QUIZ: Are you ready to  Title  Those K-Dramas With A Unmarried Screenshot

QUIZ: Are you ready to Title Those K-Dramas With A Unmarried Screenshot

QUIZ: Are you ready toTitleThose K-Dramas With A Unmarried Screenshot?autumn93 Might 12, 2016 0 QUIZ: Can You Identify These K-Dramas With A Single Screenshot? I dont think its an exaggeration to mention that some of us eat, sleep, and breathe K-dramas. As such, many almost certainly have an excellent list of watched dramas filed away for when itll come in handy. And what do you know? Here's that time. So use your broad drama-watching wisdomand spot how many of these K-dramas you'll be able to identify without any clue other than a single screenshot. Are you up for the challenge?

How neatly did you do? Let us know in the comments below!autumn93 is a lifelong asiandramaholic; she in fact can’t be mindful a time when she hasn’t been under the impact of alcohol off of dramas. It’s a true and serious problem. Doctors are still sufferingto discover a cure. But even so dramas, she also occurs to revel in food and Twitter.

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QUIZ: Are you ready to  Call the Debut K-Pop MV by way of a Unmarried Screenshot

QUIZ: Are you ready to Call the Debut K-Pop MV by way of a Unmarried Screenshot

QUIZ: Are you ready toCall the Debut K-Pop MV by skill of a Unmarried Screenshot?brookenicole April 13, 2016 0 LINE it!QUIZ: Can You Name the Debut K-Pop MV by a Single Screenshot? Were all self-assured in our talents to distinguish a debut K-pop tune video from a lately released one when weve stuck a glimpse of the members, yet how smartly do you remember debut music videos when you do now not need any idols to depend on?

Without seeing the members, can you name the debut K-pop music video based totallyonly on a single screenshot?

Click here to take the quiz and examine your memory!

Did you get them all right? Let us know in the comments!brookenicole is an inventiveauthor with a gigantic love for K-pop and a bigger love for playlist creation. You'll be able toto find her on Twitter here.

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QUIZ: Call the 2015 K-Pop Track Video From a Unmarried Screenshot

QUIZ: Call the 2015 K-Pop Track Video From a Unmarried Screenshot

QUIZ: Call the 2015 K-Pop Song Video From a Unmarried ScreenshotSylphid December 30, 2015 0 LINE it!QUIZ: Name the 2015 K-Pop Music Video From a Single Screenshot Featuring large budgets, awesome visuals, and every so oftenloopy storylines, K-pop music videos are at all timesamusing to watch. A utterly unique video can continuously make a song a lot more memorable for fans.

Featuring the nominees from the Soompi Awards 2015 Best possible Music Video category, can you wager the music video from a single screenshot?

Vote for your favorite: Soompi Awards 2015 Best Music Video

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SBS Drama Episode 9 Recap and Screenshot

SBS Drama Episode 9 Recap and Screenshot

 by Joonni:


No secret can be kept forever.

Episode 9 “The Pied Piper”


Jae Myung starts asking nicely, but grows more menacing as he approaches Dal Po- “Why did you hide that you were a reporter? Why did you come to my house? Why did you look in to my car?!”

Dal Po replies that he saw Jae Myung hyung’s truck by chance while he was investigating around his neighborhood and was just happy to see the it. Jae Myung is incensed by the fact that a reporter is calling him hyung so he grabs and pushes Dal Po against the tree and yells, “Don’t you ever call me hyung again. Don’t you ever come near me again! All reporters are sickening.”

Jae Myung drives off in his truck angrily, leaving Dal Po completely shaken.

Needing some guidance, Dal Po heads back in YGN and seeks Gyo Dong. He asks him, his face covered in confusion, “What if you had a family member you were separated from a long time ago, and what if you finally managed to meet that family member again, but that person doesn’t turn out to be what you expected. What would you do?”

Gyo Dong asks Dal Po what he means exactly, and Dal Po adds, “What if that person harmed someone?”

Gyo Dong immediately stops typing what he was typing and closes the door to the meeting room. He asks if Dal Po is sure, and Dal Po replies it is only a hunch, and still speaking in hypotheticals, “A hunch that no one else could know but you.”

Gyo Dong tells Dal Po that if it were him, he would investigate so he can find concrete evidence, not just rely on a hunch. If it were him, he would worry only after he found out the truth.


At the snowy intersection, Jae Myung crashes his truck into the sliding white truck to save the boy who was about to get crushed by it. MSC cameraman Lee Joo Ho makes sure to keep his camera on Jae Myung and captures the whole scene. He films Jae Myung getting out his truck, hobbling over to the boy, and asking the boy, calling him Ha Myung, “Are you okay?” Jae Myungs faints once he gets a positive answer from the boy.

In Ha and Beom Jo stare in disbelief at the situation in front of them. In Ha asks, “This is our exclusive, right?” Beom Jo replies in shock, “I think it is.”

Lee Joo Ho films Jae Myung being loaded onto the ambulance. He recognizes Jae Myung as a familiar face.

Il Goo gets the report from Beom Jo about this incident. He reports to Gong Joo who instructs Beom Jo to report the news from the scene and for In Ha to follow the ambulance to the hospital.

The MSC news heads have received the update about this incident too and they plan to add it to their show tonight. Everyone else thinks it is too small (with no deaths, only one injured) to make as the lead news, but Cha Ok disagrees. A water delivery man saves a junior high school student! Her eyes shine and excitement in written all over her face as she argues, “We can make the story bigger.” It will be more interesting than news about the icy roads and ski resorts being crowded, which was to be their lead story tonight.


Korean SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 9 Recap and Screenshots

It’s decided, then, to make Jae Myung’s story MSC’s lead news. Everyone is busy getting it ready for broadcast tonight.

Dal Po has returned to the police station where Yoo Rae is. They see a white truck being pulled in and they start asking for the story. They’re getting some answers when Dal Po spots his brother’s water truck, and putting two and two together, he asks what happened to the driver of the truck and finds out his brother has been taken to a hospital but he doesn’t know which hospital.

Dal Po calls Jae Myung but he can’t pick up. Jae Myung is unconscious in the ambulance and In Ha is there, following him to the hospital as instructed by Gong Joo. She is filming with her phone camera and asks the paramedic about Jae Myung’s condition. He seems to have only hurt his arm but they will need more tests.


Korean SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 9 Recap 

Jae Myung wakes up in a daze and starts asking about Ha Myung again. “Is he safe? Was he hurt?” The paramedics assure Jae Myung that he is safe. In Ha wonders who Ha Myung is.

Yoo Rae is reporting to Hyun Gyu about the truck collision while YGN’s and MSC’s 10 o’clock news begins. YGN starts with the icy roads story, while Cha Ok starts with the truck collision story. Everyone is watching: YGN’s people with envy, Beom Jo’s mom with pride since her son is reporting on TV, and In Ha’s dad with curiosity, wondering where his daughter is.


The only person who should be watching but is not is Dal Po and it’s because he is busy running around to hospitals, trying to find his brother. He finally sees MSC’s news segment when one patient at the hospital changes channels from YGN to MSC because YGN’s news story about the icy roads was boring. MSC’s lead story is far more interesting.

Lee Joo Ho has finally arrived at the hospital where In Ha and Jae Myung are at. Jae Myung is with the doctor and In Ha is reporting back to Il Joo. Lee Joo Ho finds out from In Ha that the truck driver’s name is Ki Jae Myung and he once again recognizes this name. In Ha wants to interview Jae Myung and asks the nurse if Jae Myung is still receiving treatment. No, says the nurse, Jae Myung has already left.


The MSC teams catches up with Jae Myung. Lee Joo Ho definitely now knows that the truck driver is Ki Jae Myung and the person who he thinks he is. It doesn’t look like Jae Myung recognizes Joo Ho, however, but he does recognizes Choi In Ha as Song Cha Ok’s daughter.  With a congenial smile, he agrees to the interview. Joo Ho is surprised.


Korean SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 9 Screenshots

Dal Po has finally found the right hospital. He finds a nurse who tells him that Jae Myung is okay (only fractured his arm), and that he is currently doing an interview.

Jae Myung is explaining to In Ha and the camera that about his family and that he must have called that boy Ha Myung because he was the same age as his brother who died. In Ha says, “You must hate those people slandered your father’s good name. Even though I am also a reporter, I am embarrassed.”

Dal Po runs to the lobby where they are filming. His eyes grow wide as he sees his brother and In Ha together.


Jae Myung continues to tell In Ha that the reporters who pushed his family all the way to the edge are still active. Joo Ho looks uncomfortable because he is one of those reporters. In Ha asks if Jae Myung remembers them all and Jae Myung replies he doesn’t remember all clearly but there is one person who was so vicious, he remembers very clearly- that person’s face, name, and even manner of speaking.

In Ha asks if Jae Myung can tell her who it is. Jae Myung leans closer to In Ha and smirks. He is about to tell her when both Joo Ho and Dal Po interrupt him with loud exclamations.



Dal Po tries to drag out In Ha while In Ha is busy telling Jae Myung not to give Dal Po an interview. Dal Po looks at Jae Myung uneasily, while Jae Myung glares at Dal Po.

Dal Po finally manages to bring In Ha outside. She thinks Dal Po is trying to ruin her interview, but Dal Po just warns her, terrified, that she should not contact that person she just interviewed- he is very dangerous and hates reporters. But In Ha already knows this because of the interview. She says she understands how Jae Myung feels. He is the son of the fireman whose remains were recently found at the factory. Jae Myung has good reason to hate reporters.


Dal Po exclaims loudly, “That is why he is dangerous! He might do something to you…I mean, to reporters so…” In Ha doesn’t believe Jae Myung will harm anyone; he just risked his own life to save someone else. Dal Po explains anxiously in concern and frustration that he knows that person and he is dangerous. So In Ha should leave this man to be covered by someone else at MSC.

In Ha wonders why she should be the only one to stay away from Jae Myung. She wants a reason she can understand from Dal Po. But Dal Po can’t tell so he asks hers, no, begs her to believe him because it is him, the person who cares about her the most. Dal Po is desperate to keep In Ha away from Jae Myung who he sees as dangerous and you can hare how frightened he is for In Ha as he begs her and holds her shoulders tightly. In Ha can hear his earnestness too and she agrees, even though she knows he is hiding something from her and he won’t tell her why. She promises to not ask him any more questions and to stop interviewing Jae Myung- “I believe in you more than him.” In Ha doesn’t hiccup and Dal Po is so relieved he falls back onto the bench behind him.


In Ha promises to not do anything that will worry him and Dal Po, grateful, holds her hand and brings her close. He leans his head on her and In Ha pats him to comfort him.


Back inside the hospital, Joo Ho thanks Jae Myung for the interview, who says to him, “It’s been a long time since I last saw you.” *shiver*

Joo Ho tries to pretend that their first meeting was recent, when Jae Myung had stopped him and Il Joo to ask about the reporter standing next to Song Cha Ok on the huge poster in front of MSC. But Jae Myung corrects him, saying they met 13 years ago and he did a similar interview in front of him- “Don’t you remember, reporter Lee Joo Ho?” Joo Ho tries to pretend he doesn’t remember, but Jae Myung says, “I remember clearly. You were with Song Cha Ok.”

Jae Myung looks at In Ha’s business that she gave him and confirms with Joo Ho that In Ha is Cha Ok’s daughter. “It’s fascinating that I would meet reporter Song’s daughter through an incident like this.” Jae Myung emphasizes, “It’s interesting…” Jae Myung smiles eerily, “and I’m grateful.” Joo Ho cannot look Jae Myung in the eye.

Outside again. In Ha confirms again that Dal Po is not doing to steal the exclusive from her. He interrupts her in his usual duck mouth way. Before they head back in, In Ha stops him to let him know that once both their initiation period ends and they go home, her dad will find out about them. Dal Po knows. In Ha warns him that her dad might be mean to him but Dal Po knows that already too.

Our brave, honest In Ha says to Dal Po, “But still…don’t give up! I will talk to dad…” Dal Po interrupts her with his duck mouth move again. “I won’t. Ever.” In Ha smiles in happiness as Dal Po caresses her face.



At MSC, In Ha congratulates Beom Jo on his first TV reporting. She wants to give him a high-five but Beom Jo hesitates, his hand still remembering the pain from last time.

Eek! Jae Myung is at MSC, watching In Ha.

