Best of Weekly Music Shows: 12/12 – 12/18

Best of Weekly Music Shows: 12/12 – 12/18

Lets get down with another round of the Best of Weekly Music Shows! Every week, K-pop fans can look forward to Korean musical programs showcasing the talents of their favorite idols. What makes the programs even more special is when theres a comeback or debut. Maybe you find another group to follow, or perhaps you get that long awaited performance of a B-side song that you hoped your bias group would do. Whatever the case may be, theres certainly no shortage of entertainment, which is why everyone wins when it comes to K-pop.

Since Ive brought it up, a huge congratulations to Seventeen and Heize on their victories in the music show circuit. Both artists are receiving positive feedback for their comebacks, so these wins probably increase the excitement they feel for being back on stage. Great job, everyone!

While Im not giving out trophies, I do love to indulge in watching stages from time to time. As I mentioned, you never know who will delight you with their performance, and thats one thing I love about K-pop. Without further ado, Ill share a few standouts that appealed to me.

IMFACTs Feel So Good, MBC Show Champion, December 14, 2016

Sure, weve all seen this faux bad boys of hip hop concept done to death. Its become so commonplace that its easy to overlook the few times when a group actually does a decent job of it. The thing that struck me most with IMFACT is their commitment to the performance. They dont look tired, and they understand the importance of staying in character. I love how the choreography shifts with the tempo changes, and the group pulls it off well. They may not be the strongest dancers, but they show a lot more dedication than other groups peddling this concept.

The East Lights Holla, MBC Show! Music Core, December 17, 2016

I dont care who judges me for this choice. They are freaking adorable! I love their energy and playfulness. Nothing gets me more excited than a group that clearly enjoys making people smile. How do you not squeal from the cuteness overload here? And theyre in middle school! I wasnt doing this at their age, but thats what I find admirable about them. You cant help becoming smitten by their youthful exuberance because it reminds you of fun times you had with your childhood friends. Cheers to reliving those memories through this group!

Sechskies Couple, SBS Inkigayo, December 18, 2016

Old school nostalgia is lighting up as a trend in K-pop. That has never been more evident than with the return of notable first generation idol groups. Newer fans of K-pop may not be familiar with these names, but thats no reason to look down on them. These groups are the foundation for K-pop with their feel-good songs and charismatic stages. Look at the audience interacting with Sechskies. Their fans still love them after all these years. If youre lucky, your favorite group will have this same impact decades down the road as well.

S.E.Ss Just a Feeling, KBS Yoo Hee-yools Sketchbook, December 17, 2016

This is another great example of a first generation group with fans that love them eternally. After listening to the audience shout their favorite songs, S.E.S. decide to go with this one. Like Sechskies, the ladies feed off of the energy from performing. Those smiles say it all. Of course, the most memorable moment belongs to Shoo, who couldnt help literally throwing herself into this stage. I can see why they have such loyal and adoring fans.

Seventeens Fast Pace, MBC Show Champion, December 14, 2016

The irony of the title of this song is Seventeen pleading for their love interest to slow down while Im thinking the exact same thing about them. The choreography is impeccable. Ive watched a couple of different versions of this stage, and the camera crew captured it best here. I dont know where to begin because every time I watch this, I find something else I love. Furthermore, it also goes to show you that an opulent setting is unnecessary when you have a group with sharp dancing skills. When a group digs in deep for their performance, the outcome is nothing short of spectacular.

Readers, what were your favorite routines from the past week? Share in the comments below!

(YouTube [1][2][3][4], Image via MBC)

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