Baseball cheerleader goes viral as the ‘Seolhyun of cheerleaders’

Baseball cheerleader goes viral as the ‘Seolhyun of cheerleaders’

A cheerleader named Ahn Ji Hyun for the Nexen Heroes baseball team is receiving much attention from netizens for her bright smile and pretty visuals.  Baseball fans even coined her as the ‘Seolhyun of Cheerleaders’.

One netizen wrote on their blog, “I thought she might be older since she has that veteran feel but I was surprised when I found out that Ahn Ji Hyun was born in ’97.” The professional cheerleader is 21 years old (Korean age) and was born on October 3, 1997.

Ahn Ji Hyun debuted as a cheerleader after auditioning for the Seoul Samsung Thunders cheerleading squad in August 2016.  The netizen added, “She is the flower of the next cheerleading generation. I look forward to her energetic performances, rooting for her.

Many netizens are in awe of her beauty and some even suggested that she’s even prettier than Seolhyun herself.

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Check out some of the photos posted by Ahn Ji Hyun via her social media.

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