In Ha and Beom Jo are getting off the elevator when they run into Cha Ok. She casually compliments them on a job well down as she is closing the doors of the elevator, but In Ha won’t let this first and rare event just pass. She actually stops the doors from closing with her foot and asks, “What did you say?” Cha Ok grudgingly, almost shyly, repeats, “You did a good job.” In Ha asks, “I couldn’t hear. Louder, please!” Cha Ok obliges, and as she is closing the elevator door again, asks slyly while looking at In Ha’s shoes, “Do those shoes fit you properly?”


In Ha is left staring at the closed elevator door. She  can’t believe that, one, she heard a compliment from her mom, and two, the shoes she thought her dad had bought her were actually from her mom. In Ha is ecstatic and Beom Jo is happy to see her happy. He even allows her to give him a high-five again.


The ratings are in and Cha Ok’s strategy work. The ratings have been flipped with MSC on top of YGN. MSC plans to build off this momentum and will follow up with Jae Myung’s interview tonight. At YGN, Lee Young Tak reminds his team that MSC was just lucky so don’t be too hard on the rookies. He doesn’t want to do a follow up story to Jae Myung’s story, like how Jo Won Goo suggests, since he thinks this story will just be a passing thing and there are more important stories to report.

He is wrong, however, as Dal Po narrates that interest in Jae Myung only grew hotter as days passed.


The team as MSC watches YGN’s follow up with Jae Myung’s interview. Dal Po is watching his brother talk about him and his family. Jo Won Goo asks Gyo Dong and the rookies if they don’t have anything on Ki Jae Myung. Dal Po remains silent and Gyo Dong looks at him. Gyo Dong then suggests that they just let this story pass, but Won Goo insists they find out more about Jae Myung. So Gyo Dong orders Dal Po to drop everything else and investigate Jae Myung, by himself, and report directly to him. Yoo Rae asks if she should help but she is told no.

They continue to watch Jae Myung’s interview with MSC. He is talking about his dad, the false accusations made against him, and his recent discovery of his remains. “He didn’t run away.”

Dal Po narrates, “My brother became a hero that way. And my brother who became a hero was telling the world about the injustice our dad suffered. And he heard the apology that he wanted to hear so desperately 13 years ago.”

We see Cha Ok on MSC’s news, saying, “When we talk about the press, we say that the pen is stronger than the sword. Since it is stronger than the sword, it means the pen can cause more harm. We at MSC, as part of the press that shares responsibility, apologize to Ki Jae Myung who has suffered so much.”

Cha Ok ends her speech with, “Just like how MSC exclusively revealed Ki Jae Myung’s story of injustice, we promise that MSC will work hard to report the truth and bear the role of the pen properly and…” We don’t hear more and Jae Myung, who has been watching, looks unmoved by Cha Ok’s apology.

Dal Po narrates, “The news that made my dad the devil 13 years ago was now making my brother a hero.” We sees the news choosing to report only the good things about Jae Myung, leaving out his fighting incident at school, and focusing on how Jae Myung buys all the leftover food from a grandma selling kimbap so she can go home and how he gave away all his reward money to a children’s charity center. As Dal Po narrates, the world greatly complimented even Jae Myung’s smallest good deeds, and “like the music of the Pied Piper from the fairytale, all of his words and actions relayed through the news began to captivate the world.” You see students start to mimic Jae Myung’s fashion style, even wanting to get his autograph.


It’s a new day and at MSC, Beom Jo and In Ha are confronted with a crowded elevator with Cha Ok inside. In Ha doesn’t think they will fit, but Beom Jo, seeing a good chance, insists they will fit and they get on the elevator. Beom Jo keeps on pushing Cha Ok, forcing her to basically hug her daughter. In Ha knows what Beom Jo is doing and she can’t keep the smile off her face, happy to be so close to her mom. She also warns people loudly to not step on her shoes.


The elevator is too full, however, and Beom Jo gets offs. It’s still too full, and seeing another chance, he pulls Cha Ok out of the elevator.

Alone with an angry Cha Ok, Beom Jo explains he pulled her out to give her her cellphone back. It’s the one she left at his family’s house 13 years ago. He confesses to her that he used her cellphone number for 13 years and “stole” her messages. He apologizes. He tells her to read the text messages on the phone. Her daughter, In Ha, sent her messages for 13 years, not knowing her mom lost her phone and changed her number. She kept sending even without any response.

Beom Jo explains to Cha Ok that after reading those messages In Ha sent, he began to become curious about In Ha and that is how he ended about here, a reporter at MSC. Yes, like a fool,  he became a reporter because of a girl, he confirms to Cha Ok. He suggests that she reads the messages too. If she does, she will fall in love immediately. Like him, once she finishes reading all the messages, she will become a fool. “And like me, you will want to become a good person to Choi In Ha.”


Cha Ok reads the messages alone in the conference room. She now understands why In Ha wanted to see her phone at the day of the interview. We also learn that Cha Ok once ate all the yellow part of In Ha’s eggs. Cha Ok looks at her daughter through the conference room’s glass walls. There is a bit of pain in her face as she watches her, a little bit of regret and longing.


MSC news has continued to top ratings and at the police headquarters, Gong Joo is enjoying this new spot on top. He even teases the other reporters with a promise to give them footage if they allow it to air with MSC’s logo on it. Ha, fat chance of that happening!

The other reports asks why Jae Myung will not do an interview with anyone else except MSC- are they paying him? Gong Joo adamantly denies this. Jae Myung said he chose MSC because it seemed like it was sincere.

In the midst of this conversation, Gyo Dong gets a call from Dal Po. He is reporting that he plans to meet Jae Myung, alone.

At MSC, Joo Ho spots Jae Myung stuffing a flyer for Song Cha Ok’s seminar in his pocket- “Fact and Impact.” He has a bad feeling about this.

He finds Song Cha Ok who is eating in the cafeteria alone at a table. He tells her about Jae Myung taking the flyer and he warns her that Jae Myung might be planning to cause trouble. After what she did to him 13 years ago, he is definitely planning something! Cha Ok gives Joo Ho the death glare. But Song Cha Ok isn’t one to back down. She tells Joo Ho to bring a camera because if Jae Myung does cause trouble, it will be a good news story. Cha Ok isn’t even afraid when Joo Ho says Jae Myung might be planning to terrorize her because she’s covered far more dangerous stories. In fact, she welcomes the possibility of Jae Myung terrorizing her since she believes that the larger the scale, the better new story it is.


Cha Ok has had enough of Joo Ho’s anxious worrying so she gets up with her plate and moves to In Ha and Beom Jo’s table. This makes In Ha extremely happy as she gives mom the yolk part of her fried egg and her mom gives her the white. Once again, Beom Jo watches with a very pleased smile on his face.


Camerawoman Im Jae Hwan hands Dal Po a small black case that Gyo Dong told her to give to him. We don’t see what’s inside and Jae Hwan wonders why a rookie like him would need it.


Dal Po is at the cemetery where his father ashes are. He has brought him flowers and he sees the notes left on the glass encasing for his father’s ashes from people apologizing for their false accusations and attacks and now calling him a hero. Dal Po sheds a tear reading these notes, which he quickly has to wipe away when he hears his brother’s voice. Dal Po turns on the recorder on his tie clip- it’s what Gyo Dong gave him.

Jae Myung wants to know why Dal Po is here and Dal Po tells him he wants to interview him. Jae Myung says he will be only be interviewed by MSC and Dal Po asks why MSC, while turning his phone’s recorder, when MSC was the one 13 years that portrayed his father in the worst way. Jae Myung replies there is no special reason other than the people at MSC now don’t distort his truth the way people like Dal Po do.

Jae Myung takes Dal Po’s flowers and walks out to throw them away. Dal Po follows him and abruptly asks Jae Myung, “Do you know Moon Deok Soo?” This stops Jae Myung in his tracks, his back still turned to Dal Po. He replies, “No, I don’t know him.”


Dal Po explains that Moon Deok Soo is the man who framed Ki Ho Sang 13 years ago and recently disappeared after killing two colleagues. Jae Myung turns around to face Dal Po and says, “I guess it was ‘what goes around, comes around’ for everyone. That man was a someone’s father and someone’s husband. I hope he turns himself in soon and stops his family’s suffering.”

Dal Po is unsettled by Jae Myung’s answer. He asks him why Jae Myung spoke of Moon Deok Soo in the past tense, like he was dead, not just missing. And why did he say it was “what goes around, come around” for everyone when Dal Po only said Moon Deok Soo was the one who framed Ki Ho Sang. How did already know that the other two that Moon Deok Soo supposedly killed also framed Ki Ho Sang?

This catches Jae Myung off guard.

Dal Po walks closer to Jae Myung. He asks, “Do you want to receive an apology from the world, or do you want to get revenge?”


Jae Myung steps even closer to Dal Po and states in a low, calm voice, “If you told me to choose between the two, it would be revenge.” Jae Myung takes Dal Po’s phone, which has been recording, and walks away, throwing  it into a fire later.

Back at YGN, Dal Po listens to his other recording…from the tie clip. He can’t shake this awful feeling about this brother and what he might have down to Moon Deok Soo.

Dal Po gets a call from Gyo Dong asking for an update on his meeting with Jae Myung, but Dal Po lies, saying he didn’t get  much. He narrates, “If it is magic that can deceive the whole world, can it become miracle? If it is a lie that can deceive the whole world, can it become the truth? If I am silent in a world that believes my brother to be a hero, won’t he be able to live as a real hero?”


Dal Po continues to narrate, “Truth which was entrapped inside a wall of lies seemed tranquil and calm like water, but without anyone knowing, was flowing out into the world, finding a little crack in the wall.”

We see Yoo Rae recognize Ki Jae Myung’s name from the newspaper as the name on the note that Gyo Dong asked her to give to Dal Po. She wonders what Dal Po has to do with Jae Myung. Chan Soo also recognizes Jae Myung’s face from the newspaper telling the story about Ki Ho Sang as the man he saw Dal Po with at the cafe with at the night of the plaza chase.


Dal Po: “Truth flows slowly through the crack and wears away at it, bringing down the wall that once seemed so strong, and reveals to the world its violent stream.”

Joo Ho calls In Ha into a video editing room. He wants to ask her a favor. He starts to tell her about the history between Ki Jae Myung and her mom, Song Cha Ok.

We see the interview we never got to see from the night 13 years ago when young Ki Jae Myung had met Song Cha Ok after waiting outside for her for days at the TV station. He had been clutching his father’s trophy and we had seen Song Cha Ok agree to an interview. We now finally see what he said.


Young Jae Myung was desperate to clear his father’s name. He displayed the trophy as proof of his father’s good deeds as a fireman. A person with such a record would not run away, abandoning his fellow firemen and his family. He is sure his father is dead. You hear Song Cha Ok ask how could that be when a Pinocchio saw his father alive. Young Jae Myung screams, “I believe in my father, not that Pinocchio.”


Jae Myung continues, “I wish he was alive! What son would want his father to be dead?! Even if he were to live his whole life receiving criticism, or that we won’t be able be able to see him, I still wish he was alive! But he isn’t. He isn’t the type of person to abandon his colleagues and family and hide. As his son, I don’t want to conclude that my father is dead, but as his son, I know that my father died.”


The interview video ends like this and we see that In Ha is shocked. But there is more. Joo Ho explains that on that night after the interview, Jae Myung had heard Cha Ok instruct Joo Ho to edit the interview so that the only part that goes out is when Jae Myung says he wants his father to be alive regardless of criticism. Joo Ho doesn’t want to do this but Cha Ok finds Jae Myung to be just a shameless as his father. She doesn’t believe him.

Jae Myung in his anger attacks Cha Ok, threatening her with his father’s trophy. He ends up being taken away by the police, and while Joo Ho insists that they settle the charges with the boy so he can go home to his family tonight, Cha Ok refuses. She has been hurt (you can see she has been scratched), although Joo Ho also explains that all that Jae Myung really did was punch the wall with the trophy.

The story doesn’t end there, however, for Cha Ok and Jae Myung. That night is the night Ha Myung’s mom committed suicide with Ha Myung. Jae Myung believes that if he was able to be with his family that night, his mother and brother would not have died. He screams at Cha Ok, standing there by the cliff instructing Joo Ho to film Ha Myung’s shoe, that this is her fault.  Cha Ok insists that Jae Myung would have also died if he had been there with his family. Completely distraught, Jae Myung screams, “I’m going to kill you. I’m going to kill you!”


