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Dongwan’s ‘Be Strong, Mister Kim’ helds first place in viewer ratings on first episode

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Dongwan’s ‘Be Strong, Mister Kim’ helds first place in viewer ratings on first episode

Shinhwa‘s Dongwan‘s ‘Be Strong, Mister Kim‘ reached 23.6% in viewer ratings with its first episode.

The KBS 1TV drama hold first place in its time slot. It is revealed that Dongwan plays the main character Kim Tae Pyung, a single father who rents at Baek Il Sup‘s house. While Baek Il Sup’s character welcomes him, his son or his daughter in law dont accept him, making much friction.

The drama tells the warm story of a 30-year-old single father who finds various children and has a family with them. It receives much attetion from people. Besides, it is not similar to the usual story which has an optimistic main character and an antagonist that is blinded by greed.

Dongwan’s acting also gained much compliment.  According to the CP of the drama, “I was with Dongwan in his 2005 drama, ‘Goodbye Sadness‘. He may seem fancy because he’s an idol singer, but he’s a healthy, honest young man. I decided to work together with him because I believed he would fit this character well. The character of Mister Kim fits well with Dongwan. Please look forward to him.

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Shinhwa’s Dongwan to be cast in KBS’s drama “Be Strong, Mister Kim”

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Shinhwa’s Dongwan to be cast in KBS’s drama “Be Strong, Mister Kim”

Dongwan of legendary idol group Shinhwa will make a small screen comeback as the male lead in an upcoming KBS daily series.

On August 27th, its announced that Dongwan will take on the role of Kim Tae Pyeong, a good-looking and skillful housekeeper in the upcoming series KBS‘ ‘Be Strong, Mister Kim‘.

Dongwan said, “It’s a daily drama that spans out for a long period of time, so I’m a bit nervous”, “However, I do feel assured as I will be working with staff members like Moon Bo Hyun, whom I’ve known since ‘Goodbye Sadness‘, PD Hong Suk Goo who has a very stylish way of directing, and writer Cho Jung Joo who wrote ‘The Princess’ Man.”

There are a lot of characters that have not been seen on daily dramas,” Dongwan added. “I’m looking forward to it, and I will personally do some research in order to show you a better side of myself. I will continue to be a hard worker, so please show your interest and support.

‘Be Strong, Mister Kim’ tells the story of 32-year old Kim Tae Pyeong who suddenly becomes the guardian of 4 kids each bearing a different surname. He has overcome a tough life through perseverance and tenacity, and shows family love and warmth that goes beyond blood ties to the children who share a similar childhood to his own.

The first episode will air this November.

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Lee Jeong-jae: 'Stop defaming', 'Strong confrontation'

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Lee Jeong-jae: 'Stop defaming', 'Strong confrontation'

Lee Jeong-jae"s legal professionals claimed there could be robust confrontation.

SBS "TV News At Night" reported an interview of the plaintiff "A". Fifteen years ago, "A" wasn"t paid back and claims the debt still hasn"t been settled.

C-Jes Entertainment said, "Not the entirety the opposition is announcing is right so we feel it"s unfair. in line with L, who is the witness to this situation and was once there 15 years ago when "A" turned into being paid back, "A" told Lee Jeong-jae that thing between his mom and "A" were settled so not to worry. He also added that he wouldn"t make civil charges".

L mentioned that Lee Jeong-jae"s mother had paid back part of her debt to "A" in the year 1997 and in September of 2000 Lee Jeong-jae paid half of more of that. All debts had been cleared.

The control is willing to take solid measurements if anything else malicious is done to harm Lee Jeong-jae"s reputation.

Meanwhile, Lee Jeong-jae has been sued since the he didn"t pay off his mother"s debts.

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'Oh My Venus' Starts Out Strong

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'Oh My Venus' Starts Out Strong

Having So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah in a drama is likely to give it a ratings advantage and that"s just what happened to "Oh My Venus," which first aired on November 16.

