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Lizzy Explains Her Scandal with G-Dragon Again on “Witch Hunt”

On March 28, Lizzy appeared on the “Turn Off the Green Light” segment of JTBC’s “Witch Hunt” and explained the scandal involving her and G-Dragon. It was previously reported that she denied the rumors. 

While introducing her on the show, MC Sung Shi Kyung said, “Lizzy, there was a scandal about you,” hinting about the rumors involving her and BIG BANG’s G-Dragon. Lizzy got a bit upset about the mention of the scandal and said, “People who don’t know me claimed they saw us together at a bar,” explaining the scandal was untrue.

She seemed appalled when she added, “They didn’t see me at a bar. It’s really funny,” while focusing her gaze at MC Shin Dong Yeop.

Then MC Heo Ji Woong asked if Shin Dong Yeop was the one who wrote the article about Lizzy’s scandal creating laughter on set

Another hooray for G-Dragon and CL!

DJ Skrillex’s latest album 'Recess' landed on the 4th spot of Billboard 200.
One of the tracks on the album is 'Dirty Vibe' which features Big Bang's G-Dragon and 2NE1's CL. This great achievement may open more doors to American pop market for G-Dragon and CL.
Meanwhile, 2NE1's newest album 'Crush' took the 61st spot on the Billboard 200 chart. The first K-Pop album to rank that high.
Job well done G-Dragon and CL.

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Super Idol Chart Show ranks ‘Male Idols Prettier Than Women’

Super Junior Ryeowook and BEAST Dongwoon's 'Super Idol Chart Show' ranks the Top 10 'Male Idols Prettier Than Girls' on their March 28th episode.

You may have your own male idol in mind but see the result from their survey below. If you're not satisfied, let us know your opinion on the comment section below:

1. SHINee's Taemin
2. ZE:A's Dongjun
3. Big Bang's G-Dragon
4. Super Junior's Heechul
5. MBLAQ's Cheondung
6. ZE:A's Siwan
7. EXO's Chanyeol
8. VIXX' N
9. BTOB's Minhyuk
10. Infinite's Sungjong

[FULL VIDEO TO FOLLOW, meanwhile watch some cuts below:]

Tunisia Celebrates K-Pop Culture With a Flash Mob Covering Hits from Big Bang, EXO, Girls’ Generation, and More!

Hallyu has truly spread around the world!

On March 16, over 200 K-Pop fans gathered in Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia to celebrate their love for K-Pop whilst showing off their talents. In a span of thirty minutes, the crowd rotated through covers of over thirty iconic songs of various K-Pop groups and artists, including PSY‘s “Gangnam Style,” 2NE1‘s “I Am the Best,” EXO‘s “Wolf,” Big Bang‘s “Fantastic Baby,” Girls’ Generation‘s “I Got a Boy,” and more!

The flash mob event was representative of the K-Pop fandom and culture emerging in countries outside of South Korea. The Tunisian K-Pop Flash Mob team, which is mainly comprised of 25 dancers, commented that they started preparing for this event since January of this year

G-Dragon Wins “Most Popular Artist” at the QQ Music Awards

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently won the ‘Korea and Japan’s Most Popular Artist’ award at the QQ Music Awards in China. Also present at the award ceremony were big names such as Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai. G-Dragon was unfortunately unable to attend the ceremony due to his tight schedule, but he accepted his award through video, expressing thanks to his fans.

The “Most Popular Artist” award that G-Dragon received was awarded after voting by netizens, which took place from February 28 through March 26. With 20,205,786 votes, G-Dragon beat out Jang Geun Suk, Girls’ Generation, EXO, and Japanese group AKB48.

G-Dragon achieved huge international success with his most recent album “Coup d’Etat” in 2013, and is currently working on the new Big Bang album, the first to be released since “Alive” in 2012

Big Bang G-Dragon Awarded ‘Most Popular Korean-Japanese Artist’ Award At China QQ Music Awards

Big Bang leader G-Dragon was awarded the "Most Popular Korean-Japanese Artist" at the China QQ Music Awards.

On March 27, the QQ Music Awards were held and gained much attention. Many top Chinese stars attended this award ceremony as well.

Unfortunately, due to his set schedule, G-Dragon could not make it to the ceremony. Instead, he showed his gratitude through a video message for his fans.

The "Most Popular Korean-Japanese Artist" award was chosen through an online poll. This poll started on February 28 and ended on March 26. Other candidates for this award included Girls" Generation, EXO, Jang Keun Suk and more.

Last year, G-Dragon released his second solo album, COUP D"ETAT, and gained much attention in China.

On the other hand, he is currently busy working on Big Bang"s new album that is set to release this year

DJ Skrillex’s New Album Featuring G-Dragon And CL Ranks 4th On U.S. Billboard Chart

DJ Skrillex"s new album featuring Big Bang G-Dragon and 2NE1 CL was seen at number 4 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart.

On March 28, Billboard stated that Skrillex"s new album, RECESS, was at number 4 on the "Billboard 200" chart.

For this album, G-Dragon, CL and other YG members including Teddy, CHOICE37, DJ Diplo and others worked together for his song, "Dirty Vibe."

With Skrillex"s fame in the U.S., G-Dragon and CL"s appearance in the album gained more attention as it opened doors for theme into the U.S. pop music industry.

G-Dragon and CL have worked with many other top artists around the world and has gained much interest from many media including Billboard, COMPLEX, FUSE TV and more.

JYJ Voted #1 in “Idol Group to Stay Active After 10 Years”

Group JYJ was voted as the number one idol group to stay active after 10 years.

In the DC Inside ( survey titled "Idol Group to Stay Active After 10 Years", JYJ received 1,215 votes (40.1%) out of 3,029 total votes. JYJ is a three-member group formed by the ex-members of TVXQ consisting of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu. They have remained active with music performances, musicals, dramas, and movies.

In second place, TVXQ received 504 votes (16.6%). TVXQ was newly banded with the remaining two members Yunho and Changmin. Big Bang followed with 188 votes (6.2%)in third place, closely followed by Shinhwa, SHINee, INFINITE, and B1A4.

Big Bang named as the first Korean boy group to surpass 100 million views on YouTube with “Fantastic Baby” MV

Big Bang has been named as the first Korean boy group to receive over 100 million views on YouTube with their music video for “Fantastic Baby“.

“Fantastic Baby” MV was released on March 6 of 2012. The MV surpassed 100 million views on March 27 of 2014.

“Fantastic Baby” was the title track of Big Bang’s fifth mini-album “ALIVE“.

Big Bang’s agency YG Entertainment updated their Twitter on March 27 with the statement,

“”WOW FANTASTIC BABY”" #FantasticBaby M/V hits 100 million views! Thank you all the fantastic viewers! Watch @

— YG Family (@ygent_official) March 27, 2014

Congratulations to Big Bang!



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BIG BANG’s T.O.P Makes a Surprise Appearance at School Outing

BIG BANG member, T.O.P created a buzz by making a surprise appearance at one of his school outings.

In a recent post on Dankook University’s blog, multiple photos of T.O.P at a school outing were shared and aroused envy from many fans.

On March 25, T.O.P quietly visited his school in order to take the graduation exam. In order to encourage the school’s PR ambassador students, T.O.P made a surprise appearance at the group’s outing. The students prepared various school souvenirs and a teddy bear to present to T.O.P who visited the school after a long hiatus.

In the photos, T.O.P is dressed in simple attire much different from his glamorous stage outfits. He socialized with many students and showed the image of any regular college student. He consented to the countless requests to take photos together and even enjoyed the drinking party