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Rain Gets Baptized in Presence of Girlfriend Kim Tae Hee’s Family, No Marriage Plans Yet

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Rain Gets Baptized in Presence of Girlfriend Kim Tae Hee’s Family, No Marriage Plans Yet

According to a music industry insider on July 21, singer and actor Rain was baptized at a cathedral in Gyeonggi-do this month, in the presence of his girlfriend, actress Kim Tae Hee, her family, as well as his close friends and family. It is well known that Kim Tae Hee is a devout Catholic, and it appears that Rain, who was previously agnostic, has been influenced by his girlfriend’s devotion to the religion.

Rain’s agency, Cube DC, told Yonhap News through a phone conversation, “Rain recently received Catholic baptism. It is something that was planned a long time ago.”

With the news of Rain’s baptism spreading in the entertainment industry, rumors of marriage between the famous couple are being raised once again.

After it was initially reported that the two were dating in January of last year, they admitted to being in a relationship, and have continued to meet well, even getting photographed at a restaurant most recently.

However, Cube DC stated, “There are no specific wedding plans yet. Please do not interpret the baptism as an impending marriage.”

Rain to Release A Love Song Dedicated to Girlfriend Kim Tae Hee?

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Rain to Release A Love Song Dedicated to Girlfriend Kim Tae Hee? After hitting a home run with “La Song,” singer Rain is getting ready to drop another single on February 7, which is being rumored to be a love song dedicated to Kim Tae Hee.

On February 4, Cube DC announced, “Title track, “I Love You’ for Rain’s special edition of his 6th album, ‘Rain Effect,’ will be released on February 7.”

Just like all the other songs featured on the “Rain Effect” album, “I Love You” was written and composed by Rain. With a romantic string accompaniment, the track is bound to pull heartstrings as it tells a story from the perspective of a man falling in love. It is garnering attention for being a “Proposal song” between two lovers.

The repackaged album of “Rain Effect” will also feature a new track titled “30 Sexy Remix” along with a 64-page booklet and a 36-page note containing Rain’s own personal stories.

“I Love You” will be available online on February 7 and available offline starting February 11.

Did Rain Write a Song for Girlfriend Kim Tae Hee in His New Album?

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Did Rain Write a Song for Girlfriend Kim Tae Hee in His New Album?All attention was on singer Rain when he reacted shyly to a question regarding girlfriend and actress Kim Tae Hee.

Rain recently appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.”

On the show, he was posed with a question in connection to his new album. Rain wrote all the tracks included in the album and was asked if the track titled “Marilyn Monroe” was a song written about girlfriend Kim Tae Hee. He answered, “Think of it any way you like~” in a bashful tone making the audience green with envy.

Rain said on the show, his goal for 2014 is, “For my new Hollywood film and my sixth album to receive positive feedback from many people. I also want to take a trip somewhere without my cell phone.”

To this, host Yoo Hee Yeol mischievously asked, “Who are you going with?” which made Rain feel abashed. He answered, “I’m going to go alone,” and the audience humorously booed at his answer.

“Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” with appearance from Rain will air on January 10 12:35 AM KST.

Rain Opens Up About His Relationship with Girlfriend Kim Tae Hee

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Rain Opens Up About His Relationship with Girlfriend Kim Tae HeeIt seemed like yesterday when the Korean entertainment world shook in shock after singer Rain and actress Kim Tae Hee were caught to be secretly dating. A year after, Rain opened up about their current relationship and the details of love between the two big celebrities.

After being caught on a secret date with the actress while the singer was serving his military duties, Rain expressed how the couple’s relationship is still going strong. In regards to each other’s work, Rain said, “We don’t touch on each other’s work. I don’t let her listen to my songs. When my album comes out, she will probably hear it. I love surprising people, so even my own family doesn’t get to listen to my songs early.”

When asked if the singer meets with the actress often, Rain joked, “Do you think I can meet her?” and then continued, “We are doing very well. There are people who ask if we have broken up, but we are doing very well. Although we can’t take care of each other as much because of our busy schedules, we take care of each other through the phone.”

As this is Rain’s first public relationship since his debut, the singer commented, “We couldn’t help but reveal our relationship. This is my first time. Although there are uncomfortable aspects, there are comfortable parts as well.”

Furthermore, when asked if the kiss mark on his cheeks in his “30 Sexy” music video meant that he already had someone, Rain laughed as said, “You could think that way, that’s the proper way to say it. Of course I have someone.”

Rain released his new album, “Rain Effect,” on January 2; the singer will be making his official comeback after four years. You can catch his music videos for LA SONG and 30 Sexy here! 

