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BEAST"s full MV of Japanese track "Can’t Wait to Love You"

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On June 6th, BEAST released the music video of their latest Japanese song "Cant Wait to Love You."

The MV features a girl who"s enjoying her stay near the beach. The Japanese lyrics is included on the MV so those who find the song nice can sing along while watching it.

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24th Seoul Music Awards: Full Performances From EXO, BEAST, Girl's Day, SISTAR & More

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24th Seoul Music Awards: Full Performances From EXO, BEAST, Girl's Day, SISTAR & More

(Photo : Twitter ) The 24th Seoul Music Awards was held on January 22nd. Many of your favorite K-pop stars attended the award show. Dressed in elegant dresses and suits, the night was one to remember.

The award show showcased great performances from your K-pop stars. From GOT7, EXO, AOA, TaeTiSeo,more, the lineup of performances was great. The hosts to introduce the performers were Super Junior"s Leeteuk, SISTAR"s Soyou, and Jun Hyun Moo.

Like all performances, the idols sang with their amazing voices and showcased their hard work. The guests along with the idols in attendance, shared great memories last night. The award show is held annually by Sports Seoul; which recognizes great achievement.

This being all said, here are the performances that were seen on the 24th Seoul Music Awards 2015.

Performances From The 24th Seoul Music Awards 2015

EXO sang their hit single titled, "Overdose." The group also sang their single titled, "Lucky." The song is dedicated to their fans for all the support they are giving to the group. EXO will continue performing great music for their fans.

VIXX performed flawlessly as they sang their hit robotic concept single titled, "Error." The guys once again sang great and showed no signs of fatigue.

Girl"s Day sang their single titled, "Something." Due to the wind motor blowing in their direction, the ladies had to hold their dress from revealing too many skin.

Though the group kept it professional and did a great job. Minah is fine and walking again; which fans were happy to see her sing with her group last night.

Girls" Generation"s sub-unit TaeTiSeo sang their hit single titled, "Holler." Taeyeon had a microphone problem at the beginning. The trio did a great job.

Red Velvet sang their happy single titled, "Happiness." Girls" Generation"s Taeyeon cheered the girls while she watched them perform. Red Velvet are now popular; which fan chants were heard from the audience last night.

Apink did a remix version for "LUV" last night. The group also sang their hit single titled, "Mr. Chu." Naeun performed great even though she hurt her ankle.

GOT7 did an awesome introduction as they showed their amazing acrobatic moves. Then the guys sang their single titled, "Stop Stop It." The guys did a great job. Jr. looked worried and was looking around when they were performing. Though, they performed flawlessly.

SISTAR did a remix version for their summer concept single titled, "Touch My Body." Like always, the group sang with their great voices.

BEAST had a flawless performance even though they had a rush performance last night. The guys sang two of their hit songs; which were "Good Luck" and "12:30."

BTS performed with lots of energy as they sang their powerful upbeat single titled, "Boy In Luv." BTS truly knows how to get the energy started from beginning until end of their performance.

AOA sang their hit single titled, "Like A Cat" last night. The angels wore white colored outfits for their performance. AOA showed a little fatigue while they were performing.

Super Junior"s Donghae and Eunhyuk; "Motorcycle," "1+1= Love," and "Oppa Oppa"

Super Junior members Donghae and Eunhyuk knows how to party it up as they sang three songs last night. The guys sang "Motorcyle," "1+1= Love," and disco beat "Oppa Oppa." The two did a great job of entertaining the audience.

Lyn sang her great OST single titled, "My Destiny." The song is from hit drama "My Love From The Star." Lyn sang the song beautifully.

San ERaina; "A Midsummer Night"s Sweetness"

INFINITE; "Last Romeo""Back"

BEAST release full PV for J-rock single'Adrenaline'

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BEAST release full PV for J-rock single'Adrenaline'

BEAST release the full PV for their J-rock single' Adrenaline'.

The boys are rocking indeed their concept in the new music video with their fierce but fun choreography and upbeat music. The boys even make the video fun with their witty expressions.The single will be released in Japan on 28th.

Meanwhile, BEAST are holding their fourth fanmeeting in Japan in June. Check out their PV below:

“Full House” the Musical Starring BEAST’s Yoseob, A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji and VIXX’s Leo Reveals Poster

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“Full House” the Musical Starring BEAST’s Yoseob, A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji and VIXX’s Leo Reveals Poster Popular comic-turned-drama “Full House” gets a musical treatment. As earlier reported, the musical features a cast of idols, including BEAST’s Yoseob, A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji and VIXX’s Leo, among others. “Full House” races towards its grand opening with the release of a poster.

“Full House” the musical follows closely the 2004 drama that tells the story of Lee Young Jae, a prickly actor who comes to share his house with down-on-her-luck writer Han Ji Eun and how their marriage of convenience turns into love.

BEAST’s Yoseob, VIXX’s Leo, Kim San Ho, and Seo Ha Joon alternate for the Lee Young Jae role, played in the drama by Hallyu star Rain. A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji, JOO, and Kwak Sun Young will alternate for the role of Han Ji Eun, originated by Song Hye Kyo.

The idol cast is raising anticipation with their appearance in “Full House.” Yoseob has previously proved his ability with musicals, starring in “Gwanghwamun Sonata” and “Joseph’s Amazing Dream Coat.” Jung Eun Ji alternated as lead for “Legally Blonde” in 2011. VIXX’s Leo, though he is taking on a musical for the first time, is also expected to live up to his potential.