In Ha is shocked that her mom knows all this yet. She stares at the shoes on her feet that her mom bought her and starts to hiccup. She can’t believe how ruthless her mom is. She doesn’t even hear Joo Ho asking her to speak to her mom about the seminar and the danger of Jae Myung appearing. Only when she takes off the shoes does In Ha stop hiccuping.


In Ha takes another look at the sneaker on the cliff from the footage from 13 years ago. She recognizes it. She saw one exactly like it at her house, belonging to Dal Po. In Ha runs out without her shoes and goes home.

In Ha confirms with her grandpa that the shoe inside their house is Dal Po’s and he was wearing it the day grandpa found him out at sea. He also tells her that Dal Po is home, on the roof currently.


As In Ha runs to him, the pieces all start to fit together- Dal Po saying she was her enemy, the bad things he said to her about her mom, his outburst at the debate, him not wanting her to be a reporter, and him asking her to stay away from Jae Myung. In Ha repeatedly hits her chest, the tears suffocating her as she thinks about all the pain that Dal Po endured and hid while he lived with her and while he loved her, the daughter of the woman that destroyed his family.



On the roof, she tearfully approaches Dal Po and holds onto him. She asks, “Are you Ki Ha Myung?” Dal Po’s look of surprise is her answer and he asks, “How do you know this?”


In Ha drops to the ground as the full impact of this revelation hits her.

Dal Po narrates, “The truth I wanted to hide, the person I wanted to keep it from the most found out.”


End of Episode 9


Never a dull moment in this drama, especially this episode. Episode 9 was packed with character and plot development, as well revelations for many, with truth seeping through the cracks and the full history finally told.

With so many dramas basically being filmed live and with episode time increasing, the use of flashbacks has grown in order to add minutes to a hurriedly and incompletely written and filmed episode or to give a brief review of the story for modern viewers with short attention-spans. But this drama wastes no such time. I’m grateful as a K-drama viewer for a story well-thought out and planned before being filming and we saw much evidence of careful planning in today’s episode. From Ha Myung’s shoes, Jae Myung’s interview with Cha Ok, and Ki Ho Sang’s trophy, the details from the beginning of the drama were brought back today as evidence of a story yet untold about the Ki family’s tragedy. The writer is definitely doing some onion peeling of her own.

It is also refreshing to see Dal Po and In Ha refuse to become tragic lovers, faced with her father’s opposition and, unbeknownst to In Ha at the time, Cha Ok’s connection to Dal Po. This drama doesn’t dwell on romantic angst and there is always a little bit of happiness and solace for In Ha and Dal Po despite all the sadness they can succumb to. We see so many main characters in K-dramas choosing to dwell in unhappiness and loneliness for the sake of being tragic heroes and heroines, but Dal Po and In Ha, choose to pursue happiness with each other and so early in the drama!

If I didn’t think Dal Po needed In Ha, I would love to see her with Beom Jo, who sincerely wishes for her to be happy. It’s so sweet to see him try to bring Cha Ok and In Ha together and also to see him smiling just because In Ha is smiling. So far his love for her has been selfless, a true and honest wish for her happiness.

Ah, to see In Ha and Cha Ok finally grow close and to see Cha Ok reach out to her daughter, only to have it revealed to In Ha what her mom did to Cha Ok. Cha Ok has always been an interesting, multi-faceted character to me, and I suspected there was more to her than was let on. We witnessed a small moment of vulnerability as she read through her daughter’s messages, reflecting on what she missed out on and reading her daughter’s longing for her mother all those years. We also saw that she is not completely immune to other people’s advice since she complimented In Ha on a job well done like how Gong Joo suggested.

Why was Cha Ok the most vicious and the most insistent 13 years ago with the Ki family? Its one part ambition and one part a strong belief in a Pinocchio’s testimony. How could she not? She had a daughter with the Pinocchio syndrome and had experienced their inability to lie first-hand. She believed a Pinocchio like her daughter more than the words of a boy who looked so desperate to clear his father’s name. She is just like Jae Myung who believed his father more than the words of a stranger who says he is a Pinocchio and says he saw his father. She is like In Ha who believes Dal Po over Jae Myung. You believe in those you love. Both stood at their own viewpoints and believed what their experience told them to believe. But this doesn’t excuse Cha Ok’s entire behavior, especially her editing instruction for Jae Myung’s interview. She should have given Jae Myung a chance to present his father’s story no matter how much she believed in the Pinocchio’s testimony. She gave no room at all for doubt.

And that’s the power of news media or any media. It can present one side of the story, weed through all the facts to to get the picture they want (like how MSC chose only the good things about Jae Myung to report), and then build it up so much, it becomes the one and only truth. It wouldn’t be so dangerous if it the media didn’t reach so many people. As I watched Jae Myung’s story become more and more popular and the public’s opinion of his rise and solidify, I could only only think about how far his fall will be, how painful and vicious the public’s response will be, and how much Dal Po will suffer.

I still remain baffled by why Dal Po confides in Gyo Dong. It’s not like Gyo Dong can’t figure out that Dal Po is talking about his brother. It’s not like Dal Po has no inkling of what might happen if Gyo Dong finds outs out about Jae Myung’s crimes. Couldn’t Dal Po have figured it out himself that he needed to find out more about Jae Myung? Is Gyo Dong’s sole purpose in being part of this knowledge to provide Dal Po with recording device? Now Dal Po has to hide things from Gyo Dong and it’s not like Gyo Dong is not going to be curious. Does Dal Po believe that Gyo Dong will be able to help him if he really does confirm that his brother is a murderer?

I finally made the connection earlier today that Jae Myung is played by the actor who was Deok Man in “Faith.” He was such harmless goof and puppy in that drama. So strange to see him so scary.

Screen shot 2014-12-11 at 5.51.25 AM


Korean KBS2 Drama Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 7 Recap and Screenshot

Korean KBS2 Drama Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 7 Recap and Screenshot

by Dramabeans:

Yoo-jin bristles to see the new guy, Yoon-hoo, paying attention to Nae-il, which brings out his inner caveman as he pulls her to himself. Yoon-hoo explains that he’s auditing classes here while on break from Juilliard, and watches Yoo-jin’s display of jealousy with amusement. The scoring for this moment is particularly apropos, with Prokofiev’s famous Montagues-versus-Capulets piece marking the tension, all bombast and machismo. Although let’s be honest here; it’s mostly a one-sided thing, even if Yoo-jin won’t admit it.

Nae-il marvels that this is the first time Yoo-jin has hugged her, which puts Yoo-jin in the awkward position of protesting that it totally wasn’t a hug while not wanting to back away entirely—since, you know, he was proving a point to New Guy. But New Guy has his number, sizing up the situation accurately—he guesses that they’re not dating, though he recognizes that things just got harder for himself (and his interest in Nae-il).

Korean KBS2 Drama Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 7 Recap and Screenshot

Teacher Do steers Yoon-hoo toward joining the A Orchestra, frowning when Yoon-hoo expresses interest in the maestro’s special orchestra instead. He has heard that Maestro Streseman and Yoo-jin will be performing for the upcoming Classical Night concert, and assumes that the S Orchestra will be chosen to accompany. Teacher Do implies otherwise.

Yoo-jin announces to his members that they’ll be accompanying his concerto—aw, so he did pick the S Orchestra after all? I was afraid he’d waffle when it came time to put his own playing on the line, but he just tells them to do a proper job of it and lets them squee at the idea of performing at a televised event.

Korean KBS2 Drama Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 7 Recap

Nae-il has spent all night thinking about Yoo-jin’s hug and has come to the conclusion that he was jealous of Yoon-hoo giving her attention. Yoo-jin argues, of course, but she’s totally right so there’s really no way he’s convincing about it.

Streseman gives Yoo-jin a shock by declaring that they’ll be performing with the A Orchestra instead, and that the news has already gone out to the press. Yoo-jin argues to use the S Orchestra, but Streseman points out that it’s different when you’re conducting musicians who are skilled. Aw, sad. Not that he’s wrong about which is the safer bet, but I sure hope this is another lesson-test, because otherwise Streseman is just talking out of both sides of his mouth. Not that I hold him to high standards of reason anyway.

Not knowing this, our central S Orchestra crew celebrates at Dad’s restaurant. Nae-il wonders what’s taking Yoo-jin so long to join them, not seeing that he’s watching from the window wearing a long face. Aw, now that’s positively Dickensian. Heaving a sigh, he moves on without making his presence known.

Yoo-jin’s mother she can’t get a hold of Yoo-jin on the phone, so she drops by his place directly, ostensibly to drop off some health drinks but really just to be a typical nosy mom. She notes with interest a memo on his fridge, listing Nae-il’s requested menu items for the week. Cute.

Mom asks knowingly if he has a girlfriend, and says it’s good to see him making friends with his peers and pursuing conducting. She asks if he still finds his S Orchestra friends annoying, and he smiles, “A little.” Thinking of how they invited themselves in and nagged his ear off the last time, he amends, “Well, they’re not so annoying.”

She says they seem like good people who genuinely care about him, and he agrees that they’re all sincere people, able to show their truth on the outside. Mom says not everyone lives bottling everything up on the inside like he does. He explains, “It’s because if you receive that sincerity, you have to return it in kind. I thought there wouldn’t be time to return it, since I’d be leaving for overseas. I didn’t know this trauma would be so long-lasting. So I didn’t accept it. But this time I ended up accepting it, without knowing it.”

Yoo-jin appeals to Streseman again about switching to the S Orchestra, adding that without either of them, the orchestra might just dissolve. Streseman is unconcerned by that prospect and tells him to think rationally about whether the S Orchestra is truly up for the task. Yoo-jin doesn’t hesitate for a second as he makes his decision: If he can’t perform with the S Orchestra, he will withdraw from the concert.

Streseman accepts this decision readily, to Teacher Do’s alarm. This merits another call to the faculty chairwoman, and they are more convinced than ever that they must be rid of Streseman.

Teacher Do can’t persuade Yoo-jin to change his mind, so he takes a more effective, if dirty, approach: blackmail. If Yoo-jin refuses to perform with the A Orchestra, Teacher Do will make sure his S buddies suffer accordingly. Using their poor showing at the recent music festival as ammunition, he threatens to push for dissolution of the orchestra… unless Yoo-jin complies, of course, in which case he will generously give up those plans. Oh you dick.

Il-lac, Mini Min-hee, and Su-min are still hopped up on excitement over the prospect of performing, and the spiteful A Orchestra members rather enjoy telling them the truth. *Pop* goes the bursting bubble.

Nae-il is surprised to see Yoon-hoo joining her for class, and wonders at the coincidences bringing them together. He merely asks, “Are they really coincidences?” Nae-il gets a call from Il-lac informing her of the A Orchestra situation, and she’s so alarmed she dashes right out of the room as class is about to begin. Yoon-hoo, clearly only in this class for her, excuses himself as well.

Nae-il races straight to the rehearsal hall, where Yoo-jin joins them after spending the afternoon mulling over his dilemma. The members wait hopefully for a denial, but Yoo-jin confirms the rumors as true and calls the earlier announcement his mistake. I so wish he’d defend himself more, but he does the cool/noble thing by taking the blame for the misunderstanding in the most blanket way (and thus without explanation for any motives). He says that the A Orchestra is the obvious choice and lets them think the worst of him.

Korean KBS2 Drama Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 7 Screenshot

He reminds them that he’s not even their official conductor, and is merely a student. The dismayed members clamor for Yoo-jin to reconsider and not abandon them, but Il-lac surprises them by roaring at everyone to cut it out. Perhaps he’s the most hurt by what he sees as Yoo-jin’s betrayal, and he instructs the orchestra not to cling to someone who doesn’t want them, asking Yoo-jin to leave. Yoo-jin tells him on his way out that they earned the applause at the end-of-term performance entirely on their own merits.

Nae-il chases him out to plead with him to stay, and half-threatens to become his enemy because she’s going to stick with the S Orchestra as its mascot. It’s cute and a little heart-pinching when Nae-il overestimates her importance like that (that he would stay just because she asked), though I also appreciate that childlike simplicity about her.

The S Orchestra members start packing up their things to head home, but Il-lac tries to prevent their departure by insisting that they’re not done for. He reminds them that they’ve got him as leader, but that doesn’t mean much to the members, who scoff that now they really are only bottom-rung students.