Yoo Seung Ho Movies in Pouring Rain for 6 Hours for Upcoming Drama “Remember”

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Yoo Seung Ho Movies in Pouring Rain for 6 Hours for Upcoming Drama Keep in mind notclaira November 28, 2015 0 LINE it!Yoo Seung Ho Films in Pouring Rain for Six Hours for Upcoming Drama Remember Actor Yoo Seung Ho used to becurrently praised for his pastime and willpower in filming for six hours instantly in a heavy downpour.

In the impending SBS drama “Remember,” he plays a tenderattorney who seeks to transparent the call of his father, who has been wrongly accused of murder. The drama is one of his first projects following his two-and-a-half-year hiatus whilst he turned into serving in the army.

The filming in querycame about on November 16 at a funeral home. In the scene, Yoo Seung Ho’s father (Jun Kwang Ryul) comes to provide his condolences at the funeral of a feminine university student, Oh Jung Ah (Han Bo Bae), who was murdered. All through the funeral, he'sall of sudden arrested via the police as the murderer. Yoo Seung Ho’s personality screams in anguish in the falling rain, not able to save you his father from being taken.

Although the scene had already been set to take position in the rain, at the day of filming it naturally began pouring, adding to the drama and realism of the scene. To get a more intense shot, the group of workers added their own sprinkler truck to the downpour. The rain got here down so tough that it ripped holes in Yoo Seung Ho’s umbrella, yet the actor was more occupied withthe workers who had to stand out in the bloodless without resting.

The workers in turn was inspired by the young actor’s dedication. A representative from Logos Film, the production company, said, “When you notice Yoo Seung Ho’s eyes during the monitor, you in an instant feel that he isn't like other actors. He says the entiretyvia his eyes and his expression and birth has grown more mature. We are hopingin an effort todisplay y'all his development soon by way of the broadcast.”

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10 Special Characteristics Male Idols Admit They Glance For In A Girlfriend

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10 Special Characteristics Male Idols Admit They Glance For In A Girlfriend

96kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter From in want ofa typelady wholl elevate an old womans bag at the subway, to lookinga lady who doesnt undercover agent on him in the shower those boys certainappearto grasp what they like. Heres some characteristicsof women that these idols have admitted to having a comfortable spot for. Some are yes to wonder you.

Infinites Hoya needs a girlfriend who is respectful, eccentric, skinny, sexy, and just right amongst foreign languages. A good looks whose brains are similarly every bit a remarkable.

The teamsskilled rapper dreams of a lady who has long hair, a cool personality, lovely butt pelvis, and and now notemploying a thigh hole when dressed in short shorts.

Taeyangs overall undeniableoption toexistence astonishes many lovers because idols at all times to strive to be glamorous and classy. Taeyang, however, just wishes for a lady who has a sturdytrust in God.

These two idols not simplest share equally good-looking looks, yet also share the ideal form of woman. They either takestated that they would like a girl who is cute overall and who is well-mannered.

Jinyoung wishes for a girl whos calm and prefer a sunflower, whos respectful, knows how to regard and respect elders, and who would deliver an old womans bag on the subway.

Another idol with an excessively detailed ideal sort of woman is WINNERs Seunghoon. He wants a woman whos sensible at exercising with a beautifulframe line when riding a bike, whos healthy and sexy, and who doesnt hit him difficult when she laughs.

As expected from an awfullyprofessional vocalist like Onew, he wishes to have a pleasing gal who can sing neatly and has a fairly figure. Perhaps there may well be plans for a couple-duo staff in the future? Shall weremain tuned.

MBLAQs G.O is understood to have a truly detailed kind of girl and his meticulous attention to detail is what makes locating his ideal style so hard. G.O wanted for anyone with an cleverglance and sharp eyes, such as Kim Yuna. Another detail that hes discussed is finding a girl who has a pretty ring finger.

EXOs face of the gang said that he wants a woman who has kindness and a white brain (as white as snow), who has pride and passion, and who doesnt open the door when hes taking a shower.

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Rain Promises to expose Wedding News Himself to His Fans

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Rain Promises to bare Wedding News Himself to His Fans Rain took to his Instagram on November 21 to speak in confidence his fans about his wedding rumors with actress Kim Tae Hee.

“Hello, here's Rain, Jung Ji Hoon. It’s gotten very bloodless lately. Please beware of flu. there were several times where news articles were written about our imminent marriage and confusing everyone. I determined to write this because i think it’s correct for you to pay attention directly from me. Marriage is a once in an complete life event. It’s a gigantic match for the couple involved. On account of its magnitude, I accept as true with it’s right for me to inform my fans without delay when that happens. I have faith that’s appearing my admire to you all and my long time fans. From now on, please do no longer believe anything else you hear unless you hear it directly from me. Thank you.”

