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Big Bang"s "Fantastic Baby" plays in new trailer for "Pitch Perfect 2"

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Big Bang

Get ready for "Pitch Perfect 2" as another trailer has been dropped by Fox Movies, featuring music by Big Bang!

In the trailer above at the 1:48 mark, you can hear Big Bang"s "Fantastic Baby" playing to the end as the girls party and have fun, exciting even the viewers of the trailer with the upbeat, popular track.

Although it"s unsure whether the track will actually play in the movie, the trailer at least further proves Big Bang"s global popularity by choosing their track to play in the background. Check it above!

We"re back, pitches.Check out the new trailer of Pitch Perfect 2!

Posted by FOX Movies Premium on Thursday, April 16, 2015

B1A4 perform Big Bang"s "Lies" & "Fantastic Baby" and grab 2nd win at M!Countdown

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B1A4 perform Big Bang

B1A4 perform Big Bang"s "Lies""Fantastic Baby" for M!Countdown"s 10th anniversary special.

Moreover, the group also take home their 2nd win for "Solo Day" today following their victory from Show Champion! Congratulations!

Watch their winning speech and performances below:

Big Bang named as the first Korean boy group to surpass 100 million views on YouTube with “Fantastic Baby” MV

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Big Bang named as the first Korean boy group to surpass 100 million views on YouTube with “Fantastic Baby” MV

Big Bang has been named as the first Korean boy group to receive over 100 million views on YouTube with their music video for “Fantastic Baby“.

“Fantastic Baby” MV was released on March 6 of 2012. The MV surpassed 100 million views on March 27 of 2014.

“Fantastic Baby” was the title track of Big Bang’s fifth mini-album “ALIVE“.

Big Bang’s agency YG Entertainment updated their Twitter on March 27 with the statement,

“”WOW FANTASTIC BABY”" #FantasticBaby M/V hits 100 million views! Thank you all the fantastic viewers! Watch @

— YG Family (@ygent_official) March 27, 2014

Congratulations to Big Bang!

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Big Bang's 'Fantastic Baby' Becomes First Video By A Male K-Pop Group To Surpass 100 Million Views YG Claims

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Big Bang's 'Fantastic Baby' Becomes First Video By A Male K-Pop Group To Surpass 100 Million Views YG Claims

(Photo : Big Bang in the "Fantastic Baby" video) On Thursday, YG Entertainment, the record label for Big Bang, announced that the group had become "the first Korean boy group to record more than 100 million views for their music video on YouTube," for the music video "Fantastic Baby."

In a press release published on the label"s website, YG Entertainment execs claimed this confirms the song"s overwhelming popularity with fans.

"The record has been set two years from March 6, 2012, when the music video was uploaded on YouTube," the YG statement read.

"It proves the fact that the song has been loved by fans consistently since its release."

"Along with "Fantastic Baby," 16 music videos of Big Bang have reached 10 million views and five among them have recorded 30 million views on YouTube," the YG statement added.

"Fantastic Baby" was reportedly one of the most viewed YouTube videos of 2012, earning the group international press from media outlets ranging from the Guardian to the Vancouver Sun.

The Sun"s Francois Marchard described "Fantastic Baby" as "easily one of the most colorfully twisted pop videos we"ve seen in a while, combining RPG style art, riot gear, steampunk elements and street pop swagger."

At a press conference in Kallang, Singapore, back in 2012, six months after the release of "Fantastic Baby," G-Dragon thanked their fans for making the band a worldwide sensation.

"We"re grateful and honored," he said, according to the Jakarta Post. "The love from fans really motivates us and we"re really appreciative of the love we get from everyone around the world."

"We"ve continued to learn more about ourselves and our relationships with one another," G-Dragon added. "We"re all growing in terms of music and as human beings."

Big Bang Gets Over 100 Million Hits on ‘Fantastic Baby’ MV

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Big Bang Gets Over 100 Million Hits on ‘Fantastic Baby’ MV

Big Bang’s music video for Fantastic Baby earned over 100 million views on YouTube, setting the record as the first male group from Korea.

As of March 27, the music video for Fantastic Baby on Big Bang’s official YouTube channel earned over 100 million hits since it was published on the site on March 6 of 2012.

