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Big Bang to perform at the Honda Center and Prudential Center for upcoming "Alive Galaxy Tour 2012" this November

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Big Bang to perform at the Honda Center and Prudential Center for upcoming Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 this NovemberBig Bang is currently undergoing with their first world tour, and has already completed their South Korea and China-leg tours.

POWERHOUSE Live has released the official announcement for Big Bang's stops in California and New Jersey, U.S. on September 17th local time, revealing that the popular South Korean male group would be performing at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California on November 3rd at 8PM local time and the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on November 9th at 8PM local time.

Tickets for both shows will be available starting September 22nd at 10AM EDT/PDT through Ticketmaster. Additional ticket information will be released on Wednesday, so stay tuned to Koreaboo!

So far, Big Bang has completed 3 sold out shows in South Korea, in which 30,000 tickets were immediately sold following the opening of tickets. In Japan, they have thus far performed an amazing 13 shows, with four more shows remaining this coming November and December. Over 1 million applications were received for their Japan concerts, with only 210,000 tickets available. With a record audience of 32,000 people, Big Bang completed their China-leg of their tour.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon - leader of Big Bang - has released his 1st mini-album "One of a Kind" and recently performed his comeback performance with Taeyang on SBS Inkigayo.

PSY’s performance at Honda Center to be cancelled

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PSY’s performance at Honda Center to be cancelled

Due to conflicting schedules, Psys performance at Honda Center in Anaheim, California in January has been cancelled. The ticket agency, Ticketmaster announced, “PSY was to perform at Honda Center on January 26, 2013. Unfortunately, the headlining performance is cancelled. For those who already purchased the ticket will be refunded.”

On November 22nd, YG Entertainment revealed, “The official date has not been finalized, though the performance will be delayed until PSY releases his next album.”

Psys new album release date has also been postponed. Its said that the singers new album and concert will be held in February or March of 2013.

In related news, Psy will make his appearance at the “2012 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Award)” in Hong Kong on November 30th.

What Happened at the Prudential Center Big Bang!

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What Happened at the Prudential Center Big Bang!

Big Bang, Prudential Center, Alive Galaxy Tour, Alive World Tour, Alive Tour 2012, Alive Tour, G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung, Seungri

It's been a long time coming! Big Bangwho debuted more than six years ago and have since released countless hits arrived the shores of the east coast United States to thundering and euphoric applause. As the sold-out Alive Tourconcert progressed at the Prudential Center in Newark NJ, not only were each song introduced to screaming cheers from the fans, but the floors shook as well as the audience danced, stamped, and jumped to the members of Big Bang. No better words describe the night than that of Seungri's, "I love this place".

The concert promptly started at pretty much 8 PM, with an introduction that seemed out of this world. In keeping with the theme of their name, the giant screen above the stage displayed five capsules been shot through outer space and entering our atmosphere in a giant fireball. With the cheering resonating through every seat sit filled with 12, 000 fans,"Still Alive" rang out as the capsules made their appearance on the stage abruptly revealing T.O.P, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri outfitted in all white suits with tail coats.

Following their "Still Alive" fiery entrance, Big Bang exited their capsules to sing "Tonight", as if to alert the crowd that tonight wouldn't be one to forget easily, if at all. G-Dragon and the members of Big Bang, really didn't have to gesture hands up high while singing "Hands Up", because the crowd already had their hands as high as they could, displaying an undulating sea of yellow light sticks. And, hands held up high were where those light sticks stayed all through the night, song after song.

Following the guys giving their individual introductions, during which Taeyang feeling too restricted for his signature dance moves shed his tail coat, the roof-raising lines and stumping beats of the intro for "Fantastic Baby" could not have come any sooner for the enthralled crowd. Riding on the fantastic performance, T.O.P and G-Dragon zoomed across the stage on tricked-out Segway bikes to perform "How Gee". With G-Dragon moving at top speed on stage, T.O.P put on display his appealing rap skills, and the rest of the guys sang in unison axiomatically "Big Bang's gonna raise the roof y'all".

