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Lee Yu Bi plans to turn no mercy to her blackmailer?

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Lee Yu Bi plans to turn no mercy to her blackmailer?

Actress Lee Yu Bi"s agency, Sidus HQ, spoke up once back on November 11 in regards to the coming up case opposed to the person that attempted to blackmail her through threatening to unlock the contents of her cellular phone.

The rep stated, "It is correct that Lee Yu Bi accredited the prosecution"s request for an investigation into the defendant this beyond 9th. relating to favorable arrangements, firstly, this is a scenario after the prosecution, so our aspect can not come to a decision in this yet." 

Despite the wary words, the rep continued, "Even if it were to develop into a condition in which shall we achieve a settlement, our aspect doesn"t intend to have a favorable arrangement," appearing their preference for company action.

K.Will talks about his criticisms as judge on "NO.MERCY"

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K.Will talks about his criticisms as judge on

Singer K.Will discussed the criticisms he doled out as judge on the now wrapped up competitive reality show "NO.MERCY".

On the May 5th episode of Mnet"s "4 Things Show", K.Will said, "When I saw the comments to the news articles [about the show], a lot of say I was scary. I wondered if it was the editing? I thought it was the evil of editing until I saw the show. They didn"t even air half of what I said."

Actor Park Gun Hyung, who also featured on the "4 Things Show", commented, "It"s hard to do that if you don"t have some affection for them."

Do you remember some of K.Will"s comments from "NO.MERCY"?

[Spoiler] "Blue Bird Nest" Lee Joon-hyeok begs Choi Myeong-gil for mercy

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Lee Joon-hyeok begged Choi Myeong-gil for mercy in tears.

On the fourteenth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Blue Bird Nest", Kim Ji-wan (Lee Joon-hyeok) found out that Han Eun-soo (Chae Soo-bin) wasn"t his real sister.

Ji-wan was shocked to hear from Han Seon-hee (Choi Myeong-gil), "Eun-soo and you may not be directly related but you are family". Ji-wan asked for time to think.

Han Seon-hee got fired from the place she worked at for a long time while she dug up secrets about Eun-soo"s birth and Ji-wan went out looking for Seon-hee.

Ji-wan then thought about Seon-hee whose affection for him never wavered despite Lee Jin-I"s (Jeong Jae-soon) ill-treatment. He found Seon-hee sitting along in a corner in the park and said in tears, "Mother I am sorry. Don"t go anywhere. Let"s go home".

The musci video for "Hieut" ft. Vasco, Nochang, Junggigo & the NO.MERCY team

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The musci video for

On February 26th, Starship Entertainment uploaded a video featuring the Part 5 of the NO.MERCY collection.

The MV is for "Hieut" which features Vasco, Nochang, Junggigo, and their NO.MERCY team.

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"NO.MERCY" trainees release "Hieut" MV with Nochang, Vasco, and JungGiGo

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Starship"s boy group traineesare here to release their last project under their survival "NO.MERCY" as some of them get ready to move on to making their official debut as MONSTA X.

The song is called "Hieut" and the boys showcase their wide array of talents through the song with the help of hip hop names like Nochang, Vasco, and JungGiGo! This was the song that was performed during the boys" 4th mission on their tough survival show.

Check it out above as you await further news on the debut of Starship"s new boy group!

"NO.MERCY" trainees introduce themselves as MONSTA X on 10th episode of "Deokspatch"!

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The final 7 trainees from "NO.MERCY" introduced themselves as MONSTA X on the 10th episode of "Deokspatch"!

The new rookie group stepped out before their official debut, met with the best "Deokspatch" reporters, created a time capsule to unveil next year, and more. As previously reported, a MONSTA X unit has already released the song "Interstellar" before the group"s debut.

Check out the 10th episode of "Deokspatch" above!

No.Mercy"s Jooheon, Hyungwon and I.M release "Interstellar" MV making

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No.Mercy"s Jooheon, Hyungwon and I.M release the making of their "Interstellar" MV ft. Yella Diamond.

The three out of seven survivors of Starship and MNET survival program "No.Mercy" show passion and skills showing they are worthy of their position.

Meanwhile, the 7 survivors are going to debut officially as Starship"s new boy group Monsta X in the first half of this year. Watch below:

"No.Mercy" Contestants Jooheon, Hyungwon, I.M Drop "Interstellar" MV Feat. Yella Diamond

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The three outstanding members of Mnet's survival show "No.Mercy," Monsta X Jooheon, Hyungwon and I.M, have released their first single "Interstellar" featuring Yella Diamond.

The three successful participants showcase why they are deserving of their position and what they are capable of.

7 Most Outstanding Members Of "NO MERCY" Gathered Together To Debut As "Monsta X" - Monster+Star+X

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7 Most Outstanding Members Of

After overcoming many tough difficulties, the seven most outstanding members of survival program "No Mercy" has been gathered together to officially debut as Starship's rookie male group named "MONSTA X."

The official members are Jooheon, Shownu, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Wonho, Minhyuk, and I.M . According to the agency on 12th, the group name "Monsta X" which has "monster" word in it carries the concept of calm monsters in Kpop scene. In addition to that, the syllable "MON" in French means "My" so it can be also meant "My Star". Meanwhile, the "X" implies a symbol of unknown who will now make an appearance.

The group is expected to officially debut in the first half of this year. Congratulations!

"No Mercy" Reveals Name of Seven Members Set To Debut During Final Episode

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The survival show "No Mercy" will reveal names of the seven members, who are set to dbut through the final debut mission!

The final episode of No Mercy airing on February 11th at 11 p.m. (KST) will confirm seven members to debut through the final round of missions called ‘3:3:3’ mission, putting an end to the Starship trainees’ competition over the past 10 weeks.

Last week, Giriboy’s team won the fourth round of the debut mission as voted by the 300 audience members, earning the chance to release their song, while Genius Nochang’s team shed tears when its team member Yun Ho got eliminated.

In the final debut round, the remaining nine trainees will form three teams of three to carry out the 3:3:3 unit mission.

The final round, during which the seven debut members will be selected entirely by the audience members, will be attended by the Starship artists, including Mad Clown, JunggiGo, SISTAR’s Hyolyn and Dasom, Brand New Music’s Rhymer as well as Yella Diamond, Joo Young and Crybaby who are the special mentors of the final mission.

The nine trainees will also present a special group performance after the final mission.

Check out which of the trainees were selected in the end and who got eliminated in the final episode airing tonight (February 11).