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Pop Rock Band ?Nylon Pink? reveals English cover of Big Bang’s ?Monster?

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Pop Rock Band ?Nylon Pink? reveals English cover of Big Bang’s ?Monster?

The lovely ladies of edgy female pop-rock band Nylon Pink are back with another K-Pop cover!

After their successful covers of Big Bang‘s “Blue“, Girls’ Generation‘s “Gee“ and “Run Devil Run“ along with 2NE1s I Am the Best, theyve now released a cover of Big Bangs Monster.

For more information on the group, you can follow them on facebook and twitter along with their jewelry line at

Check out their cover below!

Afrodino, Winners of Big Bang’s ‘Re-Monster Project’ Will Release Single This Month

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The winners of YG Entertainment and Hyundai Card’s Re-Monster Project this past summer will finally release its first digital single.

Back in June, YG Entertainment and Hyundai Card announced their ‘Re-Monster Project’ which asked indie musicians to reinterpret Big Bang’s Monster.

Afrodino won the contest, and as part of its prize, will release digital single Chameleon online on December 21.

The single was penned and written by the members themselves and is described as an acoustic-pop track with unique lyrics that compares the hearts of men to that of a chameleon when in love.

As the winners of the Re-Monster Project, the digital single’s recording, distribution and even the music video’s production was overseen by YG Entertainment, as was the band’s logo and album design.

Afrodino is an acoustic-pop band composed of three friends, all 28 years old, and the band comprises of a guitarist, bassist and drummer. The three have been active in the Hongdae music scene since 2010.

You can watch the band’s winning cover of Big Bang’s Monster below:

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Big Bang Brings Out The Monster In Them at MAMA 2012

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Big Bang, MAMA, Hong Kong, T.O.P, Taeyang, G-Dragon, Seungri, Daesung

Big Bang Brings Out The Monster In Them at MAMA 2012 Big Bang at MAMA 2012Adding on the festivities of MAMA 2012 in Hong Kong, the world class boy band Big Bang finally brings in the swag that keeps the crowd going with their "Monster In Me" performance.

The special stage begins with a horror and zombie-theme accompanied by a huge skull that light up red eyes and slides open.

The first track performed was "Crayon". However, this wasn't an ordinary performance of G-Dragon's hit song, of course. As a matter of fact, it was the other members that took the stage one by one taking on a part of the song. T.O.P rapped the first verse with demonic voice overs in pink suit, and then Daesung came out with a leather and fur outfit to do the chorus, Taeyang in his signature street fashion to rap the second verse, and lastly Seungri in a white outfit for the second chorus. The stage already had the crowd pumped up as each member took over their own side of the stage until it finally came to G-Dragon's solo.

The song switches into "Fantastic Baby" as G-Dragon is seen on a turntable when the skull's sliding door opens up. Once the chorus comes into play, all of the Big Bang members come together in the middle of the stage causing a roar of excitement amongst the fans that were present. As each member sings or raps their part of the song, they individually took the middle of the stage to do a mini-solo stage where they either did something charismatic or cute.

Towards the end of "Fantastic Baby" the boys got back into G-Dragon's "Crayon" running around the stage and to the expanding stage waving colorful bandanas around then ending up on a raised platform to end off a total unforgettable and fantastic performance.

[VIDEO] Big Bang's "MONSTER" MV Making

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Following up the release of Big Bang's new song "Monster", here's the making film:

Big Bang Performs "Monster" on Japanese TV

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Big Bang Performs Monster on Japanese TVBig Bang performed their latest hit “Monster” live on Japanese TV.

The group appeared on Japan TV’s NHKMusic Japan” where they performed their new song “Monster.” They performed the Japanese version of “Monster” which has different lyrics from the Korean version. Their stage was fresh as they unveiled their unique visuals which were similar to, but not the same as, the original music video. While this was the first live performance of the single on television, the group has previously performed the song on the Japanese leg of their “Alive” tour.

T.O.P began the song off with his dramatic sounding rap, G-Dragon followed suit as he showed off his long blonde bowl cut for the first time on stage, next was Taeyang who appeared in a muscular costume, Daesung looked more like a rocker with his outfit, and Seungri left a strong impression as he got down on his knees.

During the songs refrain the choreography had the members fall to the ground as though they had been shot, the style of movement was reminiscent to a musical. This action expressed the hurt feelings of a man who was reminiscing about his lost love.

Meanwhile, Big Bang is busy finishing up their tour in Japan which began in back on June 17. So far the boys have visited Nagoya, Yokohama, Osaka, and Saitama. Their next stop is Fukuoka on the 23 and 24 of June.

Be sure to check out the live performance below. After finally revealing their live stage, what are your thoughts on it? Which version of the song do you prefer?

Big Bang performs “Monster” live on Music Japan

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Big Bang performs “Monster” live on Music Japan

Although fans were disappointed to hear that Big Bang would not be promoting their latest track Monster on Korean television, the quintet has just performed the Japanese version live on Music Japan!