With G-Dragon and T.O.P leaving their remaining three band mates to entertain the crowd after singing "Stupid Liar", Seungri gave the crowd an indication of what a down-to-earth and personable guy he is. "I know my English terrible" he said, "but tonight I will kill my English". The crowd loving his passion gave him a thundering applause. Later on when T.O.P and G-dragon return to the stage in an explosive duo performing "Ppeokigayo/Knockout" and "High High" the crowd practically lost it and the floor shook from stomping feet.

Notwithstanding the exhilaration and ecstasy of the crowd during the concert, two superlative moments occurred as well. During the euphoric participation of the crowd while Big Bang sat on stools singing "Haru Haru," Big Bang and their live band were entirely drowned out. At the completion of the first verse, Taeyang then invites the crowd to sing the entire hook and chorus. The boys may have as well sat this one out, with the audience in their stead. The other memorable moment occurred, when the crowd actually shushed itself as the guys started singing the mellow "Caf" using stand up microphones. To be precise, they shushed themselves to hear T.O.P who has the intro lines to "Caf".

Before the show began two savvy fans who came all the way from the University of Vermont, Lola and Dorian, expressed how the broad and differing nature of the members of Big Bang, essentially a juxtaposition of hard and soft, enables the universal appeal of Big Bang. This they said is because they represent the different types of people you may encounter on a daily basis.

The most regular of them all is Seungri, who powers through his challenges as he attempted, rather successfully, to speak English during the concert. He also displayed the most passion when he took his Samsung 4G phone, who was a co-sponsor of the event, and walked around taking pictures and videos of the crowd and his band mates. For his solo performances he sang "What Can I do" and "Strong Baby". A true younger sibling, he says of G-Dragon "I think he is genius" and calls him his hero. G-Dragon, probably not expecting the effusion of praise gives him a pound and hug.

G-Dragon in a creative streak, recently released a solo project featuring two of the crowds' favorites, "Crayon" and "One of a Kind". Some fans before the show agreed he might very well be the Asian male version of Lady Gaga, a title a 'crayon' would appreciate. As the official leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon shows measured charisma in his demeanor, but lets loose when performing in his signature mischievous smile and playful persona.

T.O.P is no doubt the all-time crowd favorite. Although he had no solo performances, T.O.P had several highlights when he displayed his uncanny ability to beat box. He beat boxed to G-Dragon's "One of a Kind" and Taeyang's "Wedding Dress", silencing the live band each time. With his mysterious eyes, icy smile, and gruff voice, T.O.P had the crowd quite literarily hanging on his every word. When the gregarious Taeyang kept yelling "T.O.P say something!" the reticent T.O.P had the crowd swooning when he said "I remember all faces I see".

Taeyang will always be Taeyang. Big Bang dancer extraordinaire, especially with the slide he did throughout the show, RB crooner with his endearing Omarion persona, and last to leave the party kind of guy. The term "we shut it down" fits him the best of all the members of Big Bang. He performed two of his solo tracks, "Wedding Dress" with its memorable choreography and "Look Only at Me".

Daesung, does not seem to have lost his nickname 'Mr. Smile'. During his solo performance of "Wings", a tether was lowered from the ceiling in the middle of the song to which the by now white-winged Daesung climbed unto and subsequently soared over the stage.Daesung's other moment of complete crowd-inducing bliss happened as the concert was wrapping up and the other Big Bang members led by T.O.P rips his t-shirt right off his back. T.O.P then walks to the edge of the stage and tosses it into the crowd.

Other moments of Big Bang's generosity to the crowd occurred when Taeyang ripped his own shirt off his back to throw into the crowd, Seungri took off his beautiful sports jacket rolled it up and threw into the crowd, T.O.P uncapped a bottle of water and proceeded to bathe some fans with its content before tossing the bottle into the audience. The most spasm-inducing for some concert goers was probably when T.O.P picks up a towel wipes the sweat off his head and neck and tosses it into the crowd.

Since practically every song performed was a crowd pleaser, outstanding songs like Blue and Bad Boy that were included in the line up may well be described as "roof raisers". Other roof raisers were "Last Farewell" and "Lies".

