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Bangtan Boys to bring 'Highlight Tour' to U.s.a. & Canada

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Bangtan Boys to bring 'Highlight Tour' to U.s.a. & Canada

Bangtan Boys could be having a excursion in Usa and Canada.

BTS collaborated with a big apple primarily based mostly clothing logo "Community 54." the crowd is decided to do a photo crusade for its F/W 2015 line plus a limited edition line. 

with the exception of that, BTS could be preserving "Highlight Tour" in San Francisco, CA on September 22nd, in Houston, TX on September 24th, in Atlanta, GA on September 26th and in Toronto, Canada on September 27th.

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Bangtan Boys are "Dope" workers in new MV

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Bangtan Boys are

If you think the good-looking professionals on Bangtan Boys" teaser images are done, well let"s see them dancing this time.

Bangtan Boys release the music video for their comeback track "Dope" and they are looking very charismatic and handsome in their respective professions" uniforms.

The boys are dancing so fierce and dropping lyrics intensely. The one-shot illusion is a plus! Make sure to check it out!

Bangtan Boys release Rap Monster comeback images for "Sick"

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Bangtan Boys release Rap Monster comeback images for

Bangtan Boys have announced that they are returning with 3rd mini album "Sick" along with the release of Rap Monster"s teaser images.

In the photos, Rap Monster is looking so handsome and neat in a top class guard"s uniform. His darker hair color is noticeable which makes him look even sharper and dashing.

Meanwhile, there are quite few details unreleased yet for their comeback but let"s anticipate more photos of each members in the coming days. See Rap Monster"s charismatic appeal below:

BTS (Bangtan Boys) are "Embarrassed" in special performance video

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BTS (Bangtan Boys) are

BTS (Bangtan Boys) is showering their fans with goodies this week!

This time, they released a special performance video of them dancing to the song, "Embarrassed." Just like the title may suggest, the boys cutely act shy and inexperienced with their aegyo-some dance moves that include sitting on the floor and snapping.

The boys aren"t all tough and rough. They can also be this adorable. Check it out above!

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BTS (Bangtan Boys) chant together in recording of "I Need U" chorus

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BTS (Bangtan Boys) chant together in recording of

If you want BTS (Bangtan Boys) to shout at you, "You"re my," (what? sweetheart? love?) to immediately be followed by, "Hate you" (oh...), here"s an awesome video for you!

The boy group released a special treat for fans that will have them smiling goofily. The boys are gathered in the recording studio to shout the lines for the chorus like the ones mentioned above.

Rap Monster gives them cues while being unable to hide his amusement. Check it out above!

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Fans celebrate BTS (Bangtan Boys)"s 700th day since debut

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Fans celebrate BTS (Bangtan Boys)

The ever dedicated and ardent fans of BTS (Bangtan Boys) are celebrating the group"s 700th day since debut!

The boys are currently enjoying widespread success and growing recognition for their amazing song "I Need U" and equally impressive choreography, expanding their fan base and basking in the love. In celebration of this milestone since their debut on June 13, 2013, fans have "#BTS700Days" trending worldwide.

Congratulations, BTS (Bangtan Boys)!

Yes, they"re a cool group ~ Haha #BTS700Days ♡

— Bangtan Boys PH (@bangtanboysph) May 12, 2015

Can we have a moment to thank bang pd nim for debuting bangtan, u da real mvp #BTS700Days

— stelle ♡ (@jiminfinities) May 12, 2015

Being an ARMY is such a good thing, having bangtan is such a blessing. #BTS700Days

Pop Quiz: Which Bangtan Boy is your man?