From G-Dragons razor-sharp bowl cut to Taeyangs broad shoulder armor that enhances his upper body frame, the five young men look larger than life and supernatural, which is quite fitting given the nature of the song.

Check out the performance below

Big Bang 'Monster' MV Hits 10 Million Views 'Already Their 4th Time'

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Big Bang, Monster, Still Alive

Big Bang 'Monster' MV Hits 10 Million Views 'Already Their 4th Time' Big Bang 'Monster' MV Hits 10 Million Views 'Already Their 4th Time'Group Big Bang's new song 'Monster' MV has already received over 10 million views. It's already their 4th music video getting over 10 million views just within this year.

According to YouTube on June 17, the music video of Big Bang's new song 'Monster' got 10.4 million views. After their songs 'Blue, 'Fantastic Baby, and 'Bad Boy, it's already their 4th time. Of the Korean songs released within this year, total of 5 songs has reached over 10 million views, 4 of them being Big Bang's songs and the other TaeTiSeo's 'Twinkle.

With their new song 'Monster', Big Bang has already dominated all music charts. They have been rank 1 in the music charts MelOn, Mnet, Bugs, Soribada, and their other songs 'Still Alive, 'Round and Round, 'Feeling, and 'Ego' have also been in the top of the music charts.

They've also been selling unbelievable amounts of albums. According to Hanteo Chart, Big Bang sold 15,000 copies within one day, making a record. The group is expected to surpass 500,000 sales mark with Alive and special edition Still Alive just in the first half of this year.

What's most interesting is that Big Bang has not been having any promotion or activities with this album at all since its release. Big Bang members are currently busy due to their Japan tour, so they have not been able to meet their fans with their new album.

Big Bang’s “Monster” is their fourth song to reach over 10 million views this year

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Big Bang’s “Monster” is their fourth song to reach over 10 million views this year

On June 17th, Big Bangs music video for Monster reached over 10 million views on Youtube.

This is Big Bangs fourth music video to reach over 10 million views on Youtube just this year alone. Previously, Big Bangs Blue, Fantastic Baby, and Bad Boy have also all reached over 10 million views.

This is an even more impressive feat considering that they have not participated in any promotional activities for the album. Big Bang is currently in Japan for their worldwide tour Alive Tour 2012, by which they will subsequently move on to others parts of Asia and America.

Big Bang received positive attention from all over the world by appearing on many countries Itunes charts including the United States, England, France, Brazil and several Asian countries. In addition, Big Bang received several music awards both domestically and internationally.

In related news, Big Bang further proved their immense popularity by  attracting over 255,000 fans in Japan, for their world tour and selling 50,000 tickets in just 30 seconds in Indonesia.

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MV of Big Bang’s “Monster” receives over ten million hits on YouTube #bigbang

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MV of Big Bangs Monster receives over ten million hits on YouTube #bigbang The music video of Big Bangs Monster received over ten million hits on YouTube.

As of June 17, the music video of Big Bangs Monster received over ten million hits on YouTube. By 11:00 a.m., it received over 10.16 million hits. Its the fourth time that Big Bangs music video received over ten million hits on YouTube.

The music videos of Big Bangs Blue, Fantastic Baby, and Bad Boy also received over ten million hits. Among five Korean songs that received over ten million hits in this year, four of them are Big Bangs.

It especially means a lot because the achievement has been made without any promotions on TV. Big Bang are currently focusing on their concert tour in Japan. Including Japan, they will also make a world tour to other countries in Asia and America.

Big Bang recently received wide attention on iTunes all over the world, including several Asian countries, U.K., France, and Brazil. Theyve also made significant achievements at some prestigious awards and on several music charts in the U.S.

Big Bang are currently holding a concert tour in Japan, attracting over 255,000 audiences. They also proved their high popularity in Indonesia by selling all 50,000 tickets for their concert in only thirty seconds.

[NEWS] Big Bang releases new project “Re-Monster”

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[NEWS] Big Bang releases new project “Re-Monster”

Big Bang, who recently made their comeback announced a new project with Hyundai Card.

On June 5, Big Bang attended a press conference for the YG X Hyundai Card Re-branding Project and talked about their new plan for their special album Still Alive as well as new collaborative plans between YG Entertainment and Hyundai Card.

G-Dragon stated, Since we are all are very interested in music, we shared each others opinions ideas to make this special album. The album and the music video are all made as a blockbuster status quality and it was a very nice experience. We are planning to show you many different performances and stage attire.

Big Bang will not be holding any local promotion activities for this album, but they will meet their fans through the event Re-branding Project. Hyundai Card portrayed Big Bangs musical growth through a new logo, BI (Brand Identity), album jacket and music video. They also produced Big Bangs brand guidebook.

A new musical project called the Re-Monster will also be launched. The project will include a special event for various musicians to reinterpret Big Bangs new song, Monster. The new redefined songs can be uploaded onto Hyundai Music, where they will be judged and the winning musicians will have a chance to release a digital single.

G-Dragon said, We hope that many indie bands will participate in the project. We are so excited that indie musicians and other musicians will reinterpret our song.