If left to the members of Big Bang, the concert would have continued well past midnight. It literarily took Taeyang to yell "enough" before the guys decided and acknowledged that even good things must end. As the three-hour concert drew to a close the guys expressed how much fun they had and really want to return again, next time even bigger and better. During the encores that took several impromptu turns, after performing Fantastic Baby, Bad Boy among others, T.O.P finally shed some of his icy-stiffness and danced for the crowd again at the urging of Taeyang. In one of the most memorable concert endings, the endearing Mr. Endorphin that is Seungri begins, and the crowd quickly joins in "na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, good bye".

Big Bang Right on Cue at the Prudential Center

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Big Bang Right on Cue at the Prudential Center

Big Bang, Prudential Center, Alive Galaxy Tour, Alive Tour, Alive World Tour, Alive Tour 2012, T.O.P, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri

Right on cue, at almost 8:00 PM, the capsules containing the members of Big Bangwere suddenly revealed on stage at the Prudential Center last night to thunderous cheering from the audience. T.O.P, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesungand Seungridressed in all white began the sold-out Alive concert, by singing "Still Alive". The response from the crowd was overwhelming and intense.

As the concert proceeded in its intensity, T.O.P and G-Dragon did a balancing act between singing and riding Segway bikes during "Stupid Liar". Later on, Daesung also had his moment aweing the crowd as he was hoisted up into the air with the full effect of angel wings.

The boys of Big Bang sang and performed many of the crowd favorites that included old and new songs. They performed for almost three hours with as many as thirty songs, including "Haru Haru", "Fantastic Baby", "Blue", "Lies", and "Bad Boy". In addition, the individual members of Big Bang performed some of their solo projects with Taeyang singing "Wedding Dress" and Seungri performing "What Can I Do", among the others.

The thundering of the crowd did not subside even after it appeared the concert was at its end. The sold out crowd continued to demand for more and more, to which Big Bang willingly obliged. In parsing the words of Seungri at the conclusion, the concert was a dream realized not just for the fans but for Big Bang as well.

[LIVE] Big Bang Fans Wait Patiently Outside the Prudential Center

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[LIVE] Big Bang Fans Wait Patiently Outside the Prudential Center

Big Bang, Prudential Center, Alive Galaxy Tour, Alive Tour 2012, Alive World Tour, Alive Tour

Hours prior to the concert, the line of people was extended around the block from the Prudential Center. At around 4:30PM, a several hundred of VIP fans were let into the Prudential Center for Big Bang's sound check.

Before entering the building for Big Bang's sound check, the VIP fans were entertained by the I Love Dance Big Bang flash mob that began around 3PM. The flash mob played Big Bang's hit songs like "Fantastic Baby", "Haru Haru" and "Lies".

People from all over the nation gathered at the Prudential Center for the concert and some were even dressed up like their favorite Big Bang member. Among those dressed up, G-Dragon and T.O.P look-a-likes were most commonly seen.

Follow Kpopstarz live twitter (@Kpopstarzlive) for continuous live updates on the event.

[EXCLUSIVE] PSY to hold his first U.S. solo concert in January 2013 in Anaheim, CA at the Honda Center

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[EXCLUSIVE] PSY to hold his first U.S. solo concert in January 2013 in Anaheim, CA at the Honda CenterPSY has been in the spotlight since the release of his worldwide hit "Gangnam Style," which was originally released in July. Since it went viral in August, PSY has been highlighted everywhere across the world, making exclusive appearances on well-known shows in the U.S, in addition to having a scheduled appearance as a guest speaker at Oxford University.

Live Nation has revealed that PSY will be headlining at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California this coming January, which will act at his first solo concert in the United States.

Previously, K-Pop acts who have performed at that very same venue this year include SMTOWN LIVE and PSY's YG Entertainment labelmates, Big Bang, will be performing at the Honda Center in Anaheim in November.

Set to perform in front of thousands of fans, PSY will perform at the Honda Center on Saturday, January 26, 2013. Tickets for PSY's upcoming U.S. concert will go on sale on Saturday, October 27th at 10AM through Live Nation and Ticketmaster with tickets ranging from $40 USD to $300 (VIP).

PSY made his debut in South Korea in 2001 with the track "Bird," and a decade later, has showered the country with several well-loved hits such as "Champion," "Paradise," "Entertainer," "Right Now," and "Shake It."

After a two year hiatus, PSY returned with "Gangnam Style," shaking not just South Korea, but the world with his horse-style dance.