On its first night, the KBS drama rated 7.4 percent, which was 3.2 percent higher than the final ratings for "Sassy A Go Go."

By the second night, the ratings for "Oh My Venus" had risen 0.8 percent to 8.2 percent. Those ratings were tied with the ratings earned by the MBC drama "Glamorous Temptation," starring Choi Kang Hee and Joo Sang Wook. However, "Six Flying Dragons" held the lead with ratings of 12.2 percent.

Spoiler alert: The drama started with the story of Shin Min Ah"s character Kang Joo Eun. She was a beauty in high school when she met her first love, played by Jung Gyu Woon. But her dream was to become a lawyer and given the hard work it took her there, she forgot to take care of her health. She"s overweight and unhappy. Her relationship is not too healthy either and probably beyond intervention.

Kang Joo Eun is on a business trip back from the U.S. when she meets So Si Sub"s character Kim Young Ho. He"s a little too good to be true. In the U.S. he was a trainer to the stars. He loves working out. The reluctant son of a wealthy family, he would rather pump iron than push around board members in the family business. And besides being wealthy and in great shape, he"s also a doctor. What more could a woman ask for?

Well, in Shin Min Ah"s case, she might ask for a first meeting that is a little less embarrassing. She faints on the airplane and Kim Young Ho has to cut her out of her corset to provide some emergency first aid. He sees her love handles before they are formally introduced and is still nice to her. He is running from a scandal with a glamorous actress but somehow feels the need to protect the plain overweight lawyer.

The drama also stars Yoo In Young as a once overweight student who slimmed down and in the process lost the nicer parts of her personality. Kim Young Ho"s friends are played by Sung Hoon and Super Junior"s Henry, who has plenty of lines in English.

Ban Hyo Jung plays Kim Young Ho"s grandmother. She wants to see him running the company and married to a suitable woman. But so far he is not convinced.

Are you watching this drama? What do you think?

Son Ho Joon and Sanchae’s Love Is Still Going Strong

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Son Ho Joon and Sanchae’s Love Is Still Going Strong Son Ho Joon, who has at all times been a gigantic fan of “Three foods a Day” mascot Sanchae — and Sanchae keen on Son Ho Joon — turns out to be still in love with the dog.

On November 1, the legit Facebook page of “Three food a Day” uploaded a photo of Son Ho Joon and Sanchae kissing every other at the “Three Meals House” on Manjae Island, which is the scene of the fishing village edition. you'll be ready to actually see their love for one another in the photo.

The body of workers for “Three Meals a Day” obviously look like in love with the adorable couple as well, as they teasingly commented, “Pushovers for love” at the photo.

She Was Pretty, Ep. 1-4: A Strong Start with Great Characters

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20151019_seoulbeats_shewaspretty2 She Was Pretty, Ep. 1-4: A Strong Start with Great Characters Written by Leslie On October 18, 2015 Of the many dramas starting this cycle, She Was Pretty was the only one to pull me in immediately; an extraordinary accomplishment considering my low tolerance for rom-coms. Fortunately, She Was Pretty avoids the typical trope-heavy, substance-light approach that I expect from this genre. Despite its shallow premise, the drama uses strong character development and an actually tight narrative to drive the tension.

The story is rather cliched: Kim Hye-jin (Hwang Jung-eum) was once a gorgeous girl from a rather well-off family, and Ji Sung-joon (Park Seo-joon) used to be the stereotypical chubby nerd. The two were childhood friends and first loves, but when Sung-hoon moved to the US, they fell out of touch.

Years later, they decide to meet up, but things have changed. Hye-jins family went through financial troubles, and the once dormant genes of her father have developed in her, leaving her ruddy-cheeked with freckles and frizzy hair. Sung-joon, on the other hand, grew up to be handsome (read: hot) and successful in his career as an art director.

