Korean Edition Of “Entourage” Getting Attention For Star-Studded Cast

Korean Edition Of “Entourage” Getting Attention For Star-Studded Cast

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterBroadcasting channel tVN recently printedthe maximum important male leads for their upcoming Korean drama adaptation for hit American series Entourage

After seeing the majorforged list, which incorporates actors Seo Kang Joon, Joo Jin Woong, Lee Kwang Soo,and Lee Dong Hwi, netizens couldnt hang back their excitement for the drama. With the common American series having done so well, netizens no doubt have prime hopes for the approaching drama.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at the master article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

2677, 72 I can watch as a result of Jo Jin Woong.

1982, 92 Whos going to be the director????? I'm hoping its some one skilled..ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

1672, 38 In Jo Jin Woong I agree withand may watch!!! I hope he makes any other masterpiece for tvN with his amazing acting

939, 55 I enjoyed the original yet Im worried because its most certainly going to be seriously toned down

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Korean-Run Eating place in France Awarded Michelin Star

Korean-Run Eating place in France Awarded Michelin Star

A eating place in Lyon has develop intothe primary Korean-run status quo in France to be awarded a prestigious Michelin star. Le Passe-Temps, run via 32-year-old Lee Young-hoon, is incorporated in the 2016 edition of the Michelin Book for France, which used to be published on Feb. 5. It's miles one of 42 one-star restaurants newly added to the coveted list. The manual praised Lee's Korean-inflected French dishes, adding his signature foie gras and vegetables in soy sauce broth.

Lee said, "After reading culinary arts at a college in Korea, I worked in a French restaurant in Seoul for a while. I sought afterto be toldgenuine French cuisine systematically, so I moved to France and went to the Institut Paul Bocuse, a culinary arts college in Lyon. After graduating, I needed my food to be identified by French people, so I opened my own restaurant in 2014". Lee stated that whilst he does now not set out to mix French and Korean cuisines in his cooking, his Korean origins naturally impression his dishes. Le Passe-Temps is a small restaurant with 26 seats. Lee and his team of 3 to 4 chefs run the kitchen, while his sommelier wife Lim So-young, 33, and 3 to four other personnel welcome the diners. The team is made up entirely of Koreans. The Michelin Consultant for France is published in February every year. A choice of thesix hundred entries from across France this year are 26 three-star restaurants, including two new entries; 82 two-star (10 new entries) and 492 one-star (42 new entries). Le Passe-Temps is one of five restaurants run by Korean chefs international to have earned a Michelin star. The alternative four are San Francisco's Benu (three stars); Tokyo's Yunke and New York's Jungsik (two stars); and New York's Danji (one star).


Eat Like A K-Pop Star: The maximum efficient Korean Slow Cooker Recipes

Eat Like A K-Pop Star: The maximum efficient Korean Slow Cooker Recipes

Yoonha Says Goodbye To Her Diet With A Food Photo Welcome to this week's 'Eat Like a K-pop Star.' It is the weekly series where we exhibit a scrumptious Korean distinctiveness or anythingnow we havenoticed a K-pop star chowing down on in contemporary times and enable you to become or create some food of your own.

It's winter, this way thatit is timefor hotfoodsfilled with flavor, the type that fill the abdominal and make you are feeling all toasty. Your favourite idols would agree that now is the time to indulge a little to staythe guts and soul comfortableright through the blistery months.

A good way to get the ones hearty food are with a slow cooker, often referred to as a crock pot. There are a wide varietyof advantages to cooking with a slow cooker. For one, it's in maximum casestremendoussimple - just throw all of the ingredients in there and let it stew. It is really useful toget started ITahead ofpaintingsand feature a meal ableto headwhilst you commence home. A slow cook could also befantastic for deepening flavor and keeping meat tender and juicy.

