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MV of Big Bang’s “Monster” receives over ten million hits on YouTube #bigbang

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MV of Big Bangs Monster receives over ten million hits on YouTube #bigbang The music video of Big Bangs Monster received over ten million hits on YouTube.

As of June 17, the music video of Big Bangs Monster received over ten million hits on YouTube. By 11:00 a.m., it received over 10.16 million hits. Its the fourth time that Big Bangs music video received over ten million hits on YouTube.

The music videos of Big Bangs Blue, Fantastic Baby, and Bad Boy also received over ten million hits. Among five Korean songs that received over ten million hits in this year, four of them are Big Bangs.

It especially means a lot because the achievement has been made without any promotions on TV. Big Bang are currently focusing on their concert tour in Japan. Including Japan, they will also make a world tour to other countries in Asia and America.

Big Bang recently received wide attention on iTunes all over the world, including several Asian countries, U.K., France, and Brazil. Theyve also made significant achievements at some prestigious awards and on several music charts in the U.S.

Big Bang are currently holding a concert tour in Japan, attracting over 255,000 audiences. They also proved their high popularity in Indonesia by selling all 50,000 tickets for their concert in only thirty seconds.

Big Bang’s “Monster” ranks first on Chinese music video site #bigbang

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Big Bang’s “Monster” ranks first on Chinese music video site #bigbang

Big Bangs Monster recently ranked first on the biggest Chinese music video site Yinyuetai ( weekly chart.

A music video for the song Monster ranked first on the weekly chart by receiving over 2,919,256 hits so far. It also gained a 100 perfect score after only one day of its release.

A local official for the site said Big Bangs record is very rare, in that only two music videos have ever gained a 100 score in 2012 and they are all Big Bangs music videos. Music videos for Bad Boy and Monster earned a 100 score in 2012.

According the sites real time chart, music videos for Fantastic Baby and Blue ranked 8th and 10th. As a result, three Big Bangs song entered the Top 10 list.

Big Bang members drew a lot of attention from all over the world thanks to their unique appearance and hairstyle and unconventional special effects in the music video for Monster.

The video is also receiving an explosive response on YouTube by receiving over 6,957,882 hits so far. It is not far from receiving over 7 million hits.

Big Bang is currently touring Japan to meet over 255,000 people and they will release their new album on June 20 to celebrate their tour.

Big Bang’s Monster MV: The Making #bigbang

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Big Bangs Monster MV: The Making #bigbang The handsome boys of Big Bang is back once again to satisfy our hearts with their awesome music. The boys have recently released the music video for their promotional song, Monster that achieved an all-kill on different charts. Fans are certainly very happy to have their cool oppas back and they cant wait to see them perform the song live.

Recently, the group has also released a short clip that features the making of the music video for Monster. The boys talked about the video and what the song means as well as their transformation. It also has English subtitles so its very convenient to international fans. Check it out below!

Big Bangs Monster MV: The Making #bigbang Source: Big Bang|Youtube


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BigBang "MONSTER" (MV Teaser TAEYANG ver.) <3

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Wondering what kind of a monster is he!?


BigBang's MONSTER [audio preview] 8)

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The Monster In 'The Village - Achiara's Secret' Is Not The Killer

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On Joo Wan and Moon Geun Young (Photo : The Village - Achiara"s Secret)

For most of its run "The Village - Achiara"s Secret" has veered between being a thriller about a woman who moves to a town with terrifying secrets and a melodrama about the power struggles between one prominent and unlikable family.

Sometimes the drama felt like a horror film by Alfred Hitchcock. Other times the plot focused on who might have slept with whom.

But the most recent episodes (spoiler alert) have taken the story in a new direction, transforming it into a tragedy and turning some of the often uncooperative and hostile characters into the pitiable victims of that tragedy.

While the identity of the serial killer has been revealed, his crimes seem almost secondary to the emotional damage done by the rapist. The rapist ruined so many lives in this village and the damage continues decades later.

The victims of the killer are anonymous but the rapist"s victims are almost all of the main characters. Many are characters previously thought of as hostile and uncaring, but in the light of their experience, they now seem traumatized and broken.

Shin Eun Kyung and Jang So Yeon play sisters who could never be described as nice and they are not even nice to each other. And Shin Eun Kyung is awful to her own daughter. But it"s hard to blame them when viewers learn the truth. As young girls they both witnessed the traumatic birth that emotionally crippled their mother. The shame and horror of it ruined their lives.

Park Eun Sook"s character seemed heartless but now viewers know the shame he feels because of his father and what his real relation is to Ga Young, he"s not so bad. And Ga Young"s mother who refused to divulge what she knew is not cold-hearted but rather frightened that her daughter will be ridiculed should the truth be revealed. It"s a small village. She"s ashamed and blames herself. She just wants to live quietly with her daughter. She prefers to let the monster who raped her get away.

Both rape victims suffered silently rather than report the crime and their shame and self-blame created a twisted thread of relationships with the potential to strangle the village.

When Moon Geun Young"s character attempts to find out the truth about her adopted sister, her investigation forces several of the characters to face memories they have locked away for years.

As the secrets were revealed this week, the drama"s ratings rose slightly, up 0.2 percent to 5.9 percent. The drama unfortunately remained in third place.

Meanwhile "The Merchant: Gaek Ju 2015" rated 11.7 percent and the new MBC drama "Sweet Savage Family" rated 7.2 percent. Both were lighter fare in comparison, but despite the lack of viewer interest in "The Village - Achiara"s Secret," this dark drama has something to say.

BIGBANG, iKON, and More showed to wait 2015 MAMA

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BIGBANG, iKON, and More proven to Attend 2015 MAMA With YG Entertainment and Mnet experiencing some tension in their relationship, it appeared unclear whether or now not YG artists would attend the 2015 MAMA. However, it looks as concept the new discussions between the 2 parties were a success as MAMA confirmed the attendance of BIGBANG and iKON. Furthermore, they printed Park Jin Young may be a a phase of the line-up.

The inclusion of those artists is a smart selection as they were reasonably active and winning this year. BIGBANG released a couple of hits right through 4 months with their “MADE” task via freeing new unmarried each month at some point of that period. Meanwhile, iKON enjoyed a noteworthy debut or even won first position on more than a few track shows. Likewise, Park Jin Young did smartly on music charts with his hit song “Who’s Your Mama?”

Many enthusiasts foresee BIGBANG and iKON winning massive at the 2015 MAMA because of their fresh wins at the MelOn Music Awards.

Previously, MAMA confirmed that CNBLUE, GOT7, BTS, and Zion.T will attend as well.

Who are you excited to peer at the 2015 MAMA?

Dynamic Duo Explains Intentions In the back of Their BIGBANG Parody in New Tune Video

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Dynamic Duo Explains Intentions Behind Their BIGBANG Parody in New Music Video Dynamic Duo‘s new track “Jam” functions lyrics that play at the names of all five BIGBANG members, and to move along side it, the music video encompasses a lighthearted parody of the group.

On November 17, at a press convention for the liberate of Dynamic Duo’s new album “Grand Carnival,” member Choiza explained their intentions behind their imitations of BIGBANG in the video. “We parodied them because we admire them,” he says. “We like BIGBANG. They’re so noted that any one may just tell who we were parodying, although we glance not anything like them. We idea they’d have numerous amusing staring at it too.”

Gaeko says. “After we made the bridge a phase of the song with BIGBANG members’ names, we thought about seeking to do a parody. We worried so much over whether or no longer we must do it. We thought that fanatics could be offended, yet we did it because we thought it should be lots of fun.”

Check out their parody in the music video for “Jam” below!