Spoiler "Yeah, That is How It Is" Yoon Soy, "I will soak up Kim Yeong-hoon's son"

Yoon Soy claimed she was once going to soak up Kim Yeong-hoon's son.

On the episode of the SBS drama "Yeah, That is How It Is", Se-hee (Yoon Soy) made up our minds she would soak up her husband Hyeon-woo's (Kim Yeong-hoon) hidden son.

She told Hye-kyeong (Kim Hae-sook), "Can you please see his son?"

Se-hee endured when Hye-kyeong appearedshocked at the topic. "It's heartbreaking to look how timid he is. We get along. I wish to take him in".

Hye-kyeong had tears in her eyes and Se-hee said, "It makes me uncomfortable when I forget about him".

Hye-kyeong smiled and said, "I will communicateon your father about this".

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Spoiler 'Ms. Mood and Nam Jung-gi' Lee Yo-won vs Yeon Jeong-hoon, and Yoon Sang-hyeon throws one heavy punch

Spoiler 'Ms. Mood and Nam Jung-gi' Lee Yo-won vs Yeon Jeong-hoon, and Yoon Sang-hyeon throws one heavy punch

On the episode thirteen of "Ms. Mood and Nam Jung-gi", Yoon Sang-hyeon threw one heavy punch, whilst Lee Yo-wonand Yeon Jeong-hoon facedeach and every other in the nerve-wracking match.

The workersof beautiful were called in to the paintings dinner assembly arranged via Lee Ji-sang (Yeon Jeong-hoon).

Lee Ji-sang (Yeon Jeong-hoon) told the employees, "I'm going to prepare a meeting like this continuously from now on. Don't appear to be we all members of the family after all?" in his pretentious efforts to make himself glance good.

As Wook Da-jeong (Lee Yo-won) used to bedisappointed with his pompous attitude, she stated angrily, "It's disgusting. After placing some investment into it, you are calling us a family, I did not know here's your taste?" and "I despise the onesmaximum who act awesome with the money that isn't even his". Lee Ji-sang asked Nam Jung-gi (Yoon Sang-hyeon) for advice, "What must ane do to win Wook Da-jeong's heart?"

Nam Jung-gi asked him back, "Don't you suspect making the real efforts to make the work atmosphere for the employees to experience their work may work?" Lee Ji-sang cynically responded, "Then raising salary will work. It iscash after all".

However, Nam Jung-gi said, "Well, what I mentioned is happiness. Money is incorporated in it yetit isn't all" and "Pride, feeling content and taking phase in comradeship operatingin combination and also produce just right products, it's anything called happiness". Wook Da-jeong commented, "You can notpurchasethose money. Do not you think?"



Spoiler "Yeah, That is How It Is" Kim Yeong-hoon cries over Yoon Soy

"Yeah, That is How It Is" Kim Yeong-hoon cried drunk.

On the eighteenth episode of the SBS weekend drama "Yeah, That's How It Is", Na Hyeon-woo (Kim Yeong-hoon) who used to be more or less to be divorced, cried calling Yoo Se-hee's (Yoon Soy) name.

Na Hyeon-woo could notassistyetbe afflicted by pain after Yoo Se-hee and her father Yoo Jae-ho (Hong Yo-seob) discovered out about his hidden son.

Hyeon-woo became slapped through Yoo Jae-ho and was kicked out from the home by Yoo Se-hee. He were givenunder the impression of alcohol and fell to the ground.

Na Hyeon-woo cried calling Se-hee's call and Yoo Se-hee sighed at the sight of him.



Spoiler "Yeah, That is How It Is" Kim Yeong-hoon detected of hiding son and wife from Yoon Soy

"Yeah, That is How It Is" Yoon Soy discovered out that Kim Yeong-hoon had a hidden son and wife.

On the 16th episode of the SBS weekend drama "Yeah, That's How It Is", Yoo Se-hee (Yoon Soy) was oncesurprisedto determinethe truth that Na Hyeon-woo (Kim Yeong-hoon) were hiding from her.

Yoo Se-hee told Na Hyeon-woo that his telephoneturned into ringing whilst he was in the bathroom. He told her to respond tothe telephone and tell the particular person that he'd call back.