When you would possibly be cooking with Korean ingredients, which can be already filled with rich, complex flavors, the combo of the long cook time and intense tastes make for an astonishingly flavor-packed meal. Here are some slow cooker recipes for Korean staples - the kind of foods that idols grew up dining with their Korean families:

Slow Cooker Kimchi Stew With Beef

This recipe from My Korean Kitchen is super flavorful and comforting. The slow cook permits even a in general not-so-nice cut of beef to be tender and tasty. Plus, it is a great way to get numerous use out of kimchi that isbeginning to get a little sour.

Dak Dori Tang, or Highly spiced Korean Chook Stew

Here's a standard Korean stew from Not Eating Out in New York. The spicy broth and other textures in this create a stew that's the restyet boring.

Slow Cooker Korean Beef

Thanks to Damn Delicious, we've were given this shockingly effortless style to get tender, flavorful meat. Then eat it by any means you lot want, like in a taco or in homemade ravioli for a fusion twist.

Slow Cooker Galbijam, or Braised Short Ribs

Korean Bapsang has a juicy recipe for braised short ribs that melt in the mouth. The flavors are a mixture of tangy, spicy, and sweet, and blended with some veggies, this is a straightforward one-bowl meal.

Korean Pulled Pork Sandwiches With Asian Slaw

Bobby Flay knows what is up by way of Korean pulled pork. Those sandwiches are killer. There are this kind of lot of flavors melding in combination in the irresistibly juicy meat, and yet the sandwiches still feel like and brand new thanks to the crisp Asian slaw topping. This one calls for a little more work and prep time than other slow cooker recipes, but the result'sutterlyvalue it.

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Studying To Be A K-Pop Star Korean Scholars Shift Profession Aspirations To The Arts

Studying To Be A K-Pop Star Korean Scholars Shift Profession Aspirations To The Arts

Lovelyz at MBC Music Show Champion A up to datefile from the Korea Institute for Fitness and Social Affairs printed that more South Korean basicscholars dream of careers in the arts than being professionals.

According to a 2015 welfare report by way of the agency, more elementary faculty students in fourth, fifth, and 6th grades than ever ahead ofwish to pursue careers in the arts. Over 78.55% of scholars polled indexed a occupation in the arts as their first or 2d choice, with actor, singer, athlete, director, artist, designer, author, reporter, and match organizer a few of the more popular selections.

The survey stunned many in South Korea, where professions in law, medicine, and industry are appreciated by many and featurecrownedidentical student surveys in the past.

However, South Korea's global reputation equally a content creator, shown by the recognition of K-pop, Korean dramas, film, and more, most probably played a roll in the findings at the aspect ofthe continuousenlargement of Korean entertainment companies and pastime from world investors.

Education was oncethe followingmost smartly liked field, followed by the carrier and food industry, which the Korea Times statedturned into attributed to the acclaim for cooking presentations in South Korea nowadays.

Health, welfare, and spiritual professions were a bettermaximum favored in the survey, akin to doctors, nurses, social workers, and changing into a member of the clergy.

Jobs associated withexecutive and felony professions were the least popular overall.

Tamar Herman is a multi-media journalist and the co-founder of KultScene. She is a freelance publisher and replica editor, and has written for MTV Iggy, Noisey, and Paste Magazine.

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Which Korean stars does Jack Black wish to  shape a band with

Which Korean stars does Jack Black wish to shape a band with

Jack Black had a just right time joking around all through his reside interview on January 20 via Naver's 'V' app. Jack Black took the honor of being the primary Hollywood superstarto seemat the 'V' app, and he mentioned his new film 'Kung Fu Panda 3,' his love for Korean music, Psy, and which stars in K-Entertainment he needs to shape a band with. 

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Jack Black said, "Korean fanatics are the best. I suspect Korean track is great. I cherished the band that opened for us during our concert and I feel Psy is awesome, too," revealing that he isa large fan of Psy, a call that just can notcross unmentioned when K-Pop is concerned. 

