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FASHION KPop women who rock jersey fashion!

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FASHION KPop women who rock jersey fashion!

When we speak about jersey, it"s not the outfits we wear for sports, it has develop into an informal type item nowadays.

According to research, guys in finding ladies in jersey more sexy than the ones in tight revealing clothes, agree with it or now not let"s take a look at some KPop ladies in jersey!

Fashion APink at the red carpet of Kyeongju Dream Concert

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Fashion APink at the red carpet of Kyeongju Dream Concert

APink galvanize with their type at the 2015 Kyeongju Dream Concert, take a glance at the footage here.

Alleged EXO fans accused of swearing at Girl"s Day during "The 4th GAON Kpop Awards" red carpet event

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Alleged EXO fans accused of swearing at Girl

A fancam of Girl"s Day making their red carpet entrance at "The 4th GAON Kpop Awards" is creating a buzz as the video features fans screaming and swearing at the idols.

On January 28, an Bestiz post titled, "The thoughtless people who cursed at Girl"s Day"s face today," brought attention to this fancam. In the clip shown above (note: the uploader of the video above has now replaced the original audio with music possibly due to negative comments), the members can be seen posing for the cameras on the red carpet. As they pose, people from the crowd are heard screaming angrily at them, saying various swear words such as, "Get out you b*tch!" as well as rudely shouting at them, "Hey, what are you!" and "Hey you!"

Some netizens have pointed out that the Girl"s Day members appear to be uncomfortable in the video as if they are aware that they are being insulted. While Sojin appears shaken from the beginning of the video, Yura looks around nervously when the girls are taking pictures.

Other fancams of the same incident have also been uploaded. In the first clip shown below, at the 0:22 mark, a fan can be heard screaming, "Get out, get out, get out! (Naga, naga, naga!)" In the second clip shown below, at the 0:16 mark, fans can be heard murmuring Sojin"s name as well as mentioning an "oppa." At the 0:23 mark, a fan asks, "How could [she/they] come out?

The netizen who originally made the post writes, "The people who attended "The 4th GAON Kpop Awards" red carpet, please apologize via Twitter or some online community. [To everyone else], reply with which fandom you think they"re from."

While some netizens were unable to guess as to which fandom the swearing crowd belonged, the boy group EXO was brought up repeatedly among the comments. Netizens speculate EXO-Ls (EXO fans) were the ones swearing at Girl"s Day due to recent rumors of Sojin and EXO member D.O. dating. EXO-Ls were also believed to have driven Sojin to make her Instagram private just a few weeks ago.

This speculated behavior is leading netizens to compare EXO fans to members of Ilbe, an internet humor site known to use its freedom of speech to say and do controversial things.

Netizen comments read, "I wonder if the EXO fans will come out again saying there"s no evidence that it"s them, just like with the ticketing controversy," "Does calling yourself a good EXO fan mean being comparable to anIlbe member?" and, "We should call these fans EX-be (combination of EXO and Ilbe), what else could we call them? There should be a distinction between EXO-Ls and EX-bes. Those who sacrifice even their sanity to their oppas and will show that anywhere are EX-bes. EXO can cause this much of a social phenomenon."

Cheon Woo-hee and Jo Yeo-jeong: Fashion on Red Carpet of 'Blue Dragon Awards'

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Cheon Woo-hee and Jo Yeo-jeong: Fashion on Red Carpet of 'Blue Dragon Awards'

Actresses Cheon Woo-hee and Jo Yeo-jeong are standing on the red carpet of the Blue Dragon Awards held on the 17th.

They appeared at the event wearing the same dress; a fancy, beaded long dress. Jo Yeo-jeong appeared sexy with her tan skin and glamorous bodyline. Cheon Woo-hee looked innocent with her fair skin and elegance.

Meanwhile, the 35th Blue Dragon Awards is dedicated to the improvement of Korean movie quality and development of the industry.

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Fashion Battle on the Red Carpet of the '35th Blue Dragon Awards' - Son Ye-jin is The Best

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Fashion Battle on the Red Carpet of the '35th Blue Dragon Awards' - Son Ye-jin is The Best

The 35th Blue Dragon Awards was held on the 17th

Despite the freezing weather, the red carpet was hot. Actresses showed up in killer dresses including tube tops and lacey see-through"s as well.

Dispatch chose the best and the worst dressers.

The best went to Son Ye-jin. She drew attention with a minimal look. The worst went to Sin Se-kyeong for wearing a loose dress that covered up her beauty.

Son Ye-jin is an icon for innocence. She went against that and wore a shoxking dress and stood out. She focused on uniqueness and detail.

This is the most exposure she"s undergone since her debut. She wore a purple tube top and peeked some more skin under her breast. Her backline also revealed sexy appeal and the mermaid skirt showed elegance.

Kim Hee-ae wore a dress that best emphasized on her aura and benefits. It looked like it was made for her. A bluish long dress is what she was seen in.

