Best of Weekly Music Shows: 6/26 – 7/2

Best of Weekly Music Shows: 6/26 – 7/2

Best of Weekly Music Shows: 6/26 - 7/2 The Best of Weekly Music Shows is here again! As the weather heats up, the stages flow with summery vibes. Now is the time to fill your playlist up with upbeat tunes that invoke feelings of fun nights with the friends. A Pink, NC.A, and Up10tion were among the comebacks last week.

Mamamoo won for Yes I Am on Mnets M! Countdown and MBCShow! Music Core and Show Champion. Blackpink scored their very first win for As If Its Your Last on SBS Inkigayo. These talented ladies all deserve it!

K-pop cant stop a heatwave, but the performances are a nice treat. Of course, Im going to highlight my favorites. Even though these are just my picks, I encourage our readers to share theirs as well.

Pentagons Critical Beauty, MBC Show Champion, June 29, 2017

I did not expect this. The vintage rock sound combined with their dapper styling is a combination that works for me. Their moves are sharp and work very well for this song. Im not good on the names of this group, but the blonde with the cross earring caught my eye. If someone would like to tell me the name of my potential bias, Id appreciate that. Either way, Im keeping a lookout on this group for more captivating performances.

Stellars Tree of Sephiroth, MBC Show Champion, June 29, 2017

When I first came upon the song, I laughed at the title. Small side note: The title of the song is different from the one on the MV. I dont know if MBC just got too lazy to get a clarification, but this is what youll see in the video. Technical discrepancies aside, Stellar stumbled a little in the beginning of the routine but pulled it together towards the middle. Its a shame this didnt come out sooner for our mid-year dance review because I wouldve loved to put it on my list. Hopefully, the ladies stand a better chance for the year-end ones.

NCT 127s Cherry Bomb, MBC Show Champion, June 29, 2017

Ive had mixed feelings towards SMs experimental boy group. The main reason is I still cant grasp what theyre trying to accomplish with all these sub-units. Regardless, I do love this comeback. Everything is working from their styling to the song and the dance. Im glad they toned down the stereotypical hip hop fads enough to make this enjoyable. Their cohesiveness as a team stands out better when they dont look like a hot mess. They just look hot doing their thing on the stage without an abundance of gimmicks. Lets stick with this.

Blackpinks As If Its Your Last, SBS Inkigayo, July 2, 2017

Lisa is the best center. I dont care if you argue with me about it in the comments. I said what I said, and yes, thats my bias! Thats not to overlook the other girls in the group as they all hold their own as well. Im not keen on the song itself, but they exude an alluring charm that mesmerizes me. I love watching how they meld together on stage. Its a very nice chemistry they have going. Also cant deny how much I love their styling, even though fans may point out its similarities to 2NE1. Yeah, I see it, and theyre still gorgeous.

Day6s cover of TT, Knock Knock, and Signal by Twice, KBS Music Bank, June 30, 2017

I LOVE THIS COVER! Day6 is such a fascinating group to watch grow. Im 100% on board with their year-long plan to release new music every month. Something is just adorable about seeing groups cover their labelmates songs. Im feeling the remix of these Twice songs, and I kind of hope they do a collaboration stage for the big year-end music shows. It helps that the guys are simply charming themselves, which shows in how playful they are during performances.

Share your favorites from last week in the comments!

(YouTube [1][2][3], Images via MBC, SBS)

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