Yoo Se-hee replied his phone yetthe opposite line hung up appropriate away. Yoo Se-hee have become suspicious and called back.

A little boy picked up the call and said, "Mom passed away, daddy. But grandpa says you do now not have to come".


Fans Greet Yoon Shi Hoon At His Discharge From Army Duty

Fans Greet Yoon Shi Hoon At His Discharge From Army Duty

Yoon Shi Yoon(Photo : Flower Boys Next Door)

There used to be no fan match when Yoon Shi Hoon secretly enlisted in the republic of Korea Marine Corps, yet a crowd of fanatics and newshounds showed up to greet him when he changed into discharged on January 27.

At the time of his enlistment, the 28-year-old actor released a observationthru his firmpronouncing he sought after to enlist quietly in ordernow not to purpose a disruption for any other soldiers.

All able-bodied Korean men between the ages of 18 and 35 are required to serve approximately two years of army duty.

"If you are aguy you move the army," stated Yoon. "I just would like to quietly satisfy my accountability for the nation's defense."

The news of his discharge may just not be kept a secret. Fans and reporters amassedoutdoor the Marine Corps Base in Incheon to welcome Yoon and witnessed him cheering and celebrating with his fellow recently-discharged soldiers. A couple of of his fellow squaddies even picked him up and tossed him into the air in celebration.

Yoon has as yet not released a statement about his post-service plans but one resolutionhe'llneed to make soon is which agency he will signal with. His contract with Taxi Entertainment will soon expire and there's noobserveas to if he will renew it. He isn't known to have contacted any other agencies and there'sat all timesthe chance that he will install his own agency as such so much of actors have done ahead of him.

According to the television program tvN's "Name List" Yoon's earning vitality is estimated to have risen since he joined the military.He can now command a upper salary for drama roles.

Yoon debuted in 2009 when he seemed in "High Kick Throughout the Roof." His closing two k-dramas were "The Prime Minister and I" with Im Yoona and "Flower Boys Next Door" with Park Shin Hye.


Director Lee Do Yoon Weighs In On 'Confession' And His Work With Stars Ji Sung, Lee Kwang Soo, Joo Ji Hoon [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Director Lee Do Yoon Weighs In On 'Confession' And His Work With Stars Ji Sung, Lee Kwang Soo, Joo Ji Hoon [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Lee Do Yoon discusses (Photo : Opus Pictures ) Director Lee Do Yoon explores the fragility and fickle morality of humanity in the 2014 crime film, "Confession." "Confession" stars Ji Sung (Kill Me, Heal Me) as Hyun Tae, a paramedic who is dedicated to raising his daughter with his hearing-impaired wife. Hyun Tae appears to have impeccable morals, which seemingly contrast with his childhood friends, In Chul and Min Soo. Joo Ji Hoon (Mask) portrays In Chul, a smooth-talking insurance salesman who crafts a plan to defraud his employer, at the financial gain of Hyun Tae"s parents. "Running Man" star Lee Kwang Soo is Min Soo, the most trusting friend within the trio, who joins the insurance fraud plan, but becomes heartbroken when the plot goes awry. KDramaStars sat down with director Lee Do Yoon to discuss his directorial debut and work as a screenwriter, during the 13th New York Korean Film Festival.

Lee Do Yoon discusses (Photo : Opus Pictures )

KDramaStars: I really enjoyed the mix of actors who comprised the central cast of Confession. How did Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Sung, and Joo Ji Hoon become involved in the movie? How did they develop the on-screen dynamic of life-long friends?

Lee Do Yoon: When you look at the actual age difference between the actors, there is a nine-year age gap. I was actually confronted by a lot of people who were opposed to the casting because they thought it wouldn"t work. But once the casting was completed, I called the actors up to have drinks. We would do a lot of things that friends would do.

We would sometimes go to Joo Ji Hoon"s place and pull all-nighters. Whether we were drinking or hanging around in our boxers or getting over our hangovers together, that kind of mingling helped the process. We wouldn"t go to fancy places, but would instead visit corner stores where they had soju. Spending a lot of time with the actors, in that way, helped them to develop a sense of being friends for a long time.

I kind of badgered the actors to spend a lot to spend time together. Ji Sung was a newlywed, [at the time]. I feel like he enjoyed the process because he was able to do things that he wasn"t able to do as a married guy.

KDramaStars: What were some of the challenges in writing the script for a film that also marked your directorial debut?

Lee Do Yoon:Becoming a director in Korea is a little bit dysfunctional, in that you just don"t become a director because your abilities to direct are good. Sometimes your biggest card can be a really good, original screenplay. Having a great original screenplay says a lot about who you are as a storyteller. For me, that process wasn"t as grueling because in my younger years, when I was growing up, I wanted to be novelist.

I"m very fond of creating stories. I think the advantage of having my original screenplay and having it as a director, was that I was able to achieve flexibility on-set. For example, if there were some things that were not working out, I could fix them on the fly. If there were some problems with a character, I could create another one and treat things immediately.

Flexibility was a big thing for me when I was working on this. Because I started with dreams of becoming a novelist, the system is actually beneficial to me. In the end, I am able to tell the story that I actually wanted to tell, rather than someone else"s story.

KDramaStars: Confession is unique in that it pairs the aspects of a coming of age film with a crime noir. Did real-life events inspire the script?

Lee Do Yoon:I wouldn"t say that the film is inspired by a real-life event. It comes from my musings on human relationships. As I live my life, I realize that there is more than one side to relationships. Not every interaction is all great or all bad. It"s a very complicated thing. Sometimes in relationships, you realize that your good intentions sometimes don"t lead to the good results that you intended.

I felt that it would be interesting to tell the story of three friends who really, really trusted one another. But their intentions don"t necessarily lead to good results, but to a catastrophic outcome. I would say this film was inspired by my own life experiences.

KDramaStars: The film opens and concludes with a snowy graduation day trip that leads to the injury of Min Soo. What influenced your decision to use this particular setting as the place that would define their relationships?

Lee Do Yoon: The film begins and ends with the scene from 17 years ago, on graduation day. The reason why I composed those scenes, in that manner, is because I feel like their fates were already sealed, at that point. Hyun Tae doubts In Chul for not coming for Min Soo, but Min Soo remains his friend, without reserve. Hyun Tae has doubts that present themselves again, 17 years later, in the same manner.

I feel like sometimes in life, there are certain moments that define a relationship or your entire life. These things come to the foreground when you are placed in dire or extreme circumstances. In this sense, they are making the same choices they made 17 years ago. In the end, they are confronted with a excruciating circumstances. I wanted to show that they were only human and made the same decisions they made, in the past. That"s why I placed the scenes in that manner.

KDramaStars: Hyun Tae is initially portrayed as the upright character, while In Chul seems morally bankrupt. Are the characters meant to serve as social commentary on filial and social obligations? What are your thoughts on the moral ambiguity of the film?

Lee Do Yoon The way I view human nature is that I don"t see it as a dichotomy of good and evil. I think it"s more about whether you"re weaker or stronger. I think it really comes down to the choices you make and the results coming from your choices. One thing I feel is that people don"t actually take the time to think about their choices or the consequences those choices will create.

When you think about the characters of Hyun Tae and In Chul, Hyun Tae may look like a morally just person, from an outsider"s point of view, but when you think about it he"s the one who makes the most tragic choice. In the case of In Chul, he"s not as squeaky clean, but he still entrusts his friends and he is a person who his friend"s really trust. When you look at that, no one is completely good or completely evil. We all have polarity in our natures. That is what"s interesting for me to try to tell that story, through the characters of the film.

The characters are in their thirties, they are my age. When I see my friends, the outward appearance of what they want you to see is often different than what they are really thinking or feeling. I"ve noticed that a lot. When it comes to social commentary, people in Korean society, are very lax with their moral standards. In the film, they think the only people who will be a victim will be the insurance company. Their mindset is, We can get this money and it will be all good. You and I are profiting from this.

I think this is a dangerous outlook because you"re not thinking about the consequences your actions will have on society. In some instances, it"s very unfortunate that a lot people in their twenties and thirties in Korean society, live with that kind of lax moral compass. Again, people don"t really take the time to contemplate the consequences of their choices. In that aspect, the film could act as a social commentary.

KDramaStars: What is your next project? Would you like to continue screenwriting and directing, in the future?

Lee Do Yoon: I"m interested in both options: directing my original screenplay and directing something that I have not written. Before coming to New York, I confirmed that I would be working on another one of my screenplays with Opus Pictures, which is the production company I am working with. We are in the casting process for that film. In the meantime, I feel like there are so many more stories that I want to tell. I would like to continue writing original screenplays, but I understand that there are a lot of great stories out there. If I am inspired to direct material I didn"t write, I would approach those projects. We"ll have to see what happens.


girls' Generation's Seohyun, Park Ji Yoon, Joo Young Hoon, Shim Hyung Tak to guest on 'Radio famous person'

girls' Generation's Seohyun, Park Ji Yoon, Joo Young Hoon, Shim Hyung Tak to guest on 'Radio famous person'

The guest lineup for MBC"s "Radio celebrity" upcoming episode has been published.

in line with the officials on August 5th, girls" Generation"s Seohyun, tv personality Park Ji Yoon, composer Joo Young Hoon and actor Shim Hyung Tak will take part in the recording of the display nowadays.

As the visitors are all from other spaces, the audience are taking a look ahead to what sort of subject they're going to speak about in this episode.

"Radio celebrity" announces each and each Wednesday at 11:15PM KST.



Joo Young Hoon and Lee Yoon Mi Welcome baby Daughter Into the world

Joo Young Hoon and Lee Yoon Mi Welcome baby Daughter Into the world

Joo Young Hoon and Lee Yoon Mi Welcome infant Daughter Into the world Composer < robust>Joo Young Hoon and actress < robust>Lee Yoon Mi welcomed a child daughter into the world on August four.

The composer uploaded photographs of his circle of relatives on Instagram and wrote, “four days later than expected. four:11 a.m. We gave birth to a three. five kg (approx. 7.7 lbs), healthy daughter thru a circle of relatives water birth.”

In the footage, Lee Yoon Mi is keeping her newborn daughter whilst Joo Young Hoon embraces them from at the back of. In every other photo, their firstborn daughter < robust>Ara is visual as smartly.

Joo Young Hoon Lee Yoon Mi Family

The proud father also printed his newborn daughter’s call. He wrote, “Daughter’s call is < robust>Joo Ra El. Thank you to everybody who cheered for us.”

Mean whilst, the couple married in 2006 and had their first daughter in 2010.

Congratulations to the satisfied circle of relatives!

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Choo Sung Hoon, On Joo Wan, and Yoon Sang Hyun to cameo in

Choo Sung Hoon, On Joo Wan, and Yoon Sang Hyun to cameo in "The Time We Were Not In Love"

Choo Sung Hoon, On Joo Wan, and Yoon Sang Hyun to cameo in

The plethora of cameos in dramas continues as Ha Ji Won"s upcoming SBS weekend drama, "The Time We Were Not In Love," already has some guests lined up for special appearances.

A drama rep disclosed to TV Daily on June 16, "Choo Sung Hoon, Yoon Sang Hyun, and On Joo Wan are going to appear for cameos in "The Time We Were Not In Love." The three of them appear early in the production with the intention to grab the audience"s attention with acting that gives an impact."

The drama centers on a man and a woman who have been friends for a very long time as they endure new situations brought on by entering their 30"s. In the production, the three men will appear as Ha Ji Won"s ideal types. The exact situations have not been outlined yet, but it"s sure to be amusing!

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Chu Sung Hoon, Yoon Sang Hyun and more  have  confirmed their participation in the show called  The Time Ive Loved You

Chu Sung Hoon, Yoon Sang Hyun and more have confirmed their participation in the show called The Time Ive Loved You

Chu Sung Hoon, Yoon Sang Hyun, and On Joo Wan to Cameo in The Time Ive Loved You MMA fighter Chu Sung Hoon and actors Yoon Sang Hyun and On Joo Wan will be making cameo appearances in the upcoming SBS drama, The Time Ive Loved You.

According to broadcast insiders, the three have been confirmed to make special appearances in the latest drama.

Although not much detail about their cameos have been revealed yet, it has been reported that they will be acting with the dramas leading lady, Ha Ji Won, as their ideal type.

The Time Ive Loved You, which will premiere on June 27, is a remake of a popular Taiwanese drama called In Time With You. Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook will be starring as the leads.

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