That evening, Il-lac waits outside Yoo-jin’s apartment to intercept him, pleading with him to change his mind. It’s so sad watching him try all sorts of different angles, from bargaining to begging to threatening, and seeing that Yoo-jin feels terrible for hurting his friends. But because he’s that guy who bottles things up inside, he just clings to his gruff exterior, saying that the decision is made.

Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 7 Recap and Screenshot

A flicker of emotion does cross Yoo-jin’s face when Il-lac refers to himself as bottom-rate—like he doesn’t believe that of Il-lac—but he’s got a stern facade to maintain. Il-lac appeals to him as best friend, and Yoo-jin says that the BFF status only goes one way, because Il-lac isn’t his bestie. Aw, sad. He keeps his composure while Il-lac threatens to erase him from his phone, while Il-lac regrets hitting delete almost instantly. Boys, just say I love you and make up!

Yoo-jin pauses in front of Nae-il’s door, though he decides against ringing her bell. He heads inside his apartment… and finds Nae-il already there, waiting for him to cook her dinner. I love that he’s clearly relieved even if he doesn’t know how to show it, and she explains that even if they’re warring outside, they’re still in “love mode” inside, like they’re spouses who’ve had a spat. And then he makes her a steak dinner, so I guess maybe he does know how to show it, even if it’s totally roundabout and indirect.

Yoo-jin rehearses for his piano concerto with Streseman, who critiques his performance as boring. He guesses that Yoo-jin’s never worked to seduce anyone—he’s probably never needed to. Streseman enacts a bizarre upper-body wriggle to demonstrate his point, which doesn’t come across at all, leaving Yoo-jin to wonder whether he’s imitating a snake.

Streseman draws the difference between a CD recording and a live performance, the latter of which should appeal to the audience with more than just the sound of the music. He instructs Yoo-jin to put more passion into his performance, and to work to draw the audience’s gazes and steal their hearts.

Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 7 Recap 

As Yoo-jin leaves his practice, he finds himself walking the wrong way to A Orchestra’s rehearsals, as concertmistress Shi-won notices. He realizes his error and explains that the route to the S Orchestra hall had become a habit.

The S Orchestra members are dealt a blow upon finding that their rehearsal space has been closed off with a “DO NOT ENTER” sign by Teacher Do, who sniffs at their impending dissolution. He tells the students that they’ve got no talent and should look to their futures, taking the wind out of their already flagging sails.

The members slump in front of the closed doors, wanting to ignore the sign but fearing that disobedience would just hasten their disbandment. Nae-il sighs in disappointment since she wanted to do a costume orchestra performance, an idea the others react to enthusiastically… if not for the problem of having no money, no conductor, and no space.

Which is when new guy Yoon-hoo arrives and pulls the sign off himself, here to join the S Orchestra. In a flashback we see him declaring those intentions to Teacher Do and being heavily discouraged, but those haven’t stopped him from coming anyway.

The members are simultaneously excited at Yoon-hoo’s arrival and suspicious that he’d really want to join them, with his reputation and talent. It’s cute that they’re trying to act cool to his face while squeeing amongst themselves, given that Yoon-hoo can totally see the squeeing from his seat a few feet away. Il-lac asks for an entrance audition, which is almost going too far—the other members don’t want to play too hard to get—but Yoon-hoo is happy to comply, busting out his cello to wow them with a lovely Bach solo.

Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 7 Screenshot

The members enthusiastically accept Yoon-hoo into the fold, not noticing how he looks rattled as he clenches a shaking fist behind his instrument. Ah, so something’s wrong with his hand, which explains why he’s taken a detour off the fast track to fame and glory. Adorably, Il-lac is slinging his arm around Yoon-hoo in no time, calling him a forever friend.

Now the orchestra needs a conductor, and they sigh wistfully that they wish one would drop down from heaven. Which is perfect entrance timing for Seung-oh, recently of the A Orchestra, who declares that he’s got some time on his hands and volunteers his services. Well, he may be petty and pompous, but he IS a talented conductor—heck, he’s aconductor, period—so they’re happy to accept him. Seung-oh, meanwhile, gives the S orchestra credit for coming a long way from their bottom-rate reputations.

Streseman and Mina talk about his plans for the students, and wait, don’t tune out yet! I know their scenes are a smashing bore, but to look at the glass as half-full, getting out all the exposition in their scenes helps keep the other scenes light on exposition, and more loaded with fun. It appears that Streseman is perhaps indeed a twisted genius (as opposed to just twisted), since he mentions the kids needing to learn things for themselves. So there’s a method to his madness, although that doesn’t mean he’s not mad.

Streseman asks Mina to listen to his performance, not as teacher but as herself, because he’s imbued the performance with all the feelings he couldn’t express to her before. The loaded words have Mina flustered, and she quickly excuses herself. “I can’t push it off any longer,” Streseman notes.

Nae-il has picked up a part-time gig playing the piano at Mom’s cafe—although I suppose it might be more accurate to say that nosy Mom has finagled Nae-il into a job there to keep her in her orbit. While Nae-il plays, Do-kyung drops by for another friendly chat with Mom. She knows Mom enough to guess that she employed Nae-il for other reasons, and Mom admits that she was curious about her. She finds Nae-il cute, and Do-kyung’s smile fades as Mom adds that Yoo-jin seems to think so too.

Min-hee notices Do-kyung’s arrival too, taking this as more proof that Do-kyung is dating the boss’s son. Since they still don’t know who that son is, Nae-il finds this news a relief, since it’s a little anxiety-provoking to have Yoo-jin’s ex hanging around him.

At school, Yoon-hoo catches Nae-il lurking suspiciously, and she confides that she’s avoiding Teacher Ahn. Even though her love of playing the piano hasn’t cooled, she isn’t up to lessons right now. Her mind flashes back to the scary master class experience, which dredges up all sorts of old, painful feelings.

Yoon-hoo reads her mood correctly and offers that there was a time he hated the cello too. She says he plays well now, and he says that it’s because he met someone—a pianist he wants to play with. He says encouragingly that if she’ll be ready to return to lessons when she meets someone who does that for her.

While Yoo-jin continues practices with the A Orchestra, the members of the S Orchestra also proceed with their rehearsals. Yoon-hoo is particularly attentive to his fellow players, giving them encouragement and tips.

Streseman is finally ready to reveal to Teacher Do the identity of the piano student he’s been looking for—the one he’d heard playing a rendition of Beethoven’s “Eroica.” Teacher Do is both shocked and dismayed to learn that it’s Nae-il, and even sounds wounded as he asks, “Do you hate me so much?” Ha. To burst your bubble like this?

On his way home, armed with dinner ingredients for Nae-il, Yoo-jin encounters the S Orchestra crew, who are still angry with him for his abandonment. Adding insult to injury is the fact that Nae-il walks with Yoon-hoo, even if she is ready to go running for Yoo-jin right away. Il-lac holds her back and says he’s the guy who left because he didn’t want them, and leads the miffed crew past Yoo-jin.

Poor Yoo-jin, who takes their scorn silently and then tosses away his groceries. Nae-il knocks on his door later to no response, and puzzles over his absence. She gets to work on a new sewing project, wondering all night long where he’s disappeared to. Turns out he’s at school, furiously practicing his concerto, looking caught up in the fierce emotion.

The school’s fall festival rolls around, and my, my, doesn’t the S Orchestra look spiffy. They’re dressed up in period costume, all smart suits and swing years flair. But things don’t look good for conductor Seung-oh, who’s ashen-faced in the bathroom, throwing up his lunch.

Yoon-hoo finds him and guesses that he’s dealing with a bout of stage fright. Seung-oh insists that he won’t choke like last time, but he’s shaking like a leaf and then moans that he can’t do it. Yoon-hoo tells him kindly that it’s okay, but Seung-oh asks what’ll happen to their performance.

The S Orchestra is in a festive mood until they get the last-minute notice that Seung-oh is sick and had to go to the hospital. Nae-il decides to shoot Yoo-jin a last-minute plea for help, hoping that he’ll pinch-hit the conducting duties. But Yoo-jin gets the message while he’s in a rehearsal studio busily preparing for his own performance, and sighs, “What am I supposed to do about it?”

Nae-il waits anxiously outside expecting his arrival while the clock winds down to showtime. And despite the circumstances Yoo-jin can’t completely put the S Orchestra emergency out of his mind, worrying it over until he finally hurries out of his own rehearsal with the A Orchestra to join his friends.

He arrives to find the rehearsal space is empty, though, and wonders incredulously if they mean to proceed without a conductor. He heads for the concert hall next.

Yoo-jin arrives in the auditorium just as the music begins, with Nae-il standing on the darkened stage illuminated by a single spotlight, as she plays a melodica. It’s an unexpectedly funny sight, and the audience laughs as she plays a jazzy solo rendition of Bernstein’s “Mambo” from West Side Story.

She wraps up her introduction, and then the lights turn on… to reveal Yoon-hoo on the conductor’s stand? Omo, that’s a turn I didn’t expect, but one that gets me excited. He’s good, too, leading the S Orchestra skillfully, with an attitude of competence mixed with utter fun—oh, this is great. The players get into the mambo mood, waving their bows to the tune and spinning their cellos in between beats, while Nae-il dances in front of the stage. The musicians even rise in unison to shout out the “Mambo!” line, and the audience catches the infectious mood.

Yoo-jin watches intently, and realizes, “They’re good. It’s not just that these guys are playing well—they’re perfectly in sync. They can’t have had any time to practice that. Is this even possible?”

The performance is a resounding success, earning a standing ovation and a round of “Bravo”s from Maestro Streseman himself. Yoo-jin asks in shock what Streseman is doing here right before their concert, which is a question that gets turned right back around on him. The maestro adds that Yoon-hoo knows how to captivate a person’s heart—perhaps a pointed reminder of Yoo-jin’s own task at hand.

With that, he suggests that they head off to their own concert. Watching Yoon-hoo at the front of the stage shaking Nae-il’s hand, Yoo-jin notes, “It was splendid. But only to this point—today’s star is me.”


Korean Dram Iron Man (Blade man) Episode 2 Recap and Screenshot

Korean Dram Iron Man (Blade man) Episode 2 Recap and Screenshot

Iron Man isn't actually batshit insane. Surprisingly, it's so funny. Therefore I love it so much. 

But the drama did commit a cardinal sin in starting with a ridiculous (and worse, impenetrable) premiere episode when it really should’ve just kicked off with Episode 2, which clarified a lot of Episode 1′s scattered plot elements and steered the story along in a direction that’s much more clearly defined. That’s why I’m writing this Episode 2 recap, because even though HeadsNo2 did an admirable job trying to make sense of the disjointed premiere, that episode ultimately felt like an incomplete introduction. (Sorry, Heads!)

I will fully allow that Iron Man may not be your cup of tea anyway, but I’ll suggest that Episode 2 is a necessary piece of the setup, to determine what the show is even going for. As for me, I found myself very surprised at how laugh-out-loud funny the show was, once I could make sense of who was who and why. (And, as our hapless Secretary Go would hasten to include, also when, where, how, and doing what.)

So while I do have reservations that the show could go sideways from here (…although let’s be honest, even from a positive perspective it’s already plenty sideways), I do also respond to its whimsical, comic book-y feel and especially the dry, deadpan humor. We most likely won’t be continuing recaps with the full series, but I’m definitely staying tuned for more of the in-your-face quirk. At least until it goes completely off the rails (…again, I mean). And even then, maybe the trainwreck version will still be worth a rubberneck.

Iron Man (Blade Man) Episode 2 Review by Dramabeans:


As our heroine, Se-dong, carries the abandoned boy home, she finds our hero, Hong-bin, waiting outside her place. Once again, he’s hit with that supersensory feeling of familiarity—he closes his eyes and registers her scent, waving it closer, balancing on one leg like a graceful, balletic smelling machine. It’s absurd and oddly hilarious.

Se-dong brings the boy (named Chang) inside, tucks him into bed, then starts to head back outside. But Chang grabs her ankle, giving her sad puppy-dog eyes, and she can’t leave him alone. So Se-dong calls out to Hong-bin through her basement-room window while Chang keeps holding onto her ankle. It’s sweet and heart-tugging.


Hong-bin’s annoyed when she tries to send him off with the offer to see him tomorrow instead. He grumbles about looking down through her basement window, while she points out that it’s worse for the person below to look up. Impatient to get to the point, Hong-bin just drops to his hands and knees right there, demanding to know why she stopped by to see him earlier.