Source: Live Nation and POWERHOUSE

Big Bang Proves to Be Center of the K-Pop Universe on YouTube

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Big Bang Proves to Be Center of the K-Pop Universe on YouTube

Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby" has emerged as the most-watched K-pop music video on YouTube in terms of international views in the first half of this year. Sistar's "Alone" was the most popular among domestic viewers. According to a list of the top 10 K-pop music videos in the first six months, as released by YouTube on Monday, "Fantastic Baby" recorded 33.2 million hits. The total number would be even higher if the number of hits made via mobile devices was also factored in.

Big Bang's "Blue" ranked second, followed by "Twinkle" by Taetiseo, the unit group of Girls' Generation, Big Bang's "Bad Boy" and f(x)'s "Electric Shock" ranked fourth and fifth. Sistar's "Alone", which posted around 10 million hits, topped the domestic YouTube chart.

Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” at the Center of Another Korea-Japan Controversy

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Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” at the Center of Another Korea-Japan ControversyBig Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” has become the latest victim of Korea and Japan’s rocky relationship. Both Korean and Japanese netizens are criticizing the song, and the overall K-pop industry, for being played at the Japan Expo in Paris.

The controversy all started after a flash mob video of Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” was uploaded on YouTube. The 3-minute video, recorded at the Japan Expo in Paris, shows a cover dance team of about 10 members dancing to “Fantastic Baby.” They form a group in the center, in front of Big Bang’s poster and MV, and put on a pretty good show for the visitors to the exhibition, which reportedly brings in over 100,000 fans to its annual event.

The problem is the Japanese national flag hangs right next to Big Bang’s poster on the ceiling. Korean netizens are also furious over the fact that the song was the Japanese version of “Fantastic Baby.”

Korean netizens that saw the video are questioning why a K-Pop flash mob had to be held at the Japan Expo, and if it had to be the Japanese version of the song at all – and more than anything, they are infuriated by the Japanese national flag’s presence right next to Big Bang’s posters.

Some of the other comments found include, “This is all happening because K-Pop unnecessarily came out with too many Japanese lyric songs,” Hallyu is supposed to make me feel good, but this just ruined my day – what a shame,” and “Korean agencies are just looking for the money – have some pride in your country!”

Japanese netizens also criticized with the video, as they commented, “Why are Korean artists using Japan Expo to make extra money?” and “Korea has no national pride if it’s for the money.”

[Recap] SMTOWN Live in Los Angeles concert at the Honda Center

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[Recap] SMTOWN Live in Los Angeles concert at the Honda CenterFollowing SMTOWN's official press conference at the Honda Center, the SMTOWN Live in L.A concert finally began!

Large screens were placed on either side of the stage for fans that were further away, giving them an equally exciting view as everyone else. SMTOWN also prepared extended stages from the main stage, with stages extending on either side, one in the middle with a center stage, and from the center stage all the way to the front. The lights dimmed and one could see the amazing fan support with pink, red, green, and blue lighsticks seen throughout the stadium.

The MCs for the concert were Super Junior's Leeteuk and Girls' Generation's Tiffany and Taeyeon, who introduced this it as the MBC special SMTOWN segment for the upcoming broadcast by MBC titled, "Korean Music Wave: SMTOWN Special."

A video then began playing, hinting that the concert had finally begun. Scenes of the SM artists underwater were shown, revealing the concert's water theme.

The opening artist for the concert was surprisingly SHINee with "Lucifer." The popular male group made their appearance at the center stage and an explosive scream erupted throughout the stadium. During the performance, SHINee was suddenly raised into the air by the platform in the center stage and froze. Backup dancers dressed in dark clothing came on stage military style. "Lucifer" was then given a techno-military-like remix as the performance continued.

SHINee: "AMIGO" (rock version) + "Juliette"

Following SHINee, the next artist to come on stage was Super Junior. The members were seen lined up side by side on the main stage as red lights glowed. Lights flashed and only their silhouettes remained. Their track "Superman" began playing as the members of Super Junior began hitting their chests to the beat of the song. Slowly, Super Junior walked coolly to the center stage, and as the platform raised, water shot up from the stage. The stadium boomed with the united sound of everyone clapping together to the beat with the Super Junior members.

