Best Videos of Idols Performing In The Rain

Best Videos of Idols Performing In The Rain

We all love a good performance from K-Pop idols but there is something even better when they dance in a sudden rain shower! The dance moves look cooler and they seem to appear even more confident as they survive performing through the downpour! Check out these videos that capture idols doing what they do best – even in the rain!

Girl’s Day are nothing but absolute “Darlings” as they perform in the soaking rain!

BTS show us what they got as they are bad boys dancing in the rain!

One of the most famous performances, f(x) were absolute experts as they dance to “La Cha Ta” effortlessly!

EXO make “MAMA” even more epic with this rain performance!

The girls of TWICE are cheerful even in the rain!

Nothing can stop SHINee from performing perfectly – even a little rain!

The girls look even cuter as the parade around the wet stage with ease~

MONSTA X show no fear as the put on a flawless performance in the pouring rain!

LABOUM bring the Atlantis water theme to life with this rainy dance performance!

Who could forget G-Friends rainy disaster? It is what launched their fame, after all!