Best of Weekly Music Shows: 7/25- 7/31

Best of Weekly Music Shows: 7/25- 7/31

Best of Weekly Music Shows is back to highlight this weeks best musical performances! There was quite a lot happening this week in the K-pop world, so lets get down to business. EXO continued their winning streak, achieving four wins with Ko Ko Bop on SBS Inkigayo, Mnet M!Countdown, MBC Show Champion, and KBS Music Bank. MyteenP.O.P., and 14U all made debuts while DreamcatcherLaboumThe East Light, and Turbo all had comebacks. MBC Show! Music Core also held 2017 Ulsan Summer Festival, with groups such as Blackpink, Red Velvet, Nine Muses, KNK, and EXO performing, which made for an exciting lineup.

There were a lot of performances to choose from, many with a bright and summery vibe, but Ive picked out some of my favorites for you to enjoy.

MYTEENs Amazing, Mnet M! Countdown, July 27, 2017

I was really impressed with this debut! I dont often get invested in rookies or bother keeping up the constant plethora of new debuts, but I might start following MYTEEN. They were quite fresh and bubbly with an energetic and bright concept. The group appeared surprisingly comfortable during their debut stage, flashing genuine smiles and shooting finger hearts at the camera, making for a fun performance. MYTEEN are a rather charming group with great vocals, lively choreography, and a lot of potential, so Ill definitely be keeping an eye on them!

Dreamcatchers Fly High, Mnet M! Countdown, July 27, 2017

Id previously heard of Dreamcatcher, but Id never gotten around to checking out their music. Im glad Ive finally have! They have a really unique sound and concept, setting them apart from a lot of other groups in the industry. Their choreography is also sharp and intense, especially during the breakdown in the bridge. The girls are both fierce and beautiful at the same time, so the performance was quite enchanting.

Laboums Only U, Mnet M! Countdown, July 27, 2017

Id never heard of Laboum before, but Im happy I checked them out! Ive been wanting to get into more girl groups since I currently only follow a few, and Laboum seems like a great addition. Only U has a very summery and jazzy vibe, and the stage helps to complete the atmosphere with palm trees and surfboards. Its an easy listen and helps to set a lively atmosphere. The girls are cute and stylish, with a charming stage presence and bright energy.

Badkizs Give It To Me, KBS Music Bank, July 28, 2017

Badkiz made me realize I’ve seriously been missing out on girl groups! They caught my interest immediately. Give It To Me is fun and flirtatious with a choreography that includes an interesting bit with gold ribbons. These girls are stylish and sexy, oozing confidence as they dazzle their audience. Badkiz was featured on this segment a couple of weeks ago, but Id like to give them another shout-out since they’re quite wonderful and need more exposure!

Hotshots Jelly, MBC Show Champion, July 26, 2017

Hotshot is another group Ive heard of in passing but never really checked out, so I was quite impressed with this performance! Im actually surprised at how much I liked the song. I dont often fall in love at the first listen, but I found myself singing, BABY PLEASE DONT GO by the end of their performance. Their vocals are great, and the chorus is very catchy. Their choreography is sleek and powerful, and they have an alluring stage presence complete with intense eye contact.

Winners Really Really, MBC Music Core, July 29, 2017

As a bonus, Ive included Winners performance at the 2017 Ulsan Summer Festival. It was great to see the YG boys back in action, performing one of the best songs of the year, in my opinion. They were fantastic as usual on stage, chic and effortless while keeping a fun atmosphere. The groups live vocals and raps were excellent as usual with Minos ad-libs making an amusing addition. It was delightful to see how passionate the crowd was as well, especially when they all sang “neol johahe” together. Im definitely looking forward to their upcoming comeback next week!

What were your favorite performances of the week?

(YouTube [1][2][3], Image via KBS)

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