After a short, but intense dance break, Super Junior performed a new and updated version of their hit track, "Don't Don," which also had its own dance break. The song suddenly transitioned into an intense rock version, signaled by the loud bass and drums.

It was clear by this point that many of the tracks by the SM artists would have a rock makeover.

One of the hottest male groups of the night suddenly made their first appearance of the night, gaining the most explosive screams from girl fans yet. TVXQ began performing a medley of "The Way You Are" and "Mirotic" at the main stage to the delight of fans.

Super Junior made their reappearance on the stage and performed yet another rock version of their track, "Bonamana." The members spread themselves out throughout all the stages, including the extended stages, pumping fans to the beat, and headbanging. The "Bonamana" performance seemingly ended with an explosive rock guitar sound, but resulted in a fake out before the performance actually ended.

Video: "Miracle of Music, United As One. Music Nation. SMTOWN."

f(x) made their first appearance of the night with their #1 hit track, "Hot Summer," to which the stadium sang along with during the chorus. After their "hot" performance, f(x) gave their introductions (Luna: "I love you"), with Amber doing most of the talking.

Amber then asked her fellow members, "Does anyone else want to speak English?"Looking towards Sulli, she asked, "You wanna try?" Krystal then added, "Say dirty." Amber then revealed, "Sulli has the best pronunciation."

The stadium went black and the lights began to focus on the center stage where Girl's Generation's Taeyeon was waiting with a mic in hand. She began to sing "Devil's Cry" and the platform raised as backup dancers appeared, dancing around her at the bottom. With the end of the performance, the remaining six members of Girls' Generation in attendance joined their leader and proceeded to perform "Run Devil Run."

After the performance, the group introduced themselves to the mass of fans (Jessica: "Great to be back in California, I hope you enjoy the show."; Tiffany: "What's up Anaheim!"). Tiffany then explained that the "lucky 9" are not present, but the "lucky 7" are. She then explained that both Yoona and Yuri are back in Korea, busy filming for their respective dramas, "Love Rain" and "Fashion King."

Following their introductions, the group performed "Genie" and surprisingly, the track was given a small, but amazing change with Tiffany spitting out a rap with a great flow before shouting, "DJ, put it back on!" The group performed "Kissing You" before SHINee replaced the group on the stage.

SHINee rocked the stage with "SHINee World" and finally introduced themselves to their fans. The group thanked fans, saying they were where they are today because of their fans.

They then began to dance before bellowing out "Love Like Oxygen" with a lot of charisma. Following their performance, f(x) and Super Junior appeared on stage together to perform "Oops!" for the first time during a North American SMTOWN Live concert. Fans were given a surprise with Heechul appearing via video, singing his part. After Heechul's part was done, all of the artists on stage turned to the screens and gave a military salute (Heechul is currently completing his 2-year military service).

Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Leeteuk returned to the stage as the MCs with Tiffany saying, "Through different diversities, we can all come together as one through music."

The first special English collaboration then took place with Onew and Luna singing High School Musical's "Can I Have This Dance." The duo received great cheers for their excellent chemistry and vocals.

Following this collaboration, sisters Jessica and Krystal performed "California Girls," which was followed with Changmin and Kyuhyun's collaboration of Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are." The performance came to a screaming surprise for fan girls with a TVXQ fan awaiting the two, sitting on a high chair at the center stage. Changmin and Kyuhyun sang to her, going down to one knee and even hugging her at the end of the performance.

Donghae and Eunhyuk then performed their duo collaboration, "Oppa Oppa," exciting fans with their colorful performance. EXO then finally made their appearance with EXO-K beginning the performance of "History" before EXO-M appeared. Following their introductions and a very loud cheer, EXO-K and EXO-M performed their debut title track, "MAMA," together.

Girls' Generation's first sub-unit, Taetiseo, took the stage with "Twinkle Twinkle," having only a slight rough beginning. Taeyeon seemed to have trouble with her shoe strap, to which she quickly fixed at the beginning of the performance and continued to sing as if nothing had happened.

Amber, Key and Kris then gave an explosive cover performance of Far East Movement's "Like a G6." Key made a surprising appearance in the 224 section at the start of the performance before joining Amber and Kris on stage.

