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Min Hyo Rin Spotted Supporting Boyfriend Taeyang at BIGBANG Concert in Sydney

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Min Hyo Rin Spotted Supporting Boyfriend Taeyang at BIGBANG Concert in Sydney Actress Min Hyo Rin, who is dating BIGBANG member Taeyang, used to be observed to have attended the BIGBANG concert in Australia for 2 days in a row. Some images have surfaced online in a post with the identify “Min Hyo Rin Watches BIGBANG’s Sydney Concert Two Days In a Row.”

In the post were shots of Min Hyo Rin closely staring at BIGBANG’s show, and speaking to other individuals of the audience.

While the image became taken in the dark, and thus isn't very clear, it's far still simple to make out Min Hyo Rin smiling and watching the show. Every other thing of note is that she is sitting in normal seats in its place of the VIP seats.

Meanwhile, Min Hyo Rin and Taeyang showed thru their agencies this beyond June that they're these days in a dating and feature been dating for two years.

BIGBANG’s Taeyang Is Getting a New Tattoo

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BIGBANG’s Taeyang Is Getting a New Tattoo It seems BIGBANG‘s Taeyang is getting a new tattoo!

On the morning of October 14, Taeyang’s teammate T.O.P posted on his Instagram account an image of Taeyang getting inked, with the caption, “YoungBae (Taeyang) with AnilGupta.”

In the picture, Taeyang is in the direction of his consultation with Anil Gupta, a famend tattoo artist primarily based in big apple City. This can be Taeyang’s 2d tattoo from the artist, who also inked the piece situated across Taeyang’s shoulders on his back.

Are you excited to peer his new tattoo?

BIGBANG’s Taeyang Makes First Ever talk over with to a Fan’s house Right through are living Broadcast

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BIGBANG’s Taeyang Makes First Ever stopover at to a Fan’s Domicile During Live Broadcast Taeyang is the maximum recent member of BIGBANG to megastar in his own private live broadcast on Naver’s V app! He made a fan’s dream come true at the night time of September nine when he visited her domestic as a section of his live display “I’m Going to Devour Now.”

Out of the entire packages from fanatics that he received, Taeyang chose to visit a first year university student who wrote in her submission that her mom is a huge fan of BIGBANG as smartly and has earned diplomas in making ready Korean, Chinese, and Western food.

Taeyang assists in keeping pronouncing he’s actually frightened as he arrives at their home with a bag of gifts and a bouquet of flowers. “I’m now not even this nervous when I cross on stage!” he says.

When he arrives at their door, his fan is understandably delighted to peer him. He gets hugs from her family, and her dad asks him to signal their wall for him “in the most efficient spot in the house.”

Taeyang then assessments out his fan’s bedroom and admires her selection of BIGBANG CDs, DVDs, and books. “Wow, even I haven’t observed this one!” he says as he examines some of the items.

After Taeyang eats dinner with his fan and her family, he gives to do the dishes. “Are you actually doing it?” she asks in amazement when he’s on the point of scrub the dishes. “Of course, I have to!” he answers.

As he’s status at the sink, he turns to the camera and boasts about how fantastic he's at doing dishes. He then says he’ll solution some fan questions as he’s cleansing up, and the primary one he reads is “How about making a song a song when you do the dishes?” So he asks his host what she’d love to hear, and she requests “Eyes, Nose, Lips.”

“Ah, the kind of unhappy song for washing dishes to,” he says. “I’ll give it a try!”

He laughs prior to beginning to sing as he wipes down the dishes, and then really turns out to get into it!

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BIGBANG G-Dragon and Taeyang to expose Insides of Refrigerators on “Please Take care of My Refrigerator”

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BIGBANG G-Dragon and Taeyang to display Insides of Refrigerators on “Please deal with My Refrigerator” BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Taeyang are set to look in the preferred JTBC display “Please deal with My Refrigerator.”

According to a JTBC representative on August 10, the duo is filming for the display today, and their episode can be airing on August 31.

The two were published to be enthusiasts of the display throughout a prior episode from July, when panel member Hong Suk Chun acknowledged that G-Dragon and Taeyang in point of fact like the show.