“Full House” the musical had been in development since 2009 but has finally come together when producer Song Jae Jun got the right composers and arrangers to join in the project.

 ”Full House” opens at the Hongik Daehakro Art Center Grand Theater on April 11.

BEAST Yoseob’s casting for the musical “Full House”

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BEAST Yoseob’s casting for the musical “Full House” BEAST Yoseob’s casting for the musical “Full House”

Do you remember the popular K-Drama “Full House” in 2004? With Rain and Song Hyekyo’s quality acting skills, the drama not only achieved 40% audience view rate in Korea, but also went popular internationally.

"Full House" is orginally a cartoon that has been made into a drama series, and now is going to rebirth as a musical. It has been reported that it took five years to reproduce "Full House" into a musical.

BEAST’s beloved Yang Yoseob will be performing the lead role for the musical “Full House.”

Yoseob’s debut in the musical industry dates back to 2011 with “Gwanghwamun Yeonga.” With his consistent improvement on his singing and acting skills, Yoseob took his first lead role last October for “Joseph and Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” musical. "Full House" will be Yoseob’s third musical work.

Along with his talent, Yoseob is also known as a “practice bug” and so it is no surprise that he has already started preparing for a while now. He is currently juggling his practice time well for both BEAST’s upcoming album and the musical “Full House” along with BEAST’s Japan Tour.

"Full House" musical’s first performance is set for April 11th at Daehakro.

BEAST Yoseob Cast as Lead for Musical “Full House”

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BEAST Yoseob Cast as Lead for Musical “Full House” (Photo : OSEN) Group BEAST"s main vocal Yoseob was casted for the musical "Full House".

Yoseob debuted on the musical stage with "Gwanghwamun Sonata" in 2011; his singing and acting were proved excellent, earning him the lead in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" last October.

"Full House" is Yoseob"s third musical stage. Yoseob, known to be a hard worker, has already launched into practice mode, preparing BEAST"s new album at the same time.

Yoseob plays the role of Lee Young Jae, Asia"s popular movie star. Lee Young Jae is loved by everyone but has a difficult time expressing his emotions.

Musical "Full House" is based on the comic series with the same name, which was later made into a drama; both were a huge success. The musical, which took 5 years to develop, will meet fans in April.

The drama "Full House" was made after the success of the comic series, casting Rain and Song Hye Gyo as leads. The drama gained great popularity, reaching viewer ratings of 40% and being exported to other Asian countries.

Yoseob has already started working on BEAST"s new album while on travel for BEAST"s Japan tour. Yoseob"s third musical attempt "Full House" stages in April.

BEAST’s Yoseob Cast as Male Lead in “Full House” Musical

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BEAST’s Yoseob Cast as Male Lead in “Full House” Musical BEAST’s Yoseob was recently cast as the male lead in the musical adaptation of “Full House.

On March 5, Cube Entertainment revealed that Yoseob will be playing the role of actor Lee Young Jae from “Full House.” Although Lee Young Jae is a successful and beloved actor, he has trouble expressing his emotions.

“Full House” is an original work that was produced in the form of a manhwa, or comic book. It took five years of the production process to make a musical adaptation of the original work. Back in 2004, the drama adaptation of “Full House” attracted viewership ratings of over 40%.

“Full House” is Yoseob’s third musical. Yoseob will be practicing for his musical and preparing for BEAST’s newest album at the same time.

“Full House” the musical will begin showing performances on April 11.

BEAST Reveals Sporty in Photo Shoot, 'Full of Energy'

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BEAST Reveals Sporty in Photo Shoot, 'Full of Energy' BEAST Reveals Sporty in Photo Shoot, 'Full of Energy'Group BEASTrevealed their sporty charm through a photo shoot.

BEAST recently held a photo shoot with the fashion magazine 'VOGUE Girl.'

In this photo shoot, B2ST members wore colorful outfits and revealed their neverending energy. Staff members had revealed that BEAST members seemed energetic throughout the entire course of filming, without getting worn out or down.

BEAST is planning to make their comeback soon.

Photo Credit: VOGUE Girl

Full MV for Brave Brothers project group feat. BEAST's Junhyung, BIGSTAR's Feeldog and EXID's LE revealed

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Full MV for Brave Brothers project group feat. BEASTs Junhyung, BIGSTARs Feeldog and EXIDs LE revealedEarlier this month, Brave Brothers surprised the kpop scene by announcing they would be revealing a project group soon. Anticipation rose when the members were revealed to be idol group rappers and BIGSTAR's Feeldog, BEAST's Junhyung, and EXID's LE were unveiled.

While teasers for the song's music video had already been revealed in the form of short rap videos each featuring one of the members earlier on, the full music video was revealed just now.

"You Got Some Nerve" features smooth and fast-paced raps accompanied with catchy sound effects and beats. The hip-hop styled music video shows the members performing the song dressed in trendy and sophisticated outfits.

"You Got Some Nerve" was released digitally on February 21st.

What do you think of the collaboration?

BEAST Releases Japanese Ver. MV for "Midnight"

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BEAST Releases Japanese Ver. MV for MidnightFollowing BEASTs promotions of Beautiful Night in Korea, it seems that they will now be going back to Japan to promote.

Today, their music video for the Japanese version of Midnight was revealed online. It will be released as the groups third single next month on October 17 and will be available in regular and limited editions. 

The original version of Midnight was released as a part of BEASTs fifth Korean mini album Midnight Sun back in July. While it was the first song revealed, their albums title track was Beautiful Night instead.