Fast forward to the future, Sung-joon returns to Korea and asks Hye-jin to meet up. The reunion fails when Hye-jin realizes that Sung-joon has not only gotten attractive but remembers her the same way. Wanting to keep his great memories of her intact, Hye-jin sends her gorgeous best friend and roommate Min Ha-ri (Go Joon-hee) to pretend to be her. After Ha-ri as Hye-jin pretends to be studying abroad, thus ridding herself of any obligation to see each other regularly, Hye-jin thinks shes rid herself of her problem, only to find out that the internship shes just received at a magazine is under him.

At face value, the drama initially seems to set itself up to be a sort of Cinderella-like transformation tale of fashion, beauty and love. Cue the gagworthy cheesefest of overdone cliches, overused tropes and mild sexism. At least, that was what I anticipated going into this drama; but one glance at Kim Hye-jin in the first episode is enough to prove that wrong.

Despite her lack of good looks, Hye-jin is a bright hardworker who doesnt let pretty much anything get her down, including her supposed ugliness. I say supposed because Hye-jin is most definitely not ugly, but rather just ordinary. It seems that She Was Pretty is subtly commenting on the emphasis on looks in society along with how that affects treatment and where one falls on the totem pole.

From her acceptance of her looks, unwavering optimism and confidence in her abilities, Hye-jins attitude is refreshing. She doesnt care that she isnt the prettiest girl in the room. Hwang Jung-eum also brings an endless supply of energy to the role, firing on all cylinders whether its to do some sort of task at The Most office or to freak out about some awkward moment with her boss and former schoolmate. Despite that almost over-the-top enthusiasm she brings, Hwang manages to reel it in and portray as Hye-jin as nuanced and realistic.

To play off that, Go Joon-hee has great chemistry with her; they make the perfect best friends. Im happy to see two female leads that are best friends and have that almost weirdly (to the outside world) close relationship that childhood friends have, such that they are in each others phones as husband and wife.

Its great to see how much they support one another intheir their personal relationshipsHye-jin advises Ha-ri to quit playing around at the beginning so that she can fall in loveor with work successesHa-ri tells Hye-jin bluntly that she hasnt done her part to learn about fashion.

Ha-ri as a person strikes me as having a lot to her that we still dont understand. Her family is clearly wealthy, but she has a strained, to say the least, relationship with her stepmother and father. Her mothers death seems to have changed her greatly, and so I can completely understand her impulse to be close to Sung-joon whose mother also died. That emotional trauma at such a young age is hard for others to understand, but Ha-ri, whos never even believed in love and thought all men were the same, is starting to think she may have found the one person who does understand her.

The decision to hide the continued relationship with Sung-joon is sweet, considering how stressed Hye-jin has been about all of this at work, so she wants to shield her from something that she thinks she can sort out herself. Considering the closeness of their relationship, though, its surprising that she hasnt blurted it out or that Hye-jin hasnt realized her friend is acting oddly. Of course, thats the farce of dramalandso close to finding out, but never actually doing so until everyone is invested and in way too deep.

Its imminently clear that Ha-ri is going to fall deeply in love with Sung-joon and end up hurting Hye-jin, but it doesnt seem malicious as many of the short-hair second female leads tend to be portrayed. Instead, it seems like a good-willed, honest-hearted mistake on Ha-ris part, especially since we know that she didnt even believe in love before this.

What I find hard to excuse is Sung-joons character, such as his harshness on The Most staff, especially Hye-jin. Of course, the real world of publishing is high pressure and fast paced, and so many editors become no-nonsense and focused because of it. The problem I have is with Sung-joons pendulum swings of attitudes. Sung-joon is unmoving and cold at work but then effusively warm and kind with Ha-ri as Hye-jin, as though a switch were flipped, which is not exactly how personalities work.