Rain and Kim Tae Hee publicized their courting back in January of 2013. The file from November 20 is the fourth time rumors about their wedding got here up.

Meanwhile, Rain plans to fulfill with his fans on December 11 via thirteen at “The Squall 2015-2016 Rain in Seoul” throughout the SK Handball gym situated at Seoul Olympic Park. Kim Tae Hee is recently taking some break day since her newest drama “Yong Pal” wrapped up recently.

Rain supplies an reputable observation about the false marriage reports

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Rain supplies an reputable observation about the false marriage reports

Rain and Kim Tae Hee"s marriage rumors and false news reports have had no finish for a long whilst now. It"s been a consistent backward and forward of a news file saying the couple"s wedding date, and then the 2 officially denying it. 

It looks as if lovers have had sufficient and Rain has had enough. He posted on his Instagram with a statement that would optimistically prevent news shops from reporting false info. Or at least, fans will cease believing long run false reports.

Hello... here's Rain, Jung Ji Hoon.

The weather has grow to be very cold.. Everyone, please watch out and don"t catch a cold. It"s just that up until now, many articles associated with a marriage have come out, and it kind of feels like we've got made numerous folks confused. I"m uploading this post because i suspect it"s correct that I tell you myself. 

Marriage is crucial topic of lifestyles and this may also be a giant deal for the folk concerned. It"s an excessively very important matter, and if we make a decision to do anything big, I can tell you myself directly. I imagine that to be my etiquette in opposition to my long-time fans and to you all.

From now on, unless I say so from my own mouth, please don"t consider other reports. 

Do you suspect this would possibly increasingly give up false marriage rumors and reports once and for all?

Rain and Kim Tae-hee deny marriage rumor again

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Rain and Kim Tae-hee deny marriage rumor again

Rain and Kim Tae-hee have denied the wedding rumor that says they would get married on December 24th.

On November 20th, a per thirty days mag "Woman Sense" reported that Rain and Kim Tae-hee would be getting married. In step with the magazine, Rain and Kim Tae-hee are intended to get married on December 24th in a position clear of Seoul in Korea.

However, Kim Tae-hee"s firm in brief told Xports News on November 20th, "The rumor about December 24th wedding isn't true". Also Rains agency also denied announcing "It"s no longer true at all. whilst they do now not know about their own marriage, how can any person else say anything about it?"

Meanwhile, Rain and Kim Tae-hee affirmed their courting in January 2013 officially. the 2 were taking care of one another while the affection between them kept growing.

Kim Tae Hee And Rain Deny Christmas Wedding Rumors

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Kim Tae Hee And Rain Deny Christmas Wedding Rumors

A Christmas Eve wedding would have been lovely. Maybe that"s why it was easy to picture singer-atcor Rain and actress Kim Tae Hee exchanging vows in a church all decked out for the holidays, Except that this rumor, like so many previous rumors, is not true, say the agencies representing both stars.

"How can there be a marriage that we don"t know about," said Rain"s agency, Rain Company.

In fact, the Korean media outlet Yonhap News reported that Rain a concert scheduled for Shanghai on Christmas Day as part of his Asian tour.

Kim"s agency Lua Entertainment, also denied the rumor, saying they were "absolutely not true. We don"t understand where these rumors come from."

It has only been a few months since the couple denied another wave of wedding rumors. When the actress appeared at a July 30 press conference for her most recent drama "Yong Pal," she said she felt burdened by continually having to answer wedding questions.

"But we"ve never made concrete plans or taken any form of action," she said. "I, like everyone else, don"t know at all whom or how I would marry."

It was said that her contract for "Yong Pal" included a special clause excusing her from the drama"s production for a wedding ceremony with Rain, but her agency denied the existence of any such contract.

The speculation has continued since the couple went public with their relationship in 2013. In April 2015 a Korean news outlet reported that both sets of parents had met and given their permission for Rain and Kim Tae Hee to marry. The news outlet also reported that the couple had booked a hall for a ceremony some time in 2015.

When Rain sold his home in Seoul"s Samseong neighborhood, speculation arose that he sold the house to fund his upcoming wedding. In June 2014 rumors were sparked when actor-singer Rain converted to Catholicism. Since Kim Tae Hee is Catholic, it was seen as preparation for a wedding.

There"s only one thing that is certain about these rumors. Fans really seem to want them to get married.