Park Kyung Lim, who used to be interviewing Jack Black, told him that she may call Psy as she is conversant in the singer. Alas, they will have tonow notwerein a positionto be triumphant in him as Jack Black settled for a video message instead. In the video, Jack Black relayed his greetings with, "Hey Psy, in case you are watching, please go watch 'Kung Fu Panda 3.'" 

Jack Black, who is a a section of a band called Tenacious D, joked that he, Park Kyung Lim and Psy ought tosort a band called Tenacious K. He said, "The 3peoplemust always form a band together," bringing much laughter. 

We would liketo peer that! Or possibly a collaboration? 


YouTuber poses as 'famous Korean star' in China and the consequences are hilarious

YouTuber poses as 'famous Korean star' in China and the consequences are hilarious

Want to be respected equally a 'famous Korean star' in China? Well, excellent news because it isin factnow not that hard; all you want is a posse of bodyguards, cameramen, a translator, and a hot woman friend through your side! And you're going to soon in finding yourself being trailed by a clot of your biggest, maximum adoring 'fans.'

SEE ALSO: The talented Kero One teases his new album

One guy from YouTube channel 'RE-PRODUCTIONS TV' set out to check how well other people would fall for his guise as a Korean star, and hilariously enough, his charade worked well...a little too well, which no doubt is funny yet also a little bit worrisome. 

The camera consumer asked the fake star's lovers if they have gotnoticed any of his movies, and so much of of them spoke backthat they havevisible him in 'Fast & Furious'; however, the more unswerving fans replied that they have watched "all his movies." The ones fans are the keepers! 

How about you? Have you viewed this noted K-Pop megastar in any of your favouritevideos or dramas? What is your favorite song by him? Mine is "I'll Make You Mine" ft. Aegyo Yeoja. I similar tohow it makes me want to dance. 


Korean-American Rock Band Royal Pirates Bring New Sound With Newest EP '3.3'

Korean-American Rock Band Royal Pirates Bring New Sound With Newest EP '3.3'

Royal Pirates 3.3 (Photo : Apple of the attention Co. and Universal Tune Korea) Korean-American pop rock band Royal Pirates returned on Dec. 1 with their newest album, a six-track EP titled 3.3.

On 3.3, the gang continues to increase their authentic music tastevia adding in a wealth of musical components to the other tracks.

"Let U Go" starts off3.3flawlessly with Royal Pirates' trademark pop-rock sounds, yet soon breaks out of the set mold and blossoms into a totally unique new sound. Once the refrain hits you can lose any semblance of regulateby way of your head bobbing.

The electronic environment of "Too Fast" brilliantly starts to introduce the target market to the band's new EDM endeavor. Round the 2:57 mark the song falls into a more space feel but soon returns to its catchy chorus.

Not simplest does "Run Away" determine regal Pirates as force to be reckoned with, but solidifies their position every bitprobably the mostbest bands in K-Pop. The catchy chorus in addition its quite so much of synths makes the lead unmarried a uniqueadvent indeed. Did somebody else have a mini musical center attack at 2:22?

"U I" slows down the album a little bit alongsidea section of new age funk. The track permits for a at easeexampleto absorbthe entirealternativeparts placed in the song, from the funky bass guitar to the brass trumpets in the background.

The album is not of route flawless. "Dangerous" is the black sheep of 3.3, with not much to provideas adverse toa captivatingglance at their musical astuteness. Similarly,"Without You" starts off with the ability ballad feels appropriate away. The toned down pacing is an entire contrast from the start of the album that leaves you in want of more.

As total 3.3is an awesome accomplishment for Royal Pirates. Their sound has evolved into a more exceptional EDM filled goodness this iscertainto paste around for a long time.

Check out Royal Pirates' comeback single "Run Away" below!