Following a fairytale video of SMTOWN, Super Junior performed "Sorry Sorry" before introducing themselves to the fans. Leeteuk had fans laughing when he repeatedly asked, "My name is...??" When fans answered "Leeteuk," he complimented them with a smile and said, "You are geniuses!" He continued, "By now, your neck and legs are probably very sore. Are you ready to make some noise? Make enough noise to get to the next song!!"

TVXQ took the stage for the 2nd time, giving a powerful and charismatic stage with "MAXIMUM." The duo then gave their introduction, with Yunho first greeting the fans eagerly. Changmin then jokingly said, "Yunho, are you done?"

Changmin then greeted everyone with, "Hi everyone, I'm Changmin. First of all, it's a blessing and honor for all of us to come to the Honda Center today. Enjoy the rest of the show, now on to the next TVXQ song."

TVXQ: "Why (Keep Your Head Down)"

BoA finally took the stage for the first time and gave a powerful performance of "Look Who's Talking" and "Energetic" from her 1st English album. She then introduced herself and said, "I want to hear you SCREAM!! SMTOWN IS BACK!"

She then proceeded to say that it seemed like she has been singing the same English songs forever, mentioning that she is wanting to release a new English song sometime this year. BoA also mentioned that her boss is sitting in the audience, watching them all perform.

BoA then said that unlike the other SM artists, she only arrived in Los Angeles a few hours before the concert and was very excited that she would be performing.

BoA commented, "I'm gonna do what I want to do on stage. Please LOSE YOUR MIND. Jump, shake your booties, just do whatever you want to do. I'm going to sing my K-Pop Star track, 'One Dream.'" For the song she was accompanied by Kris and Key.

BoA: "I Did It For Love" ft. Key + "Hurricane Venus"

Girls Generation: "Way To Go" + "Gee"

Following the performance by Girls' Generation, Super Junior took the stage with "Dancing Out," having a mild situation with a few mic's loosing battery, which was quickly fixed with the members switching mics with one another.

SHINee then performed "Ring Ding Dong," which was barely recognizable as it was a heavy metal version of the track. The track had heavy metal elements with heavy drum and guitar playing.

Girls' Generation: "The Boys" (English)

TVXQ returned to the stage with their hit track, "Rising Sun." Despite the song originally spread into 5 parts, Yunho and Changmin did a splendid job filling in the space. Their large amount of effort could be easily recognized as they performed the whole song together.

The MCs returned to the stage one last time with Tiffany asking the fan-filled stadium, "Which team did the best?" She received screams as a response.

She continued, "We've had so much fun the past four hours, but unfortunately, we are met with one last performance."

Slowly, all the SMTOWN artists made their way to the main stage, wearing the pink SMTOWN t-shirts that were sold by the agency last year during SMTOWN NYC. Together, the artists performed H.O.T's "Hope," indicating the end of the concert. Super Junior's Leeteuk was the last SMTOWN member to exit the stage, staying extra long for fans and even taking off his SMTOWN shirt to throw to a lucky fan.

Check out Koreaboo's photography coverage below!!

[b]Source:[/bb] SHINeelovee05, OtterFarmer, and foreveriprom15e

Washington D.C.’s Korean Culture Center is holding a Big Bang and Wonder Girls giveaway

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Washington D.C.’s Korean Culture Center is holding a Big Bang and Wonder Girls giveaway

Some awesome news for this month. The Korean Culture Center in Washington D.C. is holding a special giveaway event, in which you’ll have a chance to win one of 15 autographed Big Bang and Wonder Girls albums or one of 10 Korean popular culture book sets!

To enter this giveaway, hosted by the Korean Culture Center, all you have to do is:

Fans are invited to submit videos in which they freely and creatively express themselves through their rendition of a K-Pop dance. Points will be awarded for originality, as well as for showing enthusiasm for their favorite K-Pop song and choreography. The video should be first uploaded to Youtube with [KCC Cover] included in the title, then posted under the K-POP Video Contest ‘event’ on KCC’s Facebook page. The video must be an original project created by an individual or a group, and must not have been previously entered in a different contest.

For more information visit their Facebook. By the way did you also know that the Korean Culture Center in Washington D.C is giving away roundtrip tickets to Korea? Click here for more information!