When she takes issue with him using banmal, he rattles off his age and university class year to prove how much older he is. Realizing they’ve got the same alma mater, suddenly she shifts to a deferential “Yes, sunbae!” Ha.

He asks again why she came to see him, and Se-dong requests, “Please give me Monstro.” That’s the game she and her five hoobaes have been working on—they didn’t know their owner sold the company to Hong-bin, and now they’re penniless and nearly homeless. If they can get Monstro back, they intend to wrap up its final development, make a mobile version, and launch a messenger app using the game’s characters. She fears that he’ll take Monstro and just churn it out with a minimum of effort.

Just then, she cuts herself off—Hong-bin is doing that eyes-closed smelling thing again. Creeped out, she shuts the window gate (literally ON his head) and hurriedly says goodnight. Then she texts her friend Seung-hwan a warning not to let the boys drink too much, and adds that Global Games’ CEO is a total pervert.

In the morning, Hong-bin bolts out of bed disgusted at the smell of himself and beelines for the bathroom, shedding a trail of clothing in his wake. Can I say, any superpower that keeps a hero shirtless and ab-ready at all times is okay by me.


Se-dong takes a call during breakfast, and although she says nothing telling, Chang reads into her unease and starts cleaning the floor with a rag. He offers to do all the cleaning and errands: “I won’t even cry that I miss my mom, and I won’t try to follow you when you go anywhere. I’ll stay home quietly. Don’t send me away.”

Se-dong admits that she doesn’t want to send him away, but before she can add on the “but I have to” part of that thought, he lights up and hugs her. She doesn’t have the heart to finish her sentence.

Hong-bin is alerted to graffiti painted onto his property, labeling this “HOME OF A THIEF.” The culprits have been identified as Se-dong’s hoobaes, and Se-dong receives this news from Seung-hwan with dismay—the boys had gotten drunk despite her warnings, tagged that wall, and were caught by police. Frustrated, she exclaims that she has no money, and it’s unlikely that the CEO is going to let them settle this easily anyway.

As she goes off on Seung-hwan for letting this situation get out of hand, little Chang looks more and more worried, so Se-dong calms down and promises not to yell. Chang gets out his wallet and hands over two American dollars: “Take it. You were mad because you don’t have money.” Aw.


She declines the money, so he hands over a lollipop instead, which he calls very special. She gives him a toy in exchange—a sample of the first character she ever designed. Chang hugs her and declares, “I’m gonna marry you. My mommy told me that if I met a good woman after her, I should marry her.” Se-dong tells him he’d better not back out of that promise.

Hong-bin’s groundskeeper alerts him to an oddity on the estate: an unnaturally sliced tree, perfectly cut lengthwise. Secretary Go whispers to the groundskeeper that he should have been alerted first, gulping when Hong-bin declares that he finally understands what’s going on around here. It’s because of stuff like this that he’s having all those disturbing nightmares! Ha, and I thought you were supposed to be smart.

Back in Se-dong’s neighborhood, police officers arrive to take Chang off her hands. He’s crying and inconsolable, and she asks if she can keep custody until his guardian is found. But that doesn’t fall within protocol, so the officer won’t allow it.

At Hong-bin’s mansion, the maids cower in fear while upstairs, Hong-bin lets out his ire on Secretary Go, who has lied about cameras being broken to keep Hong-bin from seeing footage of that tree-slicing. We hear punching and screaming, and then Secretary Go goes falling down the staircase, ass over heels, hitting each step sharply—and then rolling to a stop like a badass ninja cat, nary a scratch on him. He even gives us a conspiratorial smile. And then the second he hears Hong-bin heading down, he resumes his downward roll, faking painful grunts. I love Secretary Go.

Iron Man (Blade man) Episode 2 Screenshots

Se-dong visits her friends in jail and is horrified to hear that their graffiti stunt would cost a whopping 100 million won (a hundred grand U.S.) to settle. The whole slab of stone would have to be replaced, and as it happens, that type of stone isn’t available in the country. Of course it isn’t.

They boys hang their heads, but practical Se-dong only sighs for a minute before switching into problem-solving mode. She heads out to meet the victim, pick up meds, and bring them food, and the brat pack chimes in with additional snack requests. Good god, she is a saint not to slap them silly on the spot.

Madam Yoon calls Secretary Go to inform him of that woman with the child, and that Hong-bin should recognize the mother’s name, Kim Tae-hee.

Se-dong arrives to see Hong-bin, and Secretary Go gives her the warning to keep Hong-bin from getting too angry. He does a terrible job of explaining why, stammering about chances of rainfall and mood-related weather changes, and finally gives up and shows her in. Haha.

They hang back while Hong-bin finishes a round of his game, which takes a very, very, very long time. When he finally gives her his attention, she starts by offering to clean up the wall perfectly, since she has no way to rustle up 100 million won. She’s hesitant and the offer is hardly convincing, and Hong-bin scoffs.

Then he criticizes her and her “kind”—people who pretend they’re taking the high road and keeping the peace when really, they’re just scared to stand up and fight and run away at the first chance. So instead of fighting him fairly, they snuck onto his property to deface his wall as a lame revenge.

I’d say he’s sized up the boys pretty well, actually. And maybe he’s got her number, too, because he points out that she’s conflating the issue of Monstro with the wall, as though she’s trying to do a bait-and-switch to wriggle free with everything she wants. Hong-bin refuses to budge on his demand.

Se-dong glares at him, her indignation mounting as he just talks on and on. Finally she tells him to shut up for one minute so she can think. He shrugs and sets his monkey clock alarm to one minute. Tick-tock.

Iron Man (Blade man) Episode 2 Screen Capture

Se-dong stands there deep in thought as the seconds wind down. The alarm goes off, the monkey dances—and Se-dong has an idea. She starts with Monstro, saying that she and her boys will finish up the last touches—it’s their creation, they know how to do it, and he couldn’t do it any better. She offers their work without pay, in exchange for the copyright; once the game launches, they’ll repay the wall fee and split the profits with him fifty-fifty.

It’s a ballsy proposal (or maybe just naive), prompting Hong-bin to laugh in her face, then flatly refuse the offer. She pleads with him to think it over, so he agrees—and then thinks for about two seconds and refuses again.

Well, that’s that. Se-dong accepts the answer, then turns to leave. But it’s Hong-bin who stops her, curious to know what she means to do now. She replies that she’ll have to get her head wet (her go-to procedure for thinking of ideas) and figure out a solution.

Just then, his stomach growls. Guessing that he skipped breakfast, she suggests that he try a particular menu to clear his head and settle his temper. Then she leaves, and he just stares after her in confusion, not knowing what to make of her. I love how Secretary Go stops her to ask about that menu, and jots down notes.

Se-dong proceeds to do some shower-time thinking, which seems to have a beneficial effect—that is, until she gets an upsetting call.


Secretary Go beams in satisfaction as he watches Hong-bin eating that lunch menu heartily. His reaction is adorable, as is the sudden dismay that replaces his glee once Hong-bin bites down on something hard. All of a sudden Hong-bin goes from happy luncher to stone-faced boss, and he silently flips his plate. I can’t pinpoint the exact source, but the overall deadpan tone of this show is totally cracking me up.

A call brings Hong-bin to the police station, where he finds a group of beat-up schoolboys sitting with a police officer. They’ve clearly been brawling, and one looks abashed to see Hong-bin, whom he calls hyung. 

This is his high schooler brother HONG-JOO (Lee Joo-seung), who says that the other guys wouldn’t believe that his brother is the one who made the game he was playing, and the others ask if Hong-bin is really the CEO of Global Games.

Hong-bin hands over his card and identifies himself as that CEO, then adds, “But I have no little brother.” Aw. Hong-joo looks crushed as his hyung walks out of the station, just as their father arrives. Hong-bin and his father pass by each other without any acknowledgment, and Dad beelines for Hong-joo and slaps him so hard he falls to the ground.

Then Dad starts thumping Hong-joo on the head, berating him for his fixation with those stupid games. Suddenly, his hand gets caught in another’s grip—Hong-bin has returned.


At first I’m relieved to have him standing up to their domineering father, but there’s something not quite right with Hong-bin’s mood. Trembling in rage, he says very intensely, “People are watching. His friends are all watching! You’re in front of his friends!

Secretary Go looks alarmed as the weather darkens outside. Hong-bin continues to challenge his father, asking if Dad finds everybody—Mom, Hong-bin, Hong-joo—so pathetic, and whether Dad is satisfied with anybody at all.

Dad derides one son for making dumb games, and the other son for being so caught up in those games. As his fury mounts, knives start poking out from Hong-bin’s back, and we can see that under his thumb, his father’s hand is bleeding.

Hong-bin doesn’t even register his transformation and growls, “How could you be this way? How much more must you kill? Is it not enough to have killed me? Is that why you’re going to kill him now too?!” It’s cryptic, and I’m intrigued.

But we’ll have to wait to find out what he means, because Secretary Go intervenes, and I LOVE that his method of interruption is to give Hong-bin a literal kick in the pants.Thwump. Hong-bin collapses.

Secretary Go takes him to the boxing gym and waits. And waits. And waits.

Back to Se-dong, who has taken her injured hoobae to the hospital. After skipping his medication and spending his jail time in uncomfortable positions, his back has become twisted enough that he requires surgery. Again, she tells him not to be so down and assures him that she’ll take care of the surgery bill.


Next, she spends the evening working at her uncle’s restaurant, serving and clearing tables. Her aunt complains the whole time, huffing that she’s only doing it to then ask for money (inasmuch as they haven’t repaid the loan her father gave them before he died). She just keeps working with a smile on her face.

But at the end of the night, she’s finally at her limit. She informs them that she’s not here because of her father’s money—it’s that she has nobody to lean on but her aunt and uncle. Her father’s dying wishes were for her to never ask for that debt, so she wants to set them straight on that.

Se-dong leaves in tears, but it’s raining and maybe what she said was true about water on her head being good for thinking, because the more it rains, the better she looks. She runs to the jail, and finally tells her hoobaes what I’ve been dying for her to say: that they’re on their own.

“You did it, so you take responsibility,” she says. She’ll look into public legal services to help them, but if they can’t fix it, “Then just go to prison. I’ll visit you often.” This time, when they call her back to whine for snacks, she continues walking. I’m doing a little cheer-dance in my chair.

Next, she texts a friend to cash in her insurance policy. Seeing Chang’s lollipop left in her room, she smiles—just one more thing to take care of.

Secretary Go wakes up in the morning alone at the boxing gym. Ruh-roh. You can’t leave the clueless Mr. Porcupine to roam around on his own!

Thankfully, he’s relieved to hear the shower running. But there’s another issue at hand: Madam Yoon calls to inform him that she received another call. She doesn’t like the idea of these calls continuing, so she urges Secretary Go to bring up the topic with Hong-bin—gently, so as not to upset him, “as though it’s almost funny.”

Secretary Go hurries out to replace Hong-bin’s slashed-up clothing, and when Hong-bin emerges from the shower, he just stands there in the studio with his arms out like Jesus. It’s hysterical. Secretary Go clothes our Porcupine Jesus, and then it’s time to return home. Hong-bin can’t remember anything, of course, so Secretary Go explains that he got so worked up at the police station that he collapsed, and he brought him to the gym because he hated the smell of the hospital.

Hong-bin exclaims, “What if I died?!” Secretary Go: “I would follow you in death.” Lol. It makes no sense, but on the upside, it calms the budding outburst. Hong-bin finds his constant collapses problematic, but I’m amused at how he seems to accept his staff’s unperturbed reactions—it’s disturbing, but not so disturbing that he’ll actually insist on going to a doctor.

On the drive home, Secretary Go broaches the “light, almost funny” topic and explains how a very funny call came yesterday regarding a child left at the airport whom they should go find. But of course, in trying to downplay its alarm factor, now this story has no relevance to Hong-bin at all and he tells Secretary Go not to bother telling a story if he can’t follow the principles of the 5 W’s (and H): who, what, when, where, why, and how.

They stop by Hong-joo’s school that morning to catch him before he heads in, but Little Bro either doesn’t see or ignores his brother, who raises a hand in a sad little wave.