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You really want to wear couple shirts with your boyfriend. What color catches your eye? ALL THE COLORS OF THE RAINBOW ✓ White ✓ Pink ✓ Black ✓ Blue ✓ Red ✓ Green ✓ You slept through your alarm and there are only 10 minutes left "til your date! What happens next? What do you mean 10 minutes oh my god I"m two hours late!!!! ✓ Attempt to go through an hour-long beauty routine in 10 minutes. ✓ Screw it. Call your date because you"re going back to bed. ✓ I"m already here. How dare you accuse me of sleeping in? ✓ Call boyfriend, invite him to come join you. ✓ Panic, call boyfriend, accidentally end up calling dad instead. Awkward. ✓ All right, you got this. You can get ready in 5 minutes. ✓ The newest movie is out right now and you just HAVE to go see it. What is it? Summer is the season for horror movies. ✓ Avengers? Duh? ✓ A rom-com. Those are the best. ✓ Apocalyptic movies. I"m attracted to destruction.. ✓ A Disney movie! I like the princesses. ✓ A Japanese animation movie! ✓ Something really depressing that I can bawl over. ✓ It"s been a while since you saw your boyfriend, and you want to dress to impress! Let"s talk about the most important part - what"s on your feet? Classic, low-top converses ✓ Cute, strappy sandals ✓ Pink flats ✓ Uhm… shoes? ✓ Red high-top converses ✓ Jordans ✓ Sky-high pumps because I"m a fashionista! ✓ Your boyfriend is more interested in his newest puppy than you. What"s your response? Take a nap until he"s done fawning over the dog. ✓ Storm out of his house. That"ll teach him a lesson! ✓ Maybe I could "accidentally" give the dog to his sister…. ✓ Well, he just told me the puppy reminds him of me, so... ✓ Huh? What did you say? Sorry, this puppy is so cute... ✓ Glare at the puppy silently until he gets the point. ✓ No way! I"m so much cuter than that dog! ✓ It"s Saturday afternoon and you don"t have plans. Sad. What do you do instead? Go exercise ✓ Work on music ✓ Explore new recipes ✓ Craft something ✓ Shop! ✓ Dance ✓ Reach max level in my game ✓ Your friends are fighting and you"re caught as the middleman who has to run back and forth between the sides. What"s your response? Oh god, I don"t know what to do. Just hope for the best? ✓ No one can stay mad at anything when I"m around! ✓ Well, it"s not a bother! I just want them to make up again. ✓ I"ll just sit here and let them work it out. ✓ I"m good at mediations. I got this. ✓ Can they seriously just grow up? I"m out of here. ✓ Oh, this is kind of fun! I like playing telephone. ✓ Pop Quiz: Which Bangtan Boy is your man? Jin You"re destined to be with BTS" mother and pink princess - Jin! He"s kind, caring, and he"s sometimes a pushover but only because he puts other people first. He can sometimes come off as arrogant, but he can back up his arrogance with his incredibly good looks. Sure, you might be a little intimidated by how perfect he looks, but he"s so kind and relaxed that he"ll make you feel super loved. Pop Quiz: Which Bangtan Boy is your man? Suga You"d be perfect for BTS" swag-filled Suga. Suga seems to be uncaring on the outside, but that"s just all for show because he cares a lot about everything - especially you. He can get fed up with too much hyperactivity, but sometimes he"s got his moments, too. Your relationship is going to be comfortably quiet for the most part and your dates are most likely going to be naps, but Suga is full of surprises. Pop Quiz: Which Bangtan Boy is your man? J-Hope You"re meant to be for BTS" hope and angel, J-Hope! Just like his name, J-Hope is nothing but full of hope and optimism. He"s really emotional and so are you, so sometimes you might clash, but that"s alright because both of you are too happy and loving to stay mad for too long. Your common hobby is fashion, and you two have the most fun going shopping and picking out the best clothes for the cheapest. Pop Quiz: Which Bangtan Boy is your man? Rap Monster Your soulmate is BTS" charismatic leader Rap Monster! He might look rough and quiet at first, but you know he"s a big softie. When he looks at you, he makes your insides melt into happy goo because of how adoring it is, and that makes sense because once Rap Monster gets dedicated to something, he gets really into it. You two are both born leaders who know how to balance each other out. Pop Quiz: Which Bangtan Boy is your man? Jimin BTS" cutie pie Jimin is your soulmate! You are both incredibly hard workers - harder than anyone else around you, and that"s what makes this work. You"re both actually really fun and energetic, but sometimes people look over you. But that"s okay because in the end, everyone knows both of you work really hard, and you two are always supporting each other. Pop Quiz: Which Bangtan Boy is your man? V Alien V is your BTS soulmate! Some people will see you as a strange couple and seriously not get how the two of you think, but you two understand each other perfectly. Both of you are obsessed with cute animals, and sometimes you forget the rest of the world exists. Weird can be good, too, as long as the two of you are together! Pop Quiz: Which Bangtan Boy is your man? Jungkook You"re meant to be with BTS" golden maknae Jungkook. Jungkook might be young, but don"t let that fool you because he"s literally perfect in every way. He can make you melt with his bright baby smile but also has a super masculine side of him, too. He"s good at basically everything, and hey, you are too, which is why you two are great. SHARE YOUR RESULTS

BTS (Bangtan Boys) surpass 2 million views total on YouTube for "I Need U"

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BTS (Bangtan Boys) surpass 2 million views total on YouTube for

Congratulations to BTS (Bangtan Boys) for their success with "I Need U" so far!

They dropped the MV back on April 29 through both their official distributor 1theK and their personal channel, and have already accumulated over 2 million views when combining the view counts!

The boys have been continuously expressing their hopes to win #1 this promotion cycle, so it seems their fans are doing their very best to help them achieve their goals!

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Bangtan Boys to reveal "I Need U" on Naver Starcast’s "BTS ON AIR"

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Bangtan Boys to reveal

Bangtan Boys will be coming back with "I Need U" thruNaver Starcasts BTS ON AIR.

On April 29th at 9PM, BTS will release the title track of their 3rd mini album.

BTS alongside with Epik High will also participate on Summer Sonic in Japan.


Bangtan Boys to comeback with 3rd mini album late April

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Bangtan Boys to comeback with 3rd mini album late April

Ontheir official fan cafe,Bangtan Boys (BTS) announced further information on their comeback.

BTS is preparing for their return with their 3rd mini album which is scheduled on April 29th. "BTS Diss" and "Converse High" will be their released songs.

"BTS Diss" is produced by Suga, and "Converse High" is by Rap Monster.

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