Especially as G-Dragon and Taeyang are busy with traveling and “MADE” promotions, no longer to mention filming for the “Infinity Challenge” song festival, anticipation is prime as to what the state of the artists’ refrigerators is.

BIGBANG’s K-Dragon and Taeyang shaggy dog story close to Their issues close to Kwanghee on “Infinity concern”

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BIGBANG’s thou-DragonAnd Taeyang shaggy makeg story close to Their concerns close to Kwanghee on “Infinity situation” on the August one episode of “Infinity situation,” the tune festival workforces continue their “emergency convention” to discuss their problems thus some distance and takeA lookAt to settleAny disputes.

each of the contributors of the “Infinity situation”And thenlid has been matched up alongside a collection orAnd thenloArtist to provideAAnd thenng for theirAnnual tune festival. In this episode, Yoo Jae Suk has sent each of the tuneians to a personal room to put in writing their concernsAbout their spouse. simply when he reads their no longeres out loud to you lotr complete workforce, BIGBANG‘s thou-DragonAnd Taeyang‘s no longereAbout their spouse Kwanghee is without difficulty the cruelest!

They write, “Kwanghee… is truly fantastic. yet the day once nosotros meet, our entire bodies pain. It’s excellent to accept numerous power, simply information technology’s hard for individuals.”

They continue, “It’s k that you'll beAble to’t sing or dance. We didn’t be predicting that you need to. yet information technology’s no longer even outtideAmusingny.” Even Kwanghee fire’t every bitsist simply flare-up out gigglingAt this! One of them (perhaps thou-Dragon) then writes, “this is the primary fourth dimension that I’ve makeneA tune festival where I’ve worriedAbout how much I’ll if truth be told seem on tv later.”

“We wish to plow back fourth dimension,” they continue, every bitAllAnd sundry assists in keeping giggling. “We nosotrosre likewise hasty. We didn’t intend information technology thru. Taeyang is inquisitiveAbout resigning. yet however, what are you lotAble to make? It’s no longer Kwanghee’s error. It’s been our error since the start.”

Yoo Jae Suk then reads their ultimate business. “this is going to every bitsist U.S. mature every bit individuals,” they write.

whilstAllAnd sundry is however recuperating from giggling such much, Yoo Jae Suk isAnd then inspired by way of how entertaining their letter used to be that he is going over to milkshake their hands.

Kwanghee getsA dangle of the letterAnd looksAt information technology in overall surprise,And the others laughAnd tell information technology’s on you lotr completeA smash-up letter. “ i intend like I’m being kicked out of the entertainment global!” tells Kwanghee.

It’sAll in excellentAmusing regardless that,And the 3 giveAn explanation for that thereAre truly no giant problems between them in a personal interview.

Are you lot takingA look ahead to seeing what this trio comes up alongside for the “Infinity situation” tune festival?

BIGBANG Taeyang and Actress Min Hyo Rin Are Dating, Yang Hyun Suk Confirms

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BIGBANG Taeyang and Actress Min Hyo Rin Are Dating, Yang Hyun Suk Confirms

Amidst resurfacing rumors, it has been confirmedby Yang Hyun Suk himself, in a phone call with Daily Sportsthat BIGBANG Taeyang and actress Min Hyo Rin are in a relationship.

Yang Hyun Suk started off by congratulating Taeyang, and said, laughing, “Taeyang has said until now that he’s been single his whole life. Even fans were starting to get worried.”

“I heard through his manager that it’s true. It’s not something to worry about; it’s something to congratulate [them on], I think. Taeyang is filming ‘Sketchbook’ right now so I couldn’t speak [with him] for specific details, but I’m happy for them,” added Yang Hyun Suk.

The two stars have been dating for two years now, according to reports, having met through the filming for Taeyang’s “1 AM” music video which took place in September of 2013, although the music video was released the following year.

Since then, various witness accounts have come up online, in which writers state that they’ve seen Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin together.

Fans also have gathered certain “evidence” online, including pictures of the two wearing what appear to be couple items, as well as SNS posts that potentially suggest a dating relationship.

Yonhap quotes an acquaintance of the two, who said, “It’s well known among idols that the two are dating.” Also opening up to media, anonymous idol acquaintances of Taeyang said, “The two are dating pretty seriously,” and “As I know it, they’ve been dating for two years. They look great together, with their appearances and personalities.”