As one of the title songs of Big Bang’s fifth mini album Alive, Fantastic Baby received much love for its fast and powerful beats and choreography.

Apart from Fantastic Baby, 16 music videos of the group also earned more than ten million views, five of which raked in over 30 million.

After successfully holding the six dome tour in Japan last year, Big Bang will continue to stay busy throughout this year. T.O.P is currently filming the movie Tazza 2 and Seungri will be transforming into an ‘acting-dol’ through SBS’s upcoming drama Angel Eyes. Daesung is preparing for an arena tour in Japan starting June and Taeyang is also preparing for his solo album.

Big Bang will also be releasing a new album this summer after releasing the 5th mini album Alive in 2012.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment

#BigBang100M Big Bang's 'Fantastic Baby' MV reaches 100 million views

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#BigBang100M Big Bang's 'Fantastic Baby' MV reaches 100 million views

On March 27th, it was reported that Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby" MV officially surpassed 100 million views on Youtube.

The MV was uploaded on March 6th, 2012. This achievement marks "Fantastic Baby" as the 4th Korean MV to have more than 100 million viewers, after PSY "Gangnam Style" and "Gentleman", and Girls' Generation "Gee".

"Fantastic Baby" is one of the title songs in Big Bang's 5th mini album "ALIVE". The song has received much love from fans ever since it was released thanks to its fast and intense beat, and also the dynamic choreography.

The group is said to release a new album this summer, but prior to that the members are busy with their individual activities. T.O.P is filming for the movie "Tazza 2",Seungri is also filming for SBS' drama "Angel Eyes", Daesung will hold an Arena Tour in Japan in June and Taeyang is preparing for his upcoming solo album.

G-Dragon enjoying sushi in Japan with Taeyang & Daesung, Big Bang performs “Fantastic Baby” on Music Station

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G-Dragon enjoying sushi in Japan with Taeyang & Daesung, Big Bang performs “Fantastic Baby” on Music Station

Boy group idol Big Bang took to the stage to perform their hit track “Fantastic Baby” on the August 24th edition of Fuji TV’s popular music program Music Station.

Taeyang’s certainly bursting with energy. Not quite sure what was going on with the backtrack since their vocals didn’t seem quite in synch, but it was a spirited performance and they looked like they were enjoying themselves. Additionally, earlier today Big Bang leader G-Dragon made his long waited solo comeback with “One of A Kind”. Because of the performance on Music Station, he’s currently in Japan and it seems he went out with his fellow members Daesung and Taeyang and dined to sushi.

While in Japan you have to eat sushi~~~yes?” G-Dragon shared the above photo and wrote via Twitter. 

Bonus hilarious photo that Taeyang shared on his Twitter:


— TEYDADDY (@Realtaeyang) August 24, 2012

Source: G-Dragon’s Twitter, Taeyang’s Twitter

Big Bang’s Seungri Shares View from Stage During “Fantastic Baby” Performance

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Ever wonder what it’s like to be on-stage with Big Bang? Well, in this video shared by Seungri, you get a short glimpse of the crazy atmosphere at Big Bang’s concert – all from the view on-stage!

The video, roughly running for 2 minutes and 24 seconds, was shot during Big Bang’s performance of “Fantastic Baby” at their “Alive GALAXY Tour 2012” in Guangzhou, China. It is said to be filmed by Seungri with his Samsung Galaxy 3 smartphone, but it looks more like Big Bang members took turns filming each other, capturing all the excitement from the wild crowd.

This video has been attracting massive attention from fans, as it’s one of the very few videos filmed during an actual performance by Big Bang. It’s unclear what prompted Big Bang to upload this video, but we’re assuming it’s because of their partnership with Samsung for their “Alive GALAXY Tour 2012” concert.

Netizens commented, “Wow, fantastic baby!” “The atmostphere is unbelieavable!,” and “I need to go buy my Galaxy phone!”

Big Bang's 'Fantastic Baby' Secret to Ranking First on YouTube

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Big Bang, Fantastic Baby, YouTube

Worldwide popularity of K-Pop is discussed everywhere. Many times we are able to see different overseas fans of different ethnic background showing their passion and craze over K-Pop singers on stage. Yet still some Korean fans are still doubt wondering if "it's all excessive promotion of the singer's agency." However there has been plethora of data that proves, even doubtful fans cannot deny, K-Pop's global popularity.

