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Lotte Duty Free Shop – March WallPaper – Kim Hyun Joong

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Lotte Duty Free Shop – March WallPaper – Kim Hyun Joong

Dashing in black coat and looking fresh with his mint green polo shirt, Kim Hyun Joong surely captured countless hearts as he featured for March wallpaper of Lotte Duty Free Shop. Kim Hyun Joong Lotte duty free

2015.March wallpaper -


Holy Bondage, Batman! Jonghyun Teases Solo Debut

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01012015_seoulbeats_jonghyun Holy Bondage, Batman! Jonghyun Teases Solo Debut Written by Camiele On January 1, 2015 Okay. Lets all just take a second and breathe. Twelve hours into the New Year, and it seems SM decided to be the first to slay in 2015. SHINees Jonghyun has been cleared to release a mini-album this month, and the teaser is just the right amount of Holy Mother of God! to cause fans to virtually pass out from all the SLAYAGE!

When you look at the teaser for the upcoming single, youll understand why. Set in black and white with our beloved puppy strung up with chains, staring longingly and with a bit of barely contained rage in his eyes, we get a few throbbing notes and a husky whisper.

The mini-album, titled Base, is set for release on the 12th eleven days until Shawols and Blingers alike get a wish theyve had for (as far as I know) the last couple years. With bandmate Taemins mini-album Ace released in the latter half of 2014, fans have started to make the connectionAce Base Ace of Base? Perhaps SM is using SHINee as the vehicle to start visiting some of the club music of the 90s.

With both members opting for a darker, decidedly more mature theme, however, perhaps the message we can take away is as one of the few remaining groups at SM with its member lineup intact, SHINee is starting 2015 from the basics and bringing the best.

Readers, what do you think of Jonghyuns video and image teasers? Sound off below!

Apink releases wallpaper for 3rd mini-album, "Secret Garden"

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Apink releases wallpaper for 3rd mini-album, Secret GardenApink will finally be returning with a new album after being on hiatus for over a year. Despite continuing promotions as a 6-member group, having lost Yookyung in April, Apink shined through their music video teaser released a few days ago.

To further promote their upcoming comeback, A Cube Entertainment has unveiled the officially created desktop wallpaper for Apink's future 3rd mini-album, "Secret Garden" through their official site.

The members of Apink are dressed in beautiful white dresses and posing against blossoming roses in the background as an ethereal glow surrounds them.

No release date has been confirmed as of now.

Click here to download the official wallpaper.

EXO-K School Uniform Photo Shoot, 'Download It As Your Wallpaper'

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EXO-K, Kim Yoo Jung, SM Entertainment

EXO-K School Uniform Photo Shoot, 'Download It As Your Wallpaper' EXO-K School Uniform Photo Shoot, 'Download It As Your Wallpaper'SM Entertainment's 6-membered idol group EXO-K revealed their school uniform photo shoot, taken with the child actress Kim Yoo Jung.

EXO-K's photo shoot will be released as computer wallpapers. Ivy Club website ( will be uploading PC version, iPhone version, and Android version of the photo shoots. You can also view the making film on the website.

One representative said, "The uniform is for warmer weather and it's still cold so we were worried, but the members did not complain and revealed professionalism, impressing all of us. They seemed to energize each other in a bright atmosphere, so we were able to successfully finish the filming."

Jang Geun Suk Transforms into Batman

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Jang Geun Suk Transforms into Batman Jang Geun Suk recently amused his fans by transforming into comic book superhero, Batman.

On March 2, Jang Geun Suk tweeted, “Good night!” and attached a photo of himself. As shown in the photo, the actor is seen getting body massage, as well as a facial. Many netizens observed that he looked like Batman with the black facial mask and expression. 

Those who’ve seen the photo commented, “He’s so adorable,” “He loves sharing photos of himself getting a facial,” “Such a cutie,” and more.

Meanwhile, Team H, comprised of Jang Geun Suk and DJ Big Brother, drew over 10,000 fans to its first stop in its world tour “2013 Team H PartyI Just Wanna Have Fun”  in Japan on February 23 and 24.

Added new posters, wallpaper and images for the upcoming Korean drama "A Hundred Year's Inheritance"

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Added new posters, wallpaper and images for the upcoming Korean drama

Added new posters, wallpaper and images for the upcoming Korean drama "A Hundred Year's Inheritance" (2013)

Directed by Joo Seong-woo

Written by Koo Hyeon-sook

With Lee Jeong-jin, Yoo Jin, Choi Won-yeong, Sin Goo, Han Go-eun, Kim Soo-mi,...

Previously known as "Noodle House" ( , sam-da-chae gook-soo-jib)

A drama about a household that's been running a noodle house for three generations.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2013/01/05

Tablo and Mithra Jin Transform into Villains from "Batman"

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Tablo and Mithra Jin Transform into Villains from Batman Epik Highs Tablo recently transformed into the popular villain from the Batman seriesThe Joker.

On December 31, Tablo tweeted, Behind the scenes photo #3: THE JOKERBANE BFF Selca and uploaded the following photo. 

The picture comes from their Batman themed performance from the 2012 MAMA Awards back in November.

In the photo, Tablo makes a full transformation into the Joker. His transformation is so complete that fans could not believe just how strikingly similar he looked to the famed series villain. He wowed Netizens with his look because the wig, the white foundation, the frighteningly shaped mouth, and costume were extremely detailed. 

Beside Tablo is Mithra Jin who was also dressed up as a villain from Batman. He even shaved his head and donned the mask for the part too. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, Wow, to think that I get to see this on the last day of December! This is really amazing! You guys look exactly like those villains!,How did you guys manage to nail the details so perfectly? and Wow the costume and make-up is flawless!

T-Pain Humors Fans with "Oppa Batman Style"

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T-Pain Humors Fans with Oppa Batman StyleAmerican rapper T-Pain shared a parody photo of viral hit Gangnam Style, humoring much of his followers and fans of the popular song. Earlier today, T-Pain tweeted, Oppa Batman Style, and attached a picture. 

In the picture, the two characters from Dark Knight Rises, Batman and Bane,  are in the elevator doing the pose made famous by comedian Noh Hong Chul and PSY. Noh Hong Chul performed his signature dance in the music video, leaving a strong impression worldwide. Since then, hes been dubbed the Elevator Guy and has developed a fan base.

Shortly after T-Pains tweet, PSY commented on his post, How are you man~!?? lol. 

Netizens whove seen T-Pains tweet commented, lmao, hehehe batman style, hahaha thats hilarious, and more. 

Shindong, "My Girlfriend's Phone Wallpaper Is G-Dragon... I'm Jealous"

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shin dong girlfriendSuper Junior Shindong talked about his girlfriend.

In MBC "Radio Star" aired today, Super Junior's members Choi Siwon, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, and Shindong made their appearances as guests.

Shindong is the only member of Super Junior who has publicized his dating life. Yoo Se Yoon said, "Where does your girlfriend live? I saw a girl with you as her wallpaper, so I was wondering if she is your girlfriend."

Shindong then replied, "I'll tell you something funny. I'm not on my girlfriend's wallpaper. It's G-Dragon." MCs then said, "You and G-Dragon have similar hair styles," but Shindong said, "She told me to dye it to purple like G-Dragon, but I just couldn't do purple."

Shindong stated, "She really hates it when I talk to female celebrities. But if I become jealous of G-Dragon, she said 'I just like him as a fan, that's all'," arousing laughter.