Big Hit CEO Confesses Jungkook Almost Didnt Debut With BTS

Big Hit CEO Confesses Jungkook Almost Didnt Debut With BTS

Bang Shi Hyuk revealed that he didnt know if Jungkook could even debut due to his nerves.

Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Shi Hyuk recently took part in an interview and where he talked about how he has seen the BTS members grow over the years.

Bang Shi Hyuk first talked about Rap Monster, saying he feels the same way his fans do about him.

I first met Rap Monster when he was in 9th grade, 7 or 8 years ago. I feel the same way fans do. He started practicing at such a young age, its fun seeing how his personality has changed from his trainee days, to his debut, to now.

It was then that he made an admission that would surprise any fans of BTS today. The Big Hit Entertainment CEO confessed that before BTS debuted, he wasnt sure if Jungkook would even debut with the group.

Actually, during his trainee time, when Jungkook was asked to sing, he couldnt. He was very shy and would just twist his body for 15 minutes.

Jungkooks shyness was almost his downfall as it didnt allow his true talent to shine and caused Big Hits officials to actually have a negative opinion of him.

The company evaluation was that he couldnt even debut because he didnt have the talent to. But now, isnt he such a fun member?

Finally, he closed out this section of the interview by talking about drinking with the BTS members. Since Jungkook only recently became an adult in the eyes of the law, Bang Shi Hyuk admitted they now all go drinking together but not often since the members are all bad at drinking and they have very busy schedules.