Endearingly dim Secretary Go mulls over those principles at home (misspelling them; think something like princeypulls), and thus begins my favorite sequence of the episode, which plays with captions and chyrons in an amusingly dry way. You kinda have to watch it unfold, but to describe it in a nutshell, Secretary Go’s laboriously slow thought process is reflected graphically in the words that are typed onscreen (and then crossed out and revised).

Armed with the six principles, Secretary Go again presents his “almost funny” story to Hong-bin, barking the story like a drill sergeant: “Who? A woman. When? Yesterday afternoon. Where? At the airport. What? A child. How? Suddenly. Did what? Abandoned it?” (The last is a question, he explains, because he’s not sure whether the account is true.)

And yet, this story is still irrelevant to Hong-bin’s interests. Secretary Go is dismissed.

He leaves the room trying to puzzle out this conundrum. Then he recalls an important piece of information that Madam Yoon mentioned: The woman’s name was Kim Tae-hee. Aha!

Secretary Go revises his six-principled list and returns to give the almost-funny story another telling, and this time he starts off with the relevant name. Kim Tae-hee, yesterday at the airport, suddenly abandoned a child?

And this time, the music turns dire and Hong-bin suddenly appears directly behind Secretary Go wearing a thunderous expression on his face. Meep.

He heads directly to the police to examine airport security footage, though he doesn’t recognize the boy or the woman who accompanied him. He only wants to know about Kim Tae-hee, but there’s no information about her anywhere. Apparently that other woman has cared for the boy for a while, having been Tae-hee’s neighbor.

The officer asks what Hong-bin’s relationship to Tae-hee was. It flashes him back to a happy memory, wherein Hong-bin lies next to Tae-hee (Han Eun-jung) on the grass, both of them perfectly happy and in love.

Hong-bin asks where the boy is now. The officer answers that he was so tearful and distraught that they returned him to someone’s keeping—and we see that Chang is now back safely with Se-dong.

She tells him he saved her, because she had cashed in her insurance to pay for a friend’s surgery and was left utterly penniless. But she’s receiving compensation to care for Chang, and she calls him her angel.

“I’m not an angel,” he says. “I’m your husband.” Adorable.


They step out to the neighborhood market for provisions, and as he waits outside, he sees a police car driving by. It spooks him and he runs in fear, and when Se-dong emerges, he’s nowhere in sight.

The police car deposits Hong-bin in the neighborhood, and the officer leads him to the house in question. They arrive just as Se-dong runs by shouting Chang’s name, and the search goes on for a while. Still no sign of the boy.

Hong-bin has put together the facts and corners her to take her to task for losing the child—just as they hear a boy’s voice singing a child’s song. “Rain, rain, go away, come again another day…” 

It’s Chang, huddled by a wall, blocking out the world with his hands over his ears, almost shouting the song. Hong-bin holds Se-dong back and approaches first, slowly, as a memory floods his brain:

It’s Tae-hee back in that grassy field, telling him that she wants to name their future baby Chang—window, to shine light everywhere. Hong-bin jokes, “Then our second will be Shield?” She giggles, and the sound rings in his ears as he approaches his child, haltingly, full of emotion.


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Kdrama "My Secret Hotel" Episode 7 Recap and Screenshot

"My Secret Hotel" Episode 7 Recap by ockoala

It’s Hae Young’s wedding day (AGAIN) and his arrival at the Secret Hotel is met by Sang Hyo who happens to pass him in the corridor. They walk past each other and Hae Young is the first to turn around and thank Sang Hyo for her hard work. She sincerely congratulates him on getting married. Later Sang Hyo sits out in the courtyard and her earlier calm demeanor is all gone as she scoffs about congratulating Hae Young on getting married.

Sung Gyum is getting dressed as pauses as he’s putting on his tie. He has the bellboy take his luggage downstairs first before calling Sang Hyo. He asks to meet her down in the courtyard but she’s makes an excuse that she’s super busy. She even pretends to be calling out instructions to her team as they set up the wedding. Sung Gyum is standing right there in the courtyard and can see she’s totally lying to him.

Sang Hyo freaks out when she spots Sung Gyum standing a few feet away from her. He wonders what to do about her slacking off at work, and grouses his hurt feelings that she’s making excuses not to see him when they are already dating. Sung Gyum then stop teasing and tells Sang Hyo that he’s off on a business trip for a few days and whether it would be enough time for her to forget Gu Hae Young by the time he comes back? Sang Hyo can’t answer initially and Sung Gyum offers her more time. Sang Hyo shakes her head and is determined to forget her past at today’s wedding.

Sung Gyum hands Sang Hyo a new tie he bought since she wouldn’t buy him one and wants her to put it on him. As Sang Hyo puts the tie on Sung Gyum they get really close and Sung Gyum suddenly asks if they should get married. He reminds Sang Hyo that she asked him to marry her first, and as soon as possible at that. Sang Hyo pulls the tie tightly and orders him to forget that drunken proposal. Sung Gyum instead wants to make public their relationship to the hotel employees once he gets back from this trip. He asks if Sang Hyo is okay with that? She smiles and nods her head. Sung Gyum advises Sang Hyo to avoid Eun Joo in the mean time.

Sang Hyo finishes putting the tie on Sung Gyum and the camera pulls back to reveal that Eun Joo is standing there huffing as she watches this intimate tableau. She can’t believe Sung Gyum really plans to date Sang Hyo but is determined not to give up since it’s not over until the couple walks down the aisle.

Hae Young is not making an effort to wash up and get ready for the wedding which makes Shi Chan try to hurry him along. Soo Ah calls Hae Young’s cell and Shi Chan picks up to assure Soo Ah that Hae Young is busy getting ready. Hae Young takes the phone reluctantly and Soo Ah asks if Hae Young is ready to get married? She looks over and we see that her driver secret boyfriend is sitting beside her in the car and she’s really addressing her conversation to him.

Soo Ah tearfully tells oppa that she really loves him and will continue to love him even after the wedding. Soo Ah takes her driver’s hand as he looks at her very sadly. Soo Ah says again that she will really love only him after the wedding. She asks if oppa feels the same way and her driver mouths “I do.” Hae Young ends the call and Soo Ah looks over at her driver and asks him to drive her to the wedding now.

Shi Chan drags Hae Young to the bathroom to force him to get ready and chides him for being all glum on his wedding day. Hae Young still dawdles and Shi Chan orders him to do right by Soo Ah and prepare for the wedding. Soo Ah and her driver are unhappily driving to the wedding and both of them continue to be exceedingly morose as well.

Hae Young takes forever to shave as he keeps zoning out while Shi Chan rushes him from the room. Soo Ah is crying and her driver reminds her not to mess up her make up. Hae Young finally puts on his tux and is all ready which is when Soo Ah finally can’t stand it anymore and starts howling. Her driver also makes up his mind and asks Soo Ah to run away with him.

Sang Hyo reminds Guard Cha to be extra vigilant for the wedding in keeping order. He assures her there is no need to worry about the recent wedding thief anymore. Sang Hyo assumes he’s referring to the dead Manager Hwang who was found with Hae Young’s wallet beside him. Sang Hyo doesn’t think that means Manager Hwang was definitely the thief so asks Guard Cha to still keep an eye out. Young Mi whisks Sang Hyo away to greet the arriving groom parents.

We see Gi Chul hiding behind a beam eavesdropping on the earlier conversation and he looks shifty. He repeats to himself “Gu Hae Young’s wallet, found beside Manager Hwang’s body?” He appears frightened and looks over at Guard Cha before rushing off.

Sang Hyo greets both sets of parents and Hae Young’s parents are very nice whereas Soo Ah’s mom has an attitude and is dismissive towards Sang Hyo. Turns out the two moms were classmates in their younger days. Sang Hyo tries to play nice and says Soo Ah’s mom is just like Soo Ah….so very pretty. LOL.

Sang Hyo explains to Hae Young’s parents about the order of the upcoming ceremony and then offers them some beverages. Hae Young’s dad asks for water and Sang Hyo grabs some while thinking that Hae Young looks so much like Hae Young’s dad. Hae Young’s mom notices Sang Hyo’s name on her name tag and wonders why such an unusual name seems familiar. Sang Hyo tries to quickly leave and dodges a bullet when Hae Young’s mom thinks her name sounds like that of a famous actress. Hae Young’s mom asks her to bring Hae Young to see the parents before the ceremony.

Hae Young still sports a poker face while waiting for the wedding to start and nothing Shi Chan does can get him to cheer up. Hae Young wonders if it’s fate that he’s supposed to marry Soo Ah? If so then why did he have to meet “her”? Hae Young’s phone rings from Soo Ah calling to apologize before informing him that she’s not coming and she can’t marry him. Sang Hyo arrives just in time to hear this call.

Soo Ah thinks it’s wrong to marry him when she’s in love with another man. She hangs up the phone and turns to her driver boyfriend to announce that she feels alive again. She takes off her veil and lets the wind carry it away before the two drive off together.

Hae Young tells a shocked Shi Chan and Sang Hyo that the bride has run away. Sang Hyo orders Hae Young to bring the bride back! For this wedding she even got on her knees and this wedding also impacts the survival of the hotel. Hae Young angrily asks why Sang Hyo only thinks about the wedding when he’s the one dealing with the shocker that was just dropped on him.

Soo Ah’s mom rushes in and confirms that her daughter also called Hae Young to inform him that she’s pulled a runaway bride routine. Soo Ah’s mom is so upset and wonders how she’ll face Hae Young’s mom. Sang Hyo heads down to the ballroom and sees that preparations are almost done. Hae Young has come up with a Plan B and roped Soo Ah’s mom and Shi Chan into it. Shi Chan asks if Hae Young is sure about this and he declares that this is fate.

Sang Hyo brings the hotel team together inside the ballroom to inform them of this shocker. Hae Young also tells his parents the bad news but asks for their trust in him. He promises they won’t be disappointed with how he’s going to handle this matter.

Sang Hyo laments how the wedding preparation is so perfect this time. Eun Joo wonders where the bride is and why she’s not in the waiting room? Sang Hyo drops the shocker that the bride has run away and the wedding is off now!

Guests of the bride’s side of the family all get texts from Soo Ah’s mom not to come to the wedding or to leave immediately.

The hotel employees are all in an uproar with the wedding being cancelled leaving all the food untouched and the reporters waiting outside. Hae Young arrives in the ballroom and announces to everyone that the wedding isn’t being called off. Sang Hyo asks if the bride is back and hears that Soo Ah is still gone. Hae Young says he has Sang Hyo, right? She is his bride and she can just pretend this is like their wedding 7 years ago. Everyone gathered in the ballroom gasps to learn that Hae Young and Sang Hyo were once married.

Hae Young is perfectly serious about his suggestion especially since the wedding preparation was all done according to what Sang Hyo likes. In that case she can have a wedding ceremony that she loves. Sang Hyo wonders if Hae Young has gone crazy but he hasn’t and thinks of this as the proper wedding they didn’t have 7 years ago.

Eun Joo interrupts to write the story behind this wedding – Hae Young and Sang Hyo were married 7 years ago and broke up, but they met again and fell in love again. That’s the story she will tell the reporters outside. Sang Hyo wants to be honest and tell the reporters that the wedding has been called off. Eun Joo brings up how Sang Hyo is the future of the hotel and she’s going to let the hotel be destroyed over this? All the employees here will be out of a job after this and it’s not something Sang Hyo can fix simply by quitting her job.

Hae Young asks Sang Hyo to go through with it but she thinks its absurd. Eun Joo doesn’t find it absurd at all and raises her hand in voting yes, which leads to all the employees also voting yes for the wedding to go through with Sang Hyo and Hae Young. Before Sang Hyo can decide she’s called outside to deal with Soo Ah’s mom causing a commotion in kicking all her guests out of the hotel.

Eun Joo tells Guard Cha to delay the wedding half an hour and to remove all signs that the bride’s name is Jung Soo Ah. The bride has been changed to Nam Sang Hyo. Hae Young asks if Eun Joo thinks Sang Hyo will show up to get married and Eun Joo isn’t sure either but she would be thrilled if Sang Hyo agrees.

Sung Gyum pulls up to a hotel and a group of hotel managers rush out to greet him. He’s surprised they know he’s Director Jo which ruins his plan to secretly observe the this hotel’s management.


