward photos tied to the K-pop landscape.

A couple of months ago, the Seoulbeats team shared our hyped-up expectations amidst the rush of the boyband comebacks. While these pretty male idols are worked to the bone with their respective song promotions, its always refreshing to see them take on a more playful and laidback attitude, whether in posing for magazine photoshoots, or just hanging out with each other backstage.

Infinite | The Star (above)

InfiniteBoyfriend | Dong-hyuns Twitter

Fly to the Sky | Brians Instagram

Fly to the SkyVIXX | Ns Twitter

VIXXSeo In-guk | Hyuks Twitter

TaeyangTopp Dogg | Topp Doggs Twitter

Got7 | Got7 Comeback Showcase

(Images via Twitter [1][2][3][4], Instagram, @star1, The Star, Trends Health Magazine, 10+ Star, bnt International, MBC Music, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment)

Which Boyband-er Would Make the Best Valentine?

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Which Boyband-er Would Make the Best Valentine?

Imagine your favorite boyband-er showed up at your doorstep and sang an original medley of, "Happy Valentine"s Day". And then he proceeded to end it with a huge kiss on the lips? Are you getting excited? Since this can"t be your reality, let"s make it your fantasy. Which one of these boyband-ers would be the most romantic and make the best valentine?

Heechul of Super Junior 

Which Boyband Do You Want to See Wrapped Under Your Tree?

News via

Ladies, get your votes ready because we're about to see which one of these boybands you'd like to see wrapped under your tree with a big bow on top. The group with the most votes will get a special letter written to Santa to ask him to bring your favorite boys to you on Christmas morning!

Oh, EXO-mas tree, oh, EXO-mas tree, how lovely are your faces!

It's Christmas at 12AM, but I'll wait patiently to open my presents at 2PM to come around if it means I get these 6 boys under my tree.

You know Lee Teuk and Heechul, and Shindong and Eunhyuk, Yesung and Sungmin and Ryeowook and Donghae, but do you recall? The most famous reindeer of all? Choi Shi Won the Red-Nose Reindeer, had a very shiny nose!

And this Christmas will be, a very merry Christmas for me. Why? Because Big Bang might be under my tree!

I saw Santa kissing JYJ, underneath the mistletoe last night!

Dashing through the snow, on a one-horse open sleigh, over the fields we go, laughing with Infinite all the way-HA,HA,HA!

Which group do you want to see underneath your tree?

[Spotlight] A Special Account Watching Boyband Say Yes Performing Live

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[Spotlight] A Special Account Watching Boyband Say Yes Performing LiveSpecial note: A Soompi Shop staff attended the event and wrote her experience while halves in unison translated the account into English.

On the evening of August 26, I went out to Olleh Square as a member of Soompi Shop to help out with the monthly event Lee.Bahl.Show. (acronym for “This Month’s Discovery”)

For this month, it’s been confirmed that boyband Say Yes will perform for the event. This group was created under the tutelage of South Korea’s first ever idol group Sobangcha’s Kim Tae Hyung. To be honest, I had the chance to see the members’ profiles before their debut when I met up with one of the agency’s directors and didn’t really think they were that outstanding. However, I thought that they were really handsome when I got to see them in person. It’s a shame that their handsomeness can’t be appropriately shown on screen.

They’re pretty different from other idol groups since each member is able to play a variety of interesting instruments. Instead of focusing on one member’s talent, thought it was really cool that each member is able to play at least two instruments. *swoon* Even though there’s only been two so far, this month’s “Lee.Bahl.Show” required the most number of instruments to set up. And I’m pretty sure that record won’t be beat for some time. I heard that it cost a lot to set up this particular stage. There were even two drums on stage! It really made me anticipate their performance.

 While the fans were waiting, we hung out with the Say Yes members backstage. They were all getting their makeup done and practicing their greetings in English and Japanese.

The members politely bowed and greeted us when we went backstage. I see that they’ve been drinking from our Soompi marked water bottles.^^ Sunggyu showed us a wonderful yo-yo show. Even though it was before an hour-long show, the members didn’t look nervous at all and seem to be enjoying themselves.

Ta-da! It’s finally the opening stage!

Just like what I’ve expected from the huge instrumental setup (and two drums!), the sound of the performance was able to fill up the huge area around Gwanghwamun. People who didn’t know of Say Yes and were passing by the area slowed their footsteps and watched. I personally think that main vocal Kim Soobin’s performance really lit the stage with his powerful voice and great stage manner.

Rapper Kim Junhyung put on a great show attaching a string to his djembe and having fun on stage running and jumping. Sion, the smiling angel of the group, showed off his skills on the drum and Song Hokyung just rocked out on the electric guitar.

During the second half of the show, Sungkyu showed the fans an awesome mini yo-yo show. Even though it was supposed to end at 8:30pm, due to the fans’ yearning shouts of “Encore!” the show went on til way past 9pm.

Even though the members must be tired after putting on an almost two hour show, they quickly headed offstage and went inside to hold the fan signing event. There were over 300 fans waiting and they signed for all the fans even though I could see that their faces are damp with sweat from just performing. They spent an hour signing fans’ CDs and taking pictures with them.

The Soompi Team helped the members and gave them water bottles. There were a lot of fans so I curiously stepped out to see how long the line was and it wrapped outside of Olleh Square. The fans must also be tired, but they didn’t seem to be in a fuss and patiently waited for their personal time with the members.

 The event ended after 10pm. Say Yes must be tired after such a big event, but gave us big smiles before they headed back to their van.

I had a great time meeting the idol members with such talent, who are handsome, and with awesome personalities. The members will be giving Soompiers and exclusive interview soon, so please be on the lookout!

So, please look forward to who will be featured for September’s “Lee.Bahl.Show” and I’ll end it here!^^