Bernard Park Announces New Stage Name And Upcoming Track

Bernard Park Announces New Stage Name And Upcoming Track

Singer Bernard Park has announced that he will promote using his birth name NakJoon. In addition to this news, the singer released a teaser for his new song Blame (literal translation) featuring rapper Changmo.

The K-Pop Star Season 3 winner debuted after joining JYP Entertainment following the show. Last year he released a duet track with Wonder Girlss Hyelim and last released a mini album in October 2014.

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NakJoons new track will be different from his previous image as he undergoes a transformation along with the name change. Blame is described as an urban RB track with lyrics blaming the other person for the breakup until ultimately laying the blame on oneself.

A source from JYP explained, He wanted to do a song with a style like Blame, so he picked the song himself and decided to change his stage name to NakJoon. Please view the process of him shedding his image as Bernard Park and finding his true colors.

Blame will be released through music sites on June 28 at 12 p.m. KST.