Big Bangs Daesung has  touched people with  his emotional  performance in the  music video  designed  specifically  for  the  popular song called

Big Bangs Daesung has touched people with his emotional performance in the music video designed specifically for the popular song called "Loser" Big Bangs Daesung

-- Bringing up all kinds of emotions, Big Bang unveiled the music video solo clip of Loser, focusing on Daesung.

[Video] Big Bang′s Daesung Gets the Tears Flowing in ′Loser′ MV Solo Clip

The solo clip was released on May 19 at 9PM KST, sharing Daesung′s story from the original music video.

The video showed Daesung living in fear and violence, having no one and nowhere to turn to. At the end of the video, he finds a short moment of peace as he listens to a street performer sing and play his guitar.

Big Bang will release new songs on June 1 as part of its MADE project album.

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Big Bang

Big Bang"s Daesung talks about his long bangs for latest comeback concept

Big Bang

Big Bang"s Daesung talked about how he felt about his long bangs for his latest comeback concept with "Bae Bae" and "Loser" on the latest episode of Mnet"s "Heart_a_Tag".

As fans saw in Big Bang"s latest comeback, Daesung"s hairstyle is a bit long in the front. T.O.P commented, "You really look like a "70s rock star." Daesung responded, "Even the hair attached to the back of my head is inspired from rock stars."

He went on, "I covered half of my eyes with my hair, and people are telling me, "You looks handsome," and "Your face is brighter." That"s why next time, I plan to grow my bangs down to my nose. I think people will say I"m even better looking then. I think if I grow it to my mouth, I"ll be absolutely handsome."

What do you think about Daesung"s hairstyle?

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Daesung reveals which Big Bang member he would date + why he

Daesung reveals which Big Bang member he would date + why he"s popular in Japan

Big Bang had an immensely fun time on KBS 2TV"s "Happy Together 3" on May 21, also providing an equally fun time for their viewers and fans.

On the broadcast, Big Bang was asked, "If you were a woman, which member would you want to date?" and Daesung chose G-Dragon without hesitation. Everybody, including G-Dragon of course, was curious about the reason behind this choice, but Daesung"s answer was short and simple. He replied, "He has a lot of money," making everybody burst into laughter.

Seungri also provided an interesting answer, saying, "I would want to date myself," making everyone laugh.

The members also said on this day, "Daesung is the most popular in Japan. If one out of ten are our fans, the remaining would be all Daesung"s fans."  Daesung explained that he thought they liked his nose, saying, "They even sell goods that use my nose and mouth shapes. They call me Daejelina," as in a mix of Daesung and Angelina Jolie.

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Big Bang release special solo clip of Daesung from

Big Bang release special solo clip of Daesung from "Loser" MV

Big Bang release special solo clip of Daesung from

Big Bang have revealed a special solo clip of Daesung from their "Loser" music video.

Like in the MV, Daesung looks like he"s on the run and gets beat up quite a bit in this solo clip, which is the latest in Big Bang"s bonus "MADE" series. You can get a closer look at the Big Bang member"s acting skills, but fans should get prepared for their stomachs to turn as he looks like he"s in a lot of pain.

Check it out above!

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Big Bangs Daesung Changes Hairstyle to See Clearly on M COUNTDOWN

Big Bangs Daesung Changes Hairstyle to See Clearly on M COUNTDOWN

--> Big Bang promised a comeback every month.

On the May 7 broadcast of Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN, Big Bang talked about releasing a new song each month.

"If you want it, we′ll always return with a new album. Once a month. Every month. Even if you don′t like it, we′ll come," said G-Dragon.

Big Bang′s Daesung Changes Hairstyle to See Clearly on ′M COUNTDOWN′

"The focal point of Loser is Taeyang hyung′s voice. Look forward to it," shared Seungri, who later received a hug from Taeyang. "For Bae Bae, T.O.P hyung is so cool. Look forward to some awesome rapping."

Stepping up to the front, Daesung was asked about his fashion point.

Daesung answered, "It was to cover my eyes, but [my hair] covered so much that I couldn′t see and I fell. Today, I′ll see everything clearly."

Big Bang, BEAST Jang Hyun Seung and Giri Boy, Secret′s Jun Hyo Seong, EXID, Jinusean and Akdong Musician′s Su Hyun, Elsie (T-ara′s Eunjung) and Ki-O, BESTiE, HOTSHOT, The Ark, Romeo, Oh My Girl and more will appear on this episode of M COUNTDOWN.

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Big Bang

Big Bang"s Daesung is the next special MC for SBS" "Inkigayo"

Big Bang

Prior to their comeback performance on SBS" "Inkigayo", Big Bang members decided who was going to be next week"s special guest MC between Seungri and Daesung through a fair game of rock, paper, scissors.

The members were seen giving a brief interview with Kim Yoo Jung, Yonghwa, and Hong Jong Hyun, and Yonghwa first introduced the group, saying, "Making a comeback as a full group after three years. It"s Big Bang!"

Following G-Dragon and Taeyang"s short opening, Kim Yoo Jung asked, "We heard that you guys are going to be releasing this [coming] album in a unique way?" to which T.O.P replied, "Yes, we are going to be releasing a song every first of the month. Please have high expectations for it."

