Best Selling KPOP Singles So Far in 2017

Best Selling KPOP Singles So Far in 2017

The first half of this year has been graced with plenty of amazing songs, collaborations, and duets from various Korean artists.

Some songs, however, have been able to attract much recognition from the public leading to hundreds of thousands of downloads from the citizens of South Korea. In fact, two songs have already surpassed the coveted one million downloads mark already this year, with a few more likely to hit the milestone soon as well.

Here are the top 10 best selling singles of 2017 thus far:

1. Ailee I Will Go To You Like The First Snow – 1,374,515

Ailees single, I Will Go To You Like The First Snow, originates from the OST of the highly popular drama Goblin that captured the hearts of Korean viewers. Her single has stayed on Melons top singles since its release.

2. Akdong Musician Last Goodbye –  1,073,688

The sibling duo Akdong Musician made an astounding comeback with their single Last Goodbye. The single has gained the love of so many listeners, proving the musical prowess the two siblings hold.

3. TWICE Knock Knock – 911,277

It comes to no surprise that the nations girl group TWICE would be at the top of the best-selling songs of 2017, with their catchy song Knock Knock. The girls are about to shake up the music scene once again this year with their comeback this month.

4. Crush Beautiful– 910,237

Another hit single from the famous drama Goblin is Crushs Beautiful. The song has captured the hearts of many with the singers soft voice belting out the emotional lyrics of love.

5. Bolbbalgan4 Tell Me You Love Me – 862,061

Bolbbalgan4s single Tell Me You Love Me is one of the cutest songs about the struggles of confessions and love. The sweet tune of the song definitely makes it quite catchy.

6. Soyou I Miss You – 835,291

Following the list of songs from Goblin is SISTARs Soyou and her single I Miss You. The melancholy song definitely grabs at the heartstrings.

7. Red Velvet Rookie – 814,316

Despite how absurd the song sounded at first, Red Velvets Rookie instantly grew with the public, making the song one of the most listened to of 2017.

8. Chanyeol Punch Stay With Me – 809,788

It was the original first single of Goblin Stay With Me by EXOChanyeol and Punch that created the foundation for the rest of the amazing singles for the dramas OST. The single instantly became on of the publics favorite, staying high on the music charts for several weeks.

9. Kwanghee X Gaeko Your Night ft. OhHyuk –794,599

The Kwanghee X Gaeko collaboration for Your Night ft. OhHyuk on Infinite Challenge had impressive results as the song instantly became one of the publics favorite songs.

10. Zion.T The Song – 726,607

Zion.T made an amazing comeback with the catchy single The Song. The catchy and lighthearted melody of the song makes it easy to jam to. Despite his wish for the song to not become popular, it definitely did!