As Sung Gyum heads up to his room, a pretty girl spots him and rushes into his arms calling him “Gong Min oppa” (a cameo by Hong Jin Young, Namgong Min’s We Got Married wife). Sung Gyum pries her off him and the manager explains to her that he’s Director Jo Sung Gyum. The girl apologizes for mistaking him for her husband and worries that he’s been meeting girls often and she’s here to catch him cheating on her. LOL. Poor Sung Gyum quickly makes his getaway from this crazy lady.

Sang Hyo is pacing in the courtyard wondering about Hae Young’s suggestion for yet another wedding farce. She thinks Gyung Hee is there to convince her to go ahead with the wedding but Gyung Hee brings up how people have regrets about love when death comes calling. If she had feelings still and had a chance now, she would go ahead and do it. Sang Hyo doesn’t want to let her remaining feelings cause her to make another mistake.

Guard Cha and his team are checking invitations of all the arriving guests, letting on the groom’s side guests enter while redirecting the bride’s side guests away. Inside the ballroom, the older gentleman who had a heart attack is back and he wonders why the something feels off. Eun Joo is assuring another employee that this idea will work since no one from the groom’s side of the family remembers the name of the bride anyways. The older gentleman suddenly thinks the bride’s name is not Nam Sang Hyo, wasn’t it Jung Soo Ah last time. He points to the wedding cake with Soo Ah’s name still on it and Eun Joo quickly grabs the name frosting off and eats it. Ahahaha.

Shi Chan gets on the microphone to thank the guests for attending the wedding of Gu Hae Young and Nam Sang Hyo. That gets Jung Eun to stand up and scream at Shi Chan about why the bride has changed to Nam Sang Hyo from Jung Soo Ah. All the guests start whispering about this bride change so Eun Joo takes the microphone and smoothly asks if all the guests believe in fate or miracles? Eun Joo wants to share the love story between Hae Young and Sang Hyo, a story that will make everyone believe in fate and miracles.

Guard Cha informs a shocked GM Lee that Manager Nam is now the bride in the wedding and he’s furious that no one told him until now. He is about to storm out of his office to put a stop to it when he finds Sang Hyo standing at his door. He assures her that no one can force her to go through with this wedding.

Eun Joo is getting so into her storytelling as she shares how Sang Hyo was preparing Hae Young’s wedding and the two of them tried to restrain their feelings for each other. But they still loved each other and Soo Ah saw their true love so she stepped aside and prepared this wedding for Sang Hyo and Hae Young with her blessing. That is why Soo Ah’s mom is here as well to attend the wedding. The guests are all placated and excited about the wedding to start and even a frustrated Jung Eun is told to sit the heck down!

Eun Joo announces the entrance of the groom as Hae Young walks down the aisle. Shi Chan announces the entrance of the bride and all the guests stare in anticipation towards the door. The music starts and keeps on going but the door doesn’t open and no bride is entering. Shi Chan announces again the entrance of the very nervous bride and Hae Young keeps his eyes trained on the door as if praying for Sang Hyo to arrive.

Finally the door to the ballroom opens to reveal Sang Hyo wearing a wedding dress with GM Lee walking her down the aisle. The look of relief on Hae Young’s face is sooooo palpable. GM Lee confirms one last time that Sang Hyo is good with going through with the wedding and she nods back before they head down the aisle towards Hae Young.

Sang Hyo’s smile is totally brilliant and Hae Young’s eyes light back to see her walking towards him again. Young Mi snarks at why Gyung Hee is crying when it’s Sang Hyo getting married? Gyung Hee remembers that the wedding suite needs to be prepared and sends Young Mi to do the final set up. Young Mi angrily storms off muttering about how it’s going to end soon the way she has to be ordered about. Guard Cha notes her departure up to the wedding suite.

Young Mi changes out all the names in the suite from Soo Ah to Sang Hyo before plopping down on the rose petal strewn bed and wondering when it’s her turn to live the high life? She takes out a necklace and talks to herself about the plan to blackmail Soo Ah falling apart with her running off with her secret boyfriend. But at least Manager Hwang left her a life saving route before he died. Someone appears to be spying on Young Mi who takes out her phone and calls someone. She stares at the necklace and asks the caller if her suggestion has been decided? Timing is of the essence since the other side is interested as well. She suddenly hears the suite door open and close loudly.

Hae Young and Sang Hyo exchange their vows again and everything is going swimmingly until Hae Young looks down and notices that Sang Hyo has her fingers crossed. Sang Hyo gives Hae Young a defiant “what?” look right back.

Young Mi is arguing with an unknown person in the suite and holding the necklace, declaring that she got it fair and square. if the person doesn’t want to deal then there are others who want to pay for it. Young Mi goes to the bathroom to prep it for the wedding night as well and scoffs at the person she left in the hotel room. She hears the suite door opening and closing.

The newlyweds have finished their vows and the guests are chanting for them to kiss. Hae Young steps closer and Sang Hyo warns him not to think about it. He pulls her close and strokes her veil before leaning in to kiss her.


Young Mi finishes setting up the bathroom when she’s struck from behind on the head with a heavy object by an unknown assailant. She stumbles forward into the bathroom and touches her head to find her hand covered in blood. A frightened Young Mi steps up on the sunken bathtub rim before tripping and falling dead inside the bathroom as her head strikes the edge of the tub.

Sang Hyo and Hae Young tenderly kiss and she thinks herself that this is just for show. Rose petals fall on them as the guests cheer but a very disgruntled Jung Eun storms out.

The newlyweds are gathered for group pictures and Hae Young has to remind Sang Hyo to smile. She snipes back that she’s not happy and then flashes a smile for the cameras. The hotel employees wonder where Young Mi is and we see her laying totally dead in the suite tub.

Detective Kim is eating with the Vice GM at the precinct when his partner Detective Lee sits down with the update that the person Manager Hwang called on the night he died was Sung Gyum’s mom. WHAT? Detective Kim remembers what Hae Young said, that Manager Hwang was threatening the person on the other end of the call with going to talk with the son.

Hae Young and Sang Hyo have changed into traditional Korean wedding outfits and are paying their respects by bowing to Hae Young’s parents. The parents ask Sang Hyo to take care of their Hae Young. The rest of the relatives tells Sang Hyo to have babies and lots of them, to take care of Hae Young, and not to fight for inheritance with the siblings.

Hae Young and Sang Hyo retire to the wedding suite together and both are exhausted after a long day. Sang Hyo wonders what kind of family Hae Young has and why everyone has such strong opinions? Hae Young reluctantly tells Sang Hyo that his family owns one of the biggest development companies in Korea. He quickly adds that his dad owns it and the succession is going to his brothers. Sang Hyo can’t believe there is so much about Hae Young that she never knew.

Eun Joo calls Sang Hyo for her to stay put in the wedding suite since the reporters are spending the night at the hotel and have totally bought into the wedding. Sang Hyo yells at Hae Young for getting her into this farcical mess. Hae Young is about to ask Sang Hyo to start over again when Sung Gyum calls asking if the wedding is over and she’s sent Hae Young away in her life.

Hae Young is annoyed she’s on the phone with Sung Gyum and purposes declares loudly that he’s going to wash up. Sang Hyo quickly lies that she’s alone. Sung Gyum describes how the stars are dotting the sky and so bright it looks like he can reach out and pluck them. Sang Hyo wants to see such stars and Sung Gyum offers to take her on a trip next time to the same place. Hae Young is about to open the door to the bathroom but hears Sang Hyo’s conversation and storms back, missing out on finding the dead Young Mi in the bathtub.

Before Sang Hyo can answer Sung Gyum’s offer to take a trip together, Hae Young grabs the phone from her hand and tosses it on the bed. Sang Hyo calls Hae Young rude for hanging up her call but he points out that they got married and she’s flirting with another man on the phone. Sang Hyo says the wedding is not real anyways and why does he keep dragging her into his impetuous mess. She storms to bed and pulls the cover over herself to ignore Hae Young.

After Sang Hyo falls asleep, Hae Young stares at her from the sofa grinning like a fool. He quickly pretends to fall asleep while Sang Hyo gets up and stares at him sleeping on the sofa. She wonders if she was too mean to him today? She walks off and Hae Young grins after hearing what she said.

Sang Hyo opens the door to the bathroom and sees the dead Young Mi in the bathtub and screams!

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Kdrama Plus Nine Boys Episode 6 Preview and Screenshot

Kdrama Plus Nine Boys Episode 6 Preview and Screenshot

Kdrama “Plus Nine Boys” Episode 6 Vdieo Preview

I need to watch first but if Jin Goo really played around with her then he needs to back off. Yeah, I know they will end up together but for now, he should back off.


Kdrama “Plus Nine Boys” Episode 6 Screenshot

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My Spring Days (The Spring Day of My Life) Episode 1 Recap and screenshot

My Spring Days (The Spring Day of My Life) Episode 1 Recap and screenshot

It's really surprising to me. The Spring Day of My Life (or My Spring Days) was aired on MBC last week. The drama is about an unconventional pairing at its center and plenty of space for serious drama down the road, I was expecting a rather dreary affair—but instead, what we get is a premiere that knows how to balance (what could easily be) its more melodramatic tendencies with warmth and humor. Especially humor.

My Spring Days (The Spring Day of My Life) Episode 1 Review by Dramabeans:


“People say that you can do anything if you try hard enough,” a voiceover tells us. “But the truth is that there are some things you can’t do, no matter how hard you try.”

The words are said over a series of touching vignettes: a young son helping his blind mother find her way, a mother begging a doctor to save her son, and a young patient, LEE BOM-YI (Sooyoung), smiling when she learns that she’ll receive the heart transplant she needs.

The voiceover continues before and during the transplant surgery that in cases where there is no hope, all anyone can do is pray for a miracle. When the surgery is successful, and Bom-yi’s new heart begins to beat in her chest, we hear: “But miracles do happen. For now, let me tell you about a beautiful miracle that happened to us.”

After some time has passed, Bom-yi wakes up in her own room, filled with books about nutrition and healthy eating for a healthy life. She sighs with relief as she feels her heart beating in her chest, and looks to a map of Udo (an island off the coast of Jeju island) tacked to her wall as she thanks her invisible donor before promising that she’ll live yet another day to the fullest.

Bom-yi heads to a vegetable market auction (which gives me terrible Bachelor’s Vegetable Store flashbacks), and takes the produce to the hospital, where she works as the chief dietician for their cafeteria.

She also oversees patient nutrition, and has a sharp eye for noticing when someone’s not eating as they should be. She politely but firmly scolds a stubborn grandma for not finishing her meal, and attempts to get her to eat so she can help herself on the road to recovery.

But when the grandma complains that a healthy young woman like Bom-yi can’t understand a sickly old woman like her, Bom-yi throws down the gauntlet and unbuttons her shirt to reveal her transplant scar. Now that the grandma is listening, Bom-yi promises to get her anything she wants to eat—she only has to name it.

Since the grandma wants ox bone soup, Bom-yi wakes up her friend/coworker JOO SE-NA (Ga Deuk-hee) at dawn to get the ingredients they need. Though Se-na is not pleased when she finds out that Bom-yi plans to get the hospital’s beef from the same market, since it means she didn’t order it beforehand like she should’ve.

Her plan doesn’t end up working out when she realizes, much too belatedly, that there’s a limit on the amount of beef she can buy—so she can’t get enough for the hospital.


My Spring Days Episode 1 Screenshots

The man selling said beef is our hero, KANG DONG-HA (Kam Woo-sung), who takes special notice of Bom-yi… but not enough to give her even one extra package of beef. She has to get back in line if she wants more.

Looks like we can’t escape some hospital politics, since belabored secretary BAE JI-WON (Jang Shin-young) has to deal with her hospital’s no-nonsense chairwoman and the fact that their star doctor hasn’t yet showed up for an important business meeting.

That star doctor is KANG DONG-WOOK (welcome back, Lee Jun-hyuk!), currently being filmed while performing a surgery.

Bom-yi leaps at the opportunity to buy more beef once crabby ajusshi Dong-ha is no longer manning the counter, but is caught in the act by him anyway. He finally asks her why she needs so much, and she explains that it’s for her job as a hospital dietician—but he doesn’t buy it.

Instead, Dong-ha thinks she’s trying to buy their well-priced (sponsored) beef to turn around and sell it for more money, and accuses her of being a no-good scam artist. Bom-yi won’t stand for that, and demands he apologize.

Dong-ha scoffs, and tells Bom-yi she’s wasting her time looking for mannerly conduct from a butcher. He tells her to go home before he cuts her up like a side of beef, causing Bom-yi to become even more offended that he’d threaten her body, which she considers to be a gift from her parents.

She won’t let this one go, but when Dong-ha roughly turns away from her, he ends up knocking her over. He has no sympathy for the fact that Bom-yi’s beef has now been ruined, nor does he care that other customers are filming them as he threatens to break Bom-yi’s legs if she ever shows up again. I’m pretty sure he means it.


While discussing methods to get star doctor Dong-wook to renew his contract with their hospital, it’s revealed that hospital chairwoman JO MYUNG-HEE (Shim Hye-jin) is Bom-yi’s mother.

To add to the drama, Bom-yi and Dong-wook are set to be married (whether it’s an official engagement, I’m not sure), but even having Dong-wook as her son-in-law doesn’t soothe Chairwoman Jo’s worry that he’ll sign with one of the many other hospitals dying to have him.

But when her cohort recommends ousting her husband, Bom-yi’s father, from his position as director so that they can offer it to Dong-wook as an incentive to stay, Chairwoman Jo actually seems to consider it.

We meet Bom-yi’s father, LEE HYUK-SOO (Kwon Hae-hyo), while talking shop with Dong-wook. Daddy Lee knows he wasn’t invited to the big meeting because of his wife, but wants to know why Dong-wook didn’t go.

Dong-wook sighs that his interests just aren’t with Chairwoman Jo’s hospital, which Daddy Lee tsks at him for—how else is he going to earn money for that organ transplant hospital he’s always wanted to build? It’s clear the two have a friendly rapport, even if Daddy Lee is a little bit crabby that Dong-wook will be stealing his Bom-yi away by marrying her.

His crabbiness is just for show, because he loves Dong-wook like his own son now, and especially since he saw him crying the day of Bom-yi’s heart transplant five years ago. Surprisingly, Dong-wook’s tears then weren’t just for Bom-yi (who he probably didn’t know then), but because the donor was a relative of his. Uh oh. He’s Dong-ha’s brother, isn’t he?

After feeding the stubborn grandma the ox bone soup she’d wanted so badly, Bom-yi grumbles about the crabby butcher ajusshi she got in a fight with as Dong-wook treats her scrapes. 

Though he tries to ease her mind about it like a good oppa, Bom-yi can’t help but feel that what Dong-ha said about her “living her life for free” is true—she should have been dead a long time ago, but because she got a new heart, she got an extra life for free.

Dong-wook gently argues that a heart isn’t free, but it’s precisely because it can’t be bought with money that Bom-yi argues it is, because that makes it priceless. And since she can’t pay for a priceless thing, that makes it free.

While Big Beef employs a legal team to pull down the now-viral video of Dong-ha knocking Bom-yi over, Dong-ha is schooled in parenting by his own daughter when he makes his younger son cry by taking away his toy. 

Since they’re in the middle of the airport (having come from Seoul to Jeju Island), Dong-ha eventually just throws his son over his shoulder. They’ve got to get to Udo, which means Dong-ha doesn’t have time to indulge his son screaming that he hates him.

As fate would have it, Bom-yi has also just arrived on the island, and she also takes a ferry to Udo, the island from the map she looks at every morning.


The Spring Day of My Life Episode 1 Screen capture

She sees only the back of a man on the shore throwing liquor and food into the sea, and instead of looking at his suit and concluding that he’s performing a memorial service, she concludes that he’s littering and presumes to take him to task for it.

It’s Dong-ha, of course, and while he instantly recognizes her from their incident at the butcher shop, she can’t do the same because he was wearing a mask then. The second she leaves him alone, Dong-ha resumes paying his respects to the dead.

When Bom-yi spots Dong-ha’s children waiting nearby, she has no idea why tears suddenly spring to her eyes. After brushing them away, she notices that daughter KANG PU-REUN has bled through her pants, and tells the girl so she can go home and change.

Bom-yi wraps her sweater around Pu-reun’s waist for modesty, while her brother, KANG BA-DA, asks Bom-yi why she was crying earlier. She’d rather switch the subject, and finds it cute that their names mean “Blue sea” when put together. (Pureun translates to “blue” while bada translates to “sea.”)

Little Ba-da doesn’t think it’s so cute, since their grandmother’s told them that the “blue sea” is responsible for their mother’s death. When Bom-yi comforts him though, Ba-da asks his older sister if that’s what their mother used to do.

Dong-ha sees the three of them just as Bom-yi wraps Pu-reun’s shirt around her waist so she can go home comfortably. She even gives the girl her business card so she can call her any time, which is when Dong-ha intervenes.

“Don’t you recognize me?” he asks, but Bom-yi doesn’t. His tone is accusatory as he asks his daughter why she was acting so close to a stranger, which soon turns into a bicker-a-thon between him, Pu-reun, and Bom-yi.

He finally backs down the way all dads do when daughters talk menstrual cycles, which is pretty funny. Bom-yi leans in the same way his daughter did to whisper in Dong-ha’s ear that he better take good care of his children, since she knows they don’t have a mother. I’m sure your intentions are good Bom-yi, but maaaybe leave the parenting to the parent who’s twice your age. 

Apparently, the reason Big Beef is now involved in the butcher shop kerfuffle is because Bom-yi filed a complaint afterward, leading to a meeting between their people and her people, represented by secretary Ji-won. After curtly assuring them that Bom-yi isn’t after settlement money, Ji-won considers the matter closed.

Daddy Lee is proud of his headstrong daughter when Ji-won brings the news to them, but Chairwoman Jo doesn’t find it quite so amusing. Regardless, she asks Ji-won to gather every bit of information possible on her future son-in-law.

Dong-wook finds out through Daddy Lee that the online butcher shop scandal brewing because of Bom-yi is partially his fault, since he wrote her a doctor’s note that got her out of work for a day.

Neither of them know where Bom-yi went off to, and Daddy Lee jokes that she must have another man. But when Dong-wook wonders whether Bom-yi knows where her heart came from, Daddy Lee claims she doesn’t know who the donor is—but because the heart was delivered via helicopter, Bom-yi would have a rough idea of where it came from.

Daddy Lee guesses she went to Udo (judging from the map in her bedroom), and since today is the anniversary of her donor’s death, they figure that’s why she went.

It is, since Bom-yi has brought memorial food to the sea shore for the donor she’s never met. “Thank you,” she says, with tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry… I should’ve come here earlier.” It’s sad how she tries to be cheerful despite herself, as if she’s afraid of making the spirit of her donor upset on her account.

“Can I ask… how should I live? Can you tell me?” Bom-yi asks. “You know, there were places you wanted to go, things you wanted to do, and even people you wanted to meet… right? I don’t know how, but if you just tell me, I’ll do anything. I know it won’t make a difference, and I know it’s for my own sake, but… this is the only thing I can do for you.”

The touching music accompanying her monologue is cut comically short when Dong-ha suddenly interrupts from nearby to ask what she’s doing there—is she planning to throw herself into the sea?

Bom-yi gives him a long-winded explanation as to why she’d never opt to die young when she has to live each day to the fullest for a very very long time, and I love how Dong-ha is all, Well, then get down from there.

But then he has to clarify that he’s not the one worried about her being perched precariously on a rock, it’s his neighbors.

Cut to: A bunch of the islanders standing on the shore, watching her curiously. Hah. Out of pride, Bom-yi refuses Dong-ha’s help, but no sooner does he turn around that she slips and falls into the ocean.

She passes out fairly quickly and starts to sink, while Dong-ha runs and dives in after her. But a phantom pair of hands reach up from the depths to push Bom-yi up by her feet, jarring her back to consciousness moments before Dong-ha is able to grab her and pull her to the surface.

Under the water, we see the woman who pushed Bom-yi to safety smile sadly and wave goodbye. Is this the spirit of her donor?

Dong-ha administers CPR to Bom-yi, but the name he cries is his late wife’s as he desperately tries to get her to wake up. One of his neighbors brings him back to reality, and Dong-ha reverts to calling Bom-yi “agasshi” as he continues to administer CPR until she spits out water.

No sooner does Bom-yi open her eyes that she says, “There’s someone in there! I saw someone in the water!” Assuming she’s lost her mind, Dong-ha hurriedly carries her on his back to the nearest clinic, where he has to keep pushing her back down to the cot every time she gets up to insist she’s fine.

The physical comedy that ensues with the doctor, Dong-ha, and Bom-yi is pretty funny, especially when the neighbor who accompanied them chastises her for yelling at Dong-ha when he saved her life… only for her to bluntly reply, “I almost died because of him!”

She claims that it’s his fault she was in a hurry, and when she threatens to sue him, Dong-ha fires back that she sure likes to use that word a lot. When she doesn’t understand him, Dong-ha seems genuinely confused as he asks her if she has a legitimate problem with recognizing faces.

Bom-yi is offended because she totally recognizes him… as the man she met throwing garbage into the sea. Hahaha, and that’s the final straw for Dong-ha, who decides that it’s time to leave the crazy girl alone. 

After he has to point out that she’s wearing the bag she thinks she’s lost, Bom-yi looks down and notices that Dong-ha’s foot is bleeding—he’d lost his shoes while piggybacking her earlier. At least she finally thanks him, however reluctantly.

Of course, it’s out of the kindness of his heart that Dong-ha invites her to his house to take a shower (since he saw her wringing the water out of her shirt), but it comes out like an invitation to shower together.

Bom-yi scoffs and storms out, leaving Dong-ha to repeat his question to himself to figure out where he went wrong. Hah. But when she happens by a picture of Dong-wook on the clinic wall, she can’t actually call him since her phone got dunked with her.

When Pu-reun asks her father what happened to “that unni,” clearly worried about her, he tells her that Bom-yi is going to take the last ferry out. Pu-reun says there are no more ferries for the day, which Dong-ha definitely hears, but doesn’t immediately respond to.

Instead, he and his children sing together the whole truck ride home, all smiles and laughter.

Bom-yi finds out the hard way that she won’t be taking a ferry today, and gets into the first bus she sees outside, figuring it’ll take her somewhere.

In what must be some sort of dream sequence, the bus driver is revealed to be Dong-ha, and Bom-yi is the only passenger. It starts to feel less and less like a dream when she asks him why he didn’t tell her about the ferry thing sooner, enough to make me think it IS real. Huh?

She asks that Dong-ha drop her off “downtown,” which, on a small island like Udo, is the middle of nowhere. Bom-yi wanders the country roads until she hails down a passing truck—also driven by Dong-ha. 

Bom-yi blinks, then asks herself if he has a twin or if everyone on this island just looks similar. I still don’t know if she’s just imagining everyone in town as Dong-ha, or if Dong-ha is using all these random methods to help her without looking like he cares.

Dong-ha drops her off when she asks to be taken to an inn, but she’s surprised to see the neighbor who accompanied them to the clinic… and especially surprised to see Dong-ha’s two children, who inform her that this isn’t an inn. It’s their house.

Bom-yi realizes what Dong-ha pulled belatedly, and he brushes his act of kindness off by saying it would’ve been much easier if she’d just accepted his offer earlier. Wait… so he went through all that trouble to help her? (And the Best Ajusshi Ever award goes to…)

While Pu-reun takes her clothes out to dry, Bom-yi wears a dress that once belonged to their mother—it was the only article of her clothing Dong-ha didn’t throw away.

Meanwhile, Dong-wook tries to call Bom-yi with no response. After pulling out a picture with him, his brother Dong-ha, and his brother’s late wife, he thinks back to Daddy Lee’s question about how exactly the donor was related to him. 

And when Dong-wook deflects the question by asking if Daddy Lee really thinks he came to this hospital just to stay close to the heart… well, that pretty much says everything, doesn’t it?

Dong-wook cites a theory called “cellular memory” that posits the idea that memories aren’t just stored in brain tissue, applicable only to transplant patients who may take on new behaviors because of the organ they received.

Buuut, he claims that while Bom-yi’s transplant was a happy surprise for him, it’s not the sole reason he fell for her. Daddy Lee is the one to tell him that he should keep the details a secret from his family, since Bom-yi will be seeing a lot of them once they’re married.


Back on Udo, Dong-ha is in for an unwelcome surprise when he sees Bom-yi outside in his wife’s favorite dress. He’s instantly flooded with memories of his wife, and sees Bom-yi asher…

…But when Bom-yi catches him staring and doesn’t know why, she just stares right back.


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