She then followed up with, "Rumors say that there is next week"s special MC among the five of you guys." This time, G-Dragon answered, "Yes. We"re not sure who it will be yet. Usually Daesung is good at hosting, but Seungri really wants to do it."

Taeyang suggested, "Then why don"t we see who gets it with a game of rock, paper, scissors? Okay, do it now," before stepping backwards to give Seungri and Daesung room. In just a matter of seconds, Daesung won against Seungri fair and square, confirming his attendance on the show next week as the special MC.

Check out their awkward yet charming interview with "Inkigayo" MCs above!


Big Bangs Daesung Says People Think Hes More Handsome with New Hairstyle

Big Bangs Daesung Says People Think Hes More Handsome with New Hairstyle

--> Big Bang′s Daesung shared his thoughts on what people have been saying about his new hairstyle.

On May 4, Big Bang held a press conference at the Conrad Hotel in Yeoido, where Daesung shared, "I got a new hairstyle in the Loser music video, and I heard a lot of people saying that I look better."

He added with a smile, "It′s a new style where I cover half my face, so I wonder what they mean."

"Either way, it′s a compliment, so I′m happy. I think I have to continue with this concept," said Daesung. "I′ve been getting called handsome without even expecting it."

Big Bang′s Daesung Says People Think He′s More Handsome with New Hairstyle

Big Bang released Loser and Bae Bae on May 1, making a group comeback after three years. With new hairstyle changes, Daesung′s new hairstyle, which covers a third of his face, especially caught much attention.

"It′s a hairstyle where I need an escort because I can′t see very well," explained Daesung. "Even during the SBS Inkigayo stage, I followed the members by holding their hands."

T.O.P added, "I′m taking Daesung around, holding his hand."

"Because we′ve been together for a long time, we understand and trust each other even more," said Daesung. "Before, I thought that I was being harmful to Big Bang and YG and had the strong belief that I must be perfect, but now much of that fear is gone."

"Because I made a lot of mistakes, I think I earned that through those mistakes. There were times when the door of opportunities would open up as well."

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Happy birthday to Big Bang

Happy birthday to Big Bang"s Daesung

Full Name: Kang Dae Sung

Nickname: DLite (Delight)

Label: YG entertainment

Group: Big Bang

Position:Main Vocal

Birthday: April 26, 1989

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Blood Type: O

Religion: Christian

Education: KyeongIn High School

Languages: Korean, Japanese

- He is known for his small eyes and funny character

- He is Yoo Jae Suk formed a nickname "Dumb and Dumber"

- He was fixed member of SBS"s Family Outing

- He loves Doreamon

- He is said to look like 2NE1s Minzy

- He is close to singer Gummy

- Some musicians he admires are Usher, Omarion, NeYo, and Wheesung.

- He has a solo career

- In 2011, he got into a controversy and ended all of his public appearances for the rest of the year. He spent most of time staying at home or praying at church. READ MORE


BIGBANG's Daesung Successfully Wraps Up Solo Japanese Tour, + Reveals to Return with Big Bang

BIGBANG's Daesung Successfully Wraps Up Solo Japanese Tour, + Reveals to Return with Big Bang

BIGBANG's member, Daesung, has sucessfully wrapped up his Japanese solo tour and encore concert on February 11th!

Holding concerts in Tokyo on January 31st and February 1st, as well as at the Osaka Jo Hall on February 10th and 11th, Daesung met with local fans with a new show, singing his latest songs from his first original album D′s Love at his encore tour.

Beginning with a jam session in the opening, Daesung joined the band with drums, heating up the crowd. The concert started with Shut Up, smoothly leading into Rainy Rainy, Dress, and Omoi Tsunotte, capturing the fans with three ballads.

Daesung Successfully Completes Solo Japanese Tour and Promises to Return with Big Bang

"It′s not a sad thing that it′s the final day. It′s a happy day! Because I was able to meet you all. Thank you for calling me out!" said Daesung, as he showcased special dances for Futari? Hitori! and Samete, Nemure.

With fog gently setting down on the stage, Daesung powerfully belted out Utautai No Ballad and Baby Don′t Cry, which was especially rearranged for the encore tour.

Daesung spent a cozy time with fans, telling them to make ′powerful turns′ if they wanted to change the mood when something unpleasant happened. Especially at the end of the tour, Daesung stated, "I′ll return with good music with Big Bang."

With the fans′ support at the end of the concert, Daesung returned to perform Konya wa Boogie Back, even showing fans his rap skills while wearing sunglasses. He told fans, "Like the other times, I′ll sing with you for four hours today too!" He then performed six songs total for the extra encore performances.

After the encore stages were done, Daesung reminisced of his solo activities in Japan as the band began to play Mirai Yosozu II. As a special event, fans put up placards that were written in Korean, "We are always by Daesung′s side!"

"Thank you for being my wings. Everyone who came to the concert are the main characters of my live performances. Let′s sing live again!" said Daesung as he wrapped up the concert.

After confirming his place as a solo artist in Japan through his arena tour, Daesung will return with Big Bang after three years.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment