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"Time Slip Dr. Jin" Viewer Rate Rises, Kim Jaejoong- Kim Eung Soo "Best Scene"

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Dr.Jin Viewers Rating Rises, Kim Jae Joong- Kim Eung Soo Crying Acting Best Famous SceneThe viewers rating for MBC weekend drama "Time Slip Dr.Jin" rose.

On August 6, according to AGB Nielsen Media Research, "Time Slip Dr.Jin" had a viewers rating of 13.4%. It was 1.6% higher than their episode that aired on the 29th, which had a 11.8% viewers rating.

During this episode, Kim Byung Hee (Kim Eung Soo) lost the battle with Lee Ha Eung (Lee Bum Soo). Kim Byun Hee tried to use Gojong as a bait to kill Hong Sun Goon, but due to his first son's betrayal, his plans failed. In the end, Kim Byung Hee killed himself, and spent his last minutes in Kyung Tak's (Kim Jaejoong) arms. Byung Hee said, "Your embrace is warm, Kyung Tak," and said his son's name for the first time. He also stated, "Now live your life."

Viewers responded, "That was Kim Eung Soo and Kim Jae Joong's best acting" and "Dr.Jin is fun."

The drama now as one more episode until it is finished, and viewers are wondering what will happen now that it is Hong Sung Goon's time.

Jin Yi Han's Adorable Side in Behind The Scene Photos of 'Time Slip Dr. Jin'

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Jin Yi Han's Adorable Side in Behind The Scene Photos of 'Time Slip Dr. Jin' Jin Yi Han's Adorable Side in Behind The Scene Photos of 'Time Slip Dr. Jin' Jin Yi Han from the MBC weekend drama "Time slip Dr. Jin" was captured in behind the scenes photos that have been released.

On July 24, the production crew of "Time Slip Dr. Jin" revealed some behind the scenes photos of actor Jin Yi Han taking a break while filming on set. The photos drew attention for revealing the adorable side of the charismatic actor.

With only four episodes remaining, "Time Slip Dr. Jin" features an unpredictable story that takes twists and turns in each episode. Actor Jin Yi Han plays a crucial role in the drama that has been one of the most popular this summer. Jin Yi Han plays the character named Hong Young Hwee, who is the older brother of Hong Young Rae.

Internet users commented, "Such a different image from his role in the drama" and "He looks handsome even when he's falling asleep. I can't wait to see how his role as Yong Hwee will be featured in the drama."

The MBC weekend drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin" airs every Saturday and Sunday.

Minho and Park So Dam speak about their deep kiss scene in 'My First Time'

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Minho and Park So Dam speak about their deep kiss scene in 'My First Time'

The press convention for "My First Time" happened on October five with major actors, SHINee"s Minho and Park So Dam. the 2 discussed their kiss scene together.

Minho said, "I wonder whether this could be my private kiss scene out of my acting promotions. Please glance very much ahead to it."

Park So Dam then said, "Honestly, Minho and I are same-age friends, so we were happy with each and every other. As we were given closer, I saw there was once a kiss scene, so i used to be a little bit nervous. I had a massive number of considerations because my friend Minho changed into an idol friend. However, it if reality be told came about in a a laugh way. I was in a position to experience filming thank you to Minho."

Fans take into consideration that paintings is work! Or they will have to anyway. They"re most likely excited to look Minho"s charms and the candy kiss scene once the drama starts airing on October 7!

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CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun Had to movie Kiss Scene With search engine optimization Yi An the primary Time He Met Her

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CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun Had to Film Kiss Scene With Seo Yi An the 1st Time He Met Her During CNBLUE‘s exhibit for their 2nd full-length album “2gether,” Lee Jong Hyun shared a behind-the-scenes secret that made him somewhat nervous.

He discussed actress Seo Yi An, who is the key lady in their “Cinderella” song video, saying, “The director told me to pose as though i'm about to kiss her. It made me nervous.”

During the time of the music video shoot, it used to be Lee Jong Hyun’s first time assembly the actress. in spite of never having met her before, he did a super task in the music video forming a romantic chemistry with her.

Check out Lee Jong Hyun’s scenes in the “Cinderella” music video!

Later, Lee Jung Shin chimed in and complained about this music video, saying, “All the alternative participants had skinship scenes yet me. Mine were so simple.”

CNBLUE Vol. 2 - 2gether Enhance the artist by way of purchasing CNBLUE- 2gether from YesAsia Source (1)

Ha Ji Won Addresses Criticism relating to Kiss Scene in “The Time We Were now not in Love”

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Ha Ji Won Addresses complaint Regarding Kiss Scene in “The Time We Were now not in Love” In an interview on August 19, actress Ha Ji Won addressed criticism regarding what audience regarded as a half-hearted kiss scene in her currently finished drama “The Time We Were now not in Love.”

Currently, “Ha Ji Won kiss scene iron wall” is a most sensible similar seek term on portal sites when looking the actress’s name. Clips of the kiss scene (below) have also been making its rounds on the Internet, with netizens commenting on Ha Ji Won’s motionless lips and loss of passion.

When asked her mind in regards to the feedback, Ha Ji Won expressed surprise. “It’s bizarre because I in point of fact installed effort [during the kiss scene],” she said. “We filmed the kiss scene at 3 a.m. in the morning. If it looked [half-hearted] to viewers, then I wager it used to be because I used to be so tired.”

She continued, “We were at all times doing all-nighters and were tired so i suspect my frame couldn’t stay up. I mean, when you’re in point of fact tired, don’t you've times when you're feeling like your brain and frame and acting separately?”

She added, “I think if we had filmed [the kiss scene] previous in the drama i'd have done an easier job.”

Ha Ji Won also expressed remorseful about at how long it took for her and male lead Lee Jin Wook to ascertain chemistry in the drama and her choice to paintings with Lee Jin Wook and director Joo Soo Won back in the future.

“The Time We Were now not in Love” aired its ultimate episode on August 16.

Check out the kiss scene at factor below, and proportion with us your thoughts. Do you accept as true with viewer sentiment?

Roman-era Big Bang vs. Joseon-era Running Man cast on time slip battle

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Roman-era Big Bang vs. Joseon-era Running Man cast on time slip battle

This week"s "Running Man" concept with much anticipated guest Big Bang, is now revealed.

According to the program, Big Bang are battling against Running Man members in a time slip race where they can go back to the past to complete missions in limited time.

Thus, we see Big Bang travel back to Roman-era wearing Spartan costumes while Running Man members (except Jong kook) are taken back to Joseon Dynasty. It is said that the two teams are going to play thrilling race and create tension in order to change their fate.

Meanwhile, Big Bang"s episode on Running Man airs on Sunday at 6:10PM. Don"t miss it!

Big Bang and "Running Man" cast members to engage in a "time slip" battle

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Big Bang and

Big Bang and the cast members of SBS" "Running Man" will be competing against each other in a "time slip" battle for the upcoming episode!

All six members of Big Bang have returned to the show for a fast-paced, exciting race. They"ll be racing against the "Running Man" cast as well as time itself to gain the ability to return back to their own time. As you can see in the still cuts above, Big Bang are dressed as Romans, while the show"s cast members are from Korea"s own history.

Check out Big Bang on the June 7th episode of "Running Man"! Are you excited?

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Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara appear like a couple in love in Upcoming “Time Slip” Drama

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Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara appear like a couple in love in Upcoming “Time Slip” Drama

MBC’s fifth “Drama Festival” special, called “Old Goodbye” (tentative English title), has dropped stills of stars Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara, who will be making a quick reunion following “Fated to Love You.”

“Old Goodbye” is a ‘time slip’ story about second chances, and tells the story of a man, who, for his dying wife, goes back in time to when she was twenty-two, seventeen, and ten, and falls in love with her as if it’s for the first time.

Jang Hyuk plays the character Soo Hyuk, a former boxer who lives a reckless life, and Jang Nara plays Chae Hee, a woman who relishes the freshness of having just fallen in love.

On the drama, Jang Hyuk said, “It’s a story that gives of the vibe of a movie in a short time. People might feel as if they are looking back at old photos.” Co-star Jang Nara added, “It’s a special drama that reignites the fire in your heart.”

“Old Goodbye,” a single-episode drama, will air on November 10 at 12:05 a.m.

TVXQ to Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary in "Time Slip" Concert for SMTOWN Week

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TVXQ to Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary in Time Slip Concert for SMTOWN WeekIn preparation for the highly anticipated Kpop festival SMTOWN Week, veteran boy group TVXQ has released an interview on SMTOWNs Youtube channel describing their upcoming concert titled Time Slip.

Time Slip will be a two day concert scheduled for December 26 and 27, and it will be held at Ilsans Kintex. TVXQ members describe the meaning of the concerts title in the interview. The members inform us that the day of the concert will actually be the 10 year anniversary of their debut, and the group is planning on performing their biggest hits from the past ten years categorized under different themes.

SMTOWN Week will be a jam packed music fest featuring concerts from TVXQ, f(x), EXO, Girls Generation, SHINee and Super Junior. The other groups have also released interviews describing their upcoming concerts.

Girl's Day Minah-Hyeri, 'We Had a Hard Time Filming the Kiss Scene Because We Couldn't Stop Laughing'

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Girl's Day Minah-Hyeri, 'We Had a Hard Time Filming the Kiss Scene Because We Couldn't Stop Laughing' girls day minah hyeri kiss sceneGirl group Girl's Day's Minah and Hyeri revealed that they had a hard time filming their kiss scene in the music video because they couldn't stop laughing.

During their 1st repackage album release showcase held today in Seoul, the two said, "We couldn't stop laughing so we had to hold it in. It was really hard."

Minah said, "We normally joke around kissing each other but doing it in front of the camera was hard. We couldn't stop laughing."

Minah and Hyeri acted as a couple in their title song "Female President" music video. Hyeri had dressed up as a guy for the role, catching much attention.