Kim Hye-soo has always been the stealer of the show for her shockingly revealing dresses. However, she decided to do something different by wearing a completely covered-up dress. The long black dress was covered in old-style patterns that made it look like it was made only for home-wear.

The turtleneck made the dress look stuffy. The velvet added boredom to the dress and the pearl necklace she wore was long in the back and short at the front. The hair was too heavy in the front and made her look animated.

Sin Se-kyeong wore something that looked like it might"ve been borrowed last minute. The problem was that it didn"t fit her. The pink laces were too big and dangly. The tone was also a problem. The dress was darker on the inside and didn"t bring out any energy from her.

Not only that, the wrinkles by the tube top didn"t bring out her volume at all. The clutch she held was completely hidden by the dress and the platformed shoes she wore wasn"t at all in line with the dress. She was a mess.

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'35th Blue Dragon Awards': Fashion - Live From The Red Carpet

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'35th Blue Dragon Awards': Fashion - Live From The Red Carpet

The "35th Blue Dragon Awards" is one the most-talked about fashion moments in December. Here, let’s feast your eyes with luxurious evening gown!

Actress Im Ji-yeon wore a nude-tone spangle dress with lots of glitters, to show off her glamourous curves.

Actress Im Ji-yeon. (OSEN)

Actress Im Ji-yeon. (OSEN)

Actress No Su-ram wore a black see-through dress, perhaps the most revealing of all dresses that were seen in the awarding ceremony’s launch in 1963.

Actress Kim Sun-young wore a pink, silky super-short sundress, revealing her gigantic dragon tattoo on her back.

Actress Kim Sun-young. (OSEN)

Actress Shin Se-gyeong wore a pink tube-top evening dress with lots of shirring, which made her look even glamorous than she already is.

Affordable Fashion: G-Dragon's MAMA 2014 Red Carpet Style

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Affordable Fashion: G-Dragon's MAMA 2014 Red Carpet Style

Big Bang"s G-Dragon continues to be one of the most eccentric fashionistas in K-Pop.

The Big Bang leader surprised fans by walking the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards red carpet with a rather casual look. The idol known for golden tuxedos and white fur coats with padded shoulders entered the event in comfortable jeans, a black fedora and glittering Saint Laurent blazer. The striped jacket is worth $2,159 and was certainly one of the strongest statement pieces of the night.

The pricey jacket can be seen below in greater detail, along with a more affordable counterpart. If you want to recreate G-Dragon"s hipster style, which includes dark blue skinny jeans and feather detail hat, then you can shop below for similar pieces and complimenting accessories.

The blazer is certainly perfect for a festive end-of-the-year party. Perhaps you could even convince one of your friends to bleach their hair yellow and wear a leather jacket, so they can be your Taeyang. Happy shopping!

G-Dragon and Taeyang"s hit single "Good Boy" recently topped Billboard"s International Singles Chart.

(Photo : OsenMatches Fashion) Saint Laurent Striped Lam Blazer ($2,159.00)

Affordable Red Carpet Look

(Photo : Yoox, Uniqlo, Mango and Forever21) 1. Space Couture Blazer ($48.00)

2. Eugenia Kim Lauren felt fedora ($155.00)

3. Women Skinny Fit Tapered Jeans ($19.90)

4. Mango Gun Print Shirt ($59.99)

5. Buckled Lace-Up Boots ($37.90)

About the author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of She"s a coffee addict, K-pop enthusiast, fashion lover and one of the few remaining members of the Church of Kristianity.

[Gallery] Hot or Not: Celebs and Their Red Carpet Fashion at “2013 SIA”

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Kpop Solo Singer Solbi Donates to Single Moms Through Fashion Show

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Kpop Solo Singer Solbi Donates to Single Moms Through Fashion Show solbi fashion show for single momsSinger Solbi will be attending the charity fashion show project for single moms.

Today, Solbi's agency revealed that Solbi will be attending a fashion show on July 2 for single mom families.

This event is to build an environment for single moms to have a community in and to study. Solbi was asked to model and she willingly accepted, as she always had a big heart for women.

Kpop Ballad Group 2AM Makes the Cover Page of Fashion Magazine

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Kpop Ballad Group 2AM Makes the Cover Page of Fashion Magazine 2am fashion magazineGroup 2AM revealed their sexy charms as models through a fashion magazine.

Today, 2AM revealed their photo shoot held with a fashion magazine. 2AM revealed their collar bone and back tattoos, revealing matured looks.

They also revealed sensational poses as models, catching much attention.

During the interview held with the photo shoot, Jung Jinwoon said, "Becoming a trustworthy man is my goal" about coming out in MBC "We Got Married."

Im Seulong said, "I just tried my best and got here, but now I'm thinking about what to do from here."

JoKwon, who had received many positive commentary for his musical "Jesus Christ Superstar," said, "It's true that the crowd looked at me with bias because I'm an idol. But I just tried my best to prove that I can do it."

Changmin, who is also working as a musical star, said, "Musical is not an easy genre to just try. I tried harder to break the stereotypes of idols."