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'Office' Star Go Ah Sung And Director Hong Won Chan Kick Off The NY Korean Film Festival

'Office' Star Go Ah Sung And Director Hong Won Chan Kick Off The NY Korean Film Festival

Director Hong Won Chan and actress Go Ah Sung at the (Photo : Jean Libert for KDramaStars ) On November 6, Subway Cinema and The Korea Society ushed in the Opening Night at the Museum of the Moving Picture in Astoria.

Actress Go Ah Sung (Heard it from the Grapevine, Snowpiercer) and director Hong Won Chan (The Chaser) were present for the Opening Night screening of the psychological thriller, "Office," which kicked off the 13th New York Korean Film Festival.

Go Ah Sung at the (Photo : Jean Libert for KDramaStars ) "Office" is a chilling film, set within the sterile halls of a Korean office building, populated by ruthless salarymen and women who are struggling to maintain their place within the heirarchy.

Bae Seong Woo is Manager Kim, a hapless member of middle management who entertains dreams of advancement. When he is fired, he goes home and slaughters his entire family, before returning to the workplace.

Go Ah Sung is Lee Mi Rae, a country bumpkin intern, who wants to assimilate into the fast-paced life of Seoul office work. When news of Manager Kim reaches Mi Rae, it sets her onto a course where she is plagued by thoughts of extracting revenge against the full-time employees that make her life miserable and contributed to the downfall of Manager Kim.

"Office" marks the directorial debut of Hong Won Chan, whose previous work is based extensively in adaptations of real-life crimes.

Director Hong Won Chan and actress Go Ah Sung at the (Photo : Jean Libert for KDramaStars )

Go Ah Sung at the (Photo : Jean Libert for KDramaStars )

The screening was followed by a conversation with the talented actress and the director.Samuel Jamier, the executive director of Subway Cinema, served as the moderator the question and answer session.

When I first received the screenplay, I was worried after first, because I knew that it wouldnt be an easy role and that it would be taxing, said Go. As an actor, I felt like it would be great to play such a three-dimensional character. After seeing that, I didnt hesitate in saying yes.

Go was then questioned about her motivation for the role and whether she visited local Korean offices to learn more about workplace culture. Jamier referenced a common practice in Hollywood filmmaking where method actors find build their characters on the basis of real-life events or people.

I was actually really lucky, said Go. Around the time I started working on this project, all my friends from college were interning at some place or another. So, as an actor, it was great to have my friends points about the characters. I would go to their offices and make copies or do whatever interns do.

She mused on whether her ability to briefly work within an office actually served as a basis for her portrayal of Mi Rye.

But I dont know if thats what actually helped me figure out how to the find the character because, it wasnt really much about the appearance or the outside factors of what she did, said Go. I think it was more about delving through sense of inferiority and her sense of low self esteem. So I think the focus on that was more helpful.

Go Ah Sung at the (Photo : Jean Libert for KDramaStars ) Director Hong was asked about the origin of the name Mi Rae, which means future in Korean.

There it was a bit of an intentional thing [in the naming of Mi Rae], said Go. The producer, who also wrote the original screenplay, told me that she named the intern Mi Rae with that intention in mind. I did think that the name had more significance, afterwards.

Hong previously worked on adaptations of true crimes with credits including, The Chaser. Jamier asked Hong what aspects of crime interested him and why he made his directorial debut through a film like, Office, which many consider to be more of a horror movie than thriller.

Ive always been a fan of the crime genre, whether it is when I read novels or watch films, thats the genre that I tend to lean towards, said Hong. I think crime is always an attractive subject when it comes to film because you are really able to investigate human nature and what goes on, psychologically, behind a persons mind. Particularly, how someone would imagine a crime. I think that has been something important throughout my creative process.

Few Korean movies feature a powerful female protagonist. Office is a set within the male dominated realm of a sales team, whose self worth is determined by their ability to meet unrealistic goals. Go weighed in on portraying a woman who is seemingly powerless, but who develops her own method of control.

