Bang Si Hyuk shares plans for BTS’ unit promotions + a brother group

Bang Si Hyuk shares plans for BTS’ unit promotions + a brother group

Big Hit Entertainment founder Bang Si Hyuk shared his plans for BTS and more in an interview with OSEN. 

The group has never promoted in units. Regarding this, Bang Si Hyuk commented, “The possibility of BTS’ unit promotions is always open. The members’ opinion and decision are also very important. But as of now, we’ve decided to just focus on the team.”

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Bang Si Hyuk also shared about debuting new groups under Big Hit Entertainment. He explained, “BTS’ brother group has been discussed in the agency but nothing has been confirmed. We do have several trainees but it’s unknown what will happen. One thing I can say for sure is that we don’t have any girl trainees. I think I saw something about a BTS sister group on the web but we don’t have any girl trainees.”

Lastly, Bang Si Hyuk thanked fans on behalf of BTS and stated, “It’s 100% the power of fans that allowed BTS to be where they are now. BTS and I have just done our jobs and worked on producing. It’s the fans’ love that brought us here. We will continue to have fans as our #1 priority and work hard so please continue loving BTS. I’m thankful and grateful.”

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