Sure, he may be the most tunnel-vision focused person Ive ever seen in real life or fiction alike, but he is human and so should have some sort of consistency of character in both work and personal activities. Id hoped wed see him relax a little as things went on, sort of starting firm to push them and keep them in his control and then chilling out as the teams routine was more set in stone. But instead we get Sung-joons quick, harsh judgment of proposals and an increasingly hostile work environment where everyone is scared to say or do anything to upset him.

But as Sung-joon thaws toward the real Hye-jin, I am excited to see their childhood chemistry resurface. Park Seo-joon has an interesting way of playing off Hwang Jung-eum, and Im curious to see what kind of chemistry they will have later on. Really, itll be interesting to see how that friendship is going to develop considering how much both, but Sung-joon in particular, have changed as people. Nostalgia can only do so much work to rebuild a relationship. I definitely see it bringing them together, as he sees the little things in her that remind him of his childhood memories with her, but Im not sure how they will change such an antagonistic relationship to one of romance.

In the meanwhile, I am going to continue to enjoy our final lead role of Kim Shin-hyuk, the goofball features editor at The Most. My favorite character thus far, Shin-hyuk has this carefree joy to him that I find both funny and endearing. He may be one of the best writers, according to Sung-joons assessment of the staff, but he doesnt take himself too seriously.

There is also definitely a lot to learn about his character. Hes talented, lighthearted and, of course, attractive (thank you, God, for scruffy Siwon), but theres also clearly some back story to him that we dont yet know. He mentioned a six-year-old little sister who died, but thats really all that we know about him. I also absolutely love that hes already nursing a crush on Hye-jin aka Jackson (his cute nickname for her thanks to her penchant for wearing white socks with shoes), despite the fact that shes not conventionally pretty.

Shin-hyuk seems so genuine and just adorable that Im already preparing myself for Second Lead Syndrome. It doesnt help Siwon has so much energy that meshes really well with that of Hwang Jung-eum. They are both so animated and fun, so the relationship between Shin-hyuk and Hye-jin is just so gosh-darn cute.

The ending scene when Hye-jin is so drunk that she falls on the pavement and dumps out her purse in search of her phone, and Shin-hyuk is helplessly trying to figure out what shes doing and why shes calling Sung-joon doesnt just prey on the audiences tension about whether or not Sung-joon will find out that she is the real Hye-jin.

Instead, it uses the characters and their quirks to keep you glued to the screen. Hye-jins optimism paired with her mind for fairness perfectly explain why she wants to call Sung-joon when shes drunk so its not just an obviously placed trope used to drive the plot. She didnt deserve his outrage at the airport, and Shin-hyuk feels bad for putting her in that situation so he feels the need to take care of her. I just need Sung-joon to redeem himself and actually make me like him for more than his good looks and great style because as it stands, I want Shin-hyuk to win her heart.

Second Lead Syndrome, I guess youre here to stay.

Moon Geun Young Compliments Yoo Ah In's Strong Presence In 'The Throne' For Allure Interview

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Moon Geun Young Compliments Yoo Ah In's Strong Presence In 'The Throne' For Allure Interview

Moon Geun Young starred in "Twenty-Nine" for the October issue of Allure. The photoshoot, named after her age, included beautiful classic pieces from the Spring/Summer and Fall 2015 international runways. Moon modeled a Burberry sleeveless one-piece in princess pink, Publicka Atelier halterneck gown, and Armani statement bow little black dress, to name a few items.

Among the beauty"s accessories there were La Perla"s Sling Back sandals. The peep-toe shoes have a blue silk exterior, side buckle and leather lining. The design can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

During the interview, Moon talked about her Sado (The Throne) film co-star Yoo Ah In. She stated, "Since we are around the same age and have similar worries about acting, we talked a lot. I was sad when filming ended since our acting compatibility was good. Yoo Ah In is the kind of actor that changes the atmosphere of a set with just his eyes."

Moon also revealed what drew her interest to the film in the first place. She explained, "When I heard that Song Kang Ho became part of the cast, I wanted to do this project even before reading the script. The script turned out to be great, so I chose this project..."