(Photo : Jean Libert for KDramaStars )

Ive never really thought about the discrepancy between female driven or male driven films, in Korea, said Go. But while I was making Office, I realized that it is hard for an actress like me to be in a leading role. So, thats when I really felt that. When it comes to filmmaking, I felt that its important not to make that distinction between how female or male driven films have been released. I feel like not making that distinction is sometimes more important, if you actually want to see a change with this.

Go Ah Sung and Hong Chan Wan join the presidents of the Korea Society, Museum of the Moving Picture, and Subway Cinema organizers, November 6, 2015. (Photo : Jean Libert for KDramaStars )

The Opening Night ceremony concluded with questions from the audience, followed by a reception, where Director Hong and Go interacted with attendees.

The 13th New York Korean Film Festival will continue through Tuesday, November 11, 2015. Screenings are held at the Museum of the Moving Picture in Astoria, Queens.

In addition to the screenings, the guests of the festival, including Go Ah Sung and director Ryoo Seung Wan, will be present for Korean Filmmakers Night on Monday, November 9 at 6 p.m. at the Korea Society.

Ticketing information and showtimes for the 13th New York Korean Film Festival can be found through the official website of the event.


Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor at KDramaStars. She is also a contributing music writer at KpopStarz, MTV Iggy and other publications. When she is not listening to "Rhythm Ta," she can be found on Twitter. (@retrogirladdy).


K-Pop Boy Band EXO Confirm 'Star Wars' Collaboration Music Video 'Lightsaber'

K-Pop Boy Band EXO Confirm 'Star Wars' Collaboration Music Video 'Lightsaber'

(Photo : SM Entertainment )

(Photo : Star Wars Facebook ) May the force be with EXO as they work on a promotional music video for the upcoming new "Star Wars" film.

The SM Entertainment boy band has been confirmed to appear in the Star Wars: The Force Awakenscollaboration music video called "Lightsaber."

After a teaser photo was posted on the Star WarsKorean official Facebook pageTuesday, Nov. 3, K-pop fans surmised the lucky act involved with the popular movie franchise and onThursday, Nov. 5, it was officially confirmed by SM Entertainment.

EXO will release a new digital single titled "Lightsaber" in conjunction with South Korean promotions for the upcoming Disney blockbuster.

A short video teaser for "Lightsaber" was uploaded on SMTOWN"s official YouTubechannel, which shows member Kai showcasing his dance moves.

Star Wars: The Force Awakenswill premiere in Korea on Dec. 17.

EXO released their Japanese version of "Love Me Right" on Wednesday, Nov. 4.


Manuel Garcia-Rulfo stocks Photo of His Korean Meal With The Magnificent Seven Co-Star Lee Byung Hun and Wife Lee Min Jung

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo stocks Photo of His Korean Meal With The Magnificent Seven Co-Star Lee Byung Hun and Wife Lee Min Jung

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Shares Photo of His Korean Meal With “The Magnificent Seven” Co-Star Lee Byung Hun and Wife Lee Min Jung Actors Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung’s contemporary whereabouts were publicized. Mexican actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo posted an image of him having dinner with the couple on his Instagram.

The image shows Lee Byung Hun and Lee Ming Jung having an attractive time with Manuel Garcia-Rulfo playing a Korean feast. They all glance satisfied as they smile into the camera. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo captioned the photo, “Thanks for dinner!#koreanstyle #korea #charles @216jung #byung-hun.”

Lee Byung Hun is lately filming the remake of the film “The Magnificent Seven” directed via Anton Fuqua. Understand his muscular body with a tan and mustache. It looks as even though Lee Min Jung is visiting her husband to cheer him on whilst on location.

“The Magnificent Seven” is a remake of the 1960 western movie set to be released in 2016. Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke will star in the motion picture along side Lee Byung Hun who plays the role of Billy Rocks. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo could also be in the film.

Upcoming free up of the Korean film “The Insiders” starring Lee Byung Hun, directed by Woo Min Ho will open in November in Korea.

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