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon appeared to have given Taeyang with the amazing birthday picture as present

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BIGBANGs G-Dragon Gifts Taeyang with Perfect Birthday Photo BIGBANG’s G-Dragon has taken to Instagram to celebrate fellow member and best friend Taeyang’s birthday, with a fun and quite spot-on work of Photoshop.

G-Dragon took a photo from Taeyang’s cover shoot for last year’s July edition of Vogue, in which he happens to be posing with four beautiful ladies, and replaced their faces with BIGBANG’s very own, for an affectionatebut still coolphoto of the group.

G-Dragon affectionately says, “Youngbae, thanks for being born.”

Taeyang, born on May 18, 1988, is celebrating his 27th birthday today.

BIGBANG Drops Taeyang’s Bonus Solo Clip from “Loser” MV

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BIGBANG Drops Taeyang’s Bonus Solo Clip from “Loser” MV

In celebration of their music video for “Loser” breaking 20 million views, BIGBANG has been releasing bonus clips featuring each of the individual members.

Daesung, whose solo music video clip was the first to be released, impressed fans with his powerful, emotional acting. In the groups latest bonus clip, Taeyang oozes charisma as a rough-and-tumble rebel who isn’t as tough as he lets on, perfectly embodying the hook of the song, “I’m a Loser, outsider/ A coward who acts tough, a scumbag”

Meanwhile, all of the members of BIGBANG will appear on the May 21 broadcast of KBS’ variety talk show “Happy Together for a 100-minute BIGBANG Special.

Happy birthday to BIGBANG"s Taeyang

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Happy birthday to BIGBANG

Stage name: TaeYang Full Name: Dong Yong Bae Nickname: SOL (Solar) Label: YG entertainment Position: MainVocalist Birthday: May 18, 1988 Height: 174 cm (58) Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs) Blood Type: AB Religion: Christian Education: Daejin University in TheaterFilm Languages: Korean, English, Japanese Hobbies: Music, Basketball, Church

- TaeYang is the korean word for sun. - He has a successful solo career - He listens to people well and thinks before he says anything. - Some musicians he likes are Usher, Omarion, Justin Timberlake. - When he was in 5th grade TaeYang was a child actor. He was recruited to play the part of mini Sean in JinuSeans AYo MV. Being inspired by JinuSean, he later auditioned to join YG Entertainment. - He and GDragon were originally going to debut in a duo hiphop group GDYB, but Yang Hyun Suk canceled their debut because he wanted to instead create a 4 to 6 member group (Which is now BIGBANG). - After the members of BIGBANG were finalized, Yang Hyun Suk gave each of the members pendants. TaeYangs has his initials YB with a crown over it. It means:To become the best in the music industry. - Though TaeYang is known for his impressive vocal abilities, he was actually trained to be a rapper but debuted in BIGBANG as a singer. - He is known for his kind hearted attitude and for his faith in God.

BIGBANG’s Taeyang Revealed to Have Injured Ankle During Practice

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BIGBANG’s Taeyang Revealed to Have Injured Ankle During Practice

It has belatedly been revealed that BIGBANG’s Taeyang suffered an injury while preparing for the group’s long-awaited comeback.

According to a music industry insider, Taeyang recently injured his ankle. Although the injury is not major, it is said that Taeyang expressed sudden pain in his ankle during practice and is currently receiving treatment. As this situation occurred ahead of BIGBANG’s comeback concert at the end of the month and in the midst of preparations for their official comeback in May, Taeyang and YG Entertainment reps are paying close attention to the injury.

Taeyang and the rest of the BIGBANG members went to Los Angeles on April 1 to film for their music video and returned to Korea on April 10. While in LA, Taeyang had been spotted in a wheelchair throughout their stay. Fortunately, the injury doesn’t have a serious impact on Taeyang’s ability to walk. However, he has been receiving help getting around, as he is still in the middle of treatment.

It is reported that the BIGBANG member will be continuing treatment and will carefully be taking part in their practices in order to stand on stage for the group’s upcoming concerts.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG will be opening up “BIGBANG 2015 World Tour in Seoul” this coming April 25 and 26 and releasing their new song on May 1.