Recently YouTube announced the list of top 10 K-Pop music videos in terms of international views in the first half of this year. Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby" emerged on the top of the list. The number of views on YouTube confirms the growing popularity and quality of K-Pop.

Big Bang dominated the K-Pop scene for the first half of 2012 this is proven as the group's album of Alive and Still Alive placed 4 songs in the top 10. Also Girls' Generation's first unit TaeTiSeo "Twinkle" ranked third and f(x)'s "Electric Shock" ranked fifth.

Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby" recorded 33.2 million worldwide views. Last year 2NE1's "Lonely" grabbed the top spot for the same period. "Lonely" recorded 23 million views, which means in the same period, in just one year the views increased over a whopping 44 percent.

The increase was not only visible in quantity but also in quality as well. The fans that viewed Big Bang's music video through the official YouTube channel was not concentrated on one country but was evenly distributed. YouTube Korea explained, "We cannot say their popularity is global if 30-40% of the views were concentrated from one country. However Big Bang, Super Junior as well as other K-Pop stars fans seems to be evenly distributed all around various countries. Also there is rather more overseas click than from South Korea itself."

In reality according to YG Entertainment analysis of YouTube data, Big Bang's music video is most viewed in Japan and United States instead of Korea. It seems U.S. and Japan known as the world's largest music market is consuming more music that is "Made in Korea." We are able to see that music is consumed not only in Asia but in countries of North and South America, Europe and Middle East.

YouTube was surprised by the rapid growth of K-Pop. Google Korea's managing director Seo Hwang Guk stated, "K-Pop has established itself as a genre that music fans all around the world can enjoy. Last year 2NE1 ranked first with 23 million and in 2012 the record is 33 million. Even a simply comparison displays a scary growth rate. Along with the qualitative growth in contents the actual K-Pop users is on the rise as well. Google is introducing a variety of K-Pop and other genres allowing more domestic and foreign fans to exchange content and spread the influence of K-Pop."

In reality YouTube opened the K-Pop genre last year keeping up to the demand of the rapidly growing K-Pop users. K-Pop has been added in the popular music genres such as Pop, RB, Rap and much more. This is the first time YouTube opened a music channel solely dedicated to a single country's music. YouTube Korea stated, "We expect the total number of K-Pop click in the first half of the year to already surpass the number recorded for the first half of last year."

Big Bang's agency YG Entertainment revealed, "Now days with increasing number of foreign fans, we focus on making global content aimed for overseas fans from the planning stage. The music promotions are also done using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more for our international fans. With the increase of international fans we continuously strive to put Korean elements in our music. This is also why we introduced a new genre of combining trot and electronic in 2NE1's latest single "I Love You."

Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” at the Center of Another Korea-Japan Controversy

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Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” has become the latest victim of Korea and Japan’s rocky relationship. Both Korean and Japanese netizens are criticizing the song, and the overall K-pop industry, for being played at the Japan Expo in Paris.

The controversy all started after a flash mob video of Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” was uploaded on YouTube. The 3-minute video, recorded at the Japan Expo in Paris, shows a cover dance team of about 10 members dancing to “Fantastic Baby.” They form a group in the center, in front of Big Bang’s poster and MV, and put on a pretty good show for the visitors to the exhibition, which reportedly brings in over 100,000 fans to its annual event.

The problem is the Japanese national flag hangs right next to Big Bang’s poster on the ceiling. Korean netizens are also furious over the fact that the song was the Japanese version of “Fantastic Baby.”

Korean netizens that saw the video are questioning why a K-Pop flash mob had to be held at the Japan Expo, and if it had to be the Japanese version of the song at all – and more than anything, they are infuriated by the Japanese national flag’s presence right next to Big Bang’s posters.

Some of the other comments found include, “This is all happening because K-Pop unnecessarily came out with too many Japanese lyric songs,” Hallyu is supposed to make me feel good, but this just ruined my day – what a shame,” and “Korean agencies are just looking for the money – have some pride in your country!”

Japanese netizens also criticized with the video, as they commented, “Why are Korean artists using Japan Expo to make extra money?” and “Korea has no national pride if it’s for the money.”