Moon Geun Young"s upcoming SBS drama The Village: Achiara"s Secret will premiere on October 7 at 21:55 KST.

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of She"s a coffee addict, K-pop enthusiast, fashion lover and one of the few remaining members of the Church of Kristianity.

April carry out KARA's Mister

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April carry out KARA's Mister

Rookie workforce April carry out the preferred song of KARA on Track Core.

Check out their Mister functionality here:

Kang Kyung Joon and Jang Shin Young Still Going Strong

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Kang Kyung Joon and Jang Shin Young Still Going Strong Actors Kang Kyung Joon and Jang Shin Young were witnessed having a good looking time on a date. They were lately seen at a Chinese eating place close to Jang Shin Young’s house in Seongsu-dong in Seoul, which she moved into recently.

This “Blackbean Noodle Date” turned into once captured through Celebrity News, who reports that Kang Kyung Joon turned into once very attentive to Jang Shin Young, and smiles never left her face.

Previously, Kang Kyung Joon spent over a year operating in China. He gushed over his female friend Jang Shin Young remaining may just at a press convention for MBC day through day drama “A Daughter Just like You,” saying, “I feel bad being away for so long. With this drama, I get started recording very early in the morning. Even if she lives reasonably a distance clear of me, she brings me fruit each morning.”

Kang Kyung Joon lately posted an image of himself riding a bicycle in Jang Shin Young’s neighborhood, letting all and sundry know they get in combination often.

The couple met via starring at the JTBC drama “Thorn Flower” and feature been dating ever since.

'Yong Pal Yi' Starts Out Strong And Earns Impressive Ratings

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'Yong Pal Yi' Starts Out Strong And Earns Impressive Ratings

"Yong Pal Yi," started off strong with dramatic opening scenes and impressive ratings.

The first episode reached the double digits in viewer ratings with 11.6 percent. While that is 2 percent less than the final episode of the previous drama "Mask," it"s still impressive and landed the drama in first place.

Meanwhile, "Scholar Who Walks The Night," starring Lee Soo Hyuk, Lee Jun Ki, Kim So Eun and Lee Yu Bi, earned 8.5 percent of the ratings. "The Assembly" earned 5.3 percent, landing in third place.

Kim Tae Hee plays the heiress Han Heo Jin in "Yong Pal Yi." When the first episode opens, her character is in a coma, playing out the endless nightmare of being a passenger in a dangerous car chase that killed the car"s driver. Surviving the crash that ensues is not enough. Distraught over the loss of her lover, she tries to kill herself by jumping through a plate glass window, ending up in a coma.

In an unrelated incident, the police visit the scene of a brutal attack against a gambling den. They figure there must have been plenty of injuries when the attackers burst through the windows of the illegal gambling den but where have all the injured victims gone? Ah, Yong Pal Yi, one of officers says. They know that a shady doctor known as Yong Pal Yi will treat anyone for money. What they don"t know is that Yong Pal Ie Yi also Kim Tae Hyun, a gifted surgeon who works at a top hospital. Kim Tae Hyun, played by Joo Won, lives two lives. During the day, his hospital colleagues look up to him, even if they don"t all believe he is ethical. At night, when he is Yong Pal Ie, he treats criminals in circumstances that really should be reported to the police.

According to the police he is a "quack who treats criminals in secret"

But from both the opening criminal and hospital scenes, you can tell that Yong Pal Yi is one capable doctor. He can pick up on the subtlest signs.

So, why is he treating people in secret at night?

That"s the story behind "Yong Pal Yi."

The opening minutes of "Yong Pal Yi" show that the production company not only invested in top stars for its cast but the technology and set design needed to make them compelling.

It"s not Joo Won"s first time playing a doctor. He also played a doctor with Asperger"s Syndrome in "Good Doctor." Kim Tae Hee"s last drama appearance was